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Another week went by without a Palestinian genocide bomber killing unarmed Israeli civilians.   This seems to indicate that fighting the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Hamas and Arafat's terrorist groups, such as the Al-Aksa brigades, does bring some peace and quiet to Israeli civilians.  Even though stepping up Israel's presence in the West Bank might only be a short-term solution, it's sure better than daily Palestinian genocide bombing attacks.

Unfortunately, on July 4th, a Muslim Egyptian immigrant killed two Israelis, Victoria Chen, a 25 year-old El Al clerk who was to be engaged the next day, and Yakov Aminov, a 46 year-old father of 8, at Los Angeles' airport in California. 

Although the US and the FBI refuse to call this a terrorist attack, the Muslim murderer was armed with two handguns and a knife and specifically looked to kill unarmed Israeli and Jewish civilians in front of El-Al's counter.  This was a politically motivated crime and the fact that the Muslim killer was or wasn't part of the Islamic Jihad is irrelevant. 

The deliberate killing of unarmed civilians for political motives is terrorism.

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 Weekly Fact

Fact Number 61
Israel gave autonomy to 92% of Palestinians after Oslo  

Israel gave the Palestinians an autonomy in 42% of the West Bank and Gaza after the Oslo accords in the early 90's. Over 92% of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza were then under the administration of the Palestinian Authority and its Chairman Yasser Arafat.

In October 2000, Arafat and the Palestinians rejected peace and an independent State of their own and decided to kill as many unarmed Israeli civilians as possible. As of last week, after a series of genocide bombings committed by the Palestinians, Israel has stepped up its military presence, and all political gains the Palestinians might have achieved were lost.

President Bush has called for a replacement of Arafat, whose hands are tainted with terrorism, and the IDF (Israel's Defense Forces, Israel's army) has now gone back to Area A (Palestinian area) - this indicates the end of the Oslo agreements.

Since Israel moved back into Area A (Palestinian areas in the West Bank and Gaza) there has not been one genocide bombing against unarmed Israeli civilians. This seems to indicate that although a political solution is not possible (since Palestinians are not interested in peace), we can certainly see a military solution - at least in the short term.

See the FactsOfIsrael.com  history page for more information on the Oslo agreements. 

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Tzipi Shemesh, 29
Pregnant and mother of 2

On March 21st 2002, Tzipi Shemesh, 29, of Jerusalem was one of three people killed and 86 injured when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb, packed with metal spikes and nails, in the center of a crowd of shoppers on King George Street in Jerusalem

 Tzipi Shemesh, 29, pregnant and mother of 2
murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber

On Thursday afternoon, Tzipi, in her fifth month of pregnancy, went with her husband Gadi for an ultrasound exam. On leaving the medical clinic, they passed next to the terrorist who blew himself up. Tzipi was killed instantly; Gadi died shortly afterwards in hospital.

Tzipi and Gadi met eight years ago through a common friend. They were married in Jerusalem. About three months ago they moved to the Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhood. According to relatives, they had a lot of plans for the future, they loved each other and their two daughters.

Tzipi was an accountant at Akademon bookstore at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Tzipi Shemesh was buried in the Mount Herzl military cemetery, alongside her husband Gadi. They left behind their two daughters - Shoval (7) and Shahar (3).

May God bless her memory.


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