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Our screen saver will display a different fact on Israel or the Middle East every few moments. It includes 399 facts and over 120 images on the history, geography, demography, economy, agriculture and people of Israel and the Middle East. The application can also run as a standalone encyclopedia of information on Israel.

Step 1


Click here to download the free FactsOfIsrael.com screensaver. Once downloaded, run the setup program.

Step 2
This step is optional.

I run the FactsOfIsrael.com website and I publish the screensaver without any funding - all hosting costs are on me. If you enjoy the site and the screensaver and would like to help, please donate by purchasing the full version.

Just click on the button to purchase the full version of the screensaver for $9.99 only (that's less than a cheap dinner!). To process your payment, a new window will appear that will connect you with the secure servers of Paypal.
Step 3

Receive Code
Once you have purchased the screensaver and I receive confirmation of your payment from Paypal, I will send you a code to unlock the trial version. Click 'Register', enter your code and you'll have the full version running! Congratulations!

For more details, you may check out the User's Manual, or click here for additional preview screenshots of the screensaver.

Click on image to view screensaver screenshots

The full version includes the following:

  • 399 facts, including facts about the history, geography, demography, economy, agriculture and people of Israel and the Middle East.
  • Over 120 images.
  • Password Protection.
  • Interactive Fact Navigation buttons including 'Next' and 'Pause'.
  • Unlimited upgrades: you pay only once, future versions are free!
  • Option to turn on background music.
  • Support for multiple monitors.
  • Once you download the trial version, there's no need to download any additional files: only the registration code is needed.
  • Free database upgrades: as I add facts to the database I'll make the new facts available on www.FactsOfIsrael.com for free.
  • A clean conscience: knowing that you've helped FactsOfIsrael.com in its support of the State and people of Israel.

You may download and install the FactsOfIsrael.com screensaver for free. To learn more about the screen saver, please check out the User's Manual, otherwise just follow the instructions above to download it.


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