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Palestine as an independent
State does not exist

This is not FactsOfPalestine.com - so I will not go into many details on Palestine and the Palestinians.

I do wish to make one thing clear: a Palestinian State has never existed. There was a Palestinian British Mandate, an area which was under Turkish control from 1417 to 1917 and was administered by the British after the end of the 1st World War and until 1948 (see the history page for more details).

The Palestinians might or might not deserve independence. But the facts are that the Palestinians have refused a State of their own twice already: in 1948 and in October, 2000.

An Israeli bus blown up by the Tanzim,
one of Arafat's terrorist groups.

The latest violence in the Middle East started in October 2000, after the failed Camp David talks. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and US President Bill Clinton offered the following to the Palestinians:

  • An independent Palestinian State, recognized by Israel and the rest of the World.
  • Control over 95% of the West Bank and Gaza (see the Maps and history pages for details).
  • Control over part of Jerusalem.

The Palestinians rejected peace and an independent state of their own. Their response came in the form of suicide bombings and the deliberate murder of Israeli women and children we see today.

Dennis Ross, who was the lead American negotiator on the Middle East peace process in the first Bush and both Clinton administrations backs Israel's claim that Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians rejected peace and turned to terrorism - check it out here.

Arafat and the Palestinian Authority, the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas, and other Palestinian terrorist groups chose to continue their armed struggle through terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. These attacks include random shootings against women, children and passers-by in any street in Israel or homicide/suicide bombers who attach kilograms of explosives to their bodies and blow themselves up in malls or busy streets.

Note: On 11/11/2004, Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian excuse for a leader, died. So far nothing has changed, his legacy of lies and terrorism continues on. Click here for more information on this Palestinian terrorist's death.

Arafat always wears an army uniform

Arafat is in charge of two groups:
- The Palestinian Authority, a corrupt band of thugs that are in charge of civil matters in the West Bank and Gaza. The PA is considered by many to be the Palestinian's official government, although a "Palestine State" (or country) does not exist.
- The Fatah, an umbrella group of Palestinian terrorists that includes the Al-Aksa Martyrs brigade, responsible for over 50% of the suicide bombings since October 2000.

A typical genocide bombing will follow the script below:

1) A Palestinian terrorist will blow himself up in a restaurant, disco, or pizzeria. He'll deliberately try to murder as many unarmed Israeli civilians as possible, including women and children.
2) As mentioned above, for over 50% of the homicide/suicide bombings, the Al-Aksa Martyrs brigade will proudly assume the responsibility.
3) Arafat, wearing his Palestinian Authority hat, will condemn "attacks on civilians regardless of whether they are Palestinian or Israeli".
4) Arafat, wearing his Fatah hat, will then receive credit for the murder of the innocent Israelis since he's the head of the Fatah, and therefore of the Al-Aksa brigades.

So on the one hand, Arafat organizes, funds and sends his murderers to kill Israeli civilians. He also gets credit from a Palestinian society that worships death. On the other hand, he condemns the bombings even though he's doing nothing to stop the Islamic Jihad from killing and in some case he's even the one sending the bombers!

No Israeli believes Arafat and his thugs anymore. More and more Americans also don't believe his lies, including President Bush and the US government. Most Palestinians and Arabs, European leftists, certain American liberals and anti-Semites still buy into Arafat's falsehoods, but these groups would accept anything that harms Israel, no matter how wrong and evil it might be.

For an up to date list of victims of current Palestinian terrorism, click here and for examples of Palestinian terrorist attacks click here.

The bottom line is that the Palestinian people has not yet come to terms with the fact that Israel deserves the right to exist. Instead, Arafat and Palestinian terrorist groups dream they can destroy her. They wish for a Palestinian State not alongside Israel, but instead of Israel.

The result of the current Palestinian terrorism is that the Palestinians will not get an independent State and Israel will not move its forces from the West Bank and Gaza. Why should any goodwill measures be taken by Israel or the US when it is clear the Palestinian's whole purpose today is to kill as many Israelis as possible and destroy their State?

As someone who has voted for Labor and other parties from the left of the Israeli political spectrum (see the democracy page for details), I am extremely disappointed and angry at Arafat and certain European supporters of Palestinian terrorism. That said, as most Israelis and Jews across the World, we refuse to simply die and/or give up hope for peace.

When Arafat and other Palestinian terrorists realize they cannot destroy Israel and when supporters of Palestinian terrorism realize that hate against Israel and the victims of terrorism is counter productive, we might get some progress.

Until then, the war against Palestinian Islamic fundamentalism and Arafat's terrorist groups will continue. For a list of all Palestinian homicide/suicide bombings since October 2000, please click here.


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