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 Date   Fact Number   Description 
12/04/2002 353 Arafat failed miserably in rejecting peace in October 2000.
9/01/2002 16 Palestinian Arab Refugees.
8/25/2002 51 The distance between the West Bank and Netanya is 9 miles (15 km).
8/18/2002 75 The British Mandate of Palestine was created in 1917.
8/4/2002 77 Jews in West Bank are "Settlers", Arab Muslims in Israel are "Citizens".
7/28/2002 41 In 1948, the Arab Population of the West Bank and Gaza was 570,000.
7/21/2002 162 In 1948, the Jewish Population of Israel was 650,000.
7/14/2002 113 The IDF (Israel's Defence Forces) goals and directives.
7/7/2002 61 Israel gave autonomy to 92% of Palestinians after Oslo.
6/30/2002 56 Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East.
6/16/2002 97 Palestinians and their 'Right Of Return'.
5/31/2002 6 and 7 The West Bank and Gaza were under Arab control between 1948-1967 yet no Palestinian State was created.
5/26/2002 52 Palestinians refused peace and an independent state in October of 2000.
5/19/2002 11 Jordan represents 75% of the British Palestine Mandate.
5/12/2002 5 Israel's borders from West to East at its shortest distance are 9 miles long.
5/5/2002 98 Over 40,000 Ethiopian Jews have immigrated to Israel.
4/28/2002 17 Almost One Million Arabs are Israeli Citizens.

The newsletter includes the following sections:

Weekly Fact:  This section will present one fact on Israel and the Middle East. The facts are taken from the free screensaver and/or the website and will cover the history, geography, demographics, and current events of the region.

Victim:s Once a week I will also talk about one victim of Palestinian terrorism. The Israelis being killed by the Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, and other Palestinian terrorists groups are also kids, mothers, fathers and grand-mothers.

News: Interesting articles or news items that appeared during the week will be listed here.

Link:s This section presents another website that covers Israel and the MIddle East.  For a more comprehensive list, check the FactsOfIsrael.com Links page.


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