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This page contains links to many other sites that are related to Israel and the Middle East. These sites cover the history, geography, current events and more. If you know of another good site, please send me the link and I'll add to this page.

These sites are excellent - and some of them almost stopped me from creating FactsOfIsrael.com. The only reason I still went ahead and created this site is that I feel the facts outlined in these pages are the absolute minimum one must know before taking a stand on the Israeli/Palestinian/Arab conflict. Ok, here are the best sites:

Faces of the Victims - A site that has the pictures of all Israeli victims murdered by Palestinian terrorists since October 2000. If you click on the face of the victim, you also get a description of the terrorist attack.

Frequently Asked Questions about the current war on Palestinian terrorism. This site is part of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs , and it treats specifically with the current wave of Palestinian terrorism and their refusal of peace. If you find yourself bombarded with anti-Israeli lies, here are some of the answers.

Myths & Facts - Myths and Facts, a guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict. This site is part of the Jewish Virtual Library , and goes into much more detail that what I covered on FactsOfIsrael.com. Lots of information presented in an easy to read format.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) - This site explores the Middle East through the region's media. MEMRI bridges the language gap which exists between the West and the Middle East, providing timely translations of Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew media, as well as original analysis of political, ideological, intellectual, social, cultural, and religious trends in the Middle East. See what Arafat and other Palestinian leaders say in Arabic.

Israel Advocacy Pamphlets - Many Issues regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict are misunderstood by the media, and consequently by almost everybody who rely on television, radio and newspapers only as their sources of information. We have therefore decided to design a series of pamphlets, each treating a key subject that has played a major role throughout the conflict. These pamphlets were designed by two students to counter the anti-Israeli propaganda circulating on campuses, on the street and on the internet. You can print these pamphlets for free and distribute them at school, at the office, and at Israel rallies. Each pamphlet is 1/3 of a horizontal letter paper; you can print 3 pamphlets per page to save paper. Click on the the topic of your choice to see a larger version.

Stand By Israel - The mission of standbyisrael.org is to connect people interested in helping Israel and its citizens with a wide variety of means to do so. This website is independent of any political, religious or other organizational interest, and is intended to encourage people of all backgrounds and viewpoints to find a way in which they can be supportive of Israel in her time of need. It should not make any difference what is your ultimate vision of a just outcome to the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israel has endured two-years of constant terror, and its people should be supported by those of goodwill wherever they might be. If terror is permitted to prevail, Israel will have been the first victim, but not the last. Whether your interest is in writing letters to editors, to politicians, shopping from Israeli vendors, buying gifts for Israeli civilians or soldiers, or even making a trip to Israel, just a few clicks will take you to where you can learn how to help!

NPR hates America - NPR is broadcasting propaganda against our troops, which is giving 'aid' to our enemies. This propaganda undermines the U.S. war effort and discredits the brave men and women in our military. Our constitution specifically prohibits giving aid to an enemy in a time of war. Compounding the problem is that NPR uses public funding, YOUR OWN TAX MONEY, to deliver biased, inaccurate news reporting while masquerading as a fair and credible news organization. NPR also solicits funding from private individuals and corporations who may be unaware of NPR's America hating agenda. This website is dedicated to mobilizing Americans to oppose funding of any sort for this left wing news outlet, and to stop its anti-American propaganda. Please help by making your concerns known to your Representaive or Senator, your employers, if they contribute, and your friends and family members if they contribute. United we can stop NPR from hurting our troops

Jewish Interenet Association - The Jewish Internet Association is a non-profit California Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to the educational purpose of providing truthful, positive information to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity on the Internet. Israel and the Jewish people are under attack in one of the front line battles of the war between peaceful Western nations and hostile forces that seek to destroy our civilization, our freedom and way of life. Every channel must be utilized to resist and convert others to our defense and support. In the 21st century the Internet is one of the battlefields of that war and JIA is determined to hold the line.

Israel Insider - Israel Insider is an independent, nonpartisan online publication that aims to provide an "inside perspective" on the latest news, analysis and commentary from and about Israel. Maintained six days a week and updated as news breaks, Israel Insider publishes original articles and information about the people, events and places in the Israeli news, while collecting, organizing and linking to a wide range of external information resources.

Mideast Truth - A site managed by a small team of dedicated volunteers from different nationalities. Lots of up to date news, articles, quotes, and more. It also includes a video page, including "Surviving Terrorism", a program that interviews the survivors of Palestinian terrorist attacks.

HonestReporting.com - HonestReporting is a fast-action website dedicated to ensuring that Israel receives fair media coverage. They scrutinize the media for anti-Israel bias, and then mobilize subscribers to complain directly to the news agency concerned.

The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism is a state forum that monitors Antisemitic and Anti-Jewish activities throughout the world. It coordinates the struggle against this phenomenon with various government bodies and Jewish organizations around the world

YouAreNotAloneIsrael.org/ - The "You Are Not Alone Israel" campaign was born out of the frustration of many Jewish community members. A deep rooted desire to stand together with each Israeli citizen coupled with an inability to find ways to personally assist in responding to Israel's dilemma left any asking, "What can I do to help?. What should I be doing?"

Jerusalem Post - Latest news from Israel and the Middle East from Israel's Enlish Newspaper.

The Malki Foundation - The Malki Foundation was created in memory of Malka Roth, who was murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber on 8/9/2001. Its purpose is to help families with children with severe disabilities. Before being killed by the Palestinian bomber, Malki was deeply involved in all aspects of meeting the needs of her youngest sister, Haya-Elisheva, 6, who is blind and suffers from severe disabilities. Please check the Malki Foundation site and make a donation, any help counts.

Camera.org - The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America is a non-denominational, educational organization devoted to promoting accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East. Members hold diverse political views, but are united in opposing media bias and misinformation.

Israel on my mind - A group of leftist European members of the British academia decided to launch a cultural and scientific boycott against Israel. "Israel on my mind" is a website created by Michael Vanyukov from the University of Pittsburgh who published his exchange of messages with members of the British boycott team - he makes some excellent points, check it out.

Ha'aretz - More news from Ha'aretz, an Israeli newspaper associated with the Israeli left (I use their Java newsticker across all pages).

Support Israel Group - A mailing list created to disseminate information, links, websites, petitions, events and discussions pertaining to the situation in Israel and in support of the plight of the Israeli and Jewish people.

Project One Soul - The "Project One Soul - On Record" web site was created in response to negative, orchestrated, and biased media propaganda surrounding recent events in Israel. The site includes many pictures of current Palestinian terrorism and more.


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