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Fact 273: "On May 19 2002, three people were killed and at least 56 people were injured when a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber blew himself up in a fruit and vegetable market in the coastal town of Netanya. Among the injured were many women and children. The Palestinian murderer arrived at the market in a taxi, and was wearing an IDF (Israel's army) uniform. Both Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine proudly took responsibility for the killings."

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America continues its war against Islamic Terrorism (04.14.2004)

OpinionGeorge Bush, the President of the United States of America, has given today an amazing speech and press conference. Fox News (www.foxnews.com) has a partial transcript of the speech:

[...] Now is the time, and Iraq is the place, in which the enemies of the civilized world are testing the will of the civilized world. We must not waiver.

The violence we are seeing in Iraq is familiar. The terrorists who take hostages or plants a roadside bomb near Baghdad is serving the same ideology of murder that kills innocent people on trains in Madrid, and murders children on buses in Jerusalem, and blows up a nightclub in Bali and cuts the throat of a young reporter for being a Jew.

We've seen the same ideology of murder in the killing of 241 Marines in Beirut, the first attack on the World Trade Center, in the destruction of two embassies in Africa, in the attack on the USS Cole, and in the merciless horror inflicted upon thousands of innocent men and women and children on September the 11th, 2001.

None of these acts is the work of a religion. All are the work of a fanatical political ideology. The servants of this ideology seek tyranny in the Middle East and beyond. They seek to oppress and persecute women.

They seek the death of Jews and Christians and every Muslim who desires peace over theocratic terror. They seek to intimidate America into panic and retreat, and to set free nations against each other. And they seek weapons of mass destruction, to blackmail and murder on a massive scale.

Over the last several decades, we've seen that any concession or retreat on our part will only embolden this enemy and invite more bloodshed. And the enemy has seen, over the last 31 months, that we will no longer live in denial or seek to appease them. For the first time, the civilized world has provided a concerted response to the ideology of terror — a series of powerful, effective blows.

The terrorists have lost the shelter of the Taliban and the training camps in Afghanistan. They have lost safe havens in Pakistan. They lost an ally in Baghdad. And Libya has turned its back on terror.

Thank you Mr. President for mentioning that the Muslim terrorists that murdered Daniel Pearl did it only because he was Jewish and because of their racist, violent and fascist view of the World.

And thank you for continuing the fight for freedom and against Islamic terrorism.

I copy the full transcript below.

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Flag burning radical leftist dies in tragic accident (03.17.2003)

NewsHonest Reporting (www.honestreporting.com) informs us about the tragic accidental death of an American anti-Israeli protester in Gaza:

Rachel Corrie, burns an

American flag in Gaza

American college student Rachel Corrie was tragically killed on Sunday when she fell down as an IDF bulldozer destroyed a house in Gaza. The bulldozer was part of an operation to eliminate tunnels used by Palestinian terrorists to illegally smuggle weapons from Egypt into Gaza.

Corrie apparently stood atop a mound of dirt as the bulldozer approached the house, but then fell backward, tumbling down the mound and out of sight. The bulldozer continued and accidentally crushed her. The IDF Spokesman said that soldiers repeatedly warned demonstrators to keep a safe distance.

Corrie was a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement. She was known for anti-Israel and anti-American activities, as the above photo from Gaza shows Corrie burning an American flag, while Palestinian children look on.

(In general, we wonder on what basis the International Solidarity Movement justifies shielding a house used for weapons smuggling.)

I copy the rest of the article below.

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Video: 12-year-old Palestinian girl wishes to murder unarmed Israeli civilians (07.10.2002)

MultimediaFox News (www.foxnews.com) has published an interview and a video of a 12-year-old Palestinian girl who wishes to murder unarmed Israeli civilians by becoming a genocide bomber.

Roa Salameh, a Palestinian kid who
"wants to kill the Jews"

The girl, Roa Salameh, has been brainwashed by Palestinian Television which regularly shows videos that pay tribute to "suicide martyrs". Palestinian Television is funded by the European Union and completely controlled by Arafat and his thugs from the Palestinian Authority.

She came home and told her father that since the Jews don’t like them, she wants to be a homicide bomber.

"I want to kill them," Roa told a reporter. "I want to kill them but I can’t." [...]

An anchor on Palestinian TV once asked a child, "You said martyrdom is a beautiful thing? Is it a beautiful thing?"

"I think people like to be martyrs. They will go to heaven," the girl answered. "What could be better than going to paradise? "

To watch the video, click here. I copy the full article below.

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Memorial pays tribute to Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon (10.29.2004)

Hi-TechLast week I traveled to Orlando, Florida, for a business trip. One afternoon I had a bit of free time and I decided to visit the Kennedy Space Center, about 50 miles from Orlando.

This place is amazing! It’s basically NASA’s launch headquarters, and as their website says: “It’s the only place on Earth where you can tour launch areas, meet an Astronaut, see giant rockets, train in spaceflight simulators, and even view a launch!”. For more information on the Kennedy Space Center, click here.

An Astronaut greets visitors at the

entrance of the Kennedy Space Center

One of the attractions of the visitor complex at the space center is an actual full-sized Space Shuttle, where we can see how astronauts live and work while flying through space! Another exhibit is an “Astronaut Memorial”, a giant “space mirror” high-tech national monument dedicated to our fallen heroes. For more information of the visitor complex at the Space Center, click here; for more information on the Astronaut Memorial, click here.

Ilan Ramon, Israel's first Astronaut
Click on image to zoom in

Among the astronauts who have perished is Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut. Seven astronauts, including Ilan Ramon, were killed on February 1st 2003, when the space shuttle Columbia broke up about 38 miles above Texas on its way to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Astronaut monument includes a picture of Ilan Ramon and a description of his professional career and duties aboard the Space Shuttle. There’s even a small Israeli flag on a drawing of a space shuttle!

I have published many stories on Ilan Ramon, since he was and always will be a source of inspiration and hope for me and many others. Here are some articles:

* [NASA sends first Israeli astronaut into space](/blog/archives/000591.html)
* [Israeli Astronaut takes with him into space a small pencil drawing made by a 14-year-old](/blog/archives/000510.html)
* [Tragedy over Texas skies: seven astronauts killed in explosion of space shuttle Columbia](/blog/archives/000608.html)
* [Video: Ilan Ramon, first Israeli astronaut, and crew from space shuttle Columbia see Israel from space](/blog/archives/000617.html)
* [Address by Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon on the arrival of Ilan Ramon's coffin](/blog/archives/000618.html)
* [How Israel destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor (built by the French) in 1981](/blog/archives/000622.html)
* [Iraq calls shuttle space Columbia explosion "God's vengence"](/blog/archives/000609.html)

If you have a chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center, don’t hesitate! It’s 50 miles from Orlando, a bit more than the other Disney parks, but it’s worth every second. It was the highlight of my trip and I wouldn’t think twice about returning to Orlando just to visit the Space Center again.

I have added below over 40 pictures I have taken of the Space Center, including the Astronaut Memorial museum, a visit to the Space Shuttle, and more.

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Masked men attack Jewish woman in France (03.12.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe Jerusalem Post reports on more violence against Jews in France:

Jewish student attacked in French town
Three masked men attacked a 21-year-old female Jewish student in the French town of Aix-en-Provence Wednesday and carved a Magen David on her arm.

According to a report on Israel Radio, the student was attacked after having attended a discussion on the situation in the Middle East held in an Aix cinema.

Dictionary.com defines "Anti-Semitism" as "Hostility toward or prejudice against Jews or Judaism" (click here for the exact definition).

The French authorities continue to deny that there's any anti-Semitism in France and France's president Jacques Chirac continues to protect the butcher from Baghdad (click here to see a picture of Chirac and Saddam Hussein in a French nuclear plant).

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Muslim leaves racist comment against all Jews and Christians (01.02.2003)

Hate MailOn October 22, 2002, I posted an article that described how the Palestinian Islamic Jihad murdered 15 people after blowing up a car stuffed with over 220 pounds of explosives next to an Israeli bus (click here for the original article).

On December 5, a self-proclaimed Islamo-Nazi wrote the following as a comment:

All the kuffr including the jews and christians will pay with their lives for all the pain and suffering on all Muslims worldwide.

I guess "kuffr" means non-Muslim, or infidel, or something that Islamo-Fascists use as a derogatory term.

I traced the message back to the IP address which belongs to www.pipex.net, an ISP from England. Unfortunately the ISP is not cooperating, and did not respond to my messages (I found that French and English ISPs rarely respond).

Many Muslims in England are very extreme - see for example this article that describes how in August 2002 a massive rally was held in London, England, in support of Bin Laden and Islam. The main message from these Islamic-freaks was "We are against Democracy, Freedom and Evolution". Yep - we know.

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U.S. President Obama: Israel justified in its war on Hamas terrorists (01.15.2009)


Back in July 2008, U.S. President elect Barak Obama visited Sderot, a city located in the south of Israel.  During the visit, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, fired rockets at different towns in Israel, including Sderot.  The New York times (www.nytimes.com) published the transcript of a press conference held in Sderot, and here's what President elect Obama said:

United States President elect Barak Obama 

I don't think any country would find it acceptable to have missiles raining down on the heads of their citizens.  The first job of any nation state is to protect its citizens. And so I can assure you that if -- I don't even care if I was a politician. If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that. And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.

President Obama also said:

Now let me just close by saying that I bring to Sderot, an unshakeable commitment to Israel's security. The state of Israel faces determined enemies who seek its destruction. But it also has a friend and ally in the United States that will always stand by the people of Israel. That's why I'm proud to be here today and that's why I will work from the moment that I return to America, to tell the story of Sderot and to make sure that the good people who live here are enjoying a future of peace and security and hope

I understand that back in July, Barak Obama was still in the middle of the U.S. presidential election campaign.  But I also think that he's a smart man who has a clear understanding that Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have a goal of destroying the State of Israel and murdering all of her 6 million citizens, including women and children.  Not only President Obama won't allow this to happen, but he'll also support Israel in her war against the Islamic religious fanatic terrorists.

I copy the full transcript below.

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14-year-old Israeli kid murdered by Palestinian genocide bomber (08.19.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Adam Weinstein, a 14-year-old kid who was deliberately murdered by Palestinian genocide bombers.

On December 1, 2002, at about 11:30 P.M., two suicide bombers detonated explosive devices on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem, the pedestrian mall frequented by many young people on Saturday night. A car bomb exploded nearby 20 minutes later. Ten people were killed, including many children, and 188 were injured in the terrorist attack.

Adam Weinstein, 14, was celebrating a birthday
when a Palestinian genocide bomber killed him

Adam Weinstein was celebrating a friend's birthday in a cafe in Jerusalem. At 11:30 he was on his way with his friends to take the bus home. A few minutes before the suicide bombing, his mother and brother called him, and he told them, "I'm on my way to the bus." Five minutes later he was killed.

Adam lived in Givon Hahadasha, a community north of Jerusalem. He was the youngest of three brothers. "Adam was a computer genius", said his brother Assaf. "He was a good soul, who never cursed. He had many friends, who were always with him. He was a good and talented ninth-grade student, who liked playing basketball and playing the piano," said his older brother.

Adam Weinstein was buried in the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem. He is survived by his parents and two brothers, Assaf and Eidan, both soldiers.

May God bless his memory.

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Barbaric Muslim mob drags corpses of American civilians through Iraqi streets (04.01.2004)

Palestinian TerrorismFox News (www.foxnews.com) reports that barbaric Muslim terrorists have murdered four American civilians in Iraq. An Iraqi Muslim mob then dragged their mutilated bodies through the streets:

Iraqi Muslim mob hangs four
American civilians on a bridge

Paul Bremer, the top U.S. administrator in Iraq, vowed that Wednesday's grisly mutilations would not go unpunished.

"Yesterday's events in Fallujah are dramatic examples of the ongoing struggle between human dignity and barbarism," Bremer said at a graduation ceremony for police cadets. "The acts we have seen were despicable and inexcusable." [...]

In Fallujah, police retrieved the remains of the four slain Americans on Wednesday night, wrapped them in blankets and gave them to U.S. forces, said Iraqi police officer Lt. Salah Abdullah. [...]

Frenzied mobs dragged the burned, mutilated bodies of the four American contractors through the streets and strung two of them up from a bridge after rebels ambushed their vehicles. [...]

The White House blamed terrorists and remnants of Saddam Hussein's former regime for the "horrific attacks." "It is offensive, it is despicable the way these individuals have been treated," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said.

Palestinian savages murder two Israelis
and proudly dip their hands in their blood

This reminded me of a similar story where barbaric Palestinian murderers also acted like animals. A few months ago, two Israeli reservists got lost and ended up in the Palestinian city of Ramallah. A barbaric mob of Palestinian murderers then killed them and dripped their hands into their victims' blood - click here for more details.

Palestinian kids dip their hands in
red paint, simbolizing Jewish blood

The terrorist group Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, are proud of this sickening murder and have been teaching young Palestinian kids to "drip their hands into the Jew's blood" - click here for more details.

I copy the full article below.

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Rabbi murdered by Palestinian Terrorists (07.25.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Palestinian terrorists have deliberately shot and killed a Jewish man that was driving his car. Furthermore, the medics that arrived at the scene to treat the civilian wounded were fired upon.

One person was killed and a second was wounded in a shooting attack near the Jewish community of Alei Zahav early Thursday morning, Israel Radio reported.

The victim in the shooting attack was identified as Rabbi Elimelech Shapira, 43, who was the Rabbi of the pre-military preparation program at Peduel.

Gunmen opened fire on an Israeli vehicle near the village of Burkin on the Alei Zahav - Peduel in northern Samaria. Security forces discovered empty cartridges and tracks leading to the village at the site of the ambush. The IDF is carrying out searches in the area.

The injured person was taken to the Beilinson Hospital for treatment and was listed in a moderate condition.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene came under heavy gunfire as they attempted to treat the wounded.

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O mesmo Arafat (Portuguese) (09.19.2002)

Em 1982 Yasser Arafat chamou Ariel Sharon de assassino de crianças, por conta dos episódios de Sabra e Chatilla. Mas o líder palestino não conseque olhar para seu próprio umbigo para perceber que se alguém merece tal adjetivo, esse alguém é ele mesmo.

Para o resto do artigo clique abaixo.

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Jews from West Bank and Gaza (Yesha) now have their own web site (07.29.2004)

NewsA new web site has been created for those that have no voice in the media: the Jews who live in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha, or the West Bank and Gaza):

A group of Yesha residents has decided to bypass the traditional public relations methods aimed at getting a message across to the media, opting instead to document the ups and downs of life in Yesha in full view of anyone in the world with an internet connection - at www.YeshaSpeaksOut.org.

Ben-Avraham says it was the 1993 Oslo Accords that made him realize the importance of getting the message out through alternative sources of communication. “Since the beginning of the 'Oslo Process' there has been a real need to counteract the negative effects of hostile media, both Israeli and foreign, that effectively delegitimized the Yesha settlement movement,” says Ben-Avraham. “When both government agencies and world media systematically distort every quote, every fact, to create the perception of wrongdoing and malicious intent in everything we as Jewish residents of Yesha do, there is a need to counteract this campaign.”

Leftist media outlets such as NPR and the BBC will generally refer to these folks as "Israeli settlers", vilified people in the European leftist view. These same biased media outlets will refer to the mass murdering scum from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades as "militants".

Well, the Yesha Jews now have a voice: and they will expose the mass murdering bastards from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and their European leftist cheerleaders while showing what their daily life is all about.

I copy the full article below (found this article on the excellent "Unsealed Room").

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Grandmother of 9, victim of Palestinian Terrorism (05.20.2002)

VictimsRivka Fink, 75, grandmother of 9 is another victim of Palestinian terrorism.

Rivka Fink, 75, Grandmother of 9
Murdered by Palestinian Terrorists

Faces of the victims published the story of Rivka Fink, 75, who was killed on on April 12, 2002 after a Palestinian woman suicide bomber detonated a powerful charge at a bus stop on Jaffa road next to the entrance to Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda open-air market. Another 104 people were injured in the blast, among them nine Arabs.

I publish the full article below.

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The silence of the United Nations is Deafening (06.23.2002)

HumorJewsweek (www.jewsweek.com) has an interesting article on the United Nations and Kofi Annan, its Secretary General. The writer of the article, Jeff Dunetz, is worried about Mr. Annan, since he hasn't said a word about the latest murders of unarmed Israeli civilians (including kids) by Palestinian killers.

I am very concerned about Kofi Annan, the Secretary General of the United Nations. He is a great moral man, even won the Nobel Peace Prize. Kofi Annan is always the first to speak out when there is even the slightest perception of nation doing wrong. Remember how took a stand in the Mideast, saying how can Israel be right and the whole world wrong? Remember how quick he was to raise awareness of Jenin when he thought that there was a massacre there? This guy is a neutral peacemaker with high moral standards.

Over the last few weeks he has been strangely silent. The longer he is silent, the more I am concerned for his well-being. When Israel captured all those documents directly linking Arafat and the Palestinian Authority to terrorist acts, I just knew he would indignantly challenge Arafat to clean up his act. Yet this man who fights world morality was silent. That's when I began to suspect that something was up.

I copy the full article below.

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Video: Racist Imam from Baghdad calls for the murder of Jews on Iraqi television (02.17.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismI have just seen a video on Israeli TV that shows an Islamic fascist from Iraq call for the murder and genocide of all Jews.

Hysterical Imam from Iraq
Calls for the murder of Jews
on official Iraqi TV

Last Friday (on Feb. 14, 2003), the Imam of the main mosque of Baghdad made a hysterical speech that was shown on Iraqi TV. Here are some of the things that were said:

Victory will come,
It’s close, with Allah’s help, [...]

The Americans and their President,
The British and those who support them,

The Zionists, the bastard children,
(of the West and the United States),

Even the rock will say: "Oh Muslim, there’s a Jew behind me,
Come and cut off his head!"

(Imam takes out long blade)

And we will cut off his head!
God willing, we will cut off his head!

Oh Jews! Allah is great! Allah is great!

(Iraqi Imam frantically swings blade in the air while shrieking)

(Crowd joins in calling for the murder and genocide of Jews).

Allah is great!
Jihad for Allah! Jihad for Allah!

I have translated and added captions in English to the full video. The video is available below. The full transcript is also found below.

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