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Survivor of a Palestinian homicide bombing tells her story (12.03.2002)

VictimsEliad Moreh survived the terrorist attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas ("Islamic Resistance") on an Israeli University and she tells her story in the Harvard Israel Review:

On Wednesday, July 31 2002, at 1:40 pm, my life was changed forever. I don’t know how long the turmoil of the explosion lasted—whether it was a matter of seconds or entire minutes. All I know is that from the moment I realized I had survived a terrorist attack, I felt my life had changed. It was a feeling inside of me—probably a survival instinct—that gave me an inner force I had never before experienced. Suddenly, I considered life differently. [...]

But most of all, I felt and still feel revolt. The revolt of someone wrongly attacked who escaped his aggressor. I was put to death and somehow survived my execution. But for what crime? What was the crime of those who, like my friend, did not survive their executions? What was the crime of the 86 people who, like me, were injured that day? And what was the crime of the 600 people who have died at the hands of terrorists in the past two years? What of the thousands of people wounded, and of the thousands of orphans, widows, and widowers who lost their dearest ones? What was their crime? To be a Jew? To live on the soil of Israel, to go to the university, to have lunch? To live, to speak, to breathe? Probably all of these answers are correct. Terrorism stems from blind and gratuitous hatred; it is the enemy of everything that is living and free.

Some people in Israel and abroad place terrorism in the context of the political conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. To place terrorism in any context is to avoid confronting its horror and inexcusable nature. What cause can justify the deliberate murder of as many human beings as possible? What kind of a people could officially appeal to terrorism as a legitimate weapon in their desire for statehood? And this is all the more repugnant given that the Palestinians were offered an independent state in the frame of the Oslo agreement.

There is no explanation for terrorism. I tell you out of my crying body, out of my screaming heart and my wounded mind, I tell you that nothing, absolutely nothing justifies such pain. And no reason in the world can excuse the criminals who perpetrate such inhuman deeds. There are times in history when one has to condemn evil. The facts are so horrible that they do not leave a place for understanding, because to understand means to justify. And I have to warn you, trying to justify such barbarous acts makes you become morally complicit in them.

For more information on the massacre at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, click here. For an article that describes how many Palestinians celebrate such deliberate murder of women and children, please click here.

I copy the full article below, it's well worth the read. Thanks to Shark Blog for the link.

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FactsOfIsrael.com traduit en Francais (French) (09.03.2002)

AnnouncementJe viens juste de finir de traduire FactsOfIsrael.com en Francais! Les pages principales de cartes, histoire, statistiques, Palestine et Democratie sont maintenant traduites dans la langue de Voltaire. Voici le lien pour acceder a la version Francaise de FactsOfIsrael.com:


Dans le menu de navigation a droite, vous pouvez acceder a la version en Francais ou en Anglais a n'importe quel moment:

Pour la version Francaise
de ce site, cliquez ici
For an English version
of this site, click here

Si vous trouvez des fautes d'orthographe ou des erreurs de grammaire, n'hesitez pas a me le faire savoir.

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FactsOfIsrael.com traffic continues to grow (10.01.2002)

AnnouncementNow that the month of September ended, I decided to check the logs and get some stats on how much traffic FactsOfIsrael.com is generating. As you can see from the graph below, the numbers are good:

FactsOfIsrael.com Traffic
Total number of hits per month

This is not my job and I haven't received any funding from anyone. It takes time and money to keep this site running. The hosting costs, in addition to the time I have to spend to answer emails, update the site daily, etc... make this a difficult task. If you'd like to support me in my efforts to keep this site running, please check this page.

Thanks again for your ideas and suggestions on how to make FactsOfIsrael.com better.

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"Jew" is an offensive and derogatory terms in the Arab World (11.13.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Florida Times Daily (www.timesdaily.com) reports that the Arab Network Al-Jazeera television had to pay four Kuwaiti lawyers for deeply insulting them in calling them "Jews":

A Kuwaiti court has ordered Al-Jazeera television to pay $16,670 in damages to four Kuwaiti lawyers who sued it for slandering their country. [...]

In an episode aired Feb. 5, a guest on the live talk show, Sayyed al-Nassar, described Kuwaitis as "the Jews of the Arabs." The term "Jew" is considered derogatory to some people in the Arab world.

This is one more proof of the racism that runs in Arab/Muslim society, where "Jew" is a derogatory and offensive term. Al-Jazeera and the ones involved in this despicable episode don't even realize how racist they are - the Al-Jazeera spokesman doesn't critize the fact that "Jew" is an insulting term in the Arab world, he criticizes the fact that the guest used the insulting language ("Jew") and the judge made Al-Jazeera responsible.

Many of the Arab/Muslims of today are the new Nazis, attacking Jews wherever they are and continuously defining the Jewish people as "sub-human". These people make me sick.

I copy the full article below - thanks to the Wall Strret Journal Best of the Web for the link.

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Video: 14 year old Palestinian kid decides not to become homicide/suicide bomber (05.22.2002)

MultimediaIsraeli TV Channel 2 news interviewed Ahmed Tafiz, a 14 year old Palestinian kid who was on his way to become a homicide/suicide bomber and decided at the last moment not to do it.

14 yeard old Ahmed Tafiz and his mother

In this video, published by Mideast Truth (www.mideasttruth.com), the poor kid describes how Palestinian terrorists pushed him into becoming a homicide/suicide bomber, but how at the last moment he decided not to go through with it.

Ahmed had a partner, the same age as him, and he tried to convince his friend not to go through with the killings. "You are just a kid, no one will even remember you" he says on the interview, but unfortunately his friend didn't listen, and a few moments later he heard an explosion.

The Mother describes how she now fears for her life since the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups are not happy about the kid's decision not to become a homicide/suicide bomber.

To see the video, click on the image above or click here. (Real Audio format)

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Falta de conhecimento (Portuguese) (09.10.2002)

O senador José Alencar, candidato à vice-presidente na chapa de Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, disse em uma entrevista no início do ano que a solução para o conflito entre israelenses e palestinos seria Israel se mudar de lugar. Mas semana passada ele esteve presente na sede da Congregação Israelita de São Paulo para as comemorações de Rosh Hashana junto com toda a equipe do PT.

Segundo o senador, ele não disse o que disse por mal...

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Israel will have general elections on 1/28/2003 (11.05.2002)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Israel will have general elections on January 28th 2003:

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced his support for early elections on Tuesday, just short of two years since he took office, receiving approval from President Moshe Katsav to dissolve the Knesset and hold elections within 90 days.

The Knesset Law Committee is to meet Wednesday to finalize January 28 as the date for the election, because the law requires that elections be held on a Tuesday before the 90 days are up on February 3.

For more information on how, contrary to its Arab neighbors, Israel is a full democracy, please check the Democracy page.

Here are a few thoughts:

1) Why would Sharon allow Bibi Netanyahu to become Foreign Minister in his government? Wouldn't that give credibility to Bibi, who hasn't acted in any official capacity in the past couple of years? Yes, but that's precidely what Sharon wants. My guess is that he knows Bibi will win the Likud primaries and for the greater good of the party, he wants to give credibility to Bibi to help him (and the Likud) win the elections against Labor in 90 days.

2) The Labor party is trying to turn the elections into a discussion about the current government's support for the settlements instead of support for the developing cities in Israel ("Arei Hapituach"). In other words, make the people who are suffering today for economic reasons blame Sharon and the Likud for transferring money to the settlers in the West Bank and Gaza (0.03% of the budget). That's going to backfire: most of the people living in the developing cities will not vote for a leftist government - they are mostly Sephardim who have hawkish political views and would not want to give up the disputed territories. Instead, they'll vote for Shas, which although doesn't really represent them (they are ultra-Orthodox, while most Sephardim living in the developing cities are secular/traditionalists), will be able to pick up on the economic agenda and will have some political gains out of Labor's misplaced attacks.

You heard it here first folks. Ok, you may call my site "Foresight and Facts Of Israel" from now on. ;-)

I copy below the full article.

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Song turns ugly on "Late Show with David Letterman" (10.13.2004)

HumorDavid Letterman has been a famous comedian in the United States for literally decades. Currently (and for the last 10 years), he has a show called "Late Show with David Letterman" on the American network "CBS". For more details on "Late Show with David Letterman", check out their web site at http://www.cbs.com/latenight/lateshow/

A "Mail Bag" question on "Late Show with David Letterman"

Last Friday (10/8/2004), Mr. Letterman was reading letters sent to him by fans from different parts of America. Reading letters from fans is something Mr. Letterman does on a weekly basis, on a part of the show called "Mail Bag".

One of the letters inquired the following:


What if finding the love of your life,
meant changing the life that you love?

From Nina Duran of San Antonio, Texas

David Letterman quickly turned to Paul Shaffer (who has been Mr. Letterman's musical director and sidekick for over 21 years), and asked him if this wasn't a song... See below for the rest, where Paul's song turns ugly and we find who (not so) surprinsingly wrote the music and lyrics.

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News network CBS publishes forged documents to discredit U.S. President Bush; CBS lies uncovered by Mr. Charles Johnson (09.13.2004)

Media BiasLittle Green Footballs (littlegreenfootballs.com), has published many articles proving that the American network CBS (www.cbsnews.com) has made up a story to discredit U.S. President George Bush.

There's a lot of rhetoric going around on this story, so I'll attempt to summarize all of the evidence against CBS below.

Here are the facts:

1) CBS attacks President George Bush. On September 8, 2004, the CBS TV show "60 minutes" aired a story that attacked U.S. President George Bush. In this story, some "newly uncovered" documents by CBS showed that someone named Col. Killian, President Bush's commanding officer in 1973 in the Texas National Guard, was not very fond of him and suggested that "pressure" was being applied so he'd "go easy" on Mr. Bush. The full story from CBS was called "New Questions On Bush Guard Duty" and you may access it here or below.

One of the documents that CBS published was a memo from Col. Killian's "personal file" that read:

19 May 1972

Memo to File

SUBJECT: Discussion with Bush, 1 st Lt Bush

1. Phone call from Bush. Discussed options of how Bush can get out of coming to drill from now through November. I told him he could do ET for three months or transfer. Says he wants to transfer to Alabama to any unit he can get in to. Says that he is working on another campaign for his dad.

2. Physical. We talked about him getting his flight physical situation fixed before his date. Says he will do that in Alabama if he stays in a flight status. He has this campaign to do and other things that will follow and may not have the time. I advised him of our investment in him and his commitment. He’s been working with staff to come up with options and identified a unit that may accept him. I told him I had to have written acceptance before he would be transferred, but think he’s also talking to someone upstairs.

You can download the PDF document containing the above memo by clicking here (right click and choose "Save As". You might need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it - you can get it by clicking here).

2) CBS document allegedly from 1973 created with software from 2004. Charles Johnson, the creator of the excellent site LittleGreenFootballs.com and someone who has been involved with desktop publishing software and scalable software fonts almost since their inception, thought that the CBS documents didn't look like something that was made with 1973 typewriters, but looked more like something that could be created by modern word processing software such as Microsoft Word.

Mr. Johnson decided to type the text from above (the "newly uncovered" document by CBS) using Microsoft Word 2004. It is important to note that Mr. Johnson used the default settings in Microsoft Word 2004, including the font type, the font size, the margins, etc...

To Mr. Johnson's surprise the Microsoft Word document matched EXACTLY the document from above (that CBS claims was created in 1973). In fact, Mr. Johnson created an animation that shows how the 1973 CBS document and the Word 2004 document overlap perfectly:

CBS document from 1973 and Microsoft Word
document from 2004 match exactly.
Click on image or here to zoom in.

3) CBS lied and used forged documents to attack Mr. Bush. The above proves without a doubt that the documents published by CBS are forged. Some people have argued that there were typewriters available in 1973 that could have produced the document from above.

That might or might not be true, but it is completely irrelevant. Even if Col. Killian was able to create the document from above in 1973 using an expensive IBM typewriter, the chances that this document would match EXACTLY a document created with Microsoft Word 2004 default settings are slim to none.

Since the document was therefore probably created using a piece of software that was released in 2003 or 2004, the above document was clearly not written by Col. Killian, president Bush's commanding officer in 1973.

CBS created a story based on forged documents and not only has not apologized for the lies, but continues to stand behind their journalist Dan Rather and his faulty report.

4) Links to all documents. You may download these documents to your computer (right click on any of the links and choose "Save As") and verify for yourself the claim that CBS has lied and has published false document to attack U.S. President George Bush:

Document 1: Click here to download the document published by CBS, a memo that CBS says was created in 1973. You might need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access it - you can get it by clicking here).

Document 2: Click here to download the Microsoft Word document created by Charles Johnson. If you don't have Microsoft Office or Word, you can get a free Word viewer here.

Document 3: Click here to download a small animation that overlaps the two above documents.

Document 4: Click here to download a high resolution version of an animation that overlaps the two above documents.

Document 5: Click here to download a an animation that overlaps the CBS document from 1973 and a document created with Apple TextEdit, another word processing software. Notice how the two documents don't match at all, contrary to the perfect match with the default settings in Microsoft Word 2004.

This is not the first time that CBS has shown their biased and unprofessional way of reporting the news: click here to see how CBS correspondent Bob Simon showed clear bias when reporting on Israel's security fence.

I copy below the original CBS story and all of the articles from Charles Johnson that have unmasked the lies coming from CBS.

Update: There's a great technical article written by Joseph M. Newcomer, someone who practically invented computer typesetting, that completely proves that the CBS documents are forgeries. Click here to read it (I'll post more details later).

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Israel has won the war on Palestinian Terrorism (06.18.2004)

OpinionThe Houston Chronicle (www.chron.com) has an excellent article by Charles Krauthammer that describes how Israel has effectively won the war against the current wave of Palestinian terrorism that started in October 2000 (click here for more details).

I generally only show excerpts on the FactsOfIsrael.com main page, but this analysis by Mr. Krauthammer, so I am reproducing the full article:

Intifada is over and Israel's the winner

While no one was looking, something historic has happened in the Middle East. The Palestinian intifada is over, and the Palestinians have lost.

For Israel, the victory is bitter. The last four years of terrorism have killed almost 1,000 Israelis and maimed thousands of others. But Israel has won strategically. The intent of the intifada was to demoralize Israel, destroy its economy, bring it to its knees and thus force it to withdraw and surrender to Palestinian demands, just as Israel withdrew in defeat from southern Lebanon in May 2000.

That did not happen. Israel's economy was certainly wounded, but it is growing again. Tourism had dwindled to almost nothing at the height of the intifada, but tourists are returning. And the Israelis were never demoralized. They kept living their lives, the young people in particular returning to cafes and discos and buses just hours after a horrific bombing. Israelis turned out to be a lot tougher and braver than the Palestinians had imagined.

The end of the intifada does not mean the end of terrorism. There was terrorism before the intifada and there will be terrorism to come. What has happened, however, is an end to systematic, regular, debilitating, unstoppable terror — terror as a reliable weapon. At the height of the intifada, there were 9 suicide attacks in Israel killing 85 Israelis in just one month (March 2002). In the last three months, there have been none.

The overall level of violence has been reduced by more than 70 percent. How did Israel do it? By ignoring its critics and launching a two-pronged campaign of self-defense.

First, Israel targeted terrorist leaders — attacks so hypocritically denounced by Westerners who, at the same time, cheer the hunt for, and demand the head of, Osama bin Laden. The top echelon of Hamas and other terror groups has been either arrested, killed, or driven underground. The others are now so afraid of Israeli precision and intelligence — the last Hamas operative to be killed by missile was riding a motorcycle — that they are forced to devote much of their time and energy to self-protection and concealment.

Second, the fence. Only about a quarter of the separation fence has been built, but its effect is unmistakable. The northern part is already complete, and attacks into northern Israel have dwindled to almost nothing.

This success does not just save innocent lives. It changes the strategic equation of the whole conflict.

Yasser Arafat started the intifada in September 2000, just weeks after he had rejected at Camp David Israel's offer of withdrawal, settlement evacuation, sharing of Jerusalem and establishment of a Palestinian state. Arafat wanted all that, of course, but without having to make peace and recognize a Jewish state. Hence the terror campaign — to force Israel to give it all up unilaterally.

Arafat failed, spectacularly. The violence did not bring Israel to its knees. Instead, it created chaos, lawlessness and economic disaster in the Palestinian areas. The Palestinians know the ruin that Arafat has brought and they are beginning to protest it. He promised them blood and victory; he delivered on the blood.

Even more important, they have lost their place at the table. Israel is now defining a new equilibrium that will reign for years to come — the separation fence is unilaterally drawing the line that separates Israelis and Palestinians. The Palestinians were offered the chance to negotiate that frontier at Camp David, and chose war instead. Now they are paying the price.

It stands to reason. It is the height of absurdity to launch a terror war against Israel, then demand the right to determine the nature and route of the barrier built to prevent that very terror.

These new strategic realities are not just creating a new equilibrium, they are creating the first hope for peace since Arafat officially tore up the Oslo accords four years ago. Once Israel has withdrawn from Gaza and has completed the fence, terror as a strategic option will be effectively dead. The only way for the Palestinians to achieve statehood and dignity, and to determine the contours of their own state, will be to negotiate a final peace based on genuine coexistence with a Jewish state.

It could be a year, five years or a generation until the Palestinians come to that realization. The pity is that so many, Arab and Israeli, will have had to die before then.


Krauthammer is a Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.

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Israel will remove its troops from some Palestinian areas (10.26.2004)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has reported that Israel's parliament, the "Knesset", has decided to remove the nation's troops and settlements from some Palestinian areas, including the Gaza strip and the northern West Bank:

Israel's Knesset voted Tuesday night to approve Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's plan to unilaterally disengage from the Gaza Strip and northern West Bank.

- 67 MKs voted in favor
- 45 MKs voted against
- 7 MKs abstained
(Ed. note: "MK" stands for "Members of Knesset, Israel's parliament)

Under the principles of the plan, Israel is to have no presence in the Gaza Strip or northern West Bank by the end of 2005, except for the Philadelphi route on the Egypt-Gaza border. Sharon does not intend to seek Knesset approval for the cabinet decision on evacuations, according to his advisors.

The plan could still be halted by a public referendum, and the cabinet must also convene to decide whether, where and when to give the order to evacuate settlements. The Likud Party was split in the vote, with 23 voting in favor and 17 against. Twenty-nine of the votes in favor came from left-wing opposition MKs, and one from MK Michael Nudelman of the far-right National Union party. Fourteen Shinui MKs also voted for the plan.

Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian excuse for a leader, has rejected peace with Israel and turned to the deliberate murder of women and children in October 2000 (click here for details). The Palestinians have rejected a state of their own twice, once in 1948 and once in 2000, click here for more details.

The disengagement plan from the mass murdering bastards from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas is not a result of peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but is a unilateral decision made by Israel which is properly executing what it thinks is best.

On the one hand, many Palestinians have made it clear that their only goal is to destroy Israel and murder every Israeli man, women and child; it would make therefore sense to fight the Palestinian mass murderers where it hurts them most: in their cities and towns. On the other hand, deploying Israeli troops in the Palestinian areas costs us lives, money and is a huge effort on reserve soldiers.

Since Israel is a Western Democracy (click here for details), the plan to remove the troops from the Palestinian areas will have to pass a national referendum, where every Israeli, including one million Israeli Arab Muslims, will have the right to vote.

I copy the full article below.

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British daily asks the French people if they are ashamed of their spineless president, Jacques 'Le Worm' Chirac (02.19.2003)

OpinionThe British daily "The Sun" handed out a free special edition of its paper in Paris today:

Greetings to the citizens of Paris from The Sun newspaper, which is read by ten million people every day.

We think your President, Jacques Chirac, is a disgrace to Europe by constantly threatening to veto military action to enforce the will of the United Nations against Iraq. [...]

British people feel M Chirac, who in the UK is nicknamed the 'worm', is arrogantly strutting about trying to make France seem more important in the world than it really is.

The truth is that all the world - including France - recognises that Saddam Hussein must be dealt with. But only the French President seems determined to frustrate the will of the international community. [...]

We also think in Britain that you in France have forgotten how much you owe to other nations, particularly America and Britain, for coming to your aid in two world wars.

You were glad enough to welcome the Americans when Hitler ruled France.

But now you sneer at the American people and their president, and forget how the war cemeteries of France are packed with American and British soldiers and sailors and airmen who laid down their lives so France could be free.

Today, the Americans - backed by other European nations braver than France - are preparing again to rid the world of a tyrant.

On behalf of our ten million readers, we say to you today: Are you not ashamed of your president?

I'm French and I'm ashamed of Jacques "Le Worm".

I copy the full article below and the original in French as well. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the link.

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The real reason behind the US's continuing support of Israel (08.24.2002)

HumorAngie Schultz from the "The Machinery of Night" has found the real reason behind the US's continuing support of Israel:

Drooling white supremacists and supercilious Euro-leftists assert that it's because of the obscene amounts of gold that the Vast Jewish Conspiracy pumps into the coffers of our elected officials.

Other Europeans warn darkly of the crazed snake-handling, tongues-babbling, American fundamentalist Christians, who take literally Biblical claims that the Jews are the Chosen People of God.

More moderate thinkers assert that the US's support is due to cultural sympathy between Israel and the US, like the fact that it is the only real democracy in a sea of warlords, kleptocrats, and supreme-ruler-for-lifes.

But none of these is the true reason. I have the true reason.

It's the bagels.

Yes! Bagels! Bagels make all the difference! America breakfasts on bagels, and love and respect for the chewy breads forms our attitudes toward Israel. [...]

And the Europeans? Feh. Vedrine and Chirac are of course croissant men, no hope for them, ever. Chris Patten fell into strange and foreign ways during his tenure as governor of Hong Kong, and now eats bangers and eggs with a side of rice. I believe someone in the British military slips Tony Blair a bagel now and again, probably at lunch when Cherie's not looking.

I copy the full article below.

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Iran and Syria continue to support terrorism (07.24.2002)

OpinionThe Wall Street Journal (www.wsj.com) has a good article by Dennis Ross, who was the lead American negotiator on the Middle East peace process in the first Bush and both Clinton administrations.

It's no surprise that the Israeli killing of wanted Hamas militant Salah Shehada and members of his family has drawn the world's attention. It is graphic and it reminds everyone of a seemingly endless struggle. But having just returned from the Middle East, I am struck by a burgeoning danger that is receiving scant attention. With a constant stream of supply from both the Iranians and Syrians, Hezbollah is building a formidable arsenal of highly mobile rockets. [...]

But Bashar Assad seems to lack his father's sense of limits. As if providing weapons to Hezbollah was not enough, he is also procuring spare parts for Iraq from Eastern Europe. That's something new; his father sought Saddam Hussein's demise, not his strengthening. [...]

Iran is also pushing Hamas very hard to continue the suicide bombings in Israel. As I heard from Israelis and Palestinians, recent efforts by the Palestinian Authority officials in Gaza to convince Hamas to stop terror attacks against Israelis appeared to be making headway until the Hamas leadership in Gaza got explicit instructions from the Hamas leadership outside--with considerable Iranian pressure--to persist with the bombings. The same was true for the Islamic Jihad, whose leader Ramadan Shallah resides in Damascus and was equally insistent that the bombing must continue.

Iran and Syria clearly want the conflict to continue between Israelis and Palestinians. Perhaps they believe Israel will lose its resolve and gradually be weakened to the point of collapse. They seem prepared to fight to the last Palestinian to produce such an eventuality. Perhaps they fear American determination to go after Saddam Hussein, believing if he goes, they will be next. Their reasoning might be that the more the situation between Israelis and Palestinians embroils the region, the less the U.S. will be capable of going after Saddam.

I copy the full article below.

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Trackback - Linking articles across multiple sites (12.07.2002)

AnnouncementI have just finished implementing TrackBack, a new feature of Movable Type.

It basically allows the adminsitrators of sites that run Movable Type to link their entries and articles automatically. Instead of just adding a link manually to an entry in another site/blog, I can link my entry to the remote entry automatically.

If anyone links to one of the articles on FactsOfIsrael.com you'll see "TrackBack (1)" below - you can then click on "TrackBack (1)" and get the list of related articles.

For more information of TrackBack see: http://www.movabletype.org/trackback/.

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