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Fact 415: "In 2004, an Israeli company named 'Given Imaging' developed a video camera so small it fit inside a pill, which you could swallow. The camera helps doctors diagnose digestive tract diseases."

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July 19, 2014

The Middle East problem (July 19, 2014)

Dennis Prager explains "The Middle East problem":

Mr. Prager is right on: the solution may be hard, but the problem is simple: one side wants the other side dead.

I copy more info on the video below.

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75% of Israel's residents are Jewish (05.16.2008)


Keren Hayesod (www.kh-uia.org.il) has published the latest stats on Israel's population:

On the eve of 2008, Israel population reached 7.241 million residents. Of this figure, 75.6 percent are Jewish (5.472 million), 20% are Arab (1.449 million) and 4.4% (320,000) are ‘others’ — immigrants who are not registered as Jews in the Interior Ministry, non-Arab Christians and residents without religious classification.

During 2007, Israel's population increased by 1.7%, just one decimal point less than the population increase noted at the end of 2006. Also, 18,000 immigrants arrived in 2007, and 149,400 babies were born.

Overall, 124,000 residents were added to the country's population during the year. Eighty-eight percent of this figure were a result of natural growth (births minus deaths), and the remaining 12% from the immigration factor - the gap between the number of immigrants and the number of emigrants.

I copy the full article below.

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Left-wing extremists tried to storm Israeli embassy in London (05.17.2002)

NewsJust saw an article on Ha'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) that describes how left-wing extremists attacked the Israeli Embassy in London "to destroy everything in their way."

This violence, similar to Palestinian terrorist tactics of "destroying everything in their way", was reported only today, even though the vicious attacks occurred on Monday.

"The embassy, in consultation with security officials, decided to prevent the incident from being reported in the media, apparently in order to prevent alarm in the Jewish community in Great Britain.

The attack occurred one day after a Sunday Times report quoted a leader of London-based fundamentalist group al-Muhajiroun as saying that the Israeli embassy in London and its employees were a legitimate target for suicide attacks.

In October last year the group called on British Muslims to assassinate Prime Minister Tony Blair to avenge the bombing of Taliban forces in Afghanistan."

I copied the full article below.

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Israel successfully launches satellite into space (12.29.2003)

Hi-TechIsrael Insider (www.israelinsider.com) reports that Israel now has two satellites in space:

Amos 2, another Israeli
satellite orbits the Earth

The Amos-2 communications satellite was successfully launched into orbit from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Saturday night. As the satellite prepared to enter into a geostationary orbit, some 36,000 kilometers above the planet, technicians at the Amos Ground Station near Yehud said all systems seemed to be in perfect working order.

Amos-2 is Israel's second commercial communications satellite and will be located in orbit some four kilometers from its predecessor, Amos-1, which was launched in 1996 and is due to stop operations in 2008. Israel's two other satellites in space are the Eros-A observation satellite and the Ofek-5 reconnaissance satellite, launched in May 2002.

Amos-2, which was manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)'s MBT Space Division, was launched into space on a Russian Soyuz-Fregat launch vehicle by Starsem, a European-Russian space launching venture set up in 1996.

I copy the rest of the artcile below.

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75 year-old Grandfather murdered by Palestinian genocide bomber (07.08.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Mogus Mahento, 75, grandfather of 13, who was murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber on 3/20/2002.

Mogus Mahento, 75, killed
by a Palestinian genocide bomber

Mogus Mahento immigrated to Israel from Ethiopia in 1991, in Operation Solomon. He came from a village in the Gonder region, where he was a locksmith. In Israel, he first lived in an absorption center in Hadera, before moving to a senior citizens' home in Holon. Friends said that he spent most of his time helping with his grandchildren.

Mogus Mahento will be buried in the Yarkon cemetery in Tel-Aviv. He was divorced, and is survived by four children and 13 grandchildren

May God bless his memory. I copy his full story below.

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In Memory of Danielle Shefi (05.07.2002)

VictimsA bit over a week ago, a Palestinian terrorist infiltrated Adora, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, and started shooting at several homes firing on people in their bedrooms.

Danielle Shefi, 5, murdered
by Palestinian terrorists on 4/27/2002

Among the victims was Danielle Shefi, a 5 year old girl who was described as an "Israeli settler" by NPR and KQED (see the message I sent NPR/KQED for more details).

Faces of the Victims has information on all Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism since Arafat, the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists started their current campaign of killing.

I just saw they posted a picture of Danielle and her story. I include below the full description of the attack on Adora and the murder of Danielle Shefi:

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Israeli Air Force continues its war on Palestinian Terror (10.20.2003)

NewsIsrael Insider (www.israelinsider.com) reports that the Israeli army and Air Force are continuing to fight Palestinian terrorists. Today there were five air force strikes on the Palestinian mass murderers and their supporters:

The IAF continued its operations over Gaza City on Monday night. In a devastating fourth strike, missiles from a helicopter struck the vehicle of top terrorist Imad Akel and four bodyguards, and another two in a surrounding mob. Scores were injured.

The missiles struck the main street of the Nusseirat refugee camp, destroying the car. Hundreds of residents carried charred pieces of the vehicle over their heads, chanting, "Revenge! Revenge!"

A defense source said that IDF soldiers detected terrorists trying to cross the border fence near the Israeli community of Nahal Oz. Two terrorists were killed, while the others tried to escape. A pair of Apache attack helicopters were dispatched, and pursued the escaping terrorists, hitting their vehicle in a crowded area. An additional 5 Palestinians were killed in the follow-up strike. It was unclear at which point Akel was eliminated.

Israeli Deputy Defense Minister Zeev Boim expressed regret over the loss of innocent lives, if in fact any of those killed were innocent. "We try to act against targets in a surgical fashion, but there are times civilian injuries. We are sorry that innocent people are hurt, but it needs to be said that terror is also supported by the population."

Too bad innocent bystanders are hurt - but I have no more feelings of compassion in my heart for Palestinians. Most of them dance and rejoy when Palestinian mass murderers from the Islamic Jihad blow themselves up in Israeli buses killing babies and injuring dozens.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades reject peace and wish for the destruction of the State of Israel. They call for the genocide of Israel's citizens and are responsible for dozens of homicide bombings that have murdererd hundreds of Israelis, including women and innocent babies (click here for more details).

Expect the Israeli army to hit these bastards harder; and expect anyone who supports the war on Islamic and Palestinian terrorism to rejoice.

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian terrorist blows himself up in market; tries to murder dozens of innocent Israelis (01.19.2006)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian terrorist from the terrorist group "Islamic Jihad" has blown himself in a market in Tel-Aviv:

In what security officials said was an attempt to generate anarchy within the Palestinian Authority in the run-up to next week's planned elections, an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber blew himself up on Thursday in a Tel Aviv shwarma stand injuring 30 bystanders.

One of the wounded was said to be in serious condition and five others sustained moderate injuries. Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the attack and the suicide bomber was identified as 22-year-old Sami Abdel Hafiz Antar from Nablus. Islamic Jihad has been behind the past six suicide bombings in Israel over the past year, and is the only faction to boycott next Wednesday's Palestinian Authority parliamentary elections. [...]

The attack occurred at close to 4 PM after Hafiz Antar entered the Rosh Ha'ir Shwarma stand on Rehov Salema 2 in the southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Neveh Sha'anan offering clients there to buy razor blades. "He came in, tried to sell razor blades and then went to the back of the shop where he blew himself up," the shop's owner Arieh Sharon said. In January 2003, 23 people were killed and some 120 were wounded in a double suicide bombing around the corner from Thursday's attack.

Police said the explosion went off in the restaurant's bathroom, possibly prematurely as the bomber tried to prepare the explosive device. In addition, police said, the combination of a relatively small explosive device and the fact that the bomber chose a closed-in shop as his target, limited the damage and the number of wounded.

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other Islamic fanatical groups wish to destroy Israel and murder all Israeli jewish men, women and children. For more information on these Islamic mass murderers, click here. For a list of homicide bombings executed by these Islamic fanatical bastards, click here.

I copy the full article below.

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Hypocrisy and double standard from the United Nations (12.22.2002)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has a great article on the hypocrisy and double standard coming from the United Nations:

Israelis received a lethal reminder over the weekend that despite the IDF's ongoing efforts to combat Palestinian terror, the battle is far from won.

Early Friday, 40-year-old Rabbi Yitzhak Arama, spiritual leader of the Jewish community of Netzer Hazani in the Gaza Strip, was shot and killed by Islamic Jihad terrorists in a roadside ambush near the Kissufim Junction. He was driving in his car along with his wife and six children when the terrorists opened fire, murdering him in front of his family. [...]

Hours later, while Rabbi Arama was being laid to rest, representatives of the UN, the EU, Russia, and the US - known as the Quartet - were meeting in Washington to discuss the road map to Palestinian statehood. In its statement after the meeting, the Quartet reiterated the standard, boilerplate condemnation of "the brutal terror attacks carried out by Palestinian extremist organizations," while suggesting that their goal is "to diminish the prospects for peace." Yet if the events of the past two years have demonstrated anything, it is that such a formulation is both unsophisticated and inaccurate.

To suggest that Palestinian terrorists are motivated solely by a political grievance, rather than outright bloodlust, is akin to stating that al-Qaida is just another band of angry political discontents. Obviously, while political agendas play a role in inspiring their actions, so do other factors, such as fanaticism, intolerance, and hatred. How else does one explain the cruelty of incidents such as Friday's shooting attack, the Ramallah lynching, or the murder of infant Shalhevet Pass in Hebron?

The large majority of Israelis don't trust the UN - they are seen as corrupted, lying, double faced son of a bitches. Most of the UN delegates are not interested in peace, but will support the Palestinian murderers no matter what happens. I copy the full article below.

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Israel's Chief of Staff says Palestinians pose existential threat to Israel (08.31.2002)

OpinionHa'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) has an excellent interview with Moshe Ya'alon, Israel's current Chief of Staff:

Question: Are you saying that despite what appears to be a war of the oppressed against the oppressors, of the occupied against the occupiers, the Palestinians actually have a sense of strength and power?

Answer: "Of course. They feel that they have the backing of a quarter-of-a-billion Arabs and they believe that time is on their side and that, with a combination of terrorism and demography, they will tire us out and wear us down. There is also an additional reverse asymmetry here: We do not have intentions to annihilate them and we have also expressed readiness to grant them a state, whereas they are unwilling to recognize our right to exist here as a Jewish state."

Do you not see the war of the Palestinians against us as a campaign to end the occupation?

"If the term 'occupation' had any relevance at all, it lost it, as far as I am concerned, in the year 2000, when the State of Israel put a certain proposal on the table that was supposed to resolve the problem. That proposal was supposed to get the Palestinians off our back, but instead they started to stab us. They stayed on our back, attached to us and stabbing us. That is the reality. Therefore, without getting into a political discussion of what the solution should be, I maintain that the story is not occupation. The story is non-recognition of the right of the State of Israel to exist as a Jewish state." [...]

"Do we have a choice? We must understand: The Palestinians have returned us to the War of Independence. Today it is clear that the State of Israel as a Jewish state is still an alien element in the region. It will take generations until various elements in the region accept its existence. Therefore, we have to go back to the ethos of standing fast, not because I am enamored of that ethos, but because there is no choice. It is an ethos of no choice.

Excluding the extreme left (see the democracy page for details), I am guessing pretty much every Israeli agrees with Moshe Ya'alon. When the Palestinians and their supporters understand that violence and terrorism leads them nowhere we might have a chance for peace.

I copy the full interview below, it's well worth the read.

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Arafat's bomb factory destroyed (06.03.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that the IDF (Israel's army) has destroyed a bomb factory located in the home of Mahmud Titi, head of the Aksa brigades. Yasser Arafat is the head of the Aksa brigades, responsible for hundreds of terrorist attacks against unarmed Israeli civilians.

Arafat is also the head of the Palestinian Authority, and he constantly plays a double game. On the one hand he sends the Aksa brigades homicide/suicide bombers to kill unarmed Israeli civilians, and on the other hand he condemns the attacks as the chairman of the Palestinian Authority.

The sad fact is that many people buy into this double game and refuse to accept the fact that Arafat is a terrorist.

"Troops blew up one of the largest bomb factories found so far in the West Bank. It was located in the home of Mahmud Titi, head of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades in the area who was killed with two of his aides on May 21. Israel said Titi was responsible for the deaths of at least 11 people in terror attacks he planned, participated in, or dispatched suicide bombers to carry out."

I copy the full article below.

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Western Approach to Islamic Terrorism (06.16.2002)

HumorDry Bones, the cartoon published in the Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com), has a funny (but sad) description of western approach to Islamic terrorism:

Many of today's major conflicts in the world involve Islamic fundamentalists and their sympathizers, such as 'moderate' Muslim regimes or European leftists. This includes India's rightful response to Islamic terrorism (which is supported by Pakistan), the U.S. war on Al-Qaida (which was supported by Afghanistan) and of course Israel's war on the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad (supported and organized by Arafat and the Palestinian Authority).

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After supporting the butcher from Baghdad, Palestinians surprised at Saddam's collapse (04.10.2003)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Palestinians are once again surprised and shocked that the butcher from Baghdad has fallen:

There was shock and disbelief in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Wednesday as Palestinians gathered around TV sets to watch US Marines and Iraqi residents knock down a giant statute of Saddam Hussein in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad.

"I'm stunned and appalled. I can't understand what is happening," said Rustum Abu Ghazalah, a 30-year-old shopkeeper in the center of Ramallah.

He and grim-faced fellow shopkeepers zapped from one Arab TV station to another with the hope of discovering that what they were hearing and watching was nothing more than a US-produced Hollywood film.

"This can't be true," grumbled Abu Ghazaleh. "Where are the suicide bombers? Where are the Fedayeen of Saddam? Where are the heroic Republican Guards?"

Saddam Hussein has given over 15 million dollars to the families of homicide bombers making the butcher from Baghdad very popular among the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Arafat's murderers from the Al-Aksa brigades. [...]

Since the beginning of the war, many Palestinians have been staging daily demonstrations in support of Saddam. The protests have often turned into anti-American and anti-British rallies where Palestinians burned effigies of US President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

At least two Palestinian groups, Fatah and Islamic Jihad, announced that they had dispatched suicide bombers to Iraq to join in the fight against the US and British troops. Hundreds of Palestinian volunteers from Lebanon, Syria and the West Bank and Gaza Strip are reported to have arrived in Iraq to participate in the fighting.

Just like they did in 1991, these delusional Palestinians fully supported the Iraqi dictator, and now they simply can't understand how the American coalition forces have crushed the Baghdad butcher.

Unfortunately, just like in 1991, Palestinians will probably not have to face the consequences of their mistakes. After the war in Iraq is over, the British will try to make amends with the UN, France and other Arab countries by sacrificing Israel's security through a so called "roadmap" to peace.

After refusing peace and murdering hundreds of Israeli women and children, Yasser Arafat and the Palestinians will be offered an independent Palestinian State. I just hope the U.S. will not forget how Palestinians burned American flags and effigies of president Bush (remember the Palestinians celebrating the death of 3,000 Americans after 9/11?).

As an Israeli, I can say that if this Palestinian State comes attached with terror and an existential threat to my family, my friends and my country, this roadmap will go nowhere. If on the other hand, the Palestinians dissolve the Islamic Jihad and Hamas, give up their dream of destroying Israel and committing genocide against her Jewish citizens, we might get somewhere.

But I doubt it.

I copy the full article below.

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What happens to the bus after a Palestinian suicide bombing? (08.09.2002)

NewsThe British Times Online (www.timesonline.co.uk) has published an article that explains what happens to the Israeli buses that are taken out of service after a Palestinian suicide bombing.

This scrapyard, a few miles from the Lebanese border, is where the buses are dumped after their 15 minutes of infamy, when the dead have been pulled from the wreckage and the television cameras have departed. It is a startling reminder of how Egged, Israel’s largest public transport operator, is on the front line in the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

The latest arrival is the charred remains of bus No 361, its roof torn off, in which nine people were murdered by a suicide bomber at Meron Junction, near Safed, on August 4. Beside it, the green, blue and pink livery already fading in the sun, is bus No 960, on which eight Israelis died near Haifa on April 10. [...]

“It’s like I am magnetised to come here,” he says. “Every day I come for ten minutes to look, trying to visualise what happened to the people inside these buses. I don’t know why. Because I care, maybe. I knew one of the girls who died at Meron Junction; a lovely youngster who helped me to run Egged’s summer camps for children: very special, very beautiful, very talented.” [...]

A few minutes before he arrived, volunteers from Zaka, the ultra-religious recovery service, had spent hours searching the wreckage to find and bury every scrap of human flesh and bone as required by Jewish tradition. Sometimes there are surprises. “They found two legs under the floor,” Mr Shiler said.

I copy the full article below.

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Summary: why is there a war in Gaza? (01.18.2009)

Palestinian Terrorism

Here's a great video that gives a summary of events in the Middle East from the last few years:

Here are some articles posted in the last few years that support what is outlined in the above presentation:

This war against Hamas did not start in a vacuum.  When the Palestinians stop firing rockets at Israeli children, this war will stop.  In the meantime, the war on Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad ("Holy War") and other Islamic fanatics continues. 

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Racist Freaks burns down Jewish center in Paris, France (08.24.2004)

Anti-SemitismTwinCities.com reports that racist bastards have burned down a Jewish center in Paris, France:

Fire swept through a Jewish community center in eastern Paris early Sunday after arsonists broke into the building and scrawled swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans inside.

It was the latest in a series of acts attributed to neo-Nazis across the country

[...] The rise in acts attributed to neo-Nazis is particularly disturbing to France's Jews, who are already concerned about increasing anti-Semitism among the country's Arab youth. They fear that both anti-Semitic strains are growing.

Although the freaks that burned down the center painted Neo-Nazi swastikas, Voice of America (www.voanews.com) reports that an Islamic group proudly claimed responsibility for the racist attack:

French authorities are studying a claim of responsibility by a previously unknown Islamic group for a fire Sunday that destroyed a Jewish community center in Paris.

A statement posted on an Islamic website Monday, said a group calling itself Jamaat Ansar Al-Jihad al Islamiya was responsible for the attack. The statement called the action retaliation for the defiling of Muslim cemeteries in France and other anti-Muslim acts outside the country.

Between Nazi bastards, Islamic fascists and European leftists, Israel and Jews across Diaspora countries have a lot of enemies.

Luckily today we have the State of Israel - a place where Jews can find refuge, and a country that has institutions and an army dedicated to the defense of such persecuted folks.

I copy both articles below.

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