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Fact 101: "In Hebrew kibbutz means group. During the past forty years of Jewish history, however, it has come to mean a particular kind of group, one of the voluntary collective communities established in the state of Israel, combining the realization of Zionist hopes with the creation of a society based on the principles of utopian socialism. In 1999, 70,000 people, in nearly 25 villages and settlements, are today part of the kibbutz movement."

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Death Threat received - Moroccan ISP doesn't respond (12.08.2002)

Hate MailOn 8/2/2002, I received the following death threat:

-----Original Message-----
From: zoro gorif [mailto:fofifa@caramail.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2002 6:35 PM
To: remarks@factsofisrael.com
Subject: open this

dirty killers.

I am from qassam wing and i would like to inform you that
your building is selected this time to be our coming target.



The idiot from above turned out to be a looser from Morocco. The Izz el-Din al-Qassam Brigades are murderers from the Palestinian Hamas ("Islamic Resistance"), a terrorist group dedicated to the destruction of Israel, and the genocide of her citizens.

I traced back the message to the IP address, which belongs to a Moroccan ISP called "Maroc Telecom" (www.iam.ma). I sent the ISP two messages but received no response, not even an acknowledgement of receipt.

The message was sent through a French Web mail service, caramail.com, which is similar to Hotmail.com. Unfortunately, I received no response from caramail.com either.

So much for French and Moroccan respect for the rules of law.

For a list of homicide/suicide bombings executed by the Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades, click here.

To see how I was able to trace the message back to the ISP in Marocco, click here.

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Three years since Islamic mass murderers from Al-Qaeda killed almost 3,000 men, women and children in one day (09.11.2004)

NewsThree years since Islamic mass murdering bastards from Al-Qaeda killed almost 3,000 men, women and children. I will never forget.

Here's something that captures my deep admiration and thanks to those who risk their lives on their jobs to protect ours:

Last year I posted an entry with many pictures related to the 9/11 attacks by Islamic Fascists on New York and the United States of America, click here to read "Remembering 9/11/01: A picture archive".

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Brave Palestinian rejects Islamic terrorism and Jihad (holy war) (02.07.2004)

OpinionIsrael National News (www.israelnn.com) has published the story of Wallid Shoebat, a Palestinian who has rejected violence, racism and terrorism:

Wallid Shoebat, a brave Palestinian who
rejects Islamic Terrorism and Jihad

In stark contrast to the PLO [Palestinian Liberation Organization] songs he recited growing up, with words like, “Sharpen my bones into swords and make my flesh into Molotov cocktails,” Shoebat, now 44, sings a very different tune.

“The first thing we learned growing up was to hate Jews,” Wallid recalled. “I’ll never forgot the first song I learned in school, ‘Arabs our beloved and Jews our dogs.’ I used to wonder at that time who the Jews were, but repeated the words with the rest of the kids without any knowledge of the meaning.” [...]

It was not long before Wallid’s education led him to get involved in various terrorist activities. He routinely stirred up riots and lynch mobs, throwing firebombs and rocks at soldiers and pelting Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall. He even beat an Israeli soldier, with the intent to kill, but the soldier escaped at the last second. [...]

At age 18, after spending several months in Israeli prisons, Shoebat went to study in the United States becoming an activist in Chicago and fund-raising for the PLO. “Even living in America – a civilized society, if you will – I still had not changed my mind one bit about Israel and the Jews.”

Shoebat decided at that point to turn away from the path of terrorism and Jihad. “I woke up my wife and said ‘Maria – I think I was wrong to try to convert you to Islam.’” [...]

Determined to let his people know what he knows, he soon began speaking to Muslim groups – demanding that they confront what Islam either always was – or has become. When confronted with what has become somewhat of a mantra since September 11th – that “true Islam is a religion of peace,” Shoebat responds, “I grew up there – I was there at the mosques, the ummahs and the religious schools. I know what is still being taught today in the textbooks and by the religious leaders – so my challenge to those who claim Islam is not the religion of terror we see today, is what have you done to stand against it and say ‘this is wrong’?”

Unfortunately Mr. Shoebat has already felt the intolerance of his people: his family, including his father, consider him a traitor for exposing their racist hatred and Islamic terrorism. He also probably receives death threats on a regular basis and is a brave man for standing up to these murderous bastards.

I copy his full story below and a video of Mr. Shoebat where he explains why he rejected the hate of the "infidels" and Islamic terrorism in his own words.

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Jewish Self Defense is no crime (09.14.2002)

OpinionI was browsing the "Letters to the Editor" section at the Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) and found this jewel:

Frenkel Paul New Preston CT USA (13 Sep 2002)

When I think back to 1944 when the Jews had no country, no government, no international representatives, no world status as a legal entity and nowhere wanted, I thank Gen Sharon for delivering the message that the Jews will defend themseves - this time and all the times. To remember that I was taken to Auschwitz after being robbed of all posessions and then most of my family murdered all I can say is that I wish Sharon was around then.

Keep up the spirit. Self defense is no crime. All we need is a few loyal friends, the rest unfortunately will not understand until something horrific happens to them.

Keep the spirit. It will all come out OK.
Paul N. Frenkel

Mr. Frenkel managed to summarize my feelings in a few sentences: the survival of the State of Israel and Jewish self defense is what the current war against Palestinian terrorism is all about.

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Racist Bastards vandalize Synagogue in France (12.05.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that racists bastards have vandalized a synagogue in France:

Synagogue vandalized in western France

PARIS - Vandals broke into a synagogue in southwestern France, ransacking the main prayer hall and destroying holy books, police and Jewish leaders said Thursday.

The attack on the synagogue of Perigueux, in the Dordogne region, took place before dawn Wednesday after worshippers and officials had already left. It came during the eight-day Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, which ends Friday at sundown.

Rolph Hammel, one of the synagogue's officials, said the vandals ripped apart paintings and holy books inside the temple and stole money hidden inside an office.

Police said an investigation was opened into the attack on the synagogue, which is located just 50 meters (yards) from the city's police headquarters and municipal offices.

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Help reverse Islamic court's sentencing of woman to death by stoning (10.29.2002)

NewsA few weeks ago I posted an article that described how an Islamic court in Nigeria has sentenced a young woman to death by stoning after she gave birth out of wedlock (click here for the original story). Today I received an email from my good friend Jennifer, and learned that Oprah picked up on the story:

Last Friday, the Oprah show covered a story of a Nigerian woman, Amina Lawal, who has been sentenced to death by stoning because she had a baby out of wedlock. She has tried to appeal the decision but has been unsuccessful thusfar.

The head of Nigeria disagrees with these stonings but has so far done nothing -- partly because of the fear of not being re-elected. I should also note that the father of the baby denied fathering the child and, hence, has escaped any form of punishment.

Amina Lawal's stoning will occur as soon as she is finished nursing her child. She will be buried up to her neck in dirt and townsmen will throw stones at her head until they kill her--which has been known to take hours. I send out a plea to all the women receiving this e-mail and to all the men raised by women to join me and many others to help prevent this horrific and inhumane event from occuring.

All you have to do is visit the Oprah website:


Click on the Amina Lawal pop up screen or search using Amina's name and you will see a pre-written letter addressed to the Nigerian Ambassador. Just fill
out your information on the bottom of the page and send it. It's as simple as that. You can even go one step further and forward this e-mail to your friends so they can be part of the mission to save Amina Lawal. It's your chance to save one woman's life.

We can claim ignorance when doing nothing to stop vicious atrocities that we know nothing about from occuring but there is no justification if we standby and allow for these events to take place when we are fully aware of them. Thank you very much for reading this.... now the ball is in your court.

Although not all Muslims are stuck in the Middle Ages, this Islamic "court" that sentences women to death by stoning certainly is. It's as bad as the Islamic court in Saudia Arabia that cuts off hands of petty thieves.

Please take a second to click on the above link and send a message - Amina's life could be saved.

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No Better Time to be a Jew in America (09.10.2002)

OpinionFront Page Magazine (www.frontpagemagazine.com) has published an excellent article by Julia Gorin on how interesting it is to be a Jew in Galut America.

I, a Gen-Xer more or less, have lived to see the day when Islamic militants attack the World Trade Center, and fingers point at Israel. I have lived to see a world where an Israeli prime minister is indicted for war crimes because Christians killed Muslims in Lebanon. I have lived to see an era that has Palestinians genocide-bombing Israelis up to four times a week and people blaming Israelis. I’ve made it to a place in time where Muslims storm a Christian church in Bethlehem, and a priest inside scolds the Israeli military for the ensuing destruction. I’m living in a time when newspaper opinion pages can drop the word "Israelis" altogether to openly ask, "How many times in a lifetime are we going to fight for the Jews?" I have made it to a time in which there is civil debate on TV over whether terrorism against Jews counts as terrorism. [...]

Predictably, Europe has stepped up to the plate to serve as the most illuminating arena. The mask of anti-Zionism which camouflaged much of the international community’s anti-Israel sentiment and discussion and which culminated in the UN Conference on Racism the very week before last September 11, has slipped. Since then, traveling Israelis have been barred from some European hotels and youth hostels, Jewish students have been beat up on European college campuses (not Israeli students — Jewish students), an issue of the English publication "New Statesman" focused on the "Kosher Conspiracy," two Israeli scholars were dismissed from a British scientific journal, an unnamed House of Lords member was quoted as saying, "Well, the Jews have been asking for it and now, thank God, we can say what we think at last," and I don’t think I need to mention the French. [...]

The tide turned, then turned again. It brought an outspoken, rationalized anti-Semitism, then defused it with the triumph of truth. Europe may be hopeless, but at least in America people are sensing, albeit uncertainly and sometimes reluctantly, that if Israel takes the fall, America’s biggest problems will have only begun.

I copy the full article below.

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Saudia Arabia Islamic Police stops non-Muslim celebrations, including "New Year's" (12.29.2003)

NewsYahoo News (news.yahoo.com) reports that the Islamic Police of Saudia Arabia is making sure no one is able to celebrate New Year's:

RIYADH (Reuters) - Morality police in southern Saudi Arabia plan to conduct raids to ensure that shops do not sell flowers, candles and gifts to those planning to celebrate New Year, a local newspaper has reported.

The Arabic-language al-Watan said the Authority for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (APVPV) in Aseer province was determined to uphold a ban by the conservative Muslim kingdom on non-Muslim celebrations.

"Patrols will be dispatched to gift and flower shops in the next two days before the New Year to ensure that ornaments are not sold for New Year celebrations," al-Watan quoted the local APVPV head as saying.

The authority -- a pillar of the ultra-conservative kingdom since its founding -- had also banned Christmas ornaments from shops. It also bans shops from carrying Valentine's Day gifts.

"For Muslims, there are only two holidays in a year: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha," the official said, referring to the Muslim feasts that follow the annual fasting month of Ramadan and the haj pilgrimage to Mecca.

I copy the rest of the article below. Got the link on the excellent LGF.

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Fact 75: The British Mandate of Palestine was created in 1917 (08.18.2002)

NewsletterThe latest FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter has been sent.

This week's fact is Fact 75: The British Mandate of Palestine was created in 1917.

Click here to check out the latest newsletter, and please subscribe (for free) if you haven't already done so.

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French Synagogue burns; French officials say it's a "Spontaneous Combustion" (02.21.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe International Herald Tribune (www.iht.com) reports that a synagogue mysteriously started to burn in France:

Fire heavily damages a suburban synagogue

(PARIS) A fire broke out at a synagogue outside Paris early Sunday, causing heavy damage to the building, firefighters said.

Nine people living in apartments above the synagogue in Saint-Mande, east of Paris, were treated for smoke inhalation, firefighters said. The cause of the blaze was not immediately known.

The authorities increased security at Jewish religious sites last year after a wave of attacks at synagogues, Jewish schools and cemeteries.

Currently, the official take of the French government is that there is no hostility and violence towards Jews in France. It's amazing, these French synagogues just magically and spontaneously combust.

Thanks to "Merde in France" for the news item. I copy below an article describing the same magical spontaneous combustion (in French) from Yahoo France.

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Palestinian Islamic Supremacist murders 4 Israelis (02.25.2005)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian Islamic Supremacist has murdered four Israelis and wounded dozens after blowing himself up outside a nightclub in Tel-Aviv:

A suicide bomber blew himself up in a crowd of people waiting outside a nightclub near Tel Aviv's beachfront promenade just before midnight Friday, killing at least four people, wounding dozens and shattering an unofficial Mid-East truce.

Three of the injured were listed in critical condition; two in serious condition, and the rest were lightly wounded. 17 wounded were evacuated to Ichilov hospital, 17 to Wolffson hospital in Holon, eight were evacuated to Tel-Hashomer hospital, and five injured were taken to Beilinson hospital in Petah-Tikvah.

At the blast scene, a large number of cars were severely damaged by the blast. Shops across the street from the blast were also damaged.

Police said that the bomb weighed at least 30 kilograms and was filled with nails and other shrapnel.

The legacy of mass murderer Yasser Arafat continues on. I copy the full article below.

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Information on Israel's removal of Jewish communities from Gaza Strip (08.23.2005)

NewsThe Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (www.mfa.gov.il) has released an article describing Israel's removal of Jewish communities from Gaza Strip:

Removing the Jewish communities from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria means:

■ 42 day-care centers, 36 kindergartens, seven elementary schools, and three high schools will be closed

■ 5,000 schoolchildren will need to find new schools

■ 38 synagogues will be dismantled

■ 166 Israeli farmers will lose their livelihoods - plus some 5,000 of their Palestinian workers

■ 48 graves in the Gush Katif Cemetery, including those of six residents murdered by terrorists, will be exhumed and moved to Israel.

Disengagement will cost Israel an estimated $2 billion - about 3.5 percent of the 2005 state budget.

■ The cost of family relocation alone is estimated to be nearly $1 billion. This will come from an annual state budget of about $59 billion.

■ In addition, the IDF will spend some $500 million to remove military bases and equipment from the Gaza Strip.

■ To cite just one example of the costs entailed, the demolition and removal of rubble from some 3,000 homes and public buildings will cost an estimated $25 million.

■ In the context of Israel’s 2005 state budget, the estimated $2b. cost of disengagement is equivalent to about half the country's annual health budget or approximately one third of the budget for education.

There's a lot of more information on the cost of moving out of Gaza. See below for details, or download the following PDF document:

Information on Israel

moving out of the Gaza Strip (1.2 Mb)

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required in order to view this document. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click here to download it. To save a copy of the PDF document to your computer, right click on the icon above and choose "Save Target As...".

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Racist Muslim tries to burn down synagogue in Brooklyn, New York (01.10.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe Daily News (www.nydailynews.com) reports that a racist Muslim tried to burn down a synagogue in Brooklin, New York:

The Pakistani immigrant said he watched in disbelief as Sead Jakup, 22, took the canister across the street and began dousing the Young Israel of Kings Bay synagogue.

Ali quickly called 911, and cops arrived before Jakup, a Bosnian Muslim, could set the temple ablaze. [...]

Ali said that Jakup first asked to pump gas into a plastic bucket. Assuming the man's car had run out of fuel, Ali gave him a gas can to fill up.

He said he "couldn't believe my eyes" when Jakup marched straight to the synagogue. "I saw him spilling gas on the sign in front of the synagogue," Ali said. "Then, he started spilling it onto the door - that is when I called 911."

But as Ali waited for the cops, Jakup returned, demanding a refill. "He was totally out of control," said Ali, adding that Jakup was screaming, "I want more gas!" as he kicked the cashier's booth Ali was in.

Police cars and fire trucks pulled up as Jakup allegedly tried to smash the booth's glass door with a trash can. [...]

Cops said Jakup appeared intent on burning the temple down. "He was carrying a book of matches," said a police spokesman, adding that the case was being investigated as a bias crime because the target was a house of worship.

Thanks to LGF for the link - I copy the full article below.

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French Minister of Foreign Affairs says Jews Sharon controls the United States (03.05.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe Dissident Frogman reports that Villepin, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, has declared that the Jews Sharon controls the American government:

Apparently, Oily de Villepin received several "Atlantists" representatives (Atlantists being this small handful of pro American French congressmen - yep, I didn't know they existed either) at the Quay d'Orsay last week to lecture tell them that:

"Sharon has the American administration's Hawks in hand. "

I had to read that twice. And then, two times more.

He said "Sharon" of course. Then why do I feel this unpleasant taste of bile in my mouth?

Is it because we already heard French ministers, Premiers or not, belching about an "international Jewish plot" and the "Jew pulling the strings in the backstage" ?

But then he said "Sharon" of course.

This thug is France's Minister of Foreign Affairs

You then wonder why French synagogues mysteriously go up in flames. I copy the original article (in French) below.

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Iraq calls shuttle space Columbia explosion "God's vengence" (02.02.2003)

NewsReuters (www.reuters.com) reports that Iraq believes that the explosion of the space shuttle Columiba is "God's vengence":

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Immediate popular reaction in Baghdad on Saturday to the loss of the U.S. space shuttle Columbia and its seven-member crew -- including the first Israeli in space -- was that it was God's retribution.

"We are happy that it broke up," government employee Abdul Jabbar al-Quraishi said.

"God wants to show that his might is greater than the Americans. They have encroached on our country. God is avenging us," he said. [...]

Car mechanic Mohammed Jaber al-Tamini noted Israeli air force Colonel Ilan Ramon was among the dead when the shuttle broke up over the southwestern United States 16 minutes before its scheduled landing.

The 48-year-old Israeli astronaut was a fighter pilot in the Israeli air force. He was the youngest pilot in a team that bombed Iraq's nuclear reactor in 1981. Israel said the reactor was intended to develop nuclear weapons.

"Israel launched an aggression on us when it raided our nuclear reactor without any reason, now time has come and God has retaliated to their aggression," Tamini said.

During the Gulf war in 1991, Iraq launched missiles targetting Israeli civilians. Israel never retaliated but the bombings continued until Iraq lost the war. See the History page for details.

I copy the full article below.

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