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July 19, 2014

The Middle East problem (July 19, 2014)

Dennis Prager explains "The Middle East problem":

Mr. Prager is right on: the solution may be hard, but the problem is simple: one side wants the other side dead.

I copy more info on the video below.

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Many messages from mailing lists and forums are infected with viruses (08.01.2002)

AnnouncementThe following message is not directly related to Israel or the Middle East, but I thought I'd post it to warn my readers.

A few days ago one of my friends lost all of his email due to a virus that hit his computer. He received the virus from one of the mailing lists he subscribes to, which got me thinking...

Norton Antivirus - a good deal

After doing some research I decided to purchase Norton Antivirus 2002 (retails at $45.00) for the following features:

- Scans and cleans incoming and outgoing e-mail
- Identifies and stops new script-based viruses
- Removes viruses without interrupting your work
- Automatic updates to protect you from the latest viruses

I installed it on my main server and to my surprise I found out I receive 2-3 messages infected with viruses daily! Many of the messages come from the multiple mailing lists and forums I subscribe to, but some come from individuals as well.

I also found a great deal on Amazon.com - if you purchase the downloadable version of Norton Antivirus you get a $20 rebate, bringing the cost down to $24.99.

Click here to see this deal (this offer is available for a limited time only) - and I strongly suggest you get an antivirus if you don't have one.

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Nazis in Germany firebomb Jewish museum (09.06.2002)

Anti-SemitismHa'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that neo-Nazis in Germany are raising their ugly heads once again.

German police officers walk past a defaced
memorial for victims of a Nazi concentration
camp in Below, some 120 kilometres northwest of Berlin

German authorities have posted a 10,000 euro reward for clues leading to an arrest in the worst anti-Semitic attack on a Holocaust memorial in a decade, the fireboming of a museum honoring the victims of a Nazi death march.

The attack Thursday night destroyed the main exhibition of the death march museum in the Belower Woods, which detailed how the Nazis drove concentration camp inmates deeper into Germany as the Soviet Army advanced at the end of World War II.

Outside the museum, vandals painted a big red swastika and two SS symbols on a memorial, and an anti-Semitic slogan one meter high and six meters long along the base of a large memorial column.

More than 45,000 prisoners were forced to march from Ravensbrueck and Sachsenhausen, both in Brandenburg state, were gathered in the Belower Woods near Wittstock, 100 kilometers )65 miles( northwest of Berlin, where 700-800 died of exhaustion and hunger within a few days.

I copy the full article below.

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Many Arab/Muslim small businesses in the US fund Palestinian terrorism (08.12.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Washington Post (www.washingtonpost.com) reports that the US authorities are investigating over 500 Arab/Muslim small businesses that might have been sending money to Palestinian and other Muslim terrorist groups such as the Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda.

The investigation into Arab businesses, many of them convenience stores, is part of a sprawling inquiry launched after Sept. 11, when law enforcement agents dramatically stepped up scrutiny of small-scale scams that they think are generating tens of millions of dollars a year for militant groups, federal officials said. [...]

Investigators suspect that some of the money has gone to Palestinian groups that use suicide bombings to kill Israeli civilians, including the Islamic Resistance Movement, or Hamas, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, federal officials said. [...]

"The fact is that al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas are Middle Eastern groups that are financed from the Middle East, and groups here send money back to the Middle East. So of course we have to look at them," a senior official said.

Although many Muslims are not involved in the financing or support of terrorism, it is clear that a certain number are. The next time you buy your six pack from your neighborhood Arab/Muslim convenience store, please don't: your money could be used to murder unarmed civilians, including babies and children. For more details check out "American Jihad, the terrorists living among us".

I copy the full article below.

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Cartoon on Unity (05.04.2002)

HumorDry Bones is a cartoon that has been appearing on the Jerusalem Post for years. While browsing the archives, I found the following released on 11/3/2000 - it's still very much relevant:

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Save the Environment and Stop Funding Islamic Terrorism: Buy a hybrid car! (01.01.2003)

Hi-TechAfter a couple of weeks of research, I went for a test drive of a hybrid car yesterday and closed the deal! I have just purchased the 2002 Prius, fully loaded, with a Navigation system, CD, and more.

My new Toyota Prius: 50 Miles per Gallon!

I recently changed jobs and drive about 40x2 miles to/from work - my 2000 Dodge Intrepid is nice, but it doesn't get more than 17 PMG... Here are some of the reasons I couldn't resist:

1) Less money for Saudi-Arabia and Iraq (and therefore less money for Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists - see http://www.boycott-middle-east-oil.com )

2) Help for the environment: the Prius emits 90% less NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) and 50% less CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) than other cars.

3) 45-52 Miles Per Gallon (MPG) - it easily beats the Intrepid.

4) 0% APR financing (no interest during the Toyotathon 2003 until January 6th)

5) $2000 US Federal tax deduction

6) Got $2000 off the sticker price

7) The onboard computer is awesome - digital is the way to go. There's a fully loaded GPS/navigation system, kind of like having Mapquest.com at your fingertips. The radio and many other functions are all done through the touch-screen display. I can see so many possibilities for MP3 players, hacks...

8) Cool silent/stealth mode - when the electric motor takes over completely, you can't hear the car. You are also fighting noise pollution.

A regular engine and an electric motor:

a formula to save the environment

and help the war on Islamic Terrorism

I haven't been so excited about a car since I was a teenager! There are about 120,000 hybrid cars in the US today, and it's a pity that only two of the car manufacturers, Toyota and Honda, offer hybrids in the US. This could truly be a bipartisan issue: the Democrats/Doves in favor of saving the environment, while the Republicans/Hawks in favor of not giving more money to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and other countries that support Al-Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Check the rest of this article below - it contains additional pictures, links and more information on this incredible piece of technology.

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Islamic Fascists are only a 'hiccup in History' (03.19.2004)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has an amazing interview with Francis Fukuyama on how we'll look back at the Islamic mass murderers as simply footnotes in history:

Which leads to questions about Fukuyama's over-arching premise about the end of history and victory of liberal democracy. Is the emergence of Islamic radicalism not a threat to Western liberal democracies, much as communism and fascism once were?

"Looked at broadly, the struggle is actually not a clash of civilizations," Fukuyama said. "The threat represented by radical Islam, although very serious as a short-term threat, is not of the scope we faced during the Cold War."

The most menacing aspect of Marxism-Leninism was not that it was embodied in powerful states with nuclear weapons and huge armies, Fukuyama said, but that it was an idea that was "in some way appealing to people in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Paris, France.

Radical Islam does not appeal to anyone who is not Muslim to begin with; it is not making a lot of converts in Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow or places like that." Even within the Muslim world, Fukuyama said, it is not a reflection of Islam per se, but a radical movement that borrows a lot from Western modernity. "It is clearly a very dangerous radical movement, but how dangerous is it as a movement that can actually capture power in real nation states that actually make a difference? I think that probability is very low."

For a movement to be serious on the grand historical world stage, Fukuyama said, "it ultimately has to offer people something attractive, and this thing seems to be attractive only to highly alienated people in very unsuccessful countries."

In other words, in the end of history scenario, radical Islam is merely a hiccup, albeit one able to cause more than just a little immediate discomfort.

Unfortunately, the mass murdering swine of Al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Arafat's Tanzim, and other Muslim terrorists around the World are causing a lot of destruction and pain right now.

I agree with Mr. Fukuyama - Israel, the United States and other Western Democracies (not France), will win this war on Islamic Terror.

Just like the brown shirts, these Islamic fascists will be a footnote in history. But just like the German Nazis and the Russian Communist dictators, these Islamic terrorist bastards are going to continue their mass murdering campaigns and change the lives of hundreds of thousands of family members across many countries.

I copy the full article below, which also includes a bit more info on Francis Fukuyama and a criticism of the war in Iraq (which I disagree with).

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Arab Muslim Mosques call for the destruction of the Jews and the Christians (08.26.2002)

Anti-SemitismCharles Johnson from "Little Green Footballs" has a weekly review of the prayers of Arab Muslims from the Middle East:

From Abu-Hanifah al-Nu'man mosque in Baghdad, Iraq: "O God, have mercy on the martyrs. O God, destroy the Jews and Americans for they are within your power."

From the Grand Mosque in Sanaa, Yemen: "O God, destroy the Jews and their supporters and the Christians and their supporters and followers."

At the Umar Bin-al-Khattab Mosque in Doha, Qatar: "O God destroy the Jews and their supporters, including the crusaders and some so-called Muslims. O God, use your power against them. O God, save the region and the peoples from them."

These Arab Muslims are from the Middle East but are stuck in the Middle Ages. I copy the full article below.

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There is no Palestinian partner for peace (06.17.2002)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has a good article on how a Palestinian State would be a great danger for Israel, not only because of Arafat, but mainly because of the Palestinians' hate towards the Jewish State and their wish for her destruction.

To start with, a large portion of the Palestinian population openly declares that its goal is not a two-state solution, but Israel's destruction. In a poll conducted in May-June by the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center, a Palestinian research organization, 51 percent of Palestinians said the goal of the current conflict is "to liberate all of historic Palestine" - a euphemism for eradicating Israel. This is a new high, but a large minority has always espoused this position (a year ago, the rate was 41%).

Furthermore, both leading Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas, deny that a Jewish state has a right to exist. Hamas, of course, rejects Israel's existence outright. Fatah, in contrast, is willing to accept Israel's existence - but not as a Jewish state. According to MK Amnon Rubinstein, a veteran dove from the far-left Meretz party, Fatah's Web site recently declared that "rejecting the right of return means the continuation of the struggle indefinitely" (Ha'aretz, June 12). In other words, peace is possible only if Israel allows in enough Palestinian refugees to vote the Jewish state out of existence.

Sad news, but true. As someone who used to vote Labor (left, see the democracy page for details), I woke up and smelled the falafel - I realize today that there is no Palestinian partner for peace - the best we can hope is to crush them militarily and stop their murderous attacks on unarmed Israeli civilians.

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian homicide bomber deliberately murders 15 Israelis in bus explosion (03.05.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian terrorist has blown himself up inside an Israeli bus, deliberately murdering 15 people and wounding over 30:

Most of the 15 people murdered in this homicide bombing
were teenage students and IDF members

A suicide bomber ripped apart an Egged bus in the northern coastal city of Haifa on Wednesday killing 15 people and wounding more than 30, police and rescue officials said. [...]

For hours after the attack, television stations showed heart-rending scenes from the blast site of Israelis coming to search for next of kin they feared were on the bus. One man found that two high school boys, at least one of whom was his son, were wounded, Channel 2 television reported. [...]

One witness reported terrible scenes of body parts strewn across the street and bodies still in the wreckage of the bus. Residents said that many windows of buildings nearby were shattered.

Palestinian killers from the terrorist groups Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades have deliberately murdered hundreds of men, women and children since October 2000.

- For a list of all barbaric homicide attacks executed by Arafat's thugs and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, click here.
- To read the stories of some of the victims of Palestinian terror, click here.
- To understand how Arafat and his thugs have rejected peace and an independent Palestinian State and instead turned to intolerance, violence, and terrorism, click here.

Update: Here's the list of the victims deliberately murdered by the Palestinian barbaric homicide bomber -

The victims of the attack were identified as:

Miriam Ata, 27, of Haifa
Elizabetha Katzman, 16, of Haifa
Smadar Firstatter, 17, of Haifa
Tal Kirman, 17, of Haifa
Daniel Haroush, 16, of Safed
Tom Hershko, 16, of Haifa
Moti Hershko, 41, of Haifa, Tom's father
Meital Katab, 20, of Haifa
Kamar Abu Hamed, 12, of Daliat al-Carmel
St.-Sgt. Eliahu Laham, 22, of Haifa
Abigail Litle, 14, of Haifa
Yuval Mendelevitch, 13, of Haifa
St.-Sgt. Be'eri Oved, 21, of Rosh Pina
Mark Takash, 54, of Haifa
Assaf Tzur, 17, of Haifa

Notice that the hate and violence of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad does not differentiate between Israeli Jews and Arabs/Muslims. Kamar Abu Hamed, aged 12, was an Israeli Arab Muslim from the town of Daliat al-Carmel.

I copy the full article below.

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Hypocrisy and double standard from the United Nations (12.22.2002)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has a great article on the hypocrisy and double standard coming from the United Nations:

Israelis received a lethal reminder over the weekend that despite the IDF's ongoing efforts to combat Palestinian terror, the battle is far from won.

Early Friday, 40-year-old Rabbi Yitzhak Arama, spiritual leader of the Jewish community of Netzer Hazani in the Gaza Strip, was shot and killed by Islamic Jihad terrorists in a roadside ambush near the Kissufim Junction. He was driving in his car along with his wife and six children when the terrorists opened fire, murdering him in front of his family. [...]

Hours later, while Rabbi Arama was being laid to rest, representatives of the UN, the EU, Russia, and the US - known as the Quartet - were meeting in Washington to discuss the road map to Palestinian statehood. In its statement after the meeting, the Quartet reiterated the standard, boilerplate condemnation of "the brutal terror attacks carried out by Palestinian extremist organizations," while suggesting that their goal is "to diminish the prospects for peace." Yet if the events of the past two years have demonstrated anything, it is that such a formulation is both unsophisticated and inaccurate.

To suggest that Palestinian terrorists are motivated solely by a political grievance, rather than outright bloodlust, is akin to stating that al-Qaida is just another band of angry political discontents. Obviously, while political agendas play a role in inspiring their actions, so do other factors, such as fanaticism, intolerance, and hatred. How else does one explain the cruelty of incidents such as Friday's shooting attack, the Ramallah lynching, or the murder of infant Shalhevet Pass in Hebron?

The large majority of Israelis don't trust the UN - they are seen as corrupted, lying, double faced son of a bitches. Most of the UN delegates are not interested in peace, but will support the Palestinian murderers no matter what happens. I copy the full article below.

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New York Times "mistakes" are always anti-Israel (08.26.2002)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has a good article that shows the leftist anti-Israel bias of the New York Times, the Washington Post and National Public Radio (NPR).

Consider the following items from the corrections columns of The New York Times:

Correction: An article yesterday about peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians referred incorrectly to United Nations resolutions on the conflict. While Security Council Resolution 242, passed after the 1967 Middle East War, calls for Israel to withdraw its armed forces "from territories occupied in the recent conflict," no resolution calls for Israel to withdraw "to its pre-1967 borders." (January 23, 2001) .

[4 more New York Times corrections. All corrections fix an error or omission that was detrimental to the State of Israel]

In a more normal world, a newspaper's mistakes, particularly in its political and diplomatic reporting, would more-or-less be randomly distributed. One could, for example, expect a correction in which it was the Israeli position on Resolution 242 that had been cited in the original story, not the other way around. Or again, the story about Quneitra might have been faulted in the correction for reporting the Israeli version of history as uncontested fact. Yet while a search of NYT corrections over the past two years discloses the usual measure of forgivable bloopers, not once has the paper erred on the side of Israel. A pattern of bias, maybe?

Bret, not "maybe" but definitely a pattern of rabid anti-Israel bias. Most New York Times (and NPR) journalists are liberal leftists who have an agenda. Their agenda today is to discredit Israel's efforts in stopping Palestinian terrorism - and it shows.

I copy the full article below.

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The United States rejects Arafat's terrorist regime (07.01.2002)

NewsMSNBC (www.msnbc.com) reports that President Bush and the United States mean what they say when they call for the ousting of chairman Yasser Arafat and his thugs from the Palestinian Authority.

“THE U.S. RESPECTS democratic processes, but if a leadership emerges that does not deal with terrorism, the U.S. cannot deal with that,” [national security adviser Condoleezza] Rice told NBC’s “Meet the Press,” suggesting that the United States would not deal with Arafat even if he were elected in free elections.

“I worked for 18 months to try to put in place a plan that would allow Chairman Arafat to demonstrate his leadership,” he told CBS “Face the Nation.” “We would have been way along if the violence had been brought down. Chairman Arafat simply did not seize any of these opportunities to bring the violence under control.”

“Moreover, after the Israelis pulled back from the recent occupation ... we thought maybe we have some movement,” said Powell. “What we saw instead were more bombing. Bombing after bombing after bombing after bombing, day after day. Frankly, we also saw continuing indications that there was complicity with the senior levels in the Palestinian Authority.”

Suicide bombings killed 26 Israelis last week.

I copy the full article below.

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Chicken Keeping In Cold Climates (09.06.2002)

HumorWhile checking my logs, I just found out that a couple of people reached FactsOfIsrael.com by searching on Google for:

"chicken keeping in cold climates"

Maybe it's because of this, but it's probably this.

Shana Tova everybody. ;-)

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We got him: mass murderer Saddam Hussein captured by the United States army! (12.14.2003)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that brave soldiers from the American army have captured the ex-President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. He was literally hiding like a rat in a hole when a unit of over 600 US soldiers got him - not one shot was fired:

US President George Bush, a winner,
and Saddam Hussein, a mass murderer looser

"Ladies and gentlemen, we got him," L. Paul Bremer, the US administrator for Iraq, said Sunday. "The tyrant is a prisoner." Saddam Hussein was captured alive near his hometown of Tikrit, Bremer said.

Speaking a few hours later, US President George W. Bush said Hussein will "face the justice he denied to millions." Locals say a farmer named Kais al-Namek betrayed the former Iraqi dictator.

"This is a great day in Iraqi history," Bremer said. "For decades, hundreds of thousands suffered at the hands of this cruel man. He threatened and attacked his neighbors. Those days are over forever." Calling out to the Iraqi people, Bremer said "Your future has never been more full of hope."

"Today is a great day for the democratic world," said [Israeli] Prime Minister Ariel Sharon after sending his blessings to US President Gearge W. Bush. "The whole world can now breath easier. The dictator who ruined Iraq can do no more harm."

On a personal note, Saddam Hussein is one of the few people that have directly threatened my life, when he fired dozens of missiles on Israeli cities in 1991, during the first Gulf war. Every day I had to run to the bomb shelter hoping that one of Saddam's "Scud" missiles did not blow me to pieces or did not contain gas or chemicals (Israel by the way never attacked Iraq or retaliated during the whole Gulf war). This is a happy day!

I copy the full article below.

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US State Department list of terrorist organizations: 19 out of top 25 are Islamic (08.24.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismAs of March 27, 2002, here are the top 25 foreign terrorist organizations according to the U.S. State Department.

It is interesting to note that 19 out of the top 25 are Islamic groups - so much for a religion of peace? I have highlighted these Islamic murderers in bold.

It is also interesting to note that the Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigrade, which is part of the Fatah, and therefore reports directly to Arafat is listed. For more information on Arafat and the Al-Aksa Brigades, see the Palestine page.

Foreign Terrorist Organizations

1. Abu Nidal Organization (ANO)
2. Abu Sayyaf Group
3. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (reports to Yasser Arafat)
4. Armed Islamic Group
5. 'Asbat al-Ansar
6. Aum Shinrikyo
7. Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA)
8. Gama’a al-Islamiyya (Islamic Group)
9. Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement)
10. Harakat ul-Mujahidin (HUM)
11. Hizballah (Party of God)
12. Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)
13. Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM) (Army of Mohammed)
14. Al-Jihad (Egyptian Islamic Jihad)
15. Kahane Chai (Kach)
16. Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)
17. Lashkar-e-Tayyiba (LT) (Army of the Righteous)
18. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)
19. Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK)
20. National Liberation Army (ELN)
21. Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ)
22. Palestine Liberation Front (PLF)
23. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
24. PFLP-General Command (PFLP-GC)
25. Al-Qaida

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