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Fact 259: "On May 27 2002, Ruth Peled, 56, of Herzliya and her infant granddaughter Sinai Keinan, aged 14 months, of Petah Tikva were murdered by a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber who detonated himself near an ice cream parlor outside a shopping mall in Petah Tikva. 'If Ruthie had known that Sinai was killed, she would not have wanted to live." Her daughter Chen said, 'I would need 30 years to write about my mother. It was 30 years of love, friendship and happiness. Not every mother is also a friend.'"

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Racist Freaks burns down Jewish center in Paris, France (08.24.2004)

Anti-SemitismTwinCities.com reports that racist bastards have burned down a Jewish center in Paris, France:

Fire swept through a Jewish community center in eastern Paris early Sunday after arsonists broke into the building and scrawled swastikas and anti-Semitic slogans inside.

It was the latest in a series of acts attributed to neo-Nazis across the country

[...] The rise in acts attributed to neo-Nazis is particularly disturbing to France's Jews, who are already concerned about increasing anti-Semitism among the country's Arab youth. They fear that both anti-Semitic strains are growing.

Although the freaks that burned down the center painted Neo-Nazi swastikas, Voice of America (www.voanews.com) reports that an Islamic group proudly claimed responsibility for the racist attack:

French authorities are studying a claim of responsibility by a previously unknown Islamic group for a fire Sunday that destroyed a Jewish community center in Paris.

A statement posted on an Islamic website Monday, said a group calling itself Jamaat Ansar Al-Jihad al Islamiya was responsible for the attack. The statement called the action retaliation for the defiling of Muslim cemeteries in France and other anti-Muslim acts outside the country.

Between Nazi bastards, Islamic fascists and European leftists, Israel and Jews across Diaspora countries have a lot of enemies.

Luckily today we have the State of Israel - a place where Jews can find refuge, and a country that has institutions and an army dedicated to the defense of such persecuted folks.

I copy both articles below.

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A esquerda nao se preocupa dos direitos das mulheres, democracia, ou direitos de homossexuais (Portugues) (08.26.2002)

OpinionO site Brasileiro Pletz.com (www.pletz.com) tem um bom artigo que pergunta porque a esquerda apoia incondicionalmente os árabes-palestinos em sua guerra contra Israel?

A esquerda fala de sua paixão pela democracia (“a voz do povo…”). Mas é exatamente em Israel que a democracia funciona plenamente, em contraposição ao que ocorre com todos os que o consideram como inimigo: países árabes e islâmicos. Arafat é um líder autoritário, ditador corrupto, mas a esquerda o adula, protege e defende.

A esquerda diz preocupar-se com os direitos da Mulher. Mas é exatamente em Israel que este conceito é plenamente aceito e assegurado, existindo mesmo já antes da proclamação da sua independência em 1948. Israel foi o primeiro país a integrar as mulheres às suas forças armadas e nas polícias, prática que hoje é corriqueiramente adotada pela maioria dos países ocidentais. Concomitantemente, a situação dos direitos da Mulher nas nações islâmicas é a mais deplorável dentre todos os países do Planeta.

Uma das maiores preocupações da esquerda refere-se aos direitos dos homossexuais. Mas é ainda em Israel que os seus direitos são respeitados e assegurados, enquanto que no Egito e outros países árabes e/ou islâmicos a homossexualidade é considerada crime e o infrator é severamente punido, amargando longas penas de prisão.

Para ler o artigo completo clique abaixo.

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Saudi Arabia funds "Jihad", gives over $4 billion dollars to Palestinian terrorists (07.05.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Middle East Media Research Institute (www.memri.org) has published a study that clearly shows how Saudi Arabia continues to fund and support the mass murderers from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas:

The following is the introduction to a report on the Saudi royal family's financial support to the Palestinians from 1998 through 2003. [...]

For decades the royal family of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been the main financial supporter of Palestinian groups fighting Israel, through the creation of two major committees. The Popular Committee for Assisting Palestinian Mujahideen and The Support Committee for the Al-Quds Intifada and The Al-Aqsa Fund have to date given over 15 billion Saudi Riyals (4 billion $U.S.) and reportedly pledged Palestinians up to 1 billion dollars to finance the continuation of the Intifada, which is also commonly referred to by Saudi officials as "Jihad"(1) and "resistance."(2). [...]

Saudi funds which originate in the Jeddah based Islamic Development Bank (IDB) reach the Palestinian Authority Treasury Department via Account 98 of the Saudi Development Fund (SDF). All funds for Prince Salman Ibn Abd Al-Aziz's Popular Committee for Assisting the Palestinian Mujahideen go directly to the PLO, while Prince Nayef's funds from the Support Committee for the Al-Quds Intifada and Al-Aqsa Fund go to the Palestinian Authority. According to official Saudi sources, leading members of the Saudi royal family, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Abdullah Ibn Abd Al-Aziz, Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and Aviation and Inspector General Prince Sultan Ibn Abd Al-Aziz, Minister of Interior Prince Nayef Ibn Abd Al-Aziz, Minister of State and Cabinet member Prince Abd Al-Aziz Ibn Fahd Ibn Abd Al-Aziz, have worked directly with leading Palestinian officials Yasser Arafat as well as Nabil Shaath to ensure the funds were both sent and received.

My girlfriend, who was born in America, once told me that she didn't believe "our friends, the Saudis" could support terrorism. The Saudis have spent millions with their PR campaigns, while at the same time promoting their racist and violent Islamic doctrine of "wahhabism".

This is similar to Yasser Arafat, who speaks of peace in English to the Western media, while calling for "Jihad" (holy Islamic war) against the Jews", and for a "million martyrs" (homicide bombers) to march into Jerusalem.

We're on to you, Islamic terrorist freaks - we know your double game, and we won't let you get away with it anymore.

I copy the full study below - it's well worth the read.

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5-year-old Israeli girl and Grandmother killed by Palestinian homicide bomber (06.20.2002)

VictimsFox News (www.foxnews.com) reports that the Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber that blew himself up in Jerusalem yesterday killed a 5-year-old girl and her Grandmother.

5-year-old Gal Eizenman killed by a
Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber

Hours before her death in a suicide attack, 5-year-old Gal Eizenman was jumping around, a blond bundle of joy at a children's musical performance organized by her grandmother Noah Alon, 59.

A videotape of the occasion shows the two of them happy and dancing. Later, the tape was used to give details of what Gal and her grandmother were wearing so their bodies could be identified

"The two most energetic women in our family, my mother and my niece, are gone in the blink of an eye," Alon's other daughter, Ifat, told Israel Army Radio.

May God bless their memory. I copy the full article below.

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New: Palestinian homicide/suicide dinghys (11.23.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad (holy war) tried to murder dozens of women and children by packing a boat full of explosives and searching for a civilian target. An Israeli patrol boat spotted the terrorists' dinghy and made sure the Palestinian murderers did not get anywhere:

Four IDF Navy sailors were wounded late Friday night after two Palestinians sailed their fishing boat up to a patrol boat off the Gaza Strip coast and detonated an explosive device, Israel Radio reported.

The sailors on a Dabur patrol boat – who were on a regular patrol - spotted a fishing vessel crossing into an area forbidden to Palestinian boats.

When the two people on the boat refused calls to turn around, the troops sprayed them with water and fired warning shots in the air, the army said. The boat then exploded, wounding three soldiers moderately and a fourth lightly, the army said.

Israel built an electronic fence around Gaza, stopping all Palestinian homicide/suicide bombers from carrying on their attacks. A similar fence is being built around the West Bank - soon it'll be much harder for Arafat and his thugs to commit their daily murders.

I copy the full article below.

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No Better Time to be a Jew in America (09.10.2002)

OpinionFront Page Magazine (www.frontpagemagazine.com) has published an excellent article by Julia Gorin on how interesting it is to be a Jew in Galut America.

I, a Gen-Xer more or less, have lived to see the day when Islamic militants attack the World Trade Center, and fingers point at Israel. I have lived to see a world where an Israeli prime minister is indicted for war crimes because Christians killed Muslims in Lebanon. I have lived to see an era that has Palestinians genocide-bombing Israelis up to four times a week and people blaming Israelis. I’ve made it to a place in time where Muslims storm a Christian church in Bethlehem, and a priest inside scolds the Israeli military for the ensuing destruction. I’m living in a time when newspaper opinion pages can drop the word "Israelis" altogether to openly ask, "How many times in a lifetime are we going to fight for the Jews?" I have made it to a time in which there is civil debate on TV over whether terrorism against Jews counts as terrorism. [...]

Predictably, Europe has stepped up to the plate to serve as the most illuminating arena. The mask of anti-Zionism which camouflaged much of the international community’s anti-Israel sentiment and discussion and which culminated in the UN Conference on Racism the very week before last September 11, has slipped. Since then, traveling Israelis have been barred from some European hotels and youth hostels, Jewish students have been beat up on European college campuses (not Israeli students — Jewish students), an issue of the English publication "New Statesman" focused on the "Kosher Conspiracy," two Israeli scholars were dismissed from a British scientific journal, an unnamed House of Lords member was quoted as saying, "Well, the Jews have been asking for it and now, thank God, we can say what we think at last," and I don’t think I need to mention the French. [...]

The tide turned, then turned again. It brought an outspoken, rationalized anti-Semitism, then defused it with the triumph of truth. Europe may be hopeless, but at least in America people are sensing, albeit uncertainly and sometimes reluctantly, that if Israel takes the fall, America’s biggest problems will have only begun.

I copy the full article below.

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Iraqi TV calls foreigners "descendents of pigs and apes" (11.09.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Middle East Media Research Institute (www.memri.org) has translated a sermon that was delivered last Friday (11/8/2002) in the main mosque of Baghdad. This racist and fascist rethoric was also broadcasted on Iraqi television:

"...Brothers, today more than ever before, we need the grace of Jihad of the soul... particularly in this difficult hour in which the Islamic nation [is] experiencing, an hour in which it faces the challenge of [forces] of disbelief of infidels, Jews, crusaders, Americans and Britons. They challenge Allah, His Book, His Prophet, they challenge you the believers. They believe that their castles will protect them from Allah. They think that with their bombs, planes, missiles and advanced [weapons] they will scare us. By Allah, no!!! You [the West] are the real terrorists. We will scare you with the help of Allah. We stand strong; Allah will not allow the infidels to overcome the believers. Who are you, Oh foreigners. Who are you, Oh descendents of pigs and apes, to scare Muhammad, who is supported by Allah, as well as by Gabriel and the [other] Angels...??? Who are you, anyway, Bush [you] little dwarf to threaten Muhammad and his descendents!!?? We challenge you with our words, before challenging you with our weapons. Who are you to threaten us, our feelings and our holy places??!!" [...]

"Oh Allah, let the infidels fight each other, and dry their blood in their veins. Send Your soldiers against them; Allah, shake the ground under their feet; Allah, destroy their fleet and their weapons; fight their soldiers; Allah, and plant fear in them; Oh Allah, confuse their words; Allah, make them prey to the Muslims; Allah avenge Muslims' blood from them... Oh Allah, reduce the word of the infidels, and heighten the word of the believers. Oh Allah, raise the banner of monotheism, raise the slogan of monotheism... 'Allah Akbar' to the criminals; 'Allah Akbar' to America, 'Allah Akbar' to Britain... Oh Allah do not let the Jews or the crusaders overcome the Muslims... Allah, help the Jihad warriors everywhere... Oh Allah, for Thee we fight, we kill and are killed. Allah will settle His account with you, Bush! Allah will settle His account with you, Ariel Sharon; Allah will settle His account with you, Britons! Allah will settle His account with you, enemies of Allah... Our dead for the cause of Allah are Shuhada [martyrs] in paradise, while their dead are in hell..."

This thing with "pigs and apes" seems to be a common theme with Islamofreaks - click here to see how the Iman of the Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia also uses such enlightened arguments.

I copy the full translation below.

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Israeli Astronaut takes with him into space a small pencil drawing made by a 14-year-old boy who was killed in Auschwitz (11.25.2002)

NewsThe BBC has an article that describes how Ilan Ramon will become Israel's first astronaut and how he'll celebrate the Sabbath in space:

Ilan Ramon, Israel's first Astronaut

Israel's Science Ministry has said it is investigating ways to allow Colonel Ilan Ramon, the country's first astronaut, to cast his ballot [for the 2003 Israeli elections] aboard the space shuttle Columbia, scheduled to lift off on 16 January 2003.

Israel's first space traveller faces other difficulties: How does a Jew observe the Sabbath in space? More precisely, if he or she is in a low-lying orbit where the sun rises and sets every 90 minutes, what constitutes the Biblical "seventh day of rest?"

Colonel Ramon is not particularly religious on the ground, but believes it is important to mark the Sabbath in space.

"My mother is a Holocaust survivor who was in Auschwitz and my father fought for the independence of Israel not so long ago," says the 48-year-old veteran fighter pilot from the Israel Air Force.

"I was born in Israel and I'm kind of the proof for my parents and their generation that whatever we've been fighting for in the last century is becoming true.

"I feel I'm representing the whole Jewish people," adds Colonel Ramon, who will be Columbia's payload specialist on its 16-day mission designed to study how the human body adapts to the zero gravity of space. [...]

Among the nine personal items Nasa will let Colonel Ramon take with him into space will be a small pencil drawing made over 60 years ago by a 14-year-old boy who was killed in Auschwitz. Petr Ginz's "Moon Landscape" is an emotional work created by the Czech boy during his imprisonment in the Theresienstadt ghetto. [...]

While his mother survived the Nazi horrors, Ramon's grandfather and many extended relatives perished in the death camps.

An official at Yad Vashem says: "'Moon Landscape' connects the dream of one Jewish boy who is a symbol of the talent lost in the Holocaust to the journey of a Jewish astronaut, who is a symbol of our national revival."

To find out how Ilan Ramon will be able to celebrate Sabbath in space, see below. I also copy an information page on Ilan Ramon from Nasa's website.

Update 2/3/2003: Here are some related articles to the incredible stories of Ilan Ramon and Petr Ginz -

NASA sends first Israeli astronaut into space (1/16/03)

Tragedy over Texas skies: seven astronauts killed
in explosion of space shuttle Columbia

Artist Barry Munden creates painting in memory of Ilan Ramon and Peter Ginz (2/2/03)

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Chicken Keeping In Cold Climates (09.06.2002)

HumorWhile checking my logs, I just found out that a couple of people reached FactsOfIsrael.com by searching on Google for:

"chicken keeping in cold climates"

Maybe it's because of this, but it's probably this.

Shana Tova everybody. ;-)

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Israel ready to retaliate if Iraq fires Scud Missiles (07.29.2002)

NewsReuters AlertNet (www.alertnet.org) reports that Israel is ready to retaliate if Iraq chooses to fire Scud missiles targetting Israeli civilians.

Israel is more able to retaliate against Iraqi missile attacks now than during the 1991 Gulf War and has prepared new intelligence and anti-missile defence systems, an Israeli politician said on Monday.

"I think that some of the rationale for not doing anything at the time...does not exist at the present time," Arens said in response to a question about potential Israeli retaliation.

Arens said Iraq had a small number of Scuds with chemical and possibly biological capability as well as conventional warheads, but that Israel's new Arrow-2 missile defence system was up to the test.

Developed in conjunction with the U.S. "Star Wars" programme, and deployed through Israel in the past three years, the Arrow-2 system uses missiles to shoot down incoming missiles.

Iraq launched dozens of Scud missiles against Israel after the US first attack on Iraq during the Gulf war. Yasser Arafat fully supported Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War and many Palestinians were seen dancing on their roofs while the Scuds were landing in the Israeli cities. Israel never retaliated.

I lived in Haifa in 1991 when I was attending college at the Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology (similar to MIT).

There was much fear that Sadam Hussein was going to launch gas attacks against the Israeli civilian population so daily, during every attack from Iraq, all civilians, including kids, babies and women had to wear gas masks and run to the bomb shelter.

I copy the full article below.

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Trackback - Linking articles across multiple sites (12.07.2002)

AnnouncementI have just finished implementing TrackBack, a new feature of Movable Type.

It basically allows the adminsitrators of sites that run Movable Type to link their entries and articles automatically. Instead of just adding a link manually to an entry in another site/blog, I can link my entry to the remote entry automatically.

If anyone links to one of the articles on FactsOfIsrael.com you'll see "TrackBack (1)" below - you can then click on "TrackBack (1)" and get the list of related articles.

For more information of TrackBack see: http://www.movabletype.org/trackback/.

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Poland, 1407, Jews are burned alive after blood libel accusations (10.25.2002)

Jewish HistoryThe Jerusalem Post's feature "This day in history" reports on October 26, 1407, when jews are burned alive in Cracow, Poland:

1407: Jews are persecuted in the Cracow Accusations, one of the first blood libels to be recorded in Poland. The Jews try to defend themselves and ultimately take refuge in the Church of St. Anne which is surrounded and then set afire. Any children left alive are forcibly baptized.

I copy below an article that gives more info on the anti-Jewish blood libels in Europe.

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Israel is winning the war on Palestinian Terror (04.21.2004)

OpinionDanie Pipes (www.danielpipes.org) has a good analysis on how the latest Palestinian efforts to destroy Israel have backfired and how Israel is winning the war on Islamic terrorism:

A day after Israeli troops killed its second leader within a single month, the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas put on a brave face. The Israelis "are dreaming" if they think this would weaken Hamas, announced Ismail Haniyeh to a crowd of over 70,000 mourners at the funeral for Abdel Aziz Rantisi. "Every time a martyr falls," Haniyeh insisted, "Hamas is strengthened."

This sort of boosterism and puffery has a long history among Palestinians. The last time Israeli forces did real damage to the Palestinian war machine, in May 2002, for example, Khaled Meshaal of Hamas announced that the Israeli devastation was actually "a Palestinian victory that lifted the morale of our people." Not to be outdone, Yasser Arafat of the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) claimed that same month, "The more destruction I see, the stronger I get."

These leaders may be fooling themselves by pretending that defeat is victory, but growing numbers of Palestinians are wising up to the bitter realities of losing a war. Their mood has darkened since February 2001, when the prime minister, Ariel Sharon, came to office intent to establish that violence against Israel does not work. [...]

In a word, Mr. Sharon's tough policies have established that terrorism damages Palestinian interests even more than it does Israeli ones. This has led some analysts deeply hostile to Israel to recognize that the "second intifada" was a grievous error. Violence "just went haywire," says Sari Nusseibeh, president of Al-Quds University. An "unmitigated disaster," journalist Graham Usher calls it a "crime against the Palestinian people," adds an Arab diplomat. [...]

As for Israelis, as early as July 2003 the military brass reached the conclusion that Israel was achieving victory. More sharply, Israeli analyst Asher Susser concluded in the Middle East Quarterly back then that the Palestinian effort to break the Israeli spirit through terror "has failed" and resorting to force "was a catastrophic mistake, the worst the Palestinians have made since 1948."

In this context, rapidly eliminating two Hamas chieftains in a row deepens Palestinian perceptions that Israel's will to defend itself is strong, its military arm long, and that terrorism is tactically wrong. Perhaps more Palestinians will realize the time has come to accept the existence of the Jewish state.

I have my doubts on whether Palestinians, and currently most Muslisms, will ever recognize the State of Israel and not wish and act for her destruction.

That said, while Israel is strong and continues her war on Palestinian terrorism, they don't have a choice but to live in reality: Israel exists and is here to stay.

Found this on the excellent LGF. I copy the full article below.

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Jewish Supremacist murders 4 Israeli Arabs (08.05.2005)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Jewish Supremacist has opened fire on a crowd in an Arab Muslim town in Israel and killed 4 innocent people:

A far-right activist who was AWOL from his army unit murdered four Israeli Arabs and wounded 12 on Thursday evening when he opened fire while riding in an Egged bus in the northern city of Shfaram. He was then lynched by an angry mob.

The shooter, identified as Natan Eden Zada, 19, of the Samaria settlement of Tapuah, had deserted his IDF unit and was on Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) watch lists. Despite this, Shin Bet sources said no warnings had been received regarding plans by Zada or other Jewish extremists to target the Israeli-Arab sector.

Among the victims were two young sisters, Hazar and Dina Turki, 23 and 21-years-old respectively, and the driver of the bus, Michel Bahous, 56. Nadir Hayak, 55, a passenger on the bus, was killed as well.

The shooter also directed his fire outside the bus, and casualties included pedestrians and bystanders.

A furious mob of local residents stormed the No. 165 bus, which was traveling through a Druse neighborhood, and attacked Zada, kicking him and throwing metal objects and bottles at him.

Police, who according to eyewitness accounts arrived late, surrounded the bus and tried to stop the angry crowd, but to no avail. The rioters got on the bus and killed the shooter.

This bastard is no different than the Islamic Supremacists from Al-Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Even though the murderer's Mother allegedly warned the Police and the Army and asked the authorities to taker her sons's gun before the terrorist attack, we should deal with Jewish Supremacist thugs in the same way that we deal with Islamic Supremacist thugs.

I sincerely hope that the Israeli army destroys his house and his family's house in the same way that houses are destroyed after an Islamic Supremacist murders innocent people.

Ariel Sharon, Israel's Prime Minister, and all members of Israel's parliament (the Knesset), have condemned this murder of innocent civilians. Israel's Defense Minister, Mr. Shaul Moffaz, has also refused to allow the murdering bastard to be buried in one of Israel's military cemeteries (due to a request from some of the families of current buried soldiers).

I copy the relevant articles below.

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Hizbullah, an Iranian terrorist group, promotes racism and anti-Semitism (02.07.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe Simon Wisenthal Center (www.wiesenthal.com) reports that Hizbullah's television station is now openly racist:


Hizbullah's television station al-Manar, has embarked upon a campaign to promote "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". As of January 30 the network’s literary program, al-Diwan urges viewers to acquaint themselves with the contents of "The Protocols" which "provide the best insight into the Jewish mind".

This campaign coincides with the release of a new computer game by Hizbullah which has children players compete to assassinate Israeli leaders, destroy settlements, fire rockets, etc ...

The Hizbullah is an Arab Muslim terrorist organization based in Lebanon and financed by Iran. It has proudly taken responsibility for the deliberate murder of dozens of women and children.

France refuses to define Hizbullah as a terrorist organization (click here for more details).

Hizbullah follows in the racist ways of Egyptian television which, a few months ago, decided to broadcast a series based on the "Protocols of Zion". For more information on this Egyptian racist show, click here. For more information on the racist document "The Protocols of Zion", click here.

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