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July 19, 2014

The Middle East problem (July 19, 2014)

Dennis Prager explains "The Middle East problem":

Mr. Prager is right on: the solution may be hard, but the problem is simple: one side wants the other side dead.

I copy more info on the video below.

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Thousands of Palestinians celebrate the deliberate murder of unarmed civilians (08.01.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismIsrael News (www.israelnn.com) reports that thousands of Palestinians celebrated yesterday's bombing of a cafeteria that killed 7 unarmed civilians and injured over 90 (click here for more info on the bombing).

Many of the victims were foreign students - here's a partial list:

Benjamin Blutstein, 24, from the United States
Marla Bennett, 24, from San Diego, California
Dina Carter, 37, immigrated to Israel from North Carolina
Janice Ruth Coulter, 37, from New York
David Gritz, 24, An American citizen who lived in Paris

Here are a couple of pictures of the injured and the cafeteria after the bombing (warning - some of these pictures are very graphic):

And here's how thousands of Palestinians celebrated the above barbarism:

Young Palestinians celebrate the
deliberate murder of unarmed civilians

Israel News reports:
Thousands of Arabs living in PLO-controlled Gaza City took to the streets last night to celebrate the deadly bombing at Hebrew University. Music blared from speakers as Arabs, both young and old danced and sang into the late hours of the night. Several men climbed on to the roof of a car and threw candy into the crowd. The scene was reminiscent of the party that erupted in the Arab street throughout Yesha (Judea, Samaria, and Gaza) following the September 11, 2001 attack on America.

The Jerusalem Post reports:
In Gaza City, thousands of Palestinian men, women and children celebrated on Wednesday night in the wake of the bombing attack at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, which killed seven people, five Americans and two Israelis, and injured 97, media sources reported.

The celebrants danced in the streets, clapping, singing and distributing sweets.

"We give this gift (attack) to the soul of Sheikh Salah Shehadeh and we say to the al-Qassam brigades, we are waiting for more," a voice shouted through a loudspeaker.

Dozens of Palestinians also held a rally in the Balata refugee camp on the edge of the West Bank city of Nablus.

Masked men set ablaze an effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

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73 year-old great-grandmother killed by Palestinian genocide bomber (07.03.2002)

VictimsFaces of the victims has published the story of Dvora Karim, 73, a grand-mother of 3 and great-grandmother of 1 that was among the 29 unarmed Israeli civilians killed by a Palestinian genocide bomber on 3/27/2002.

Dvora Karim, 73, killed
by a Palestinian genocide bomber

Dvora, who immigrated to Israel from Iran, married Michael Karim, and the couple lived for many years in Bet Shemesh. They moved to Netanya 20 years ago. Dvora was active in WIZO, and worked with young children in a Na'amat nursery.

Dvora Karim was buried alongside her husband Michael in Netanya. Shee is survived by two daughters, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

I copy her full story below.

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Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber kills 2-year-old and 6 other Israeli unarmed civilians (06.19.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber blew himself near a bus stop in Jerusalem, killing a 2-year-old baby and 6 others, and wounding more than 40 unarmed Israeli civilians.

The Fatah's "Raed Karmi Branch" of the Aksa Martyrs Brigades took responsibility for the attack, in a telephone call to Abu Dhabi satellite TV, and Hizbullah's Al-Manar satellite TV, in Lebanon.

"Zionists, leave our land because we will not stop our operations as long as there is an occupation," said the statement.

The Fatah is an umbrella group of Palestinian organizations that report directly to Yasser Arafat. This is the second homicide/suicide bombing executed by one of Arafat's terrorist groups in the last 24 hours - the Palestinian Authority's condemnation of these murders is simply ridiculous.

I copy the full article below.

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Memorial pays tribute to Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon (10.29.2004)

Hi-TechLast week I traveled to Orlando, Florida, for a business trip. One afternoon I had a bit of free time and I decided to visit the Kennedy Space Center, about 50 miles from Orlando.

This place is amazing! It’s basically NASA’s launch headquarters, and as their website says: “It’s the only place on Earth where you can tour launch areas, meet an Astronaut, see giant rockets, train in spaceflight simulators, and even view a launch!”. For more information on the Kennedy Space Center, click here.

An Astronaut greets visitors at the

entrance of the Kennedy Space Center

One of the attractions of the visitor complex at the space center is an actual full-sized Space Shuttle, where we can see how astronauts live and work while flying through space! Another exhibit is an “Astronaut Memorial”, a giant “space mirror” high-tech national monument dedicated to our fallen heroes. For more information of the visitor complex at the Space Center, click here; for more information on the Astronaut Memorial, click here.

Ilan Ramon, Israel's first Astronaut
Click on image to zoom in

Among the astronauts who have perished is Ilan Ramon, the first Israeli astronaut. Seven astronauts, including Ilan Ramon, were killed on February 1st 2003, when the space shuttle Columbia broke up about 38 miles above Texas on its way to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Astronaut monument includes a picture of Ilan Ramon and a description of his professional career and duties aboard the Space Shuttle. There’s even a small Israeli flag on a drawing of a space shuttle!

I have published many stories on Ilan Ramon, since he was and always will be a source of inspiration and hope for me and many others. Here are some articles:

* [NASA sends first Israeli astronaut into space](/blog/archives/000591.html)
* [Israeli Astronaut takes with him into space a small pencil drawing made by a 14-year-old](/blog/archives/000510.html)
* [Tragedy over Texas skies: seven astronauts killed in explosion of space shuttle Columbia](/blog/archives/000608.html)
* [Video: Ilan Ramon, first Israeli astronaut, and crew from space shuttle Columbia see Israel from space](/blog/archives/000617.html)
* [Address by Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon on the arrival of Ilan Ramon's coffin](/blog/archives/000618.html)
* [How Israel destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor (built by the French) in 1981](/blog/archives/000622.html)
* [Iraq calls shuttle space Columbia explosion "God's vengence"](/blog/archives/000609.html)

If you have a chance to visit the Kennedy Space Center, don’t hesitate! It’s 50 miles from Orlando, a bit more than the other Disney parks, but it’s worth every second. It was the highlight of my trip and I wouldn’t think twice about returning to Orlando just to visit the Space Center again.

I have added below over 40 pictures I have taken of the Space Center, including the Astronaut Memorial museum, a visit to the Space Shuttle, and more.

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41-year-old father of two, murdered by the Islamic Palestinian terrorist group Hamas (08.30.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Morel Derfler, a 41-year-old father of two who was deliberately murdered by a genocide bomber from the Islamic Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

On September 9, 2001, three Israelis were killed and dozens of Sunday morning commuters were wounded when a suicide bomber exploded in the train station in Nahariya, an Israeli city.

Morel Derfler, 41
Father of 2
Murdered by the Hamas

Morel Derfler, a professional photographer, traveled to Nahariya on Sunday morning with his relative by marriage, architect Dr. Yigal Goldstein to work on a project in the nearby town of Shlomi. A terrorist carrying a bomb waited near the train station in Nahariya until the train arrived from Tel-Aviv. As the passengers were exiting the station, he detonated the bomb. Morel Derfler and Yigal Goldtstin were two of the three people killed in the explosion, in which some 90 were injured.

Derfler was a well-known photographer who had exhibited his work both in Israel and abroad. He worked with the Haifa Theater, and headed the photography department at the Wizo College in Haifa.

Derfler, who was born and raised in Nahariya, moved to Mevasseret Zion, near Jerusalem, with his family seven years ago.

Morel Derfler will be buried in his home town of Nahariya. He leaves behind a wife, Jenny, a 16-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son.

To send condolences or to donate to Inbal Weiss's family, please click here.

I also copy below an article with more information on the suicide bombing.

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92 year-old Holocaust survivor sees her 8-year-old great-grandson murdered by Palestinian homicide bomber (11.24.2002)

VictimsThe New York post (www.nypost.com) has a story about a 92-year-old woman who survived the German Nazis but whose 8-year-old grandson did not survive the Palestinian Nazis:

NINETY-two year old Zhenya Axelrode lost her husband and sister in World War II but managed to save her daughter Kira from hunger and worse when the Nazis invaded Ukraine.

Last Thursday she lost both Kira and her great-grandson Ilan in the latest homicide bombing. [...]

Ilan's mother arrived at the school seeking word of him. There was none.

Galina Perlman survived a female homicide bomber who blew herself up and killed two Israelis in March at the supermarket where Galina worked. When she went to identify the bodies Thursday, she fainted.

"I don't understand how this is possible," she cried. "He's only an 8-year-old boy."

The Nazis that besiege us today speak Arabic, and they hide behind Islam simply to better fool the liberals and the left.

Thanks to Israpundit for the link - I copy the full article below.

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The United States rejects Arafat's terrorist regime (07.01.2002)

NewsMSNBC (www.msnbc.com) reports that President Bush and the United States mean what they say when they call for the ousting of chairman Yasser Arafat and his thugs from the Palestinian Authority.

“THE U.S. RESPECTS democratic processes, but if a leadership emerges that does not deal with terrorism, the U.S. cannot deal with that,” [national security adviser Condoleezza] Rice told NBC’s “Meet the Press,” suggesting that the United States would not deal with Arafat even if he were elected in free elections.

“I worked for 18 months to try to put in place a plan that would allow Chairman Arafat to demonstrate his leadership,” he told CBS “Face the Nation.” “We would have been way along if the violence had been brought down. Chairman Arafat simply did not seize any of these opportunities to bring the violence under control.”

“Moreover, after the Israelis pulled back from the recent occupation ... we thought maybe we have some movement,” said Powell. “What we saw instead were more bombing. Bombing after bombing after bombing after bombing, day after day. Frankly, we also saw continuing indications that there was complicity with the senior levels in the Palestinian Authority.”

Suicide bombings killed 26 Israelis last week.

I copy the full article below.

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Cries of "Kill the Jews" overheard in Los Angeles, California (09.21.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Los Angeles Independent (www.laindependent.com) reports that a pack of anti-Semitic bastards kicked and beat up 2 people in Los Angeles, California. These braindead morons did this while screaming "Kill the Jews!":

Two Jewish patrons of Good Bar, a nightspot already under fire for poor security and numerous criminal incidents, were assaulted near the club early Sunday morning by 10 to 15 men in what officials at the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station are calling a hate crime.

Two men of Middle Eastern descent are in custody for allegedly pursuing the two victims coming out of the club and cornering them at the intersection of Doheny Road and Sunset Boulevard before kicking and hitting them, causing bruises, cuts and other minor injuries. [...]

At 1:55 a.m., the two Jewish men, both 25 years old and of Middle Eastern descent, left the 9229 Sunset Blvd. club and were walking to their car when the group of Middle Eastern men pursued them, screaming religious insults and threats.

The two victims tried to flee to their car, but were cornered and beaten before they escaped to a nearby apartment complex, Sierra Towers, where two security guards offered them protection. [...]

John Griffith, a resident of Sierra Towers, says he saw more than 20 men surrounding the two victims and witnessed five kicking and beating the victims, repeatedly chanting "Kill the Jews!"

The hostility and violence against Jews seems not to be omni-present in California. But that is simply because most of us don't have any external signs of being Jewish - if I was a religious Jew and wore a kippa, I am convinced some bleeding-brain leftists and Islamic fanatics would not hesitate in attacking me.

I copy the full article below - don't expect to find it in the Los Angeles Times nor the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Falta de conhecimento (Portuguese) (09.10.2002)

O senador José Alencar, candidato à vice-presidente na chapa de Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, disse em uma entrevista no início do ano que a solução para o conflito entre israelenses e palestinos seria Israel se mudar de lugar. Mas semana passada ele esteve presente na sede da Congregação Israelita de São Paulo para as comemorações de Rosh Hashana junto com toda a equipe do PT.

Segundo o senador, ele não disse o que disse por mal...

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50 Jewish graves desecrated in Rome, Italy (07.19.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that over 50 graves in the Jewish sector of Rome's largest cemetery were vandalized by unknown assailants.

In contrast to similar occurrences, investigators found no symbols or graffiti claiming responsibility for the attack and are as yet unable to identify the perpetrators. However, the vast scale of the desecration points to a well-organized and long-planned anti-Semitic raid to be carried out on the night of Tisha Be'av.

A stunned Jewish community responded by hanging a banner outside the Verano Cemetery which reads: "Violence on the dead, shame on Italy." Amos Luzzatto, president of the Italian Jewish Communities, stated that "This is a worrying act, meticulously prepared and executed on a mournful day for all Jews. This reveals a political plan aimed at us."

Rome Chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni received messages of support from political leaders and institutional personalities, together with a promise by Mayor Walter Veltroni to catch those responsible for the attack.

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Racist bastard tries to burn down synagogue in Ottawa, Canada (01.21.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe Canadian Ottawa Sun (www.canoe.ca) reports that a racist bastrad tried to burn down a synagogue in Ottawa:

A CHILDREN'S class had to be relocated yesterday morning after an arsonist tried to torch a Jewish community library in the west end of the city.

Firefighters were called to the Jewish Youth Library on Switzer Ave. at about 3:30 a.m. after the building's fire alarm was set off. They found the back exterior wall on fire and were able to quickly douse the flames and rip off the aluminum siding.

"It's an arson," said Ottawa police investigator Mike Haarbosch.

The fire was limited to the back outer wall of the building and was extinguished by firefighters before it could cause extensive damage. [...]

"It's very troubling. It's very, very troubling," said Yosef Caytak, a volunteer with the centre. "If the alarm didn't go off, it would have burned the whole building," he said.

Anti-Semitism, or hate and hostility of Jews, is definitely not omnipresent. That said, try to wear a kippa (Jewish skullcap) around Berkeley, California, or any European city for a month and let me know what happens. Thank God for the State of Israel, a place where all persecuted Jews can turn to when needed.

I copy the full article below - thanks to LGF for the link.

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Arafat is (still) a terrorist (05.05.2002)

NewsI just read an article on Ha'aretz that proves once again how much Arafat, the Palestinian leader, is still involved in terrorism.

Although we've been receiving reports for weeks now, this time the evidence has been compiled into a booklet, which includes documents gathered during operation "Defensive Shield", Israel's incursion into Palestinian towns. It also includes testimony from Marwan Barghouti, who directly reported to Arafat and was involved in numerous terrorist attacks.

Arafat personally approved the transfer of funds to suicicide bombers, and hard evidence of close cooperation of Arafat's groups with the Islamic Jihad and Hamas was also found.

Also mentioned in the report is the financial contribution of Saudi Arabia and Iraq to Palestinian terrorism - for example, family of suicide bombers receive $25,000 from Sadam Hussein.

Below I link to the Ha'aretz article and to IDF's (Israel's army) website. All documents have also been published by the IDF.

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Arafat's security chief commanded Hamas and Islamic Jihad in terrorist attacks against unarmed Israeli civilians (08.20.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Washington Times (www.washingtontimes.com) has published an article that describes how Israel has arrested and brought to trial Marwan Barghouti, Arafat's "security" chief, responsible for many terrorist attacks that killed hundreds of Israeli and American unarmed civilians and injured thousands.

By the middle of October 2000, Mr. Barghouti had become the head of a joint coordinating body including all of the leading Palestinian radical groups: Fatah; Hamas; Islamic Jihad and the PFLP. The groups began working together in carrying out attacks on Israelis.

In a Jan. 16, 2002 op-ed in The Washington Post, Mr. Barghouti asserted that while he and his Fatah colleagues "strongly oppose attacks and the targeting of civilians inside Israel, our future neighbor, I reserve the right to protect myself, to resist the Israeli occupation of my country and to fight for my freedom." Just one day after his article was published by the Post, a member of Mr. Barghouti's Tanzim organization shot up a bat mitzvah party at a banquet hall in Hadera, a coastal town in pre-1967 Israel, killing six people and wounding 30. Israeli security services have said that Barghouti had advance knowledge of the attack and gave it his blessing.

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian Television calls for the 'anihilation of the Jews and their supporters' (07.06.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Middle East Media Research Institute (www.memri.org) has translated a Muslim sermon delivered on Palestinian television.

In this Friday "sermon" the Imam (something like a Muslim priest) calls for the "anihiliation of the Jews" and supports genocide bombers (he calls them "martyrs"):

The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon delivered by Palestinian Authority Imam Sheikh Ibrahim Madhi at the Sheikh 'Ijlin Mosque in Gaza City, broadcast live on April 12, 2002 by Palestinian Authority television.

"Anyone who does not attain martyrdom in these days should wake in the middle of the night and say: 'My God, why have you deprived me of martyrdom for your sake? For the martyr lives next to Allah'…"

"Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews and their supporters…"

"Oh Allah, raise the flag of Jihad across the land…"

This garbage was put on air on Palestinian national television, which is funded by the European Union and completely controlled by Arafat and his thugs.

I copy the full translation below.

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Moderate Israelis find out they cannot reason with Palestinian hatred (07.20.2002)

OpinionThe National Post (www.nationalpost.com) has a great article on how the Israeli left is coping with its dreams of peace being shattered by Palestinian hatred and refusal of any compromise.

In Israel, the terms "right" and "left" seldom refer to economics or the welfare system. "Right" usually means approaching negotiations with suspicion and supporting settlements in the disputed lands. "Left" means a good-hearted eagerness to negotiate with the Palestinians, an attitude that may be revived eventually but has now become so unpopular that it seems almost quaint. [...]

Put plainly, the ideology of the Israeli leftists has crumbled beneath them. It would be hard to think of an intellectual class anywhere that has been compelled to change its thinking so rapidly. Mr. Goodman always considered himself on the left, but no more: "I believe now in negotiation from strength." David Hartman, the former McGill University professor and Montreal rabbi who created the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, tries to reconcile Jewish, Christian and Muslim views through study and research. Even so, he summarizes his politics in two sentences: "If you are powerless, you invite destruction. If you have power, you invite discussion."

Being someone that voted for Meretz and Labor in the past (see the democracy page for details), this article touched a nerve.

Today I also believe that the only way to achieve peace is to negociate from a position of force. Only when the Palestinians truly understand that terrorism, hate and barbaric acts will lead them nowhere will they accept the existence of Israel.

Often you hear strong personal feeling behind their words, and nowhere more than with Hirsh Goodman. "I supported Oslo," he said. "I supported talking with Arafat. The greatest disappointment was to discover that despite everything I've believed, everything I've promulgated, that asshole never gave up terror."

"Land for peace" is over, "Peace for land" might work. I copy the full article below.

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