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Fact 356: "On March 21 2002, Tzipi Shemesh, 29, of Jerusalem was one of three people murdered and 86 injured when a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber detonated a bomb, packed with metal spikes and nails, in the center of a crowd of shoppers on King George Street in the center of Jerusalem. Tzipi, in her fifth month of pregnancy, went with her husband Gadi for an ultrasound exam. On leaving the medical clinic, they passed next to the terrorist who blew himself up. Tzipi was killed instantly; Gadi died shortly afterwards in hospital. Tzipi Shemesh was buried in the Mount Herzl military cemetery, alongside her husband Gadi. They left behind their two daughters - Shoval (7) and Shahar (3)."

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Palestinian terrorists deliberately murder five Israelis: one young man, 2 women and 2 children aged 4 and 5 (11.10.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian terrorist infiltrated a kibbutz (an Israeli collective farm), and fired at women and children deliberately murdering 5 people:

Two children, ages four and five, two women and a young man were shot and killed in the attack. Among the victims was Tirza Damari, 42, from the community of Elichin. She was at Kibbutz Metzer visiting friends.

The All-Aksa Martyr Brigades, the military wing of PA Chairman Yasser Arafat's Fatah terror organization claimed responsibility for the attack, the radio said.

"There was shooting for close to 10 minutes then the security forces arrived and we're shut inside the houses," a member of the farm, identified only as Irit, told Israel Radio.

The first two victims, a man and a woman, were shot outside a communal dining hall, said Magen David Adom officials.

The assailants then entered a house at the farm and shot to death a woman in a bedroom as she tried to use her body to protect the two children from the gunfire, the rescue service said.

I heard on Israeli radio that the Al-Aksa brigades, which directly reports to Yasser Arafat, has proudly claimed responsibility for the murders. For more information on how Arafat plays a double game of condemning "all attacks against civilians" while at the same time sending in his hordes of murderous bastards to kill women and children, see the Palestine page.

For more information on kibbutz Metzer check out www.metzer.org.il (in Hebrew). I copy the full article below.

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British daily asks the French people if they are ashamed of their spineless president, Jacques 'Le Worm' Chirac (02.19.2003)

OpinionThe British daily "The Sun" handed out a free special edition of its paper in Paris today:

Greetings to the citizens of Paris from The Sun newspaper, which is read by ten million people every day.

We think your President, Jacques Chirac, is a disgrace to Europe by constantly threatening to veto military action to enforce the will of the United Nations against Iraq. [...]

British people feel M Chirac, who in the UK is nicknamed the 'worm', is arrogantly strutting about trying to make France seem more important in the world than it really is.

The truth is that all the world - including France - recognises that Saddam Hussein must be dealt with. But only the French President seems determined to frustrate the will of the international community. [...]

We also think in Britain that you in France have forgotten how much you owe to other nations, particularly America and Britain, for coming to your aid in two world wars.

You were glad enough to welcome the Americans when Hitler ruled France.

But now you sneer at the American people and their president, and forget how the war cemeteries of France are packed with American and British soldiers and sailors and airmen who laid down their lives so France could be free.

Today, the Americans - backed by other European nations braver than France - are preparing again to rid the world of a tyrant.

On behalf of our ten million readers, we say to you today: Are you not ashamed of your president?

I'm French and I'm ashamed of Jacques "Le Worm".

I copy the full article below and the original in French as well. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for the link.

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50 Jewish graves desecrated in Rome, Italy (07.19.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that over 50 graves in the Jewish sector of Rome's largest cemetery were vandalized by unknown assailants.

In contrast to similar occurrences, investigators found no symbols or graffiti claiming responsibility for the attack and are as yet unable to identify the perpetrators. However, the vast scale of the desecration points to a well-organized and long-planned anti-Semitic raid to be carried out on the night of Tisha Be'av.

A stunned Jewish community responded by hanging a banner outside the Verano Cemetery which reads: "Violence on the dead, shame on Italy." Amos Luzzatto, president of the Italian Jewish Communities, stated that "This is a worrying act, meticulously prepared and executed on a mournful day for all Jews. This reveals a political plan aimed at us."

Rome Chief Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni received messages of support from political leaders and institutional personalities, together with a promise by Mayor Walter Veltroni to catch those responsible for the attack.

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America to pursue Palestinian Arab Murderers (08.19.2002)

NewsIn May 2001, Palestinian terrorists murdered Jacob Koby Mandell, a 13-year-old American kid from Maryland. Koby was out hiking with his friend Yosef. The Palestinian murderers took rocks and bashed in Koby's skull, then smeared the boys' blood all over the walls of a cave where the bodies were later found.

The Primer watch group (www.tampabayprimer.org) has created a page to support the Koby Mandell Act:

The massacre of five American citizens in the Hebrew University cafeteria bombing makes it imperative that we undertake a major effort on behalf of the Koby Mandell Act. Thirty-six Americans have been murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists in Israel since the signing of the Oslo accords in 1993.

The Koby Mandell Act (S. 1377 / H.R. 2098), which was recently introduced in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, would establish a special office, within the Department of Justice, to pursue the Palestinian Arab killers of Americans and bring them to trial in the United States. And it would assist the victims' families. (The title of the bill refers to 13 year-old Jacob "Koby" Mandell of Maryland, who was brutally murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists in May 2001.).

Primer is dedicated to counter anti-Jewish and anti Israel written, visual and oral messages through media watch media response and dissemination of complete and accurate information. Primer has created a page to support the Koby Mandell Act - to send an email to your Senators and Representative, click here.

Sherri Mandell, Koby's mother, has also written an article, originally published in the New York Post. I copy it below.

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86-year-old Grandmother murdered by a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber (05.29.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Frieda Britvich, an 86-year-old Grandmother of 8 which was murdered by a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber in the midst of the Passover holiday seder.

Frieda Britvich, 86, Grandmother of 8
Murdered by a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber

Frieda was born on the Romania-Czechoslovakia border and survived Auschwitz thanks to her profession as a seamstress. She met her husband, Alter, after a long courtship by mail, married him in 1947 and settled in Netanya. Each year, Frieda and Alter would celebrate the Seder in a different location. This year, concerned about traveling, they decided to celebrate the holiday in Netanya. Frieda died several hours after the death of her husband Alter.

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian homicide bomber murders one grandmother (10.10.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian homicide bomber killed a 71-year-old woman and injured over two dozen people after blowing himself up near an Israeli bus. The incompetent morron slipped and fell while trying to board the bus, but unfortunately he did manage to murder one grandmother:

"Had the bomber gotten on the bus, most of us would have been dead," she said, gesturing to the rest of the injured lying in the emergency ward at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Ramat Gan.

Instead the bomber was spotted in time, and the hero of the day was clearly Dan bus driver Baruch Noyman.

He and a fellow passenger pinned the bomber to the ground after seeing some wires sticking out of hs clothing, and screamed: "It's a terrorist!. Everybody get out of here."

I studied at Bar-Ilan University for a year and was present at that bus stop dozens of times.

I copy the full article below.

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Saudi daily (controlled by the Saudi Government) spreads hate of Jews (09.18.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Middle East Media Research Institute (www.memri.org), has translated an article from the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah. In this article the Saudi writer makes rabid anti-Semitic statements and continues to spread hate against Jews:

"Christian Europe showed enmity toward the Jews when it transpired that their rabbis craftily hunt anyone walking alone, [tempting] him to enter their house of worship. Then they take his blood to use for baked goods for their holidays, as part of their ritual. Often this deed was uncovered even in the Arab and Islamic countries that protected them as Ahmad Abd Al-Ghafur wrote, pointing out the events geographically and historically, in his book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, because anyone hunted by them disappears forever. When these incidents proliferated, the security apparatuses began to follow them, until they caught their rabbis committing the crime."

"Furthermore, they have played a significant role in toppling and corrupting many of the governments, to the point where this became known among the Arabs, the Germans, the Spanish, the Portuguese, and others."

No wonder I get so much hate mail from Arabs and Muslims: they are brainwashed into believing this trash. When Hitler came to power in 1933 this same kind of nonsense was fed to Germans (see the Nuremberg laws of 1935, 4 years before World War II).

The Nazis that besiege us today speak Arabic.

I copy the full article below.

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Racist bastard burns Jewish School in Paris, France (11.15.2003)

Anti-SemitismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a racist bastard has burned down a Jewish school in a suburb of Paris, France:

Fire gutted the Merkaz HaTorah Jewish secondary school in the Paris suburb of Gagny in the Seine-Saint-Denis region Saturday morning at 3am. There were no injuries.

Fire started simultaneously in two separate places on the first floor of the school where works were under way. A primary school and a kindergarten for 200 children were to be inaugurated there in January 2004. The arsonist or arsonists broke into the building through a ground floor window.

This primitive anti-Jewish racism in France and Europe has reached levels not seen since the second World War. It seems to me that it has become fashionable to be a racist bastard in France and Europe - for example, click here for a report on how this week a famous Greek composer has called the Jews "the root of all evil".

The difference between today and 50 years ago is that we have the State and Army of Israel. We also have a fair, democratic and just superpower on our side: the United States of America.

Imagine the reaction in the US if some moronic composer called the African Americans "the root of all evil". There would be strong condemnations from all sides, all political parties, the media, and the overwhelming majority of Americans. And rightly so.

I copy the full article below.

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Nazi from Brazil sends us hate mail (08.10.2007)

Hate MailA few months ago, I reported on how a nazi from Chile sent a death threat to FactsOfIsrael.com. You can read about it here. Today, another racist bastard posted the following comment to the first article (I replaced the 4 letter word with stars - "*") :

F*** YOU JEW !!!



The comment above was posted by someone who named himself "Lord B. Dayrell". I traced it back to the IP address, which originated from the country of Brazil (reverse DNS gave me the host "c911d42d.bhz.virtua.com.br"). I believe the "88" is a common code Nazis use - it signifies "SS", in reference to the German Nazi "SS" soldiers.

Luckily for many Jews across the world this Nazi piece of garbage from Brazil can only send anonymous threats on the Internet. But if he and other Nazi thugs starting acting up like they did in the 1930s and 1940s, the State Of Israel is now a safe haven for any Jewish man, woman or child persecuted by Nazis and other racist vermin.

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List of anti-Israeli US members of Congress (08.04.2002)

NewsThe New York Times (www.nytimes.com) has published the list of the 23 anti-Israel members of Congress.

It's the 23 members -- two in the Senate and 21 in the House -- who voted against House and Senate resolutions of support for Israel. If you are a U.S. citizen and contribute to political campaigns in the U.S., you may want to contribute to the opponents of the members below, regardless of party, so long as these incumbents' opponents are pro-Israel.

If you don't or can't contribute to campaigns, please feel free to forward this list to anyone who might. In my opinion, no other issue and no U.S. political party allegiance is more important in these times than the safety and security of the State of Israel.

Following is a list of legislators who voted "No" on the resolutions in support of Israel:

(The vote was 94-2 in favor of the pro-Israeli resolution)

Robert Byrd, Dem., W.Va.
Ernest Hollings, Dem. S.C.

(The vote was 352-21 in favor of the pro-Israeli resolution)

Neil Abercrombie, Dem. Hawaii
David E. Bonior, Dem., Mich.
Rick Boucher, Dem., Va.
Gary A. Condit, Dem., Calif.
John Conyers Jr.,Dem., Mich.
Peter A. DeFazio, Dem., Ore.
John D. Dingell, Dem., Mich.
Earl F. Hilliard, Dem., Ala.
Jay Inslee, Dem., Wash.
Jesse L. Jackson Jr., Dem., Ill. (Please note this is Jesse Jackson's son)
Gerald D.Kleczka, Dem., Wisc.
Barbara Lee, Dem., Calif.
Cynthia A. McKinney,Dem., Ga.
George Miller, Dem., Calif.
David R. Obey, Dem., Wisc.
Ron Paul, Rep., Tex.
Thomas E. Petri, Rep., Wisc.
Nick J. Rahall II, Dem.,W.Va.
Dana Rohrabacher, Rep., Calif.
Nick Smith, Rep., Mich.
Fortney Pete Stark, Dem., Calif.

Notice that out of the 23 anti-Israeli legislators, 19 are from the Democratic party. With the elections coming up in November, I thought it would be a good idea to publish this list.

Thank you and please pass this around (use the 'Email this entry' link below). I copy the full pro-Israel resolution below.

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Iranian President calls for the destruction of Israel (10.26.2005)

Palestinian TerrorismABC News (abcnews.go.com) reports that the current President of Iran has called for the destruction of Israel:

The President of Iran calls for the destruction of Israel

Iran's hard-line president called for Israel to be "wiped off the map" and said a new wave of Palestinian attacks will destroy the Jewish state, state-run media reported Wednesday.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also denounced attempts to recognize Israel or normalize relations with it.

"There is no doubt that the new wave (of attacks) in Palestine will wipe off this stigma (Israel) from the face of the Islamic world," Ahmadinejad told students Wednesday during a Tehran conference called "The World without Zionism."

Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury, (while) any (Islamic leader) who recognizes the Zionist regime means he is acknowledging the surrender and defeat of the Islamic world," Ahmadinejad said.

Ahmadinejad also repeated the words of the founder of Iran's Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who called for the destruction of Israel.

"As the imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map," said Ahmadinejad, who came to power in August and replaced Mohammad Khatami, a reformist who advocated international dialogue and tried to improve Iran's relations with the West.

Ahmadinejad referred to Israel's recent withdrawal from the Gaza Strip as a "trick," saying Gaza was already a part of Palestinian lands and the pullout was designed to win acknowledgment of Israel by Islamic states.

"The fighting in Palestine is a war between the (whole) Islamic nation and the world of arrogance," Ahmadinejad said, using Tehran's propaganda epithet for the United States and Israel. "Today, Palestinians are representing the Islamic nation against arrogance."

Iran does not recognize the existence of Israel and has often called for its destruction.

This delusional Islamic Supremacist shouldn't be a president of any country, much less a country with such a rich history like Iran. That said, when such a fascist bastard is in power and clearly calls for the mass murder of millions of people, the world community should ban Iran from all international organizations, including the United Nations. Unfortunately this won't happen, but the Israel army will address such serious threats when the time comes.

In 1981 there was another country calling for the destruction of Israel and acquiring nuclear weapons. For more information, click here to read an article on "How Israel destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor (built by the French) in 1981".

I copy the full article below.

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NPR proud of Palestinians that murdered 11 Israeli athletes in the Olympic games of Munich, 1972 (09.05.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe following article is part of a blogburst - a simultaneous and cross-linked posting of many blogs on the same theme. This blogburst commemorates the Munich Olympics Massacre which began in the dawn hour of September 5th, 1972. Go to the The Index of the Munich Massacre Blogburst to find links to all the other articles.

Palestinian Terrorists murder 11 Israeli Athletes
at the Olympic games in Munich, Germany, 1972

At 5:00 AM, exactly 30 years ago, a seminal event in the development of modern terrorism took place. Eight Palestinian terrorists invaded the athletes' housing at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. They killed and took hostage eleven Israeli athletes competing in the Games, demanding the release of 234 imprisoned Arabs and German terrorists. Over the next few tension-filled days, all the hostages and some of the terrorists were killed, mostly due to incompetence and perfidy of the German government. The Olympic Committee made a controversial decision to continue the Games, and has never participated in any memorial for the slain athletes. Eventually almost all the remaining terrorists were hunted down and killed by Israeli agents, directed by then Prime Minister Golda Meir.

A few days ago I listened to a story on National Public Radio (NPR) that covered the murder of the Israelis by the Palestinian terrorists.

Although the hosts did briefly disapprove of the murders, the story quickly turned to a tacit endorsement of the action for "putting the Palestinian cause on the map". The host Brooke Gladstone spends a large part of the segment interviewing Brigitte Nacos, a Columbia University professor and author of "Mass-Mediated Terrorism", who is clearly proud of these Palestinians for bringing attention to their cause.

I felt sick.

NPR and its local San Francisco station KQED are well known for their anti-Israeli stance, but they have gone a bit too far. The host Brooke Gladstone mentions that an Al-Qaeda member is proud of the Munich murders:

BROOKE GLADSTONE: Writing in an on-line publication, Al Anssar, an Al Qaeda activist called the Black September, quote, "the greatest media victory and the first true proclamation to the entire world the Palestinian resistance movement. The Munich operation was a great propaganda strike."

But that doesn't mean NPR (which receives public funds) should be. Here's an example:

BRIGITTE NACOS: Two years later it was very different, because they struck at the Olympics where you had the television facilities built up for that special event. Independent experts have estimated that it was between 600 and 800 million globally, so that was a major, major coup for these few Palestinians.

BROOKE GLADSTONE: And so you think that the publicity coup that the Olympics afforded was very much on the mind of the Black September terrorists?

BRIGITTE NACOS: Well at least according to one of them. Three of them survived. Five were killed. And one of them later on in prison said that they wanted, among other things, to stir up the world. And they were certainly successful in not only getting the attention globally, but I think for the first time many people around the globe learned about the Palestinian cause.

Wow. Can you feel the admiration Brooke and Brigitte have for the Palestinian "freedom fighters"? Thank God they brought the Palestinian cause to the forefront of the liberals' agenda, otherwise how would Brooke and Brigitte hate the Jews Israelis settlers?

There were dozens of angles that NPR could have chosen to cover this story (in fact the Blog Burst does exactly that). Instead NPR chooses the one angle that is somewhat positive to the Palestinians: their success in bringing "their cause" to the world.

The media coverage of these Palestinians killing Israelis might have had an impact on the "global awareness" of the Palestinian issue, but NPR could show a little less enthusiasm for the deliberate murder of Olympic athletes.

To listen to the "Black September" special from NPR's "On the Media", click here. For the transcript, click here.

Oh, and please stop sending NPR and KQED money - if you need another reason, see "The deliberate killing of unarmed civilians is terrorism".

Now for the real story, here's a special report from Sports Illustrated (sportsillustrated.cnn.com):

Black September commandos climbed the fence about 50 minutes earlier than envisioned in Situation 21. [...]

As they approached the fence, they noticed another group in warmup gear: American athletes back from a night on the town, laughing and tipsy. Abu Daoud urged his comrades to join them, to use the Americans' innocent comportment as cover while they all scaled the fence. "Not only did our men mix in with the Americans, we helped them over," he says. "And they helped us. 'Hey, man, give me your bag.' This was surreal -- to see the Americans, obviously far from imagining they were helping Black September get into the Village." [...]

In any case Gutfreund apparently heard the rattling of the door at the threshold of that ground-floor duplex, the apartment the other Israelis called the Big Wheels' Inn because it housed senior members of the delegation. When the door cracked open in the darkness, he could make out the barrels of several weapons. He threw his 290 pounds against the door and shouted a warning: "Danger, guys! Terrorists!" For critical seconds Gutfreund succeeded in staying their entrance, allowing his roommate, weightlifting coach Tuvia Sokolovsky, to shatter a rear window and flee to safety through a backyard garden. But the terrorists, using their rifle barrels to crowbar their way inside, soon had Gutfreund subdued on the floor. Quickly they prized track coach Amitzur Shapira and shooting coach Kehat Shorr from one downstairs bedroom. When Issa opened the door to the other downstairs bedroom, wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg lunged at him with a kitchen knife that had been lying on a bedside table. Issa stumbled to the side, unhurt, while another fedayee fired a round from his Kalashnikov that tore through the side of Weinberg's mouth. [...]

By the early hours of the next day nine more Israelis were dead, along with five of the terrorists and a Munich policeman.

I copy the full article below.

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Daily lives and Palestinian Terrorism (05.15.2002)

NewsHa'Aretz has a good article on how some Israelis are coping with the current wave of Palestinian terrorism.

"Avoiding buses and malls, reading a book, keeping the children at home, pampering oneself with new appliances and binging on sweets - these are all ways in which Israelis are coping with the trauma of the home-front war."

The article covers how a few Israelis are reacting to the latest Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians. Many choose not to go to public places, including restaurants and malls, in fear of meeting a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber willing to blow him/herself up and kill everyone around him/her.

I copy the full article below.

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Saudia Arabia Islamic Police stops non-Muslim celebrations, including "New Year's" (12.29.2003)

NewsYahoo News (news.yahoo.com) reports that the Islamic Police of Saudia Arabia is making sure no one is able to celebrate New Year's:

RIYADH (Reuters) - Morality police in southern Saudi Arabia plan to conduct raids to ensure that shops do not sell flowers, candles and gifts to those planning to celebrate New Year, a local newspaper has reported.

The Arabic-language al-Watan said the Authority for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (APVPV) in Aseer province was determined to uphold a ban by the conservative Muslim kingdom on non-Muslim celebrations.

"Patrols will be dispatched to gift and flower shops in the next two days before the New Year to ensure that ornaments are not sold for New Year celebrations," al-Watan quoted the local APVPV head as saying.

The authority -- a pillar of the ultra-conservative kingdom since its founding -- had also banned Christmas ornaments from shops. It also bans shops from carrying Valentine's Day gifts.

"For Muslims, there are only two holidays in a year: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha," the official said, referring to the Muslim feasts that follow the annual fasting month of Ramadan and the haj pilgrimage to Mecca.

I copy the rest of the article below. Got the link on the excellent LGF.

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Fact 75: The British Mandate of Palestine was created in 1917 (08.18.2002)

NewsletterThe latest FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter has been sent.

This week's fact is Fact 75: The British Mandate of Palestine was created in 1917.

Click here to check out the latest newsletter, and please subscribe (for free) if you haven't already done so.

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