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Fact 317: "In October 2000, the Palestinian Authority arrested two Israeli reservists who, by mistake, entered the city of Ramallah, in the West Bank. A mob of Palestinian savages stormed the PA police station and lynched the two reservists. Many of these beasts were then seen showing their bloody hands - something apparently many Palestinians are proud of. In June 2002, Palestinian children celebrated the murder of the two Israeli reservists by dripping their hands in red paint (representing blood)."

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Jewish Symbols in the American one dollar bill? (11.08.2002)

Jewish HistoryI received an email from a friend that described Jewish symbols in the American one dollar bill:

Click on image to enlarge

A while ago, at the West Point Academy's Jewish Chapel, there was a display about Hyam Salomon and the Revolutionary War. He died penniless, having used all his resources to aid the newly formed and poorly supplied American Continental Army.

This is a wonderful story sent to me by a lawyer friend that shares my interest in history. I hope you will find it of interest to you:

General Washington's financial advisor and assistant was a Jewish man by the name of Hyam Salomon. During the cold winter months at Valley Forge when American soldiers were freezing and running out of food, it was Hyam who marshaled all the Jews in America and Europe to provide money in relief aid to these stranded American troops and turned the course of history. Without this help, Washington's Continental Army, and the fate of the American Colonies would have perished before they could have defeated the British.

If you take a one dollar bill out of your pocket and look at the back at the Eagle, the stars above the Eagle's head are in the six point Star of David to honor Jews. If you turn the Eagle upside down you will see a configuration in the likeness of a Menorah....both at the insistence of George Washington who said we should never forget the Jewish people and what they have done in the interest of America.

Well, I decided to do a bit of research (isn't the Internet great?) and found at least one article that questions the above. Although Hyam Salomon's story is true, the rest might be just wishful thinking. See below for the scoop.

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Fact 11: Jordan represents 75% of the British Palestine Mandate (05.19.2002)

NewsletterI have just sent the fourth edition of the FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter.

This week's fact is Fact 11: Jordan represents 75% of the British Palestine Mandate.

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Help our boys and girls in the US military (12.21.2002)

NewsA new site has been created called "Military Penpals":

I am starting a new project called Military Penpals. It is in the very beginning stages. My goal is to set up FREE penpal programs between military personnel and the civilians who want them to know they are remembered. I will act as the go-between and coordinate the exchange of email and snail mail addresses. Ideally, I want to find military personnel... soldiers, sailors, etc... who don't receive mail from home. There is nothing sadder to me than the thought of a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine far from home and having nothing with his/her name on it during mail call. Any serviceman or woman is very welcome to participate!!

I will add to this site as information starts coming in. For now I am looking for people who wish to participate... both military and civilians.

I served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces, or Israel's army) as a field medic. My parents and family do not live in Israel and I was a "Haial Boded", or "Lone Soldier". I stayed many weekends alone at the base, while my buddies would travel back to their girlfriends, family and friends - it's not a good feeling.

If you have the time, please sign up and write a few words to our boys and girls who are risking their lives so we can live ours in peace. Check out the Military Penpals website at:


Thanks to Rachel Lucas for the link.

Update: Unfortunately the Military Penpals site now seems to be down. This post is receiving many comments from folks who would like to help and contact a soldier but I haven't yet found a similar site. If anyone knows of one, please add your comments below.

Update 2: One of our readers, Loretta, has a good tip: point your browser to www.operationmilitarypride.org, whose mission is to "keep our service members morale high".

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Portugal, 1497, racist king kicks the Jews out (10.29.2002)

Jewish HistoryThe Jerusalem Post's feature "This day in history" reports on October 31, 1497, when a king from Portugal decides to kick all Jews out:

1497: Portugal's King Manuel decrees this as the final deadline by which members of the Portuguese Jewish community must leave the kingdom -- shortly after the expulsion of Jews from Spain. But the king, who in fact regards the community as an economic asset, opens only one seaport for the forced emigration. He thus compels most Jews to remain behind after the designated deadline and baptizes them against their will -- in order to keep Jewish financial resources in the kingdom.

For those that think that the Jewish people will ever give up Israel, think again. We will always fight for a place where racist murderers like this Portuguese clown don't have the opportunity to hurt us.

I copy below an article that gives more info on the racist king from Portugal.

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Video: 14 year old Palestinian kid decides not to become homicide/suicide bomber (05.22.2002)

MultimediaIsraeli TV Channel 2 news interviewed Ahmed Tafiz, a 14 year old Palestinian kid who was on his way to become a homicide/suicide bomber and decided at the last moment not to do it.

14 yeard old Ahmed Tafiz and his mother

In this video, published by Mideast Truth (www.mideasttruth.com), the poor kid describes how Palestinian terrorists pushed him into becoming a homicide/suicide bomber, but how at the last moment he decided not to go through with it.

Ahmed had a partner, the same age as him, and he tried to convince his friend not to go through with the killings. "You are just a kid, no one will even remember you" he says on the interview, but unfortunately his friend didn't listen, and a few moments later he heard an explosion.

The Mother describes how she now fears for her life since the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups are not happy about the kid's decision not to become a homicide/suicide bomber.

To see the video, click on the image above or click here. (Real Audio format)

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Judgment Day is approaching for the Islamic Republic of Iran (07.08.2003)

OpinionThe National Review Online (www.nationalreview.com) has published an excellent article on how freedom is slowly becoming a reality in Iran:

The people of Iran (inside Iran and outside) want an end to this evil regime. Freedom will prevail. There will be demonstrations. The regime with attack, but the people will fight back. Today, in Los Angeles, several thousand Iranian Americans will stand in solidarity with people of Iran. Tomorrow, Iranian Americans will stand in solidarity with the people of Iran in front of Capitol Hill and will be joined by members of Congress (make sure your member is there) who believe that the people of Iran deserve freedom. [...]

Judgment Day is approaching for those who have shed the blood of tens of thousands of innocent Iranians. Judgment Day is approaching for those who have ordered the stoning of women. Judgment Day is approaching for those who ordered the bombing of the Jewish community center in Argentina. Judgment Day is approaching for those who ordered the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon and the Khobar Towers in Riyadh. Judgment Day is approaching for those who started the chant: "Death to America" and everything America stands for. Judgment Day is approaching for the Islamic Republic of Iran. It may not be tomorrow, but soon this evil regime will join the other evil regimes in the dustbin of history. Judgment Day will come.

Found this on the excellent AndrewSullivan.com - I copy the full article below. Make sure you also support the "Movement of Iranian students", click here for more details.

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Fact 52: Palestinians refused peace and an independent state in October of 2000 (05.26.2002)

NewsletterThe latest FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter has been sent.

This week's fact is Fact 52: Palestinians refused peace and an independent state in October of 2000.

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Left-wing extremists tried to storm Israeli embassy in London (05.17.2002)

NewsJust saw an article on Ha'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) that describes how left-wing extremists attacked the Israeli Embassy in London "to destroy everything in their way."

This violence, similar to Palestinian terrorist tactics of "destroying everything in their way", was reported only today, even though the vicious attacks occurred on Monday.

"The embassy, in consultation with security officials, decided to prevent the incident from being reported in the media, apparently in order to prevent alarm in the Jewish community in Great Britain.

The attack occurred one day after a Sunday Times report quoted a leader of London-based fundamentalist group al-Muhajiroun as saying that the Israeli embassy in London and its employees were a legitimate target for suicide attacks.

In October last year the group called on British Muslims to assassinate Prime Minister Tony Blair to avenge the bombing of Taliban forces in Afghanistan."

I copied the full article below.

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Akim, a young French Muslim says "Everyone here hates the Jews" (05.26.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe New Statesman from England (www.newstatesman.co.uk) has an article on anti-Semitism and Muslim violence in France. The writer interviews a young Jew, Michael Amar, and a young Muslim, Akim, both French. The anti-Semitism and hate coming from the young Muslim is evident:

"Nor do the anti-Semites in France stop at words. During the past two weeks, five synagogues have been firebombed, a pregnant Jewish woman has been punched, a kosher butcher's shop has been sprayed with bullets, and the Jewish school run by Amar's father-in-law has been vandalised."

"Take, for instance, Akim, a 22-year-old mechanic from Sarcelles. Although he was born in France and educated in French schools, his vision of the world is shaped by his belief in a pervasive Jewish conspiracy. "The Jews control everything in this town - the shops, the banks, the police, even the buses," he said, sitting with his friends, Rachid and Mourad, on a yellow bench in the middle of the Cite Rose council estate.

"If someone gets assaulted around here, you'll never see a police officer. The only time we see them is when they come round to give us parking fines. But if even the slightest thing happens to a Jew, there'll be a whole squad of them. They're outside the Jewish schools and synagogues all the time . . . The Jews never get a parking ticket. They park their cars in the middle of the road when they take their children to school, and the police do nothing, even though our bus is always delayed because of these cars. That's why I'm always late for work." Suddenly Akim jumped up, pointing: "That's it, our bus, the Arab bus, number 168," he said. "It's crowded and it stinks. It's not like the Jewish bus, where you can sit down, and where they have police officers on board to stop Muslims getting on."

His comments were nonsense. The 168 is an ordinary, green Paris Regional Transport Authority vehicle, as is the bus that goes through the Jewish district in Sarcelles. Yet Rachid and Mourad nodded in agreement as Akim continued. "This estate is like a Benetton advertisement," he said, looking up at a four-storey block of flats. "We have blacks, Arabs and Turks, and I'm probably forgetting some. We all get on fine together. But everyone here hates the Jews. You won't find anyone who has a good word to say about them."

I lived in France for 3 years, and even spent some weekends in Sarcelles, the Paris suburb mentioned in the article. I worry about my friends who are still in Sarcelles, and I hope the French government will do something about the new wave of French/Muslim anti-Semitism.

I copy the full article below.

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Stop supporting National Public Radio (NPR) (08.24.2002)

OpinionCamera.org has published more information on the incredible anti-Israeli bias found in the leftist National Public Radio (NPR).

National Public Radio, the taxpayer-supported public radio network, has earned an unenviable reputation as the most anti-Israel news source in the mainstream U.S. media. [...]

Unfortunately, one does not wait in vain for NPR to mangle the statements of Israeli officials. For example, after virtually every Palestinian attack, an NPR reporter or anchor can be counted on to utter the phrase, “Israeli officials say a Palestinian militant ...”, or something similar. Well, in fact, the Israeli official probably said terrorist rather than “militant” or “gunman” or “activist,” or any other of NPR’s preferred euphemisms for those who maim, murder and dismember Israeli civilians

I had been supporting NPR financially for years, yet their clear hate of Israel, due to their leftist views, has made me sick - I will never support NPR again. I also hope that public funds will stop being awarded to NPR.

For another example of NPR's clear support of Palestinian terrorism, see "The deliberate killing of unarmed civilians is terrorism".

I copy the full article below.

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Use the force Bibi Luke (12.05.2002)

HumorI had just finished watching "Star Wars II" when I stumbled upon a related picture on Israeli Guy. AraJar is the evil twin of JarJar, except that he's not only a bit simple minded, but he also deliberately murders women and children. Do you think that AraJar is related to AraFish?

I modified the image a bit, adding the subtitles. Like the Israeli Guy, I'm not sure I agree with the roles, but it's pretty funny.

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Military force is the only way to stop the butcher of Baghdad from acquiring nuclear weapons (01.25.2003)

OpinionThe leftist Israeli daily Ha'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) has an interview with former UN biological arms chief Richard O. Spertzel:

People who think that the UN inspectors will find biological or chemical or even nuclear weapons in Iraq in such a short period of time have unrealistic excpectations, says Richard O. Spertzel, who served as head of the biological weapons inspection team for the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq (UNSCOM) from 1994-98.

"It will take months and even years to find the `smoking gun' that people are talking about," he says. "We have to remember who we are dealing with. Saddam Hussein is a very sophisticated person. Whoever thinks that the inspectors will go to Iraq and find his secrets in a few weeks doesn't understand who we are dealing with."

Spertzel is following the work of the current team of inspectors in Iraq, and isn't impressed with their work or with their achievements. "The inspectors work mostly in sites that were visited by other inspectors until the inspection work was stopped in 1998. They don't visit almost any new sites. The visit to one of Saddam's palaces was only symbolic. Saddam is too smart. He is not going to hide his toys in the same place twice." [...]

Are we sure that Saddam really has biological and chemical weapons?

"Without a doubt. And this is a real threat. There is a fear that Iraq, with the help of terror organizations, will try to spread biological and chemical weapons. By the way, I am still not convinced that Iraq isn't behind the anthrax letters [that have been sent to American legislators and journalists]. The quality of the material that was in the letters is very high ... and I believe that Iraq did [it]. In any case, there is a big risk to many countries, including the U.S. and Israel, from smallpox and anthrax. This is the biggest risk."

In 1991 during the Gulf War, I was a college student at the Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology (similar to America's MIT). Israel never attacked Iraq, yet Saddam Hussein fired dozens of missiles at Israeli cities. Israel never retaliated, but the missiles (Scuds) kept coming. Kids and the elderly had to wear gas masks every night while the butcher of Baghdad aimed and fired his weapons at women, children and babies.

I certainly don't want this Iraqi murderer to acquire nulear weapons. Faster, please.

Thanks to Imshin for the link. I copy the full article below.

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Arafat and Palestinians refuse peace, wish for destruction of Israel (05.29.2002)

OpinionThe New York Review of Books (www.nybooks.com) just published an interview with Ehud Barak, who was Israel's Prime Minister at the Camp David Peace talks in October 2000 (see the history page for more details).

It is now clear that Palestinians are not interested in peace but have clearly chosen terrorism and the anihilation of the State of Israel as their ultimate goal.

After being offered 95% of the West Bank and Gaza (see maps), half of Jerusalem and an independent state of their own, Arafat and the Palestinians refused and didn't even present a counter offer.

After Deborah Sontag from the NY Times published a revisionist article blaming Israel and the US for the failed Camp David peace talks, here's what President Clinton told Barak:

What the hell is this? Why is she turning the mistakes we [i.e., the US and Israel] made into the essence? The true story of Camp David was that for the first time in the history of the conflict the American president put on the table a proposal, based on UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, very close to the Palestinian demands, and Arafat refused even to accept it as a basis for negotiations, walked out of the room, and deliberately turned to terrorism. That's the real story—all the rest is gossip.

Here are a few more excerpts:

Arafat said "No." Clinton, enraged, banged on the table and said: "You are leading your people and the region to a catastrophe." A formal Palestinian rejection of the proposals reached the Americans the next day. The summit sputtered on for a few days more but to all intents and purposes it was over.

What they [Arafat and his colleagues] want is a Palestinian state in all of Palestine. What we see as self-evident, [the need for] two states for two peoples, they reject. Israel is too strong at the moment to defeat, so they formally recognize it.

Repeatedly during our prolonged interview, conducted in his office in a Tel Aviv skyscraper, Barak shook his head—in bewilderment and sadness— at what he regards as Palestinian, and especially Arafat's, mendacity:

They are products of a culture in which to tell a lie...creates no dissonance. They don't suffer from the problem of telling lies that exists in Judeo-Christian culture. Truth is seen as an irrelevant category. There is only that which serves your purpose and that which doesn't. They see themselves as emissaries of a national movement for whom everything is permissible. There is no such thing as "the truth."

You might also want to read an interview with Shlomo Ben-Ami who was Israel's Foreign Minister at the time - check it out here.

I copy the full interview with Ehud Barak below.

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17-year-old Israeli girl killed by Palestinian genocide bomber (06.29.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Rachel Levy, 17, of Jerusalem, who was killed when a Palestinian female suicide bomber blew herself up in the Kiryat Yovel supermarket in Jerusalem on 3/29/2002.

Rachel Levy, 17, murdered
by a Palestinian genocide bomber

Rachel Levy was a senior at the Sieff High School. Fellow pupils from her photography class at school said that she was an excellent pupil, and that an exhibition of Rachel's photographs is being held at her school. "She was a charming girl, allways smiling and pleasant. simply a wonderful person," said a relative. "She loved books, music, and sports," said her mother.

Rachel Levy was buried in Jerusalem. She is survived by her parents, Amos and Avigail, and her two brothers: Guy, 23, and Kobi, 7.

May God bless her memory.

The female genocide bomber was a member of the Al-Aksa brigades, a terrorist group that is financed and organized by Yasser Arafat and other thugs of the Palestinian Authority.

I copy the full story below.

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Free Information Channel (05.02.2002)

AnnouncementI have released the FactsOfIsrael.com Klip for Klipfolio. It'll basically automatically download the latest descriptions of news, articles, and links from FactsOfIsrael.com - you can then easily choose which ones you want to read. Download it from:


You'll need to download the Klipfolio client, and then install the FactsOfIsrael.com Klip:

Serence™ Klipfolio™ is a free information channel viewer that lets you view and manage Klip™ information channels right on your desktop. KlipFolio is a real time saver - a "break through the clutter" approach to gathering information that interests you. Download it now - you'll be up and running in less than a minute!

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