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Fact 304: "In Palestinian-ruled territories, posters celebrating the murderers from the Islamic Jihad and Hamas (Islamic Resistance) killed by Israelis have been a feature of life since the current uprising began in September 2000. But the boys of Balata have taken to wearing icons of martyrs around their necks at all times. 'I used to have half a bag full of Pokémon stickers but I threw them all away,' said Saleh, sitting in the house of his cousin, Jihad, a recent homicide/suicide bomber whose picture is becoming hot property among teenage boys in Balata."

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Fake Palestinian Funeral (05.03.2002)

MultimediaLast night I was watching the Israeli news, and the IDF (Israel's army) released a video of a fake Palestinian funeral in Jenin.

Using a small plane (drone) without pilots, Israel was able to film how the Palestinians tried to stage a fake funeral to show as many casualties as possible were buried in Jenin.

"In the tape you see the fake 'corpse' being wrapped and then lying down on a stretcher. The stretcher bearers are not particularly adept and you can see him fall off several times.

During the course of the funeral the 'corpse' was dropped and the 'dead' Palestinian got up from the ground scaring many of the Palestinian marchers who were not cognizant of the deception."

To watch the 3 minute video, click here.
For the full article, see below.

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Calling for articles on Jewish Diversity for a contest and upcoming book (08.15.2002)

NewsThe Organization Kulanu (www.kulanu.org), which means "All of Us" in Hebrew, is calling for articles on Jewish Diversity for a contest and upcoming book:

Writing Contest Announced - August 13, 2001
Contact: Karen Primack, primack@starpower.net or 301 565 3094

The organization Kulanu is calling for articles on Jewish Diversity for a contest and upcoming book.

Kulanu, which assists "lost and dispersed Jewish communities around the world," hopes to publish a booklet entitled Readings in Jewish Diversity. It is intended for use in synagogue services, home ceremonies, communal gatherings, and quiet contemplation of the rich diversity to be found within Judaism.

The organization is seeking poems, prayers, prose, and songs. Perspectives can be Ashkenazic or Sephardic, white or nonwhite, American or Asian or African, Lubavitch or "Marrano." The writing can be, but need not be, geared to a particular holiday or life-cycle event. Non-English writings should include an English translation.

Send submissions to primack@starpower.net or Kulanu Book Project, 1217 Edgevale Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910-1612 USA.

After checking out www.kulanu.org I see they are dedicated "to finding and assisting lost and dispersed remnants of the Jewish people." Among the groups they help are the 'Marranos', "a large group of Jews [which] was 'lost' during the period of forced conversions to Christianity in Spain and Portugal starting in the 15th century. Many of these so-called 'Marranos' continued to practice Judaism in secret. Today their descendants can be found in Brazil, Mexico, the southwestern United States, and Majorca, as well as mainland Spain and Portugal.".

When I was a student in Israel in the early 90's, during summer, I used to guide groups of kids from Europe and America. One my groups turned out to be a mixture of kids from Western and Eastern Europe, including England, France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Romania, Spain and Portugal. Since I speak French, Portuguese, English and Hebrew fluently, I was perfect for the job.

One of the kids came from a small northern Portuguese village, a Marrano community. It was the first time I met a Marrano, and we kept in contact for years after he went back to Portugal. For more info on Marranos, click here.

I copy below Kulanu's full press release and my submission to the contest, "Pleading for my Land" by the French singer and poet, Herbet Pagani.

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India and Israel joined in their war on Islamic Terrorism (02.09.2004)

NewsHaaretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that Israel's Foreign Minister, Silvan Shalom, is currently on a visit in India:

India and Israel join the
United States in the global war
against Islamic mass murderers

Speaking to business leaders, Shalom also said that India and Israel must work together to fight terrorism, underscoring the growing ties between the two countries.

"With the escalating threat of global terrorism, there is a need for closer cooperation to combat terrorism," Shalom told 50 top industrialists at a meeting in Mumbai.

"India and Israel should work together to put this element out," Shalom said in a statement released by the Confederation of Indian Industry, which organized the meeting that was closed to the press.

As Al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the killers from Lashkar-e-Taiba (who murder Indian women and children in Kashmir) and other Islamic mass murderers will face an increasingly bigger coalition. This coalition, created by the need of a global war on Islamic terrorism, is led by the United States and as we can see from today's news includes Israel and India.

Expect other victims of the Islamic mass murderers to follow (such as Russia and true Western Democracies, e.g. Australia and Canada, but not France).

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Terrorist from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad murders 7-month-old Israeli baby girl (10.01.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismIsrael Insider (www.israelinsider.com) reports that a terrorist from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has deliberately murdered a 7-month-old Israeli baby girl:

Shaked Avraham, 7 months
murdered by a terrorist from
the Palestinian Islamic Jihad

A terrorist infiltrated the settlement of Negohot in the Hebron Hills through an unfenced area. He knocked on the door of a pre-fab home during the Rosh Hashana meal, after 9 pm. When Eyal Yiberbaum, 27, asked who was there, there was no answer. Finally, after additional knocking, and the sound of a mumbled voice from outside, Yiberbaum opened the door a crack.

The terrorist, armed with an M-16 rifle and four ammunition clips then shot twice, mortally wounding the man, who nevertheless prevented the gunman from entering the house. A reserve soldier in the home pursued the terrorist, as did other soldiers who had been eating the holiday meal in the community's dining hall.

Within two minutes, they had arrived at the scene of the shooting, but in the meantime the terrorist had sprayed gunfire at the surrounding pre-fab homes, penetrating their thin walls with bullets. One of the bullets entered the home he had first attacked, mortally wounding Shaked Avraham, a seven-month-old girl, in her baby carriage. Resuscitation efforts failed.

Don't expect to hear much about the murder of little Shaked in your local news. After all, for media outlets such as NPR, Shaked is just a "settler" (click here for more examples of NPR bias - and please do not give PBS any money).

I copy the full article below.

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Tom Lantos, a US Congressman, describes Yasser Arafat as "a poison, a plague and a pest" (05.26.2004)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Tom Lantos, a congressman from California, has correctly described Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian "leader", as "a poison, a plague and a pest":

During his press conference, the Hungarian-born congressman, who is the only Holocaust survivor ever to serve in the US Congress, reserved his harshest criticism for Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.

"Arafat is a poison in the region... a plague and a pest who has contributed to the tragedy and suffering of Palestinians and Israelis for a long time," Lantos said.

"His destructive, irresponsible, and monstrous behavior has brought death and destruction to his people and suicide bombings to Israel. The sooner he fades into oblivion the better of the region will be," he added.

The congressman confirmed that Jordan's King Abdullah's open critique of the Palestinian leader last week brought public the negative view the Jordanian monarch has held of Arafat for a very long time, opinions that he heretofore kept private.

For more information on how Arafat the pest has refused peace and decided to murder women and children, click here.

Tom Lantos recently has defeated a Palestinian Candidate, Maad Abu-Ghazalah, in the primaries for the Democratic party in the 12th district of California. For more details, click here.

I copy the full article below, where Mr. Lantos also tells the truth about Egypt's refusal to stop the mass murdering Palestinian terrorists from bringing bombs and guns into Gaza. Found this on the excellent IsraellyCool.

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American Muslim shoots and murders Jewish woman in Seattle, Washington, USA (07.28.2006)

Anti-SemitismThe Seattle Post Intelligencer reports that an American Muslim entered a Jewish community building in Seattle, Washington, in the northern United States and shot six women. He murdered one and injured another five, including a pregnant woman:

Six women were shot - one fatally - this afternoon at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle by a man who told a witness he was upset about "what was going on in Israel."

[...] Authorities did not release many details, but the FBI said the alleged shooter was between 30 and 40 and agents were investigating the incident as a hate crime. When asked at a news conference if that meant the alleged shooter was Muslim, Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske said: "You could infer that."

One woman was killed in the attack, police said.

[...] The gunman, armed with what police said was a large caliber, semi-automatic handgun, forced his way through the security door at the federation after an employee had punched in her security code, Marla Meislin-Dietrich, a database coordinator for the center, told The Associated Press. "He said 'I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel,' before opening fire on everyone," Meislin-Dietrich said. "He was randomly shooting at everyone."

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian University students support genocide bombings (08.22.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Israel Defense Forces (www.idf.il), Israel's army, has created a webpage that shows how a Palestinian University, Al-Najah, is the breeding ground for genocide bombers:

Students from a Palestinian University simulate
the murder of unarmed civilians in buses

Al-Najah University in Nablus is not a typical academic institution. Its students set the university's unique tone. The vast majority of the students support Palestinian terrorist organizations and favor uncompromising armed struggle against Israel, including suicide attacks. [...]

The Hamas-led student council runs a systematic propaganda campaign in favor of Jihad (holy war against infidels) among the university's students. The aim is to have the message of Jihad spread throughout the broader Palestinian population. [...]

Encouraging murder of Israelis - Al-Najah University serves Palestinian terror organizations as a stage for promoting their beliefs regarding the armed struggle. Rallies by Palestinian terror organizations on the campus, which have attracted media coverage, have shown operatives armed with various types of weapons, including anti-tank missile launchers, marching and shouting slogans praising the armed struggle. A variety of "plays" demonstrate to the students how to murder Israelis and blow up Israeli passenger buses. In addition, the Hamas held an exhibition on the campus in 2001, proudly re-creating suicide attacks carried out by Hamas operatives earlier that year. The entrance to the exhibition was designed to resemble the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem, scene of a suicide attack carried out in August 2001 by Iz Adin al-Masri, a Hamas operative from Jenin.

A disturbing piece of information is that the above Palestinian excuse for a University has deep ties with many European institutions, including Italy, England, Spain, France, Germany, Norway and Slovakia. But then again, European support for Palestinian terrorism is not that surprising anymore.

I copy the full article below, but make sure you visit the IDF website for all of the incriminating pictures of Al-Najah, the Palestinian University of death.

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Terroriste kamikaze Palestinien se trompe de date (French) (10.30.2002)

NewsTsahal arrete un idiot du Fatah, groupe terroriste d'Arafat:

Dans un communiqué revendiquant la responsabilité de l'attaque terroriste d'Ariel (27 octobre 2002), les Brigades des Martyrs d'Al-Aqsa [d'Arafat] ont par erreur indiqué que l'activiste Muhammad Shakir était responsable de l'attaque. Il s'avère que Shakir n'était pas le terroriste kamikaze impliqué dans l'attentat d'Ariel, mais qu'il s'apprêtait à perpétrer une attaque suicide en Israël. Le communiqué erroné a permis aux forces de Tsahal de procéder à son arrestation le 29.10.02 à Naplouse, ainsi qu'à celle de 13 autres activistes recherchés.

Les employees de Mr. Arafat non seulement sont des tueurs d'enfants mais sont aussi betes comme des vaches. Depuis Octobre 2000, Tsahal (l'armee d'Israel) a arrete 175 Palestiniens qui etaient pret a s'exploser parmis des femmes et enfant Israeliens.

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Security guard stops Palestinian Suicide Bomber (05.24.2002)

NewsHa'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that a security guard stopped a Palestinian suicide bomber from entering a Tel-Aviv disco. The guard, identified as Eli Federman, 36, managed to shoot at the Palestinian terrorist causing the killer's bomb to explode - injuring 5 unarmed civilian bystanders.

The remains of a car used in a failed
Palestinian terrorist attack

There were over 100 people in the disco, and if the Palestinian terrorist was successful in his murderous plans, many innocent civilians would have died.

This brings up the point that for every successful Palestinian terrorist attack there are dozens of failed attempts. Thanks to the Israeli Border Police and the IDF (Israel's army) for risking their lives while stopping these murder attempts.

I copy the article below.

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Life goes on in Israel and Jerusalem (09.01.2002)

NewsJacob R. was yesterday at the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair and he took 132 pictures - for those that won't be visiting Jerusalem this week, you can check it out online thanks to Jacob.

One of the many attractions at
the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair

Over the past weeks, the downtown area of Jerusalem has been filled with people enjoying many outdoor shows and fairs. It is wonderful to see the center of Jerusalem returning to a festive atmosphere.

This week's attraction has been the "Khutsot Hayotser" - Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair on the Ben Yehuda Mall from August 25 thru August 31 (excluding the Jewish Shabbat).

Yesterday (August 28) I paid a visit to the fair at 5pm before it started to get crowded. For those of you who will not be visiting the city this week, I have taken 132 pictures of the fair and have placed them on the web. The address of the online picture exhibit is:


It is good to realize sometimes that life does go on in Israel without Palestinian murderers disrupting it. Make sure you check out the pictures, they are great.

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Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber kills Israeli grandmother and infant granddaughter (05.27.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismHa'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that another Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber has blown himself in front of a coffee shop, this time killing two and injuring over 50.

"A grandmother and her 18-month-old granddaughter were killed Monday evening, when a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to the Bravisimo cafe, at a commercial center in Petah Tikva.

The Al Aqsa Martys Brigade, the military wing of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's Fatah party, claimed responsibility for the attack in the city, which is located 10 kilometers east of Tel Aviv. The Palestinian Authority condemned the attack."

Last night Israeli TV (Channel 1) reported that the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas and Arafat's terrorist groups, such as the Al-Aqsa Martyr's brigade, are sending in a new wave of homicide/suicide bombers. Their goal is to prove that Operation Defensive Shield did not work, and that Israel should give up fighting Palestinian terrorism.

Israli TV also mentioned that over 90% of all Palestinian homicide/suicide attacks are being stopped, and it is much harder for these murderers to execute their plans of destruction. The main leaders of the above terrorist groups have been arrested and this indicates that Operation Defensive Shield is working.

I copy the full article below.

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Islamic Court in Iran sentences 19-year-old to death by hanging for drinking alcohol (01.12.2003)

NewsThe BBC (news.bbc.co.uk) reports that an Islamic Court in Iran has sentenced a 19-year-old to death by hanging for drinking alcohol:

A 19-year-old Iranian man has been sentenced to death by hanging for repeatedly drinking alcohol, local newspapers have reported.

The man, identified only as Davoud, had already twice been arrested and whipped for committing the offence.

Under the country's strict Islamic laws, drinking is strictly forbidden, and those caught are usually whipped or heavily fined.

However if caught for a third time an offender can be sentenced to death.

Police arrested the man after he visited a police station to enquire about two of his friends who had also recently been detained.

The authorities noticed he had been drinking and immediately charged, the French news agency AFP reported.

"Shaaria" is Islamic Law - countries such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Somalia and Iran implement Shaaria. Human, gay and women rights many times are ignored when Islamic Law is applied.

Thanks to LGF for the link - I copy the full article below.

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Switzerland, 1348, Jews murdered and accused of causing the Black Plague (09.21.2002)

Jewish HistoryThe Jerusalem Post's feature "This day in history" reports on September 21, 1348, when Jews in Switzerland are beaten and murdered after being accused of being responsible for the Black plague:

1348: Plague riots spread to Switzerland in Bern, Chillon, and Zurich. In the Castle of Chillon on Lake Geneva, Jews under torture admitted to having been given poison to place in wells around Venice.

It is interesting to note that some Palestinian terrorists are today trying to murder Israeli women and children by putting poison in their water (see this article).

I copy below an article gives more details on the murder of Jews in Switzerland.

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Solar Power: Stop funding Islamic Terrorism, Save the Environment and Money (12.27.2003)

Hi-TechA few months ago I published a story on how we can help stop funding Islamic terrorism by purchasing the Toyota Prius, a hybrid/electric car that gets over fifty miles per gallon (click here for more details).

After doing additional research I also learned that in most US states, over 80% of our energy consumption is still based on fossil fuels! Since I sincerely don’t want any of my energy needs to generate funds for Islamic terrorists, I started looking for alternatives.

Solar Power Panels generate
Clean and Safe Energy

A friend of mine had installed a solar power system and had been enjoying it for a few weeks, so I decided to ask him some questions and understand how it worked. I was simply amazed! Here are some benefits:

1) Your system generates power from the sun and feeds it back to your utilities company: your meter starts rolling backwards!

2) Your electricity bill becomes irrelevant (a couple of dollars per month) – you are not hostage anymore to your utilities price increases.

3) Depending on where you live you can get huge rebates for purchasing the system. For example the State of California pays for 50% of the system and gives you a 15% tax credit (saving you literally thousands of dollars).

4) You won’t be burning fossil fuels that directly finance Saudi Arabia and therefore the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al-Qaeda, and other Islamic mass murderers.

5) You’ll be saving the environment: contrary to fossil fuels or atomic energy, solar power is clean and safe!

6) The system will pay for itself in a few years – after that you’ll have 20-30 years of free electricty!

With so many advantages, I had to do it: a couple of weeks ago, my family and I became the proud owners of a working 4.9 kW solar power system!

See below for the rest of the article - I’ll cover some of the additional advantages of such a system, including the technical aspects, the finances, and more.

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Arafat's "Palestinian Authority" is disintegrating and could collapse soon (02.29.2004)

NewsThe Washington Post (www.washingtonpost.com) has some good news: Arafat's thugs are running out of money and seem to be in serious trouble:

Three years and five months after Palestinians began their second uprising against Israel, the Palestinian Authority is broke, politically fractured, riddled with corruption, unable to provide security for its own people and seemingly unwilling to crack down on terrorist attacks against Israel, according to Palestinian, Israeli and international officials.

The turmoil within the Palestinian Authority is fueling concern that the agency -- created almost 10 years ago to govern the West Bank and Gaza Strip -- is disintegrating and could collapse, leaving a political and security vacuum in one of the Middle East's most volatile regions, many of those officials said. [...]

Because of budget shortfalls in recent months, the authority has taken out loans from Arab-owned commercial banks to pay salaries while also imposing pay cuts on its 140,000 employees. Frustrated by allegations of corruption and the slow pace of economic reform, foreign donors are reducing funding to the authority or diverting money to nongovernmental organizations. [...]

Edward G. Abington, a former State Department official who is now a Washington consultant to the Palestinian Authority, said he told Arafat during a meeting at the Palestinian leader's bombed-out compound here recently that the governing body was in danger of collapse.

"Let it collapse," Arafat said, according to Abington. "It will be the fault of Israel and the Americans."

Yasser Arafat, one of the oldest international terrorists, decided three years ago to turn down peace with Israel and refused to accept an independent Palestinian State.

His "Palestinian Authority" started instead to fund the mass murderers from the Al-Aksa brigades, who almost on a daily basis attempt to murder women and children (for more information, click here).

Some might argue that Arafat's secular "Palestinian Authority" might be more moderate than the religious fanatic, racist and violent killers from the Islamic Jihad and Hamas. In my view, the fascists from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Arafat's thugs are just as bad: murderous bastards who have to be dealt with.

I copy the full article below.

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