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Fact 223: "In May 2002, Dani Naveh, a minister in Israel's government prepared a report on Arafat's involvement with terrorism. The report noted that 'Yasser Arafat was personally involved in the planning and execution of terror attacks. He encouraged them ideologically, authorized them financially and personally headed the Fatah Al Aqsa Brigades organization. Arafat and his men used the funds donated to them by other countries, including the European Union, to finance terrorist activity'."

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July 19, 2014

The Middle East problem (July 19, 2014)

Dennis Prager explains "The Middle East problem":

Mr. Prager is right on: the solution may be hard, but the problem is simple: one side wants the other side dead.

I copy more info on the video below.

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10 things to celebrate, why we love America (07.04.2003)

NewsToday, July 4th, America's Indepedence Day. Dinesh D'Souza, an American citizen originally born in India has written an excellent article on why we love the United States of America so much:

America is under attack as never before -- not only from terrorists but also from people who provide a justification for terrorism. Islamic fundamentalists declare America the Great Satan. Europeans rail against American capitalism and American culture. South American activists denounce the United States for "neocolonialism" and oppression.

Anti-Americanism from abroad would not be such a problem if Americans were united in standing up for their own country. But in this country itself, there are those who blame America for most of the evils in the world. On the political left, many fault the United States for a history of slavery, and for continuing inequality and racism. Even on the right, traditionally the home of patriotism, we hear influential figures say that America has become so decadent that we are "slouching towards Gomorrah."

If these critics are right, then America should be destroyed. And who can dispute some of their particulars? This country did have a history of slavery and racism continues to exist. There is much in our culture that is vulgar and decadent. But the critics are wrong about America, because they are missing the big picture. In their indignation over the sins of America, they ignore what is unique and good about American civilization.

As an immigrant who has chosen to become an American citizen, I feel especially qualified to say what is special about America. Having grown up in a different society -- in my case, Bombay, India -- I am not only able to identify aspects of America that are invisible to the natives, but I am acutely conscious of the daily blessings that I enjoy in America. Here, then, is my list of the 10 great things about America: [...]

-- America has the kindest, gentlest foreign policy of any great power in world history. Critics of the United States are likely to react to this truth with sputtering outrage. They will point to long-standing American support for a Latin or Middle Eastern despot, or the unjust internment of the Japanese during World War II, or America's reluctance to impose sanctions on South Africa's apartheid regime. However one feels about these particular cases, let us concede to the critics the point that America is not always in the right.

What the critics leave out is the other side of the ledger. Twice in the 20th century, the United States saved the world -- first from the Nazi threat, then from Soviet totalitarianism.

What would have been the world's fate if America had not existed? After destroying Germany and Japan in World War II, the United States proceeded to rebuild both countries, and today they are American allies. Now we are doing the same thing in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Consider, too, how magnanimous the United States has been to the former Soviet Union after its victory in the Cold War. For the most part America is an abstaining superpower; it shows no real interest in conquering and subjugating the rest of the world. (Imagine how the Soviets would have acted if they had won the Cold War.)

On occasion the United States intervenes to overthrow a tyrannical regime or to halt massive human rights abuses in another country, but it never stays to rule that country. In Grenada, Haiti and Bosnia, the United States got in and then it got out. Moreover, when America does get into a war, as in Iraq, its troops are supremely careful to avoid targeting civilians and to minimize collateral damage. Even as America bombed the Taliban infrastructure and hideouts, U.S. planes dropped food to avert hardship and starvation of Afghan civilians. What other country does these things?

Read the whole article below, and happy birthday America! You can also read the United States Declaration of Independence which I posted last year - click here for more details.

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Pakistani tennis player faces ban for partnering with Israeli (07.02.2002)

NewsThe BBC (www.bbc.co.uk) reports that Aisamul Qureshi, a Muslim Pakistani tennis player, may face a ban from the Pakistani Sports Board.

Pakistan's Aisamul Haq Qureshi has been condemned by his country's sports officials for partnering an Israeli at Wimbledon.

Qureshi, a 22-year-old Muslim, created history with the help of Jewish Hadad by becoming the first Pakistani player to reach the third round of a Grand Slam event.

But instead of being celebrated back in his home country, officials are considering imposing a ban over his choice of partner.

"Although he is playing in his private capacity, we officially condemn his playing with an Israeli player and an explanation has been sought from him," said Pakistan Sports Board director Brigadier Saulat Abbas.

"Since Pakistan has no links with Israel, Qureshi may face a ban."

The Sport Board from Pakistan joins the thousands of racists Muslim organizations and institutions that cannot even accept the idea of a Jew partnering with a Muslim to play tennis! These are some pretty narrow-minded morons.

Let's root for Hadad and Qureshi and hope they get far in Wimbledon - any Jewish/Muslim cooperation should be supported, not condemned.

I copy the full article below.

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Arafat did not come up with one idea at Camp David (05.19.2002)

NewsI just read an article on the Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) that goes over an interview with Dennis Ross, who was one of the main mediators between Israel and the Palestinians under former U.S. presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.

"Arafat didn't offer anything but slogans during this period. He never indicated that he would even make a decision," said Ross.

"The only thing he did say was that the Second Temple, destroyed by the Romans almost 2000 years ago, never existed in Jerusalem as the Jews believe. He said it was located somewhere in Nablus", Ross said.

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian genocide bomber murders one Israeli (09.18.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian genocide bomber has blown himself in a northern Israeli-Arab town, murdering one:

A suicide bomber blew himself up Wednesday afternoon at a busy intersection outside the Israeli-Arab city of Umm el Fahm, killing a police officer and wounding three people, police and media reports said.

According to Channel 2, the bomber detonated his explosives while standing on the highway, after police approached him because he was suspiciously weaving between trucks on foot.

The main title on CNN currently is "One killed in West Bank suicide bombing" - that's completely wrong.

As the Jerusalem Post correctly pointed out, Umm el Fahm is an Israeli-Arab city from the North of the country, near Afula. I purchased olive oil there a few times as I drove by Umm el Fahm on my way to reserve duty (miluim).

Of course, if the Palestinian barbaric attacks are made in the West Bank, only "settlers" will be murdered and American extreme liberals will certainly not condemn that. I suspect CNN will change the title soon, but when it makes such basic mistakes, you start to question its credibility.

I copy the full article below.

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Five Sets of Golden teeth (10.01.2002)

HumorThis one was sent to me by my good friend Peter G.:

Moisha Rabinowitz in the late 1930s fled his native land of Germany. He sold all his assets and converted it to gold and then had 5 sets of solid gold false teeth made.

When he arrived in New York the customs official was perplexed as to why anybody would have 5 sets of gold teeth. So Moisha explained.

"We Orthodox Jews have two separate sets of dishes for meat products and dairy products but I am so kosher and religious I also have separate sets of teeth."

The customs official shook his head and said, "Well that accounts for two sets of teeth. What about the other three?"

Moisha then said "Vell us very religious Orthodox Jews use separate dishes for Passover, but I am so religious I have separate teeth, one for meat and one for dairy food.

The customs official slapped his head and then said, "You must be a very religious man with separate teeth for foodand dairy products and likewise for Passover. That accounts for four sets of teeth. What about the fifth set?"

"Vell to tell you the truth, once in a while I like a ham sandwich".

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Organizer of Palestinian genocide bombings killed by the IDF (07.01.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismHa'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that the Muhanad Taher, the head of Hamas in Nablus was killed by the IDF (Israel's army or Israel Defense Forces).

Taher was a bomb maker, responsible for the death of hundreds of unarmed Israeli civilians, including kids (see the Palestine page for a list of genocide bombings).

Muhanad Taher, 26, described by Palestinians as "the Engineer-4", was killed in a raid by an elite IDF unit in the West Bank city of Nablus on Sunday. Taher, the head of Hamas's military wing in Nablus and a bomb-maker, topped Israel's most-wanted list.

A resident of Nablus, Taher learnt religious studies at the Al-Nagah University in the West Bank city, which is considered a Hamas stronghold and recruitment center for potential suicide bombers. Over the years, Taher specialized in bomb-making and for the past two months commanded of the group's military wing in Samaria.

According to Israeli security sources, Taher was directly involved in dozens of terror attacks in which more than 100 Israelis were killed.

Taher was directly responsible for last month's suicide bombing at the Jerusalem Pat Junction, which killed 19 Israelis. He recruited the bomber and also supervised the explosive laboratory that produced the bomb.

I copy the full article below.

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Many Arabs and Muslims blame their incompentence on Jews (10.03.2002)

OpinionThe Arab and Muslim political circles and press continuously spit out hate of Jews and Israel. Last saturday for example, Iraq's Deputy Primer Minister Tariq Aziz said that "Zionist Circles" in Britain and the US "were pushing the two countries into war against Iraq to serve Israel and its interests".

The Jewish World Review (jewishworldreview.com) has some insight on how racism and hate of Jews is a given in the Arab World:

How about the deterioration in US-Iranian relations? You guessed it: it's the Jews again. In a September 12 interview with ABC News, Hassan Rohani, head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, complained that, "after September 11, the hardliners, especially the Zionist lobby, became more active and, unfortunately, influenced Mr. Bush" to view Iran in a negative light. [...]

Then there are the Saudis, whose image in the West has suffered since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Rather than taking stock and asking themselves why 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, they prefer instead to pin their troubles on the Jews.

Last Friday, Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naif said that Western media reports highlighting Saudi support for terrorism are "orchestrated by the Zionist lobby which works against the American people's interests."

"The most powerful nation in the world," he asserted in all seriousness, "is hostile to Arabs and Muslims as a result of the influence the Zionist lobby wields in the United States" (Arab News, September 27).

I copy the full article below - read it and learn how to join the "Zionist Lobby".

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Maccabi Haifa, an Israeli team, reaches the European Champions League (08.28.2002)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that the Israeli soccer team Maccabi Haifa has beaten the Austrian team Graz to reach the European Champions League final stages.

Israeli players celebrate after
beating Graz, the Austrian team

The result of Wednesday night's game completed a 5-3 aggregate victory for Haifa. The hot-tempered match of six goals and three sendings off, turned a dream into reality, and will set a new benchmark for Israeli clubs.

Haifa's coach Yitzhak Schum couldn't hide his delight at becoming the first coach to lead an Israeli side to Europe's top-32 clubs competition. [...]

The Haifaites advanced together with 15 clubs through the qualifying rounds. Defending champion Real Madrid is among the 16 clubs that are already in the hat, after being allocated automatic entry on the basis of their performances in their domestic leagues.

The 32 contestants will be drawn into eight groups of four teams. Each group will contain a team from one of the eight top seeds, plus a team from second, third, and fourth-ranked sides.

Israel should normally play against its neighbors Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, but unfortunately the Middle East Islamic countries reject the Jewish State. Therefore Israel is considered part of Europe (for sports purposes) and plays all of its games, including qualifying tournaments for participation in the World Cup, against European teams.

This is the first time an Israeli team has ever reached the European Champions League final stage.

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian homicide bomber murders 7 Israelis on Jerusalem bus (05.18.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that the scum from Hamas, the Palestinian Jihad or Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades have once again murdered unarmed innocent women and children:

A suicide bomber blew up Sunday morning on a bus in Jerusalem's French Hill quarter, killing seven people and wounding 20, police said.

Four of the wounded in the attack on bus no. 6 were listed in serious condition.

The blast occurred at 5:50 a.m. local time, when a bomber disguised as an Orthodox Jew wearing a tallit and a yarmulke, detonated 10 kg. explosive strapped to his waist. [...]

Due to the attack, which is the fourth in a space of 12 hours, including a string of bombings of Jewish targets in Casablanca that killed 40 people, Sharon postponed his plans to fly to Washington and schedule urgent cabinet consultations for Sunday evening.

These Palestinian Islamic terrorists have deliberately murdered hundreds of Israeli women and children since October 2000, when Arafat rejected peace and a Palestinian state - click here or here for more details.

I copy the full article below.

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U.S. President Bush supports Israel in her war against Islamic Terrorism, receives huge applause (08.30.2004)

NewsI was listening a few minutes ago to an event where President Bush answered questions from Americans living in Nashua, New Hampshire. One of the topics that came up was the Israeli war on Palestinian Terrorism. President Bush said:

"A trouble spot in the Middle East is obviously the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. We're strong supporters of Israel. Israel is our ally. And I believe the best way -- (applause.) "

The applause came after the great American folks present at the event heard the phrase "We're strong supporters of Israel. Israel is our ally." But as in any event, you will find racist bastards, Nazis, or intolerant Muslims spitting up their bile. One such woman then asked the following question:

"Q (Inaudible) [Woman]: How can Ariel Sharon, as you've said, be a man of peace if he causes death and torture among innocent Palestinians every day? How can Ariel Sharon be a man of peace if he fits your definition a terrorist? I'd be curious to hear how you plan to carry out the two-state solution. "

President Bush then replied:

THE PRESIDENT: [...] First of all, Ariel Sharon is defending his country against terrorist attacks, just like we will -- (applause.) [...]

I also believe there's a leadership question involved with whether or not a Palestinian state will emerge. See, I think in order for a Palestinian state to emerge, there must be leadership that believes in the hopes and aspirations of the people, and are willing to put institutions in place that are larger than mankind -- in other words, willing to have a system based upon law and institutions that survive the people, as opposed to a system in which one person pretty well dictates the fate of the Palestinian people.

And so the real challenge is to not only stay on the road map, which is institution-building -- and, by the way, there's also a commitment to fight off terror -- but it's for leadership to emerge that is committed to the aspirations of the people.

Ariel Sharon is a duly-elected official in a democracy. In other words, Israel is a democracy. (Applause.) We would hope that the Palestinians would have that same kind of democracy which would lead to a more peaceful world.

I applaud President Bush for the clarity of his vision. I applaud the American people for the clarity of their vision and their wisdom in getting the best man for the job elected.

It is clear that President Bush was directly talking about Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian excuse for a leader, when he mentioned "a system based upon law and institutions that survive the people, as opposed to a system in which one person pretty well dictates the fate of the Palestinian people."

Standing up to Islamic intolerance, hatred and violence and stopping the mass murdering freaks from Al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Arafat's Al-Aksa Brigades is not easy. That said, both Israel and America's current leaders have the right approach and attitude towards ending the threat of Islamic Fascism. We will win this war.

I copy the full transcript of the event below.

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16 year-old Israeli girl murdered by Palestinian suicide bomber (07.25.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Rachel Thaler, a 16-year-old Israeli girl who was murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber.

The Palestinian Arab/Muslim suicide bomber deliberately chose as his bloodshedding target a crowd of Jewish children sitting at the pizzeria in the town of Karnei Shomron. Three children died and over 30 were wounded in the barbaric attack.

Rachel Thaler, 16, murdered
by a Palestinian Terrorist

Rachel Theler had gone on Saturday night to the local Yuvalim Mall in Karnei Shomron with his brother, Lior. Since its opening six months ago, the mall has become a popular meeting place for local youth. Rachel, who suffered a critical head injury in the bombing, never regained consciousness. She died 12 days later. Her family donated her organs for transplant. The condition of Rachel's brother, Lior, 14, who was also seriously injured, has improved greatly.

Rachel was the oldest of the family's three children. Her parents - Ganette, from England, and Michael, from the US - moved to the Ginot Shomron neighborhood five years ago, and were divorced three years later. Michael had moved back to the US, while Ganette remained in Ginot Shomrom with the children.

Rachel studied at the Ulpana in Dolev. Eliraz Smet, Rachel's guide in the Ulpana, said "She always had a smile on her face. We would aske her to teach us how she always kept the smile, even with what's going on."

Rachel Theler was buried in Karnei Shomron. She is survived by her parents and two brothers, Lior and Zvi.

May God bless her memory. I copy her full story below.

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Barghouti, bras droit d'Arafat, accusé d'avoir tué des centaines de femmes et d'enfants (French) (09.06.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismArouts 7 (www.a7fr.com) a publie un article qui decrit comment le proces de Marwan Barghouti a debute.

Le procès du secrétaire général du Fatah en Judée-Samarie, Marwan Barghouti, arrêté par Tsahal à Ramallah pendant l’opération « Rempart », s’est ouvert ce matin devant le tribunal de district de Tel-Aviv. [...]

Lorsqu'il [Barghouti] s'est présenté en "combattant de la paix", la vice-présidente du tribunal, Sara Sirota a rétorqué : "Un combattant de la paix ne transforme pas des enfants en bombes humaines et ne tue pas des civils."

Le site Reinfo-Israel.com a publie une traduction en Francais de documents qui prouvent que Barghouti et son patron Arafat ont directement finance et organize des actes terroristes. Ils sont responsables des meurtres de centaines d'Israeliens innocents, dont beaucoup de femmes et d'enfants.

Je copie l'article entier ci-dessous.

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Death Threat received - Moroccan ISP doesn't respond (12.08.2002)

Hate MailOn 8/2/2002, I received the following death threat:

-----Original Message-----
From: zoro gorif [mailto:fofifa@caramail.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2002 6:35 PM
To: remarks@factsofisrael.com
Subject: open this

dirty killers.

I am from qassam wing and i would like to inform you that
your building is selected this time to be our coming target.



The idiot from above turned out to be a looser from Morocco. The Izz el-Din al-Qassam Brigades are murderers from the Palestinian Hamas ("Islamic Resistance"), a terrorist group dedicated to the destruction of Israel, and the genocide of her citizens.

I traced back the message to the IP address, which belongs to a Moroccan ISP called "Maroc Telecom" (www.iam.ma). I sent the ISP two messages but received no response, not even an acknowledgement of receipt.

The message was sent through a French Web mail service, caramail.com, which is similar to Hotmail.com. Unfortunately, I received no response from caramail.com either.

So much for French and Moroccan respect for the rules of law.

For a list of homicide/suicide bombings executed by the Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades, click here.

To see how I was able to trace the message back to the ISP in Marocco, click here.

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United Nations ignores the deliberate murder of Israeli children by Arafat's Palestinian terrorists (12.28.2002)

OpinionThe Globe and Mail (www.globeandmail.com) has a good article on how low the United Nations can get:

This year's General Assembly, which ended on Friday, marked a new low in United Nations bias against Jews and the Jewish state. The three resolutions passed in its final days are a disturbing commentary.

On Wednesday, the General Assembly adopted a resolution on Palestinian children. This brings the number of resolutions on the human rights of children to three: one on the rights of the child, one on the "girl child," and one on Palestinian children -- the only children in the world subject to the specific concern of a General Assembly resolution.

With its automatic majority on the Palestinian side of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the General Assembly is able to generate large numbers of resolutions critical only of Israel. The resolution focusing only on Palestinian children, however, is a historic first, and it increases the number of General Assembly resolutions directed annually at Israel to 20. Human-rights situations in the rest of the world drew only six country-specific resolutions this year. There were no resolutions on human rights in such countries as Syria, Saudi Arabia or China.

The draft version of the resolution on Palestinian children was adopted on Nov. 15 by the General Assembly's Third Committee (which deals with social, cultural and humanitarian affairs), in the same week that a Palestinian gunman broke into a home on an Israeli kibbutz and shot to death two children -- Noam, 4, and Matan, 5 -- while their mother, Revital Ohayon, tried to hide them under her body. The al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, linked to Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, claimed responsibility.

In the past two years, Palestinian terrorists have repeatedly targeted Israeli children. On April 27, gunmen broke into a home west of Hebron, found five-year-old Danielle Shefi hiding under her parents' bed and shot her in the head. On May 9, 2001, Israeli students Kobi Mandell, 13, and Yossi Ish-Ran, 14, were stoned to death and their bodies mutilated in a cave south of Jerusalem. Palestinian suicide bombers have directed attacks at places where children gather, such as buses, discos and pizza parlours.

More than 100 Israeli children have been murdered and 900 wounded or maimed in the past two years alone. The General Assembly resolution, however, neither expressed concern nor made any mention of Israeli children.

The UN makes me sick. I copy the full article below.

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Russian anti-Semite tries to blow up Synagogue (08.23.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Russian man was arrested before accomplishing his goal of blowing up a Synagogue.

The man, described as 24 years old and unemployed, planned to blow up the synagogue in the city of Nalchik, in the southern Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, officials said.

He was arrested Wednesday at his home, said police spokesman Tamerlan Kazikhanov. Authorities found a homemade bomb there containing a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of plastic explosives, as well as radio equipment, three automatic rifles, cartridges, and camouflage clothing.

Under questioning, the man spoke out against Jews and said he learned how to make bombs from military manuals he found in secondhand book stores and kiosks, officials said.

I copy the full article below.

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