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Fact 342: '"The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism' is a state forum that monitors Antisemitic and Anti-Jewish activities throughout the world. It coordinates the struggle against this phenomenon with various government bodies and Jewish organizations around the world: The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism http://www.antisemitism.org.il/"

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Racist Bastard burns Jewish school in Canada (04.06.2004)

Anti-SemitismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that racist bastards have burned part of a Jewish school in Canada:

A racist bastard burns down
a Jewish School in French Quebec, Canada

A fire destroyed library books and damaged a library computer system at the St. Laurent branch of United Talmud Torahs (UTT) elementary school on the eve of the Passover holiday (April 5), and police found anti-Semitic notes, written in French taped to the school's walls.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin confirmed that the school, which was closed at the time of the blaze Monday, was firebombed. [...]

Workers spent the day vacuuming up the water left by firefighters, but the library is beyond hope. The room is black and charred and almost all the books are destroyed, CBC news reported.

Montreal police spokesman Yves Surprenant refused to say how the blaze started or provide details about the notes' contents, except to say they were signed by an unknown organization. But the Canadian Jewish News reported on its website that a firebomb was thrown through a window, and traces of accelerant were found in the building.

Surprenant said it was "the most deplorable act"' he has seen in 24 years on the force. "What was written on the notes really told us it was a hate crime," he said. [...]

Professor Nitza Perry, a representative of the Jewish community in Montreal, told Army Radio that she met with some Holocaust survivors Tuesday following the attack. "They are panicking. This reminds them of the [nineteen] thirties. Where they burn books, they burn people, the survivors told me," Perry said.

Yesterday I attended a Passover Seder with familiy and friends. Among those present was E., a 99-year-old woman who has been a leader all of her life. She will be one hundred years old in a few months but is incredibly witty, smart and funny.

She's not Jewish, but feels a strong connection to the Jewish people and wanted to be present at a Seder. Last night, after she asked everyone to say a few words of thanks (she's still setting the agenda at 99), she said a few words about what Israel is going through.

This is not new: Jewish history is full of pogroms, hate crimes, mass murders and the Holocaust. It would take me three days to just mention by name the pogroms of Poland, Russia, and Northern Africa.

There is one difference however: in 2004 we have the State of Israel. We have institutions, we have an army, and we have an overall idea that Jews can and should defend themselves against barbaric racist bastards - from Al-Qaeda or the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, from Hitler's scum and Neo Nazis or from extreme European leftists and Communists.

The Passover seder is mainly about the idea of freedom (on how the Israelites were slaves in Egypt and the story of their escape). It is also the idea that we should cherish this liberty (that some of us have in western Democracies) and that this freedom is worth fighting for.

As Jewish schools burn down in France, Canada or Tunisia, it seems to me that the link between Jewish freedom and the State of Israel is very clear.

I copy the full article below.

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Muslim leaves racist comment against all Jews and Christians (01.02.2003)

Hate MailOn October 22, 2002, I posted an article that described how the Palestinian Islamic Jihad murdered 15 people after blowing up a car stuffed with over 220 pounds of explosives next to an Israeli bus (click here for the original article).

On December 5, a self-proclaimed Islamo-Nazi wrote the following as a comment:

All the kuffr including the jews and christians will pay with their lives for all the pain and suffering on all Muslims worldwide.

I guess "kuffr" means non-Muslim, or infidel, or something that Islamo-Fascists use as a derogatory term.

I traced the message back to the IP address which belongs to www.pipex.net, an ISP from England. Unfortunately the ISP is not cooperating, and did not respond to my messages (I found that French and English ISPs rarely respond).

Many Muslims in England are very extreme - see for example this article that describes how in August 2002 a massive rally was held in London, England, in support of Bin Laden and Islam. The main message from these Islamic-freaks was "We are against Democracy, Freedom and Evolution". Yep - we know.

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Israel fights back! (08.11.2006)

NewsIsrael is currently in the middle of a war against Hezbollah, a fanatical Islamic terrorist organization based in south Lebanon. Hezbollah's goal is to destory Israel and murder all of her Jewish citizens, including women and children.

These Islamic terrorists from Hezbollah have literally murdered hundreds of Americans and Israelis. These Islamic Fascists are backed by the rogue country of Iran whose president has openly declared multiple times that his goal is to destroy Israel and commit genocide on millions of her Jewish men, women and children.

An Israeli tank gets ready to face Islamic Fascists

from Hezbollah or other Islamic fanatical terrorist organizations

Since Israel's war on Hezbollah and Hamas is not over, there are literally hundreds of stories to be told and most media outlets are covering Israel's war on the Islamic terrorists from Lebanon and the Palestinian territories.

For the latest news, check out:

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mfa.gov.il/mfa

The Jerusalem Post: http://www.jpost.com

Little Green Footballs: www.littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog

Below I copy information from the U.S. State Department web site on Hezbollah. Both the United States Department and Israel's Foreign Ministry define Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

I also copy below some suggestions on what you can do to help to defeat the Hezbollah, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Al-Qaeda and other Islamic Fascists.

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The Muslim holiday of 'Ashoura': a bloody celebration of intolerance (03.15.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismThis week many Muslims around the world celebrated the holiday of Ashoura. I have found a page that explains what this barbaric ritual is all about:

This week, Muslims in Lebanon

"celebrate" the holiday of Ashoura

Ashoura in Lebanon

The observance of Ashoura is one of the most important events in the Shia calender. Ashoura marks the anniversary of the martyrdom of Husayn, grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, in what is now Kerbala, Iraq. The death of Husayn was the beginning of the Sunni/Shia split, which persists in Islam to this day.

In the past, many Shia men have demonstrated their devotion to Husayn by letting their blood flow freely from self-inflicted wounds. Today, however, many governments have tried to ban this practice, with varying degrees of success. In Lebanon, the practice is permitted, and a bloody commemoration of Ashoura takes place in Nabatieh every year.

Most participants make a small cut on their head, and then beat the wound with their palm--or in this case a sword--to keep the wound open and bleeding.

Participants then march in groups around the town, yelling chants to express their devotion to Husayn and the Prophet. [...]

Many children participate, and the tradition seems to be an important rite of passage for many Shia boys.

The article above fails to mention that participants also call for the death of Jews, America and Israel. In my opinion, there's a direct link between this culture of blood and death, and the hate and terrorism executed by certain Muslims around the world.

I don't think I can trust Shiite Muslims that celebrate Ashoura with defending women rights, gay rights, democracy or freedom. They'll have to stop cutting themselves like barbaric morons from the 4th century before there's a chance they'll reject intolerance, violence and hate.

For more barbaric pictures, see below (Warning: babies and children are also cut - please be aware that the images below are quite graphic).

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Switzerland, 1348, Jews murdered and accused of causing the Black Plague (09.21.2002)

Jewish HistoryThe Jerusalem Post's feature "This day in history" reports on September 21, 1348, when Jews in Switzerland are beaten and murdered after being accused of being responsible for the Black plague:

1348: Plague riots spread to Switzerland in Bern, Chillon, and Zurich. In the Castle of Chillon on Lake Geneva, Jews under torture admitted to having been given poison to place in wells around Venice.

It is interesting to note that some Palestinian terrorists are today trying to murder Israeli women and children by putting poison in their water (see this article).

I copy below an article gives more details on the murder of Jews in Switzerland.

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52 year-old father of 3 murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber (10.25.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Dr. Mario Goldin, a 52-year-old Israeli father of 3 who was deliberately murdered by a genocide bomber from one of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas ("Islamic Resistance") or Islamic Jihad.

Dr. Mario Goldin, 52
Murdered by a
Palestinian terrorist

On April 22, 2001 a Palestinian genocide bomber blew himself up in Kfar Saba, murdering Dr. Mario Goldin and injuring over 50 people, including many women and children.

Goldin, 52, married with three children, was in charge of the pain clinic at the Beit Levinstein rehabilitation center. He also helped in the orthopedic ward at Meir Hospital and had treated and helped many victims of terror attacks.

He was on his way to examine patients at Meir Hospital and decided to take the bus, apparently, because his car had broken down.

Colleagues and friends said he was a "genuinely good man" and an outstanding doctor who had pioneered the establishment of the pain clinic and whose main aim in life was to ease the suffering of others. He had worked at Beit Levinstein since immigrating from Argentina 24 years ago. He is survived by his wife, a physiotherapist at Meir Hospital, two sons, and a daughter.

To send condolences or to donate to Tirza's family, please click here.

I copy below the full story on the homicide/suicide bombing.

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Racist Bastards vandalize Synagogue in France (12.05.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that racists bastards have vandalized a synagogue in France:

Synagogue vandalized in western France

PARIS - Vandals broke into a synagogue in southwestern France, ransacking the main prayer hall and destroying holy books, police and Jewish leaders said Thursday.

The attack on the synagogue of Perigueux, in the Dordogne region, took place before dawn Wednesday after worshippers and officials had already left. It came during the eight-day Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, which ends Friday at sundown.

Rolph Hammel, one of the synagogue's officials, said the vandals ripped apart paintings and holy books inside the temple and stole money hidden inside an office.

Police said an investigation was opened into the attack on the synagogue, which is located just 50 meters (yards) from the city's police headquarters and municipal offices.

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Israel's goals and strategy in her war against Palestinian terrorism (12.17.2002)

OpinionThe Washington Institute (www.washingtoninstitute.org) has a good article on the reasons and goals of Israel's war on Palestinian terrorism:

Many argue that Israel's current war on Palestinian terror lacks a coherent strategy. Indeed, the obvious mission -- to reduce the amount of terror and the damage caused by it -- cannot serve as an outline for the direction of the war. The first strategic goal of this war should be to change the mindset of Arab leaders who believe that Israel can be forced to make concessions. The second strategic goal should be to create a new kind of leadership within Palestinian society. The only way to achieve both goals is to fight terror relentlessly; this is the Israeli government's obligation to its citizens. [...]

Throughout this conflict, certain constraints must be kept in mind. Israel will have to negotiate with the Palestinians at the end of the day -- another reason beyond the obvious why all efforts must be made not to harm civilians while fighting terror. Moreover, Israel must endeavor to achieve its objectives with minimal friction and maximum legitimacy from the international community, though without sacrificing its own vital security interests.

When Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Yasir Arafat realized in September 2000 that he would not get all he wanted, he launched a war of terror against Israel. The Palestinians and other Arabs shared the view that Israel would collapse under a wave of terror; Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon in May 2000 had only reinforced this belief. Therefore, the Israeli war on Palestinian terror must change this mindset throughout the Arab world (especially in Palestinian society), making clear that no negotiations or concessions will be offered under fire. Achieving this goal requires three components. First, Israeli society must remain steadfast. Second, the United States should refrain from pressuring Israel into measures that could be seen as capitulation. Third, Israel's leadership must maintain its determination not to make any political concessions while under fire. Terror must be seen as an illegitimate and futile tool.

Thanks to Imshin for the link. I copy the full article below.

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In Israel the warning time for hostile incoming aircraft is two minutes (12.05.2002)

OpinionTownHall.com has a good article on Israel's security concerns:

The warning time here in Israel is two minutes. The planes will not likely be Jordanian, but rather from states beyond Jordan. On the other hand, they could be planes hijacked in Jordan. In any event, the Israelis have no margin for error.

Israel has been on terror alert for much of its history, going back to 1948. This time around, the alert has lasted two years. At first, the Israelis were on the alert for Palestinian killers who murdered civilians from ambush. Now there are the suicide bombers who blow themselves up in crowded public places. The current casualty list numbers close to 700 Israelis.

Students of world politics might well wonder what would follow if the Islamofascists fly a helicopter into Tel Aviv's Azrieli Center. The skies of Tel Aviv are as abundant with helicopters as any other prosperous modern city. How would the Israelis respond? There are other vulnerable buildings in Israel. Nearby the resplendent seaside city of Herzlia, where I am staying, there is an oil facility that if sabotaged could lead to the deaths of 20,000 local residents. Already one truckload of explosives meant for the installation failed to reach its target. What would the Israelis' response be if they suffered that kind of loss in the current struggle? [...]

Israel is in a very difficult bind. Its citizens face the stress of suicide bombers within its borders and large armies beyond. Yet the people's spirits are unbowed. Asked recently if he feared Israel that Israel could be facing another defeat similar to the defeat the ancient Jews suffered at the hands of the Romans at Masada in A.D. 73, Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quipped: "Not this time. Now the Romans are on our side." Perhaps that explains the familiar tune I heard an Israeli girl whistling when I checked into my hotel the other night. It was the American national anthem, which does have an agreeably jaunty tempo.

I copy the full article below.

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Arafat's lost brother, Arafish (11.13.2002)

HumorYasser Arafat being such a great murderer, terrorist and Palestinian leader, I would never dream of making fun of him. That said, I must report on some family matters that will make all pro-Palestinians happy. Charles from Little Green Footballs has discovered Yasser Arafat's lost brother:

Arafish, Yasser Arafat's
Lost brother

Here's Arafat reaction after he learned about the existence of Arafish:

I got Arafish's picture from LGF at:

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Happy Birthday United States of America! (07.04.2002)

NewsToday, July 4th 2002, marks the 226th birthday of the United States of America. I currently live in America, and July 4th is one of my favorite days of the year.

July 4th 1776, the Declaration of
Independence of the United States of America

Having lived in Brazil, France, Israel and the United States, I can clearly say that my respect for America is not only based on its technical and economical achievements nor is it only based on its military or political dominance.

No country is perfect, but America is without any doubt, the best thing out there. With its freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to pursue happiness, the United States are the closest thing to heaven on earth. Americans are the most open-minded people in the World, much more than South Americans, and certainly more than Europeans.

Americans are constantly trying to better our world, and I am always amazed at how our people and our leaders will most of the time make the right decision - the latest examples being the 'War on Terror' and the condemnation of Yasser Arafat and his terrorist thugs from the Palestinian Authority.

With its multitude of people and cultures, Americans are by definition more acceptable of others, contrary to Europeans or Arabs who in many ways do not even understand the concept of multi-cultural societies and are in some cases even racist.

To show my love and respect for America, I copy below the full text of the Declaration of Independence of the United States, and a great article that explains it all. Happy 4th!

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In Memory of Danielle Shefi (05.07.2002)

VictimsA bit over a week ago, a Palestinian terrorist infiltrated Adora, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, and started shooting at several homes firing on people in their bedrooms.

Danielle Shefi, 5, murdered
by Palestinian terrorists on 4/27/2002

Among the victims was Danielle Shefi, a 5 year old girl who was described as an "Israeli settler" by NPR and KQED (see the message I sent NPR/KQED for more details).

Faces of the Victims has information on all Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism since Arafat, the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists started their current campaign of killing.

I just saw they posted a picture of Danielle and her story. I include below the full description of the attack on Adora and the murder of Danielle Shefi:

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Fact 56: Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East. (06.30.2002)

NewsletterThe latest FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter has been sent.

This week's fact is Fact 56: Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East.

Click here to check out the latest newsletter, and please subscribe if you haven't already done so.

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Moving out of the Gaza Strip is good for Israel (08.23.2005)

OpinionCharles Krauthammer has a great article on townhall.com on why it's good for Israel to move out of of the Gaza Strip:

[...] Nonetheless, unilateralism is both correct and necessary. Israel has no peace partner -- Mahmoud Abbas has nothing to offer and has offered nothing -- and in the absence of a partner, there is only one logical policy: rationalize your defensive lines and prepare for a long wait.

[...] The Gaza withdrawal is not the beginning but the end. Apart from perhaps some evacuations of outlying settlements on the West Bank, it is the end of the concession road for Israel. And it is the beginning of the new era of self-sufficiency and separation in which Israel ensures its security not by concessions, but by fortification, barrier creation, realism and patient waiting.

Waiting for the first-ever genuine Palestinian concessions. Waiting for the Palestinians to honor the promises -- to recognize Israel and renounce terrorism -- they solemnly made at Oslo and brazenly betrayed. That's the next step. Without it, nothing happens.

I copy the full article below; for more information on Israel's moving out of the Gaza Strip, click here. Found this article on the excellent LGF.

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Chicken Keeping In Cold Climates (09.06.2002)

HumorWhile checking my logs, I just found out that a couple of people reached FactsOfIsrael.com by searching on Google for:

"chicken keeping in cold climates"

Maybe it's because of this, but it's probably this.

Shana Tova everybody. ;-)

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