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Fact 205: "Since September 2000, Saddam Hussein, currently Iraq's leader, has been supporting the deliberate murder of women and children by giving $25,000 to the families of each Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber. As of October 2002, over $1.5 Million dollars have been given to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers from the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades."

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Israeli Hospital also treats Palestinian terrorists (05.18.2002)

NewsJust found an interesting article on Israel21c.com that describes how a hospital in Afula, Israel, has been treating injured Palestinian terrorists as well.

"Some of the injured fighters who were brought into the Ha'emek emergency room had been involved in perpetrating terror attacks in Israel. On a professional level, no one doubts the commitment by all doctors and nurses to save lives. But on a personal level, after almost 20 months of violence and terror attacks within Israel, it isn't that easy, said Halperin, who was prohibited from giving details about exact numbers of patients in each category who were treated."

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian TV broadcasts racist programs calling Jews "monkeys and pigs" (12.13.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismWorldnet Daily (www.WorldnetDaily.com) reports that for the holidays (Ramadan) Palestinian TV has broadcasted racist programs:

Palestinians show their support
for the Nazi ideology

Palestinian television used the occasion of the Muslim month of Ramadan to broadcast programming with a distinctly anti-Jewish theme, including a sermon in which Jews were called "cursed … the brothers of monkeys and pigs," reports Palestinian Media Watch.

The sermon, delivered last Friday by Dr. Mustafa Najem, argued that attacking Jews is part of the destiny of Muslims and Arabs. [...]

"Praise be to Allah, who has cursed [the Jews], the brothers of monkeys and pigs, with a stream of curses that will continue until the Resurrection of the dead," Najem declared. "He has warned us against their evil and their arrogance, and has said: 'You will find that the most brazen among mankind, with hatred toward the believers, are the Jews and the idolaters.' [Koran, 81,5].

It is interesting to note that Imans from Saudi Arabia use the same racist language (click here for details), and Imans from Iraq use it when describing Americans (click here for details) - this monkey business must have some kind of special meaning in the Arab/Muslim world (are monkeys infidels?).

Palestinian TV is funded by the European Union. I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian genocide bombers kills dozens in Paris and London (06.29.2002)

OpinionWell, not yet. Ha'aretz (www.haaretz.co.il) has published a story that describes how terrorists could hit Paris or London, and what would be the European's reaction.

Reporters from Sky News, broadcasting direct from the streets of London, could barely find the words to express the depth of their shock and horror at this pointless mass murder of dozens of innocent civilians: "It's murder! Nothing but insane sadistic Nazi murder!" one reporter exclaimed, holding up with repulsion nails and screws with which the terrorists had packed the bomb in order to magnify the killing. "It wasn't a nightingale that sang in Berkeley Square yesterday," The Independent lamented the next day in a paraphrase of the old song, "it was the Devil himself.

The prime minister's wife, Cherie Blair, her hair messed and wearing a rumpled housecoat, was seen through the partially open door pounding on the chest of a bodyguard and screaming hysterically, "My children! Where are my children! Tell me they're all right! Do something! Anything!! Why doesn't someone wipe out these stinking murderers already!!"

- "I want to make it clear," the [French] ambassador continued. "My government and I deplore the cycle of violence and the harm done to civilians on both sides. But if I may be permitted: I personally feel compassion for those who saw fit to carry out the suicide bombings. How did Voltaire put it? `Although I ....'"

- "You can stuff Voltaire up your ass, frog!" the veteran BBC correspondent burst out and lunged at the ambassador's throat as the screen went dark to the sound of screams and gasps.

I copy the full article below.

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Address by Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon on the arrival of Ilan Ramon's coffin (02.10.2003)

NewsI have just listened to the address given by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on the arrival of Ilan Ramon's coffin. I copy it below:

Dear Ramon Family,
Mr. Wolferman,
Ilan's brother Gady,
Rona, Assaf, Tal, Yiftah and Noa,

Allow me, on behalf of the people of Israel, here and in the Diaspora, to honor the memory of Ilan Ramon, in love and pain, on this, his last road in our homeland.

Beyond all the memorial services, your mourning is first of all personal and
private. You have just returned to us, with Ilan's coffin, and are suffering pain which cannot be healed. This is not how you imagined - how we all imagined - your homecoming.

The pain you suffer is the pain we all suffer. Ilan has touched the hidden spot in every Jew's heart. He tugged at the strings of all our hearts.

His youthful face, his eternal smile, his fresh countenance, the twinkle in his eyes - penetrated our souls. His image, projected from above, was the reflection of Israel at its best - Israel as we would have liked to see it - the Israel we love.

The Torah Scroll brought by a Jewish boy from a concentration camp, the Kiddush Cup, the Israeli flag, and the Israel Airforce badge touched and excited all Jews. They constituted a source of pride and united our hearts in these trying times.

Far up there - at the edge of the scope of human achievement - we could not have had a better and more fitting representative.

Ilan, the son of a mother who survived the Holocaust, and a father who is a veteran of the War of Independence, was a courageous combat pilot and an outstanding officer, and was among the best of our sons and warriors.

On his last mission he soared higher than any other Israeli, and realized his dream.

In his journey into space in the American Shuttle, with his six shipmates, he brought great honor to the people of Israel.

The Star of David, the "blue and white" of our flag, were interwoven with the American Stars and Stripes, and the common fate of the team poignantly strengthened the staunch partnership between our nations.

At this moment our hearts also go out to the families of the other victims, and to the American people, in brotherhood and sincere condolences.

A day will come when other Israelis will be launched into space in the service of science and progress. For them and for us Ilan Ramon will always be a source of inspiration, as Israel's space pioneer, and his memory will be engraved in our hearts forever.

Tomorrow, when he is brought to rest in the earth of the Valley, we will remember that Ilan was plucked in his prime, at the zenith of his aspirations, and at a time when he acquired world fame.

Hopefully, this will be a source of comfort to his grieving family, his loved ones, and all of Israel.

Address by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon on the Arrival of Ilan Ramon's Coffin February 10, 2003, Israel Government Press Office

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European Union funds repressive regime in Iran (07.15.2002)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has an interesting article on how the European Union is streaming millions of dollars to Iran.

In fact, to ensure that European firms were left in no doubt about their governments' desires, the EU even passed legislation making it illegal for European companies to comply with the US boycott on doing business with Iran. The result is that the EU is now Iran's largest trading partner and most of these deals put money straight into the regime's pockets.

For instance, three European oil companies Royal Dutch/Shell, Eni SpA and TotalFinaElf have invested some $10.5 billion in developing new Iranian oil fields since 1997. These investments cannot be justified as a means of encouraging the Iranian private sector, since they are direct partnerships with the Iranian government. And they have provided Iran's state treasury, which receives 50%-70% of the profits (the rest goes to the foreign investors), with billions of extra dollars in oil revenue to spend on repressing its citizens. [...]

European hypocrisy has caused great suffering to Israel, as EU money has played a major role in the PA's terrorist war against this country. But Europe's hypocrisy has arguably caused even greater suffering to millions of Iranians, Palestinians and others all those whose vicious, repressive governments are propped up with European cash.

I copy the full article below.

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Help our boys and girls in the US military (12.21.2002)

NewsA new site has been created called "Military Penpals":

I am starting a new project called Military Penpals. It is in the very beginning stages. My goal is to set up FREE penpal programs between military personnel and the civilians who want them to know they are remembered. I will act as the go-between and coordinate the exchange of email and snail mail addresses. Ideally, I want to find military personnel... soldiers, sailors, etc... who don't receive mail from home. There is nothing sadder to me than the thought of a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine far from home and having nothing with his/her name on it during mail call. Any serviceman or woman is very welcome to participate!!

I will add to this site as information starts coming in. For now I am looking for people who wish to participate... both military and civilians.

I served in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces, or Israel's army) as a field medic. My parents and family do not live in Israel and I was a "Haial Boded", or "Lone Soldier". I stayed many weekends alone at the base, while my buddies would travel back to their girlfriends, family and friends - it's not a good feeling.

If you have the time, please sign up and write a few words to our boys and girls who are risking their lives so we can live ours in peace. Check out the Military Penpals website at:


Thanks to Rachel Lucas for the link.

Update: Unfortunately the Military Penpals site now seems to be down. This post is receiving many comments from folks who would like to help and contact a soldier but I haven't yet found a similar site. If anyone knows of one, please add your comments below.

Update 2: One of our readers, Loretta, has a good tip: point your browser to www.operationmilitarypride.org, whose mission is to "keep our service members morale high".

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Palestinian terrorists fire rockets into Israeli civilian centers (09.13.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Palestinians have fired a Kassam rocket into a civilian area in Southern Israel.

Terrorists and a Kassam Rocket (archive)

A Kassam rocket hit a home in Kibbutz Sa'ad in the western Negev, nearly five kilometers from the Gaza Strip, Thursday night. No one was wounded as the house was unoccupied at the time, but it suffered extensive damage.

It was the second attack on the community in recent weeks.

The Negev is inside the green line (Israel borders of 1948, see the history and maps pages for details).

Israel's response was swift, and a couple of Kassam rocket labs were destroyed this morning:

Early Friday morning IDF tanks and troops swept through the Palestinian town of Rafah on the Egyptian border, killing a Palestinian, damaging houses and blowing up suspected weapons factories, residents and the military said. [...]

Palestinians said soldiers broke into the Fatah offices, destroyed equipment and caused considerable damage. The Israeli military said soldiers blew up six workshops used to manufacture rockets and mortars.

I copy both articles below.

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73 year-old great-grandmother killed by Palestinian genocide bomber (07.03.2002)

VictimsFaces of the victims has published the story of Dvora Karim, 73, a grand-mother of 3 and great-grandmother of 1 that was among the 29 unarmed Israeli civilians killed by a Palestinian genocide bomber on 3/27/2002.

Dvora Karim, 73, killed
by a Palestinian genocide bomber

Dvora, who immigrated to Israel from Iran, married Michael Karim, and the couple lived for many years in Bet Shemesh. They moved to Netanya 20 years ago. Dvora was active in WIZO, and worked with young children in a Na'amat nursery.

Dvora Karim was buried alongside her husband Michael in Netanya. Shee is survived by two daughters, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

I copy her full story below.

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FBI looking for 5 Arab Muslim men (12.29.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe FBI is looking for the following 5 Arab Muslim men:


The United States Government is seeking information regarding the whereabouts of the individuals shown above.


TELEPHONE: (202) 324-3000

Thanks to LGF for the link.

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Palestinian patients treated in Israeli hospitals cheer when Jewish victims of terror are brought in (08.21.2002)

OpinionThe Weekly Standard (www.weeklystandard.com) has a good article written by the comedian Larry Miller who visited Israel last week.

I was in two other hospitals recently, just a week ago, in Israel. It was part of my trip, to meet some victims of the terror bombings and their families. As an aside to this, you might like to hear something good and something not so good. [...]

All right, back to the story. As I said, I went to two places to meet the terror victims. One was in Tel Aviv. I met an emergency room doctor, a woman, whose husband was killed a year ago in a bombing. She has two children. Had. Now she has one. She was on duty, weeks ago, in the middle of the night (Don't they call that the graveyard shift?), the night a disco was bombed. Maybe you heard about it. The victims were brought to her hospital. To her. Her daughter was one of them. Now the mother is a patient. "It was good of you to let her tell you her story," the head of the place told me. "It's therapeutic." Good of me? What do you say to that? "I'm glad I could help so much. Gotta go now. Soon I'll be back in the hotel room."

Then we went to Hadassah Hospital, in Jerusalem. This is the hospital where they brought the victims of the bombing at Hebrew University. I met a woman who had been having lunch that day, in the Frank Sinatra Commissary (really) with her daughter, a student. An "A" student, the mother told me. It wasn't possible for the daughter to tell me, since they were still trying to put her back together. At this writing she's still alive, thank God. Just. An "A" student, the mother kept saying. She was the lucky one, whatever that means. Hey, what's that on the table? Oh, it's a cup with the nails they took out of me. Some are still inside. They can't take them out yet. Oh. Okay. Gotta go. Wait, go in there, here's someone else, the brother of someone else, the fiancee of someone else, the father of someone else. Thank you for letting them tell their stories. Yes, I know, it's therapeutic.

Downstairs, before we left, the head of the hospital, an Israeli named Audrey, was showing me the children's waiting room. I couldn't help but notice, all around, an Arab woman with her son, an Arab family over there checking in, Arab children playing with the toys while waiting. The doctor saw the look on my face and laughed. "Oh, yes, we treat everyone." I guess I was astonished. She just shrugged. "We're Jews. This is how we live. It's also for the future. They're not going anywhere, and we're not going anywhere. There will eventually be peace. There has to be." When? A month? A year? A hundred years? More? She didn't know. I had to say it. You're incredible. You take everyone, you treat everyone, no one goes first, no one goes last, you just go in order of who needs help. That's, like, Mother Teresa stuff. "We're not saints, we're just doing our jobs. It's not easy, I admit. And it gets hard when they cheer when the bodies are brought in." I looked at her. What did you say? She sighed. "Yes, it gets hard when they cheer." This was one of the times during my trip when I held up my hands and said, "Stop. Wait." I turned and walked away to breathe deeply for a minute. I wonder if they've restocked that mini-bar. Yeah, probably. It's a good hotel.

I didn't meet one Jew the whole trip who didn't think there would be peace, not one. "We can work it out. We have to. They're not going anywhere. Neither are we."

Of course, it gets hard when they cheer.

I copy the full article below.

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Daily lives and Palestinian Terrorism (05.15.2002)

NewsHa'Aretz has a good article on how some Israelis are coping with the current wave of Palestinian terrorism.

"Avoiding buses and malls, reading a book, keeping the children at home, pampering oneself with new appliances and binging on sweets - these are all ways in which Israelis are coping with the trauma of the home-front war."

The article covers how a few Israelis are reacting to the latest Palestinian attacks on Israeli civilians. Many choose not to go to public places, including restaurants and malls, in fear of meeting a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber willing to blow him/herself up and kill everyone around him/her.

I copy the full article below.

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Arafat's "policeman" kidnap three Italian leftists (09.18.2002)

NewsReuters (www.alertnet.org) reports that members of Arafat's police force have kidnapped three Italian leftists:

Palestinians angry at being sacked from the security forces kidnapped three Italian peace activists in the Gaza Strip this week to try to force officials to re-employ them, their peace group said on Wednesday.

The Grassroots International Protection for the Palestinian People said the three were kidnapped on September 16 and held overnight before being freed on Tuesday unharmed.

The umbrella group, which includes Palestinian and international non-governmental organisations, said armed men kidnapped the three Italians in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip and held them in a house.

So let me get this straight: Arafat's policemen get fired, so they kidnap three Italian leftists to get their jobs back? Are the merits of Palestinian policemen measured by how much terror they can cause?

And by the way, these Italians may belong to a "peace group" but the last thing they are fighting for is peace: they completely ignore Israeli women and children being blown up to pieces by their Palestinian friends. By their unconditional support to Palestinians, even when barbaric genocide bombings are committed, these "peace" groups are actually hurting the efforts of those that really want the end of violence and peace.

The support of these European leftists only give the impression to Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Arafat's terrorist groups that they can someday destroy Israel: this fuels their hate towards Israel and Jews, since they believe their goal of destruction and genocide can someday be achieved.

I was considering placing this article in the "Humor" category, but it's actually pretty sad. I copy the full article below.

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The Hanukah Song (12.04.2002)

HumorRight now we are right in the middle of Hanukah, the Jewish festival of lights.

A Dreidel
"A Great Miracle Happened There"

Adam Sandler wrote a pretty funny song on Hanukah - see below for the full song and lyrics.

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Zaid of Palestine aspires to be an Adolph Hitler (08.13.2002)

HumorA few weeks ago, a Jordanian website published a few posters that portrayed western icons (Einstein, Freud, etc...) alongside Palestinian children. Its main message was that through the suicide bombings, Palestinian kids are "dying to live".

The website also contained a page with articles and opinions, many in support of the Palestinian genocide bombings. Basically it was a cover up that unsuccessfully tried to make western audiences forget that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians are happy and party when unarmed Israeli civilians are murdered, including babies and children.

It was all pretty well packed up but the guys at Vinyl Frontier, found out the real story behind the posters:

Zaid of Palestine aspires
to be an Adolph Hitler

Many Palestinian children actually desire to exterminate Jews and Israelis - this is done through brainwashing and Palestinan schoolbooks that glorify genocide bombers and deny the existance of the State of Israel. Many of these Palestinian children therefore aspire to nothing more than to become Hitlers.

Click on the image to see the high resolution version.

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Russian spammers hijack one our email addresses - we receive thousands of bounced messages (09.03.2008)


In the last few minutes we are receiving thousands of bounced messages because someone is sending spam in our name.  Here's an example of how we've received dozens of such bounced messages in one minute at 5:45 PM:


Years ago we made sure spammers could not send spam using our email servers (we use SMTP-AUTH and pop-before-send) - so we know we are not sending the spam.  In this case, Russian spammers are using one of our email addresses as the "From" email address.  Some servers are then rejecting the spam, either because the email was sent to an account that is no longer valid, or it's a vacation response, etc...

We were going to try to report the Russian spammers on Spamcop.net, but we found out we can only report spam sent to us - in this case, the spam is sent to a server, which then bounces a message back to us.  Here are some relevant threads:


This is really unfortunate - there's nothing we can do.  Either we cancel this email address (which we'll probably do) or we ride out the wave of bounced messages.  I copy below more information and the text in Russian of one of the spam messages sent in our name. 

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