New 'Facts Of Israel' Facebook application

We have a cool application for Facebook users: it allows you to display facts on Israel on your profile page. People looking at your profile can click on "Another fact" to view another fact on Israel and they can of course add the application to their own profiles.

Here's an example of a fact on Israel displayed on my Facebook profile:

Show your support for Israel and spread the knowledge
by displaying one fact on your Facebook profile every time someone looks at it.

A few days ago we received a suggestion from "MS" (full name not provided for security and privacy):

Hi, my name is MS. I am not sure how familiar you are with facebook, but I was on facebook today and I had the idea to add a new "application." This application would be about Israel.

People that join this application will have a fact about Israel displayed in their facebook profile. I was searching the web and found your site. It seems that you do the same thing.

Maybe this is something that your organization wants to think about. I would love to do what I can to make sure this gets done. Facebook is all about connecting people. This is the PERFECT way to educate people about Israel. [...]

We agree with MS: that's a very cool idea! The Facebook application is now ready - to add it, just point your browser to:

Note that you need to have a Facebook account to use this application. Below I have some screenshots of the application in action. Thanks to MS for having the idea and contacting us!

A couple of sample random facts displayed on my profile:

A link to the application on the left navigation:

A few sample facts displayed on the main canvas (people looking at your profile can click on "Another fact" to access the main canvas):

The current page in Facebook with some information on the 'Facts Of Israel' application:

Posted by David Melle
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Very good site

Posted by: Sergius Siram Marak at October 20, 2007 09:07 PM

"I am a Sunni Muslim from India,i have complete sympathy with those jews who have been killed by Nazi ideology and indeed hitler was a worst person on earth,but who was hitler,a catholic christian not a Muslim.Indeed Islam is not against jews its brainwashing for some uneccessary gains,in India there are so many jews but have you ever heard indian jews and Muslims clash, never.Let me say about Israel-Arab conflict,I feel sad for every innocent killed or harass or having face trouble on both the side be it Israel or Palestine."Blood for Blood is not a solution" and i m strictly against those so called Muslims who in the of Islam takes innocense lifes.And these are Wahabi Muslims,when they don't properly love their own Holy Prophet(peace be upon him) then how will they love others! they do and we bear the price, its similar to hitler case he had killed innocent jews and christains are please don't ever think Islam preach hate against jews,Iran,Bin-laden,Hamas does not represent (Islam).The people who really represent Islam are those who have peace,who have patience,who have faith,that it is only God who can punish the wrongdoier,and those who co-exist with others in peace and harmony,who trust the God not the nuclear missiles,when you see this of kind of Muslim then trust him.Islam,Salaam,shalom peace.If you have any comment or questions regarding my stand please email me.

Posted by: Kamran Muneer Dawnack at April 25, 2008 08:57 AM

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