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Posted by David Melle
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i just like to say ur web site is really good and that i got great help on finding facts about Israel for my religion homework.
P.S i will revisit ur site again and again for it is fantastic.
lauren donnelly

Posted by: lauren donnelly at February 16, 2004 08:56 AM

God gave us earth to live on it, we the humans...
I am christian lebaneses and i see that humans are the animals and animals are the humans...
And all that because the diabolic politics that talk about freedom and anti-terrorist...
All i want to say, is that i hope that god exist, to burn all the animals that killed or hurt a human been victim of those rulers from HELL.

Posted by: Antonio at February 18, 2004 08:27 AM

I would just like to tell you you have a good web-site, and thanks for being one of the few who support Israel.

Joe Whitehead

Posted by: Joe Whitehead at March 2, 2004 10:27 PM

After reading all the hate mail it is hard to belive that a man could hate other man so bad.I could see having hate for someone who hurt your family or you.But to hate thousand and thousand of people you dont even know is nuts.Jews look down on Christians,Christians look at Jews as evil, Muslims hate Jews,Jews hate Muslims maybe we should outlaw Jews,Muslims,Christians then what would they fight for?or try to get along we are on this rock togeter

Posted by: big dan at April 5, 2004 12:05 AM

You know, I may be just a
stupid country boy from Texas, but the way I see it. The U.S. should take the leash off of Israel and let the dogs of war lose. I for one would be honored to stand or die next to the "chosen people" and destroy those that want to destroy the children of God. To bad Sam Walton (founder of Walmart) was not alive today. I am sure I could sell him Mecca. I would much rather see a Wal-Mart there then the "hate" filled un-holy spot where Satin's mouth is worshiped. Just in case you did not know....more and more Americans are screaming for our goverment to "nuke the shit" out of all of them. An angry American.

Posted by: cap at May 14, 2004 09:41 PM

Thise who defend Israel when she is beset on all sides by the enemy will be blessed. Those who lash out will be rewarded with their special place in Hell. The Jewish nation is the chosen nation of God. God alone should be their punisher if they need punishing. They have gone through one holocaust. They will not stand idly by and allow another holocaust to occur. Why hate anyone? Hate never accompleshed a thing. Love has accomplished more than can be explained in a lfetime. To love thy neighbour, though he be your enemy is divine.

Posted by: Wayne at June 22, 2004 08:46 PM

Very nice and useful website. Please visit my website!!! :)

Posted by: Webmaestro at September 2, 2004 02:28 AM

My name is Baruch Ben Eitan (Bruce Willis) and I have been re-
enacting since I was 15. I have done Civil War, Old West, Celtic
Rennaisance, World War One, and World War Two. I started Arab
Israeli War (AIW) re-enacting last year and our group, the IDF Re-
Enactment Society has become a great success. We currently have 1-
15 IDF re-enactors and 10 ALA (Arab Liberation Army) and Jordanian
Legionnaires History Re-enactors interested in Arab impressions are
highly encouraged to participated in this group. We are affiliated
with the Israeli Military History Society that re-enacts the War of
Independence of 1948. We currently a portray ageneric unit of the
Mahal (overseas volunteers)and sabras along with a guerilla unit of
the Arab Liberation Army and a small contingent of Jordanian Arab

Although we participate in two re-enactments and one tactical per
year, our main goal is educational. We attend Israeli and Jewish
festivals, give interpretive presentations to synagogues, churches,
schools, and retirement homes. In addition, we are setting up a
student living history program based on the National Park Service

Although we are based in Southern California, we are very interested
in networking with individuals and groups across the globe that are
interested in IDF re-enacting. We are a non-political group and
purely educational. Our membership is very diverse; Jews,
Christians, Arabs, Americans, African-Americans, Hispanics, Irish,
and Native American. If you are interested in joining please contact
me at Please go to the posts and view some
of the photos.

I would like to invite everyone to my new E-group established to
support Israel, Machal and the IDF.

Baruch Ben Eitan
(Bruce Willis).

Posted by: bruce at September 6, 2004 02:39 PM

Can you please give me info. pertaining to organisations in the SF bay area involved with peace in Israel?

Posted by: Adam at September 13, 2004 03:10 PM

i am not jewish but australian of maltese backround and also a christian i support israel i understand the hardships youre country is going through for i know what muslims are like .I am a peace loving man but what i have seen in my own country (australia) what muslims get up to makes me sick.They have no regard for laws and other people.In australia they run most of the drug cartels just wondering if this thing happens in other countries

Posted by: alf at January 15, 2005 01:39 AM

thanks for the great info. i'm doing a religion essay on the holocaust and your website was terrific help! thanks again

Posted by: at August 20, 2006 07:01 AM

Great work, g-d bless you.
Besides prayer we can seriously damage terror by avoiding polluting the atmosphere with fossil fuels. This has the same affect as Amalek throwing the genitals of Israelis that had had a nocturnal seminal emission in the air on the day of battle with Joshua. The Moshiach will only be crowned after Amalek is defeated and the Temple is built. Therefore it is VITAL that the technology that allows water to become fuel become available to the masses, destroying dependency by the masses on very few power-hungry people which can be targeted and manipulated by terrorists.
No more dictatorships. I am very pro Bush he is NOT AN OIL DICTATOR and He is A ANTI-NAZI WARRIOR that being said the technology on IS REAL and the Isreali public must be allowed to reproduce it.

Posted by: mordecai at December 13, 2006 09:10 AM

When I hear people talking about the Middle East today I am amazed as to just how much general ignorance surrounds the subject - the conflict between Palestine and Isael is one that has been going on for thousands of years, and both sides have their own reasons for wanting it to continue. The Jews are fighting to regain the land that should rightfully be theirs (the city of Jerusalem is undeniably theirs) and the Palestinians want the same stretch of land because, technically, it was theirs before it was made into the state of Israel. I believe that many people are quick to condemn Isaelis as zeolots who jump in to a fight when given the slightest prod, without actually thinking why they fight. I believe that both sides have made mistakes in the ways that they have handled this war - perhaps Israel should have reacted so strongly in lebanon, but then the Palestinians should be condemned for using suicide bombers. And afterall, aren't the Jews allowed to carve out their own home? Every other nation and sect has done so, so why do people get so upset when the Jews try and do it? I feel that to understand this conflict properly, attention must be paid to the origins and the reasons behind it. we in the West sit back and watch it unfold on our televisions, and point a finger here and there, without ever thinking as to why it is going on. The Jews should have more support I believe, they have been persecuted long enough. I wonder how we would react if we were in the same position? Surely we would fight as well?

Posted by: J at August 22, 2007 09:56 AM

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