Save the Environment and Stop Funding Islamic Terrorism: Buy a hybrid car!

After a couple of weeks of research, I went for a test drive of a hybrid car yesterday and closed the deal! I have just purchased the 2002 Prius, fully loaded, with a Navigation system, CD, and more.

My new Toyota Prius: 50 Miles per Gallon!

I recently changed jobs and drive about 40x2 miles to/from work - my 2000 Dodge Intrepid is nice, but it doesn't get more than 17 PMG... Here are some of the reasons I couldn't resist:

1) Less money for Saudi-Arabia and Iraq (and therefore less money for Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists - see )

2) Help for the environment: the Prius emits 90% less NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) and 50% less CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) than other cars.

3) 45-52 Miles Per Gallon (MPG) - it easily beats the Intrepid.

4) 0% APR financing (no interest during the Toyotathon 2003 until January 6th)

5) $2000 US Federal tax deduction

6) Got $2000 off the sticker price

7) The onboard computer is awesome - digital is the way to go. There's a fully loaded GPS/navigation system, kind of like having at your fingertips. The radio and many other functions are all done through the touch-screen display. I can see so many possibilities for MP3 players, hacks...

8) Cool silent/stealth mode - when the electric motor takes over completely, you can't hear the car. You are also fighting noise pollution.

A regular engine and an electric motor:
a formula to save the environment
and help the war on Islamic Terrorism

I haven't been so excited about a car since I was a teenager! There are about 120,000 hybrid cars in the US today, and it's a pity that only two of the car manufacturers, Toyota and Honda, offer hybrids in the US. This could truly be a bipartisan issue: the Democrats/Doves in favor of saving the environment, while the Republicans/Hawks in favor of not giving more money to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and other countries that support Al-Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Check the rest of this article below - it contains additional pictures, links and more information on this incredible piece of technology.

Save the environment and stop the financing of Islamic terror: buy a Toyota Prius now!

Don't you love seeing "97" miles
In the odometer reading?

Here are additional pictures, links and more info on the Toyota Prius: - Jonh's Stuff, Toyota Prius and more. One of the best sites I've seen and it's from a Prius owner. Check out his excellent Info-Sheet, User-Guide and Selling Points (more Selling Points here). If you'd like to see how the Prius hybrid technology works, check out his excellent How it Works page.

The online computer display shows
You if the power's coming from
The engine or the motor. - A great online forum for owners of Toyota Prius's. There's also an email group at . Read the posts and you'll notice that pretty much everybody is in love with their Prius.

Fully digital AM/FM radio and CD
Through the touch-screen display - Has good links to other Prius' sites.

The Prius looks small from the outside
But the cabin is similar to the Camry's - The official Prius page at Toyota.

No need to plug-in the electric motor
It recharges automatically
While you're driving!

Do us all a favor and buy a Prius: when you're filling up your 6-Miles-Per-Gallon SUV you're not only killing the environment but you're also directly funding Al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other Islamic murderers.

Posted by David Melle
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