15-year-old Israeli kid deliberately murdered by Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber

Faces of the Victims has published the story of Eliran Rosenberg, a 15-year-old Israeli kid who was deliberately murdered by a genocide bomber from the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas ("Islamic Resistance").

Eliran Rosenberg, 15 Murdered by a
Palestinian terrorist
On March 28, 2001, Eliran Rosenberg, 15, was killed in a suicide bombing at a gas station east of the Israeli town of Kfar Saba.

Eliran was a 9th grade student at the "Bnei Hayil" yeshiva in Kedumim in Samaria. The school for junior high and high school boys was established three years ago to provide a framework for pupils suffering from attention deficit disorders (ADD) who have difficulty coping in a regular framework. He and some of his fellow students would wait near the gas station every morning for the bulletproof bus that took them to school.

On this fatal morning, the Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber positioned himself among the group of teenage boys in the parking lot and then blew himself up. Eliran Rosenberg was killed along with Naftali Lanzkorn. Four of their fellow students were injured.

Eliran was a computer enthusiast, and was always ready to help his classmates. His math teacher Efrat Velner related that Eliran always smiled and laughed. "He treated me as a friend and not just a teacher, he was very bright," she said.

Eliran was the oldest child of Michal and Yoram Rosenberg, who had divorced and remarried. He was close to both families who lived in Givat Shmuel, comprising seven brothers and sisters. His stepfather, Rafael Zayat, related that, on the day he was killed, Eliran was to have received a school award for excellence.

Eliran Rosenberg-Zayat was buried in Petah Tikva

To send condolences or to donate to Eliran's family, please click here.

I copy below the full story on the homicide/suicide bombing.

Students killed by suicide bomber
By Amir Mizroch March 28, 2001

Two Israeli teenagers on their way to school were killed today in a suicide terrorist attack near a gas station outside Kfar Saba. A suicide bomber, apparently from the Hamas militant organization, blew himself up amidst a gathering of students waiting at a bus stop. Four other teenagers were wounded, one of them in critical condition.

The blast took place near the 'Mifgash Hashalom' ('Meeting place of Peace') gas station in Neve Yamin, several hundred meters from the entrance to Moshav Sde Hemmed on the road to Kalkilya. Police reports say that the suicide bomber walked up to a group of teenagers waiting to board an armored bus for a ride to their yeshiva school in Kedumim.

A student at the scene, Shmuel Friedman, told ynet that he did not see the attacker come up to the group of teenagers. "Suddenly, there was a big explosion. I turned around. I saw my friends lying on the ground. We immediately phoned the police and tried to help the wounded with a first aid bag we had,'' Friedman said.

Nissim Trasidi, an eyewitness, told Israel Radio he had been driving along the road about 100 meters away at the time of the explosion. "All of a sudden I heard a huge explosion...and at the same moment I just froze. It was a really, really strong explosion,'' he said.

The Hamas organization claimed responsibility for this morning's suicide bombing. In a telephone call to Reuters, the Hamas also said they had been behind the suicide bombing yesterday in French Hill in Jerusalem.

The suicide bombing came along with reports of explosive devices discovered this morning in Petach Tikva and Netanya. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, under pressure to respond to the wave of terrorism, has called a meeting of the Security Cabinet for today to discuss the government's next move.

Posted by David Melle
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