Blogburst: Support for Little Green Footballs

After being sited on as "Best of the Blog", the site "Little Green Footballs" was attacked and described as a "hate site".

"Little Green Footballs" is one of the best blogs out there. It's one of my daily reads: the UI is without a doubt the best of the web, and the content is geared towards supporting the fight against Arab/Islamic terrorism. Charles Johnson deserves our full support, even though he doesn't link to ;-)

To read the Little Green Footballs blog, click here.

To learn more about how vicious sons of mutants pigs have attacked Charles, LGF and the free world, click here.

This article is part of a blogburst - a simultaneous and cross-linked posting of many blogs on the same theme. This blogburst is on defense of Charles Johnson's blog "Little Green Footballs". The guy is a genious: this blogburst will porbably increase his traffic exponentially!

To see the list of all righteous people that have backed LGF, click here.

Posted by David Melle
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Israel isn't worth the life of 1 American.

Posted by: Todd Ouellette at February 20, 2003 12:51 PM

"Israel isn't worth the life of 1 American"???

Todd Ouellette's comment (see above) shows a lack of insight, non-historical perspective and not one shred of human decency. We Americans, as members of a democracy, believe in supporting democracies, especially little ones as beleaguered as Israel. Some of us believe it so strongly that we will give our all - our very lives - in the name of freedom from tyranny and oppression (the people we fought FOR in Kosovo were MUSLIM). In an historical sense, Jerusalem is THE most holy site to Jews, and to Christians, as shown by loads of historical and archeological evidence. The temple of Solomon is there. For millennia, Jews and Christians have worshipped at the Holy Land sites, especially the Wailing Wall, the remnant of the great Temple. Jesus of Nazareth (Jewish rabbi and carpenter) taught in Jerusalem, wept over the city, and gave His life there. Mohammed passed through (possibly only in a dream) this cornerstone of Israel. And as for human decency, go see how Israel treats its Arab citizens. Non-Jewish Israeli citizens have full protection under the law, and even voting privileges. Look at a map. How HUGE the Arab/Muslim states are in the Middle East! Why would they begrudge the Israelis their tiny little homeland? Speaking of maps, I was astonished to learn that Palistinian schoolbooks and maps do not even have Israel included! Anyone hear of the Oslo Accord?'spage.html

The Israelis have indeed made the desert "blossom like a rose". They do not go around blowing up civilians at cafes, markets or hotels. They have that common human decency that terrorists (and their naive Western supporters) so clearly lack.

Posted by: Ben's Mom at April 13, 2003 12:16 PM

Todd Ouellette,
Your opinion isn't worth the excreta of one WORM.

Posted by: Zionist Goy at September 1, 2003 04:47 PM

Todd Ouellette is seriously the biggest moron and this isn't the only site he's posted at. All of his arguments are about how Israel mistreats Palestine, how he fought for some Republican and then he just bitches and bitches about stupid shit that he thinks people care about.

Posted by: todd ouellette is a moron at July 20, 2004 04:40 PM

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