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October 21, 2002
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Jews and Hindus unite against Islamic Terror

Forward magazine (www.forward.com) has published an article that shows how Jews and Hindus are becoming partners in the war against Islamic terrorism:

Mirroring close ties between India and Israel, Jewish organizations have begun assisting Indian-American groups in their efforts to become a potent force in both domestic and foreign policy.

Leaders from the two communities have been coming together in recent months to discuss hate-crimes legislation and political activism. A major catalyst for the cooperation, however, is the perception that both communities face a common enemy in Muslim extremism. [...]

"We're fighting the same extremist enemy," said the capital region director of the American Jewish Congress, Charles Brooks, referring to Jews and Indian Americans. "We want to help them become more effective in communicating their political will."

Brooks is working closely with the Indian American Political Action Committee, or INAPAC, a new organization that has just been formed, primarily by Indian Americans from New Jersey. Brooks is helping the new organization develop relations with the U.S. Congress and other political leaders.

I copy the full article below.

Pro-Israel Activists Seeking Allies Among Immigrants From India
AIPAC, Others Stress Threat of Muslim Extremism in Outreach Bid to America's 1.6 Million South Asian Hindus

EAST WINDSOR, N.J. — Mirroring close ties between India and Israel, Jewish organizations have begun assisting Indian-American groups in their efforts to become a potent force in both domestic and foreign policy.

Leaders from the two communities have been coming together in recent months to discuss hate-crimes legislation and political activism. A major catalyst for the cooperation, however, is the perception that both communities face a common enemy in Muslim extremism.

Early this year, with Israel in its second year of fighting the Palestinian uprising and India in a tense military standoff with Pakistan over Muslim separatists in Kashmir, the two countries agreed to increase military cooperation. India and Israel have built a close economic and strategic relationship in recent years, with bilateral trade reaching $2 billion annually. At the same time, India has moved closer to the United States, especially in the areas of counter-terrorism and defense cooperation.

"We're fighting the same extremist enemy," said the capital region director of the American Jewish Congress, Charles Brooks, referring to Jews and Indian Americans. "We want to help them become more effective in communicating their political will."

Brooks is working closely with the Indian American Political Action Committee, or INAPAC, a new organization that has just been formed, primarily by Indian Americans from New Jersey. Brooks is helping the new organization develop relations with the U.S. Congress and other political leaders.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the American Jewish Committee are also drawing on their considerable lobbying experience in helping Indian groups, representing a community of some 1.6 million, to learn how to flex their political muscle.

Last July, AJCommittee held a seminar on political activism in Washington for the Indian American Center for Political Awareness, an important Washington D.C.-based advocacy group.

"We shared with them the Jewish approach to political activism," said Ann Schaffer, the director of the AJCommittee's Belfer Center for American Pluralism. "We want to give them the tools to further their political agenda."

AJCommittee is planning a similar seminar on October 29 in New York City; 50-100 Indian-American activists are expected to attend. Several Indian Americans traveled to Israel last June as guests of the AJCommittee, meeting with a wide variety of Israeli government and military representatives. AJCommittee's executive director, David Harris, will address the National Federation of Indian American Associations' biannual conference next month, where he will speak on global terrorism and the relationship between India, Israel and the United States.

"India is building a close relationship with Israel and America, which we certainly want to encourage and support, because it's good for Israel and it's good for America," Schaffer said.

AIPAC representatives have offered advice to Indian groups, at conferences and informally. The pro-Israel lobbying group has shared its knowledge on how to lobby members of Congress and raise money, according to Jeffrey Colman, the organization's senior lobbyist. In addition, India's ambassador to the United States, Lalit Mansingh, attended a luncheon AIPAC hosted for 120 of its donors last April. "We can build a partnership, learn from each other, and both advance each other's agenda," Colman said.

"When India, Israel and the U.S. are under attack by extremists, there's a great deal of common ground and common interest in opposing them," Colman added. Although AIPAC is not currently working with Indian groups on advocating specific legislation, there could be such opportunities in the future, Colman added. "The Jewish community needs broad support for its issues and coalition-building is important to us," he said.

There is also room for cooperation on domestic issues, according to the representatives of the Indian and Jewish groups. Local AJCommittee chapters have worked with Indian groups on hate-crime and immigration issues. Jesal Amin, the chairman of the board of trustees of INAPAC, said he has worked with Jewish groups in combating hate crimes for over a decade.

Paul Goldenberg, president of The National Public Safety Learning Center, which consults with Jewish organizations on security matters, is now advising INAPAC on developing a hate-crimes policy and criteria for assessing political candidates' positions on the issue. Goldenberg, the former head of the New Jersey state attorney general's bias-crime unit, said he is also helping INAPAC encourage American law enforcement officials to work with their Indian counterparts in the war against terrorism. "People don't realize that India is at the forefront of the war against terrorism," Goldenberg said, referring to the country's problems with separatist Muslim militants in the disputed province of Kashmir.

Activists from both communities also see cultural affinities between them, including a heavy push for higher education and the professions. "We have made the American dream come true. Many Indians are professionals," Amin said. "One of the reasons for working together with the Jewish community is that we are so similar in terms of education, and from an economic point of view." Like Jewish Americans, Indian Americans are concentrated in several parts of the country, residing primarily in New York, New Jersey, Texas and California, Amin added, with most Indians arriving in America in the last decade.

All of the major New Jersey Indian-American cultural and business associations, as well as several such associations in New York, are backing INAPAC, Amin said. He added that the organization expected to raise some $90,000 at its first fund-raiser in two weeks. Sreenath Sreenivasan, a co-founder of the South Asian Journalists Association, said an organization with widespread support in New Jersey will have substantial clout within the Indian community.

INAPAC and the Indian American Center for Political Awareness, however, appear to differ on how closely they will cooperate with Jewish groups on international issues. Amin said that the terrorists who target Israel are interconnected with the Muslim terrorist groups operating elsewhere in the Middle East and South Asia, and indicated that his organization would work with Jewish organizations in backing anti-terrorism legislation and pro-Israel and pro-Indian candidates.

By contrast, Kapil Sharma, a consultant for the Indian American Center on Political Awareness, sees the situations in Israel and South Asia largely as separate issues. "We should be educated about each other's issues, so we can talk about Kashmir and Palestine, and challenge misconceptions about them when they arise, but we won't pick up each other's agendas, we won't be actively fighting for Israel," he said.

Colman, the AIPAC senior lobbyist who has worked with Sharma, said he wasn't bothered by Sharma's position, because "we're looking to work with them on common interests in a general way and we're not asking for their backing on specific legislation."

Posted by David Melle at October 21, 2002 09:36 PM


Do you know anything about india.Ours is the secular country.Hindus and muslims are living in this country since 800 years.Except minor disputes we never had communal hatred lasting for years.

Jordan and Turkey both muslim countries do more buisness with Israel than india does with Israel.Don't spread false propaganda.

Posted by: Manga Gangasani on March 15, 2003 09:05 PM

dear manga gangasani,
maybe you dont know nething bout india.hindus and muslims neverstayed in india together for 800 years.hindus stayed under muslims for 800 years.try reading about the history of your country before putting up any comments.jai hind

Posted by: naresh on March 29, 2003 01:17 PM

Dear Manga,
I agree with Naresh. Try to have the basic minimum knowledge about history before choosing friends and enemies. Don't worry about Turkey and Jordan, but Israel helped us more than all arab countries put together during the Kargil episode. Instead of sentiment and sympathy guiding our blind support for arab causes(who have never returned the favor vis-a-vis Pakistan) let's be realistic in our approach and basic common knowledge would say that we have to support Israel at any cost!

Posted by: Sanjiv Kaul on April 7, 2003 02:47 PM

The Islamic atrocities on Hindu people has been systematically wiped out from Indian History by Communists and so called secularists. It should be noted when ever we had riot in India, it was always started first by muslims latests being Godhra incident in which numerous Hindus were brunt alive by Muslims without any provocation and the persistant failure of so called secularists and the Muslim intelligensia to condemn them has to be carefully thougth about??? Like Jews , Hindus have always been oppressed during last thousand years of Islamic Rule, this common bondage of oppression makes us natural allies.

Posted by: Sandip Bhadury on May 11, 2003 03:26 PM

Hey Manga,

What form of Afghan heroin are you shooting up your veins huh??? Are you Indian??? Do you have any idea of the atrocities committed by radical, moderate, and even liberal Muslims over the past 1200 years against the Hindu populations? Oh I get it … your one of those Mira Nair bitches –you know the kind of Hindu slut that loves Muslim cock --- go fuck yourself you Muslim loving whore … it is estimated by Western historians that during a 500 year period from the 11th to the 16th centuries, 180 MILLION Hindus (this includes Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains) were systematically massacred by Muslim rulers and invaders. The “secular” Muslim Mughal ruler of India, Akbar –oh, he had a policy of killing anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 Hindu Rajputs any given day … I can only imagine the number of Hindus murdered by “Islamists” such as Babar and Mahmud of Ghazni. I wonder if your Muslim-cocksucking- ignorant about Indian history – prick ass has any idea that the Hindu Kush mountains are translated into English as “Hindu Slaughter,” “Hindu Killer,” or “ Killing of Hindus” – legend has it that the Afghans used to butcher and enslave millions of Hindus there. 180 million Hindus dead … and you think we have no enmity with them. The Sikhs are the original military wing of Hinduism, founded solely to confront the Muslim persecution of the Hindus. “Sikh” translates to disciple, but is more accurately defined as “soldier,” they were the eldest sons of Hindu families who were organized to battle the Muslim Mughals … do a little research … you dumb whore! A whole nation of people was defined because of Hindu-Muslim enmity! Where else has that happened?

You are right … we, the Indians (Hindu, Sikh, etc.) DO NOT have any ill will against the Muslims or against Islam … actually Hindus accept Islam and respect Muslims … they just hate us because we’re “kaffirs” –even you’re a kaffir, no matter how much Muslim cum you swallow … If you ever go to India you will notice that the Hindu and Muslim communities tend to be segregated … Old Delhi is Muslim, New Delhi is Hindu … and by the way, don’t forget that the Muslims of India consider themselves “Pakistani” … they never refer to themselves as strictly “Indians” … 15 % of India’s population is Muslim … 2 % of India’s military is Muslim …Indian Muslims chose to fight in Afghanistan in the 1980s and Bosnia in the 1990s, yet the forget to fight for their own homeland …

I, like every other Indian, have a great deal of respect for Islam and the Muslim community … no really, I do. However, for me to forget what my ancestors lived through … to forget that my grandmother trekked from Lahore to Amritsar in 1947 with a baby (my father) in her arms … to forget that Gobind Singh, his father, and his four sons were all killed fighting the Muslims so that we today can be Hindu or Sikh or Buddhist … no I cannot dishonor those memories … the truth my dear Manga is that the Muslims have always considered us as infidels … and I for one will not forget my history. Hey, you sit there and preach that we live in peace with them, what peace? Go to India and experience first hand your foolish vision of “Hindu-Muslim unity” …. You dumb ignorant bitch, if it wasn’t for my people, the Sikhs, you’d be wearing a burka and facing Mecca right now … don’t disrespect my peoples’ history.

Posted by: Mad Max on June 3, 2003 04:05 PM

Namaste dear friends from Israel,
After going through the high sounding, vituperative comments of Mad Max (a true Sikh never writes in disguise!), I find myself totally uttered - I have nothing more to say. I must say that it's very hard to change the Muslim mindset. They are so obsessed with their faith and the beloved, last prophet that all their misdeeds seem to them as golden guides to elysium. One person, who I think, should be blamed for all the massive violence that is so very rampant in most parts of the world and that has been more conspicuously bedevilling the two brotherly countries India and Israel, is none other than the bloody Prophet Muhammad Bin Mustafa himself. Muslims say Peace Be Upon Him (Sal Illlah Ho Walai He Wassalam) - but he was the person who foisted hate and poison into his community through well articulated, self-created Koran. I have myself read Koran and have found its Allah sometimes speaking in first person and sometime in third person. And Koran is the book of God!
Islam means "peace" - how many "kafirs" like us would take that for granted? Isn't it a classic example of narcissm!
I strongly feel, that non-Muslims should aggresively campaign against the paranoid vituperations of Muhammad and let the Muslims understand the true meaning of peace (Islam).

Posted by: Chinmoy Kumar on June 14, 2003 03:11 AM

No where in the world majority community is treated like Muslims treated Hindus in Godhra train fire, Gujarat, India. We lost our freedom number of times because of people with communist and so called self declared secular mentality. This decease is still there in India. We had first Muslim terrorist in India in 700 AD, and still today it is going on. Muslims are not coming with flowers and goodwill, but invaded with their lust of power. They thrashed Hindu temples and then criminally constructed new mosques. Hindus will prefer to break rather than to bend. Earlier messages explained the social and humanity level of Muslims. Those who call Muslims as Pease loving people is sounding as ridiculous and laughable as appointment of Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein as life time chiefs of CIA and FBI respectively. The people want to discuss of root cause of present problems in the world --- and that is Muslims. Is Muslims having good relation with people of other religions? From the centuries, Muslims are fighting with Christian, Jews and Hindus. Is they want Islamic supremacy? They will never succeed

Hindus and Jews should join hands to fight Islamic terror. Hindus should learn from our history, and always remember that, strength respect strength. We should feel proud to have Israel with us. Hindus are peaceful people until we are not disturbed. We never spread Hinduism in other countries. Jews also hate to spread religion by force or even by any other means on the name of charity, for charity religion doesn’t matter. After 55 years of India’s independence there is no trust between Hindus and muslims. Muslims are living India but, eating Indian food but thinking in and out about Pakistan. Does Indian Muslims have any respect in Pakistan? One must remember respect national importance, respect others religion. Where are the Hindus in Pakistan? India has got respect due to its tolerance and spirituality. But, this tolerance certificate is awarded to India on the dead bodies millions of Hindus who sacrificed their life due to Muslim attacks. Our tolerance is now regarded as weakness. Hindus were at receiving end, and world is saying Hindus are tolerant. Ties with Israel will give us self-confidence. What is the use of certificate of tolerance for Indians? Of course respect is not demanded it is commanded by behavior, does Muslims will learn this? Self declared secular Hindus and Muslims should learn the history and writings on the wall. Because peace and love should not be one sided.

Posted by: hindustani on July 6, 2003 05:33 AM

Please, before placing your views on the web, research thoroughly because there exist many erroneous comments and misguided views on this site - reading a simple history book can correct all this.

Posted by: Sunny Jiten Singh on July 10, 2003 07:26 AM


Could you please be more specific? What exactly is "erroneous" on this site?

Are you referring to the History, Maps, Stats or Palestinian Terror pages? I can assure you that if you read any history book (see the 'Books' page) you'll find that they are 100% true.

Or are you refferring to comments users might make? If that's the case, then of course anyone can say anything - including you.

Posted by: David Melle on July 10, 2003 08:25 AM

Hello friends,

Read all that you have to say.But listen muslims of indian are not wahhabi.They are more sufi than other muslim community.

Posted by: manga gangasani on August 15, 2003 12:53 PM

Kudos to all my right wing Hindu and Jewish brothers.Keep up the good work and end this Islamic menace

Posted by: Vivek Iyer on August 27, 2003 01:55 AM

hi all true jews and hindus who oppose islamic terrorism

im really gratified to know that at last the jews and the hindus have identified the true enemy of our peacefull religions.The atrocities commited aginst our religions by arabs or broady speaking have been unspeakable.many hindus are still aware of this fact lulled into pacifism by the so called secularists like nehru and the communists

most of the history books omit this dark but vital part of history.i as a 20 year old hindu grew up thinking that the muslims were our lifelong friends till i began to read books other than the ones given in school. many of the muslim invaders themselfs have written in great detail about their conquest of india and of couse isreal.

when i went to india on a trip i personnaly saw temples which were razed to the groud by muslims invaders. it was ample evidence to the brutality and barbarizm of the arabs

most people still belive that isreal is on arab land but any one with a little history knowledge will know that what is know isreal was only settled by arabs after the 6th century while the jews were living there for more than 3000 years

its time we put a end to muslim extremizm and reclaim what we have lost

Posted by: prushothaman on October 22, 2003 10:52 PM

Quran: Chapter 9, Verse 5: “Then when the Sacred Months have passed, kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and observe the Islamic lifestyle, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful

how does this look?
this is one of the countless verses in the quran which extorts mulims to kill kafirs(non muslims)

it is time that hindus and jews rise up and confront the islamic terror

The attack on Afghanistan.iraq,kashmir,and in gaza should continue during Ramadan without a doubt. Hundred of Hindus are savagely massacred during Ramadan in India. If Muslims don't care about brutally killing during Ramadan, then let's not be gullible!. In 1973, Egypt and Syria joined the forces to attack Israel during Ramadan. That war began on Oct 6th, a date commemorating one of Prophet Muhammad's great military victories against non-Muslims or Infidels. This war came to be known as the Ramadan War. Let us not purposely blind fold ourselves!

The Will of our beloved, Shri Nathuram Godse
"My dear Dattatraya,
If you are allowed to perform last rites of my body you may perform them in any manner. But I am to express herewith a specific wish.
The river Indus (Sindhu), on the banks of which our pre-historic Rishis composed the Vedas is the Boundary of our Bharatvarsha i.e. Hindusthan. My ashes may be sunk in the Holy Sindhu River when she will again flow freely under the aegis of the flag of Hindusthan. That will be the sacred day for us. It hardly matters even if it took a couple of generations for realizing my wish. Preserve the ashes till then, and if that day would not dawn in your lifetime, pass on the remains to posterity for translating my desire into reality.
If and when the Government lifts ban on my statement made in the Court, I authorize you to publish it." 4-11-1949, Nathuram Vinayak Godse

Western Illinois University harboring the founder of S.I.M.I.


Dr. Mohammad Ahmadulla Siddiqi , founder of the terrorist outfit
known as SIMI, is a professor in Western Illinois University.
Read about Student Islamic Movement of India
SIMI/I.S.I/Lashkar responsible for Mumbai blast!

Contact the University Board of Directors and alert them at:


Also call FBI and inform them at (312) 431-1333.


Posted by: purushothaman on October 27, 2003 08:32 PM

The poison of the world is the fictitious god of the arabs called allah( which means the illah of everybody0.

Mohamed was an imitator. He learnt the stories of Moses and tried to apply the same ideas to change the arabs who slept with their own daughters and sisters/mothers.

In pakistan there are about 500,000 hindus/christians left. They are so poor that they cannot leave that country. Everyday their daughters/wives are being raped.

What is India doing? In India Salman Khan/ugly Sharuk Khan are film heroes who are caressing the body of non-muslims women naked on the screen and you idiots you are watching.

Right now, war against islam by all non-muslims must start.
Right now.

Start it by first pulverising the whole of pakistan, bangla desh and afghanistan but after repatriating all non-muslims from there.

Posted by: Gulshan on December 26, 2003 04:05 PM

in the koran it is clearly stated that it is the duty of every muslim by all means to kill the Jews and the Christians and all non-muslims.

The destination of Jews and Christians into hell is guaranteed.

For the muslims, after their death they will go to live with allah who will give each man the capacity to do sex with 100 women and each man will be allocated 70 women. The extra capacity as if will be deployed to rape the christians and jews who will be in hell.

Posted by: gulshan on December 26, 2003 04:12 PM

send this manga bastard to kashmir and ask him to suck muslim cocks

Posted by: Manish Wasan on January 16, 2004 10:55 AM

And while he is doing that let him explain to my family why my great grandfather was killed when pakistan was formed

Posted by: Manish Wasan on January 16, 2004 11:01 AM

Jews are nerds, like Hindus....
Don't Hindus drink urine from cows as their "Holy Water"?
Not meaning to bash on that or anything, but that's what I heard...Nasty....

Posted by: Jews suck on January 29, 2004 06:44 PM

Jews are nerds, like Hindus....
Don't Hindus drink urine from cows as their "Holy Water"?
Not meaning to bash on that or anything, but that's what I heard...Nasty....
Manish, you are a COMPLETE idiot. You think your worthless parents (incest, they might as well be your uncles or even you parents..) were the only ones who died?!
Countless numbbers of Hindus died, yes, but also Muslims. Hindus are just as bad, actually worse, since they do not beleive in God, just Vishnu and Karm Sutra or what ever, Beleive in the Abrahamic religions you idiots, your lives will be better.
Gulshan, you act as if thse little sorry good for nothing Hindus in Pakistan are the only people in the world that are being tortured? Look at the Christians and Muslims being bashed and man-slaughtered in the hell hole called India! Man, the nerve of you idiots... Read up te facts morons. Eat shizzle and live to taste it, of course you may be used to it, since some of it IS your holy water.

I am not Muslim, nor do I hate Jews(despite the earlier comment). I just dislike those morons in Israel..

Also Gulshan, you uneducated twit, what you claim there can be said about Jesus Christ..Just another stupid excuse not backed up by anything without any real proof.
I study religion as a subject at my colledge by the way.

"Quran: Chapter 9, Verse 5: “Then when the Sacred Months have passed, kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and observe the Islamic lifestyle, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful

Maybe, if you studied your religion, you'd know WHY and WHEN this surah was released...
Study your history buddy, if you did, you'd know what this is all about.
~to parusho (the moron) thaman.
Bye, and may God bless you all! Everyone if you. Well, except for you pagan idol worshipping incest Hindus.

Posted by: Jews suck on January 29, 2004 06:55 PM

Whoops, I meant to make my name Hindus suck. Sorry.
Israleis suck, but the rest of the Jews do not.
Ariel Sharon is a war criminal anyways.

Posted by: Hindus Suck on January 29, 2004 06:59 PM

Dear Mr/Ms Hindus/Jews suck
Actually, it is people like you who suck. You and that manga. And millions more like you. It is because of your sick mentality that Islamic terror has spread the way it has. You profess to be the followers of that idiot gandhi - the self appointed champion of non violence - but choose to ignore the violence of muslims on Hindus and Jews.
But dont you worry. Hindus and Jews will wipe out Islamic terror from this world and all idiots like you along with all the bloody communists will be castrated and thrown into the oceans of the world for all the fish to feed on.

Posted by: Nitin D joshi on February 15, 2004 10:58 PM

To all the idiots that say an act against Israil is an act against Judaism, you are idiots...
And you Hindus, please don't try to act like you guys are so "innocent".

Posted by: Johnny on September 18, 2004 07:28 PM

The Children of Israel have suffered the persecution of the unrighteous for thousands of years. It is astounding that anyone on earth would deny their right to exist. Enough is enough, it is not an option any longer. It is right and it is just to support Israel in her existence.

As an Indian American, I not only respect India and her vast and continuous past but the descendants of the great Hebrews that have cleaved an immense contribution in the stone of universal humanity and stood testament against the ravages of hate in Nazi Germany. God bless the Children of Is Rael and India they will surmount all that the militant "so-called" religious muslims put in there path. Amen.

Posted by: Mil Man on February 2, 2005 11:59 PM

hi dear hindu brother !!!
This is the time to wake up kill the killer before they kill you. Lets take example of a tiny nation surrounded by arabs the GREAT NATION OF ISRAEL The jews are lions of the world see how they are dealing the extremists of the palestine. We hindus must learn lesson from Mossad see how swift killer they are they can find the terrorist in anywhere they are. lets follow the Jews and learn how to deal the terrorism. I wish I was born in Israel as a Jew, but i am not that lucky to be Jew. Hindus and Jews are the victims of terrorism of Islam for the centuries. Time has come. Wake up dear Hindus and follow the Jews. Long live Hindu Jews Unity Long live Hindustan Long Live Israel. Long live Mossad !!!!!!

Posted by: Kumar on March 17, 2005 07:25 AM

Hi hindu brothers
One suggestions to all of you join Israel in the war of terrorism. Give all your support to Israel. The young hindus should join the Israel Defence Forces see link www.defendisrael.net What is happening in Kashmir is our fault we are unable to handle the terrorism by our way we must learn from Israel. I am really impressed by our Israeli brothers their way of working dealing terrorism. All the Hindus should take pledge to support Israel by all means. The amercan indians are doing very well by supporting israeli brother.And Israelis should think of recruiting Hindus in to their defence forces. I wish to see GREATER ISRAEL and AKHAND BHARAT soon.
God Bless Israel Long live Israel and Hindustan

Posted by: kumar on March 18, 2005 09:31 AM

Nittin,Kumar, Milman thanks folks
Its imperative that we act against this real and present danger.its great to see the ever growing ties between india and israel, i suggest that we should go and try to get this message across in as many indian, israeli forums as possible


Posted by: Purushothaman on April 8, 2005 12:19 AM

Hail liberation. I feel a more peaceful approach in ending islamic fascism would help . I request all the concerned Hindus and Jews/Israelis to join www.refuting-islam.tk and help us in our mission to stop ISLAMIC EXTREMISM.

"Muhammed said war is deceit. Beat the enemy on his own lines. Allah hu akbar. ashadhu la ilaha il ALLAH" :-)

Posted by: Flava on November 14, 2005 11:25 AM

Those with power will always suppress those without.It's the law of the jungle .It is not about hindus or jews or whatever. It is about power and control. Money is just a means to achieve power . That is why everyone covets it . Wars are fought in the name of religion , but actually people just want power beacuse power is like opium, once u get the taste of it, u cant live without it. Abraham Lincoln once said: "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power"
If u want to stop being pushed around , get urself some power , by hook or by crook. That is the only way you will be able to live with respect.

Posted by: gg on November 29, 2005 12:21 PM

This article is quiet interesting. I read all of your comments and i must say you all have very great suggestions. This should not be war on Islam. This war is on Terrorism. We hindu have alway thought "Sarva Dharm Sanatan". mean treat all religions equally but it doesnt mean let them step on us. Terrorism is a big threat to our community and Terrorist have made big mistake attacking India. India is a Sleeping tiger, don't wake him, you will regrade it.

Posted by: Rusty on December 21, 2005 04:30 PM


Thats true that the war is on terrorism but lemme tell you that 99% of the terrorists are mouzlims infact 99% of muozlims are terrorists, they must be wiped out.....we welcome open-minded and modern mouzlims in this world such as Turkey and Malayzia.

Posted by: Sloat Throat on December 29, 2005 10:25 PM

Hi all,

The parallels between the history of Hinduism in India and that of World Jewry is one that I have known for some time. Both groups have been systematically persecuted and hated by Muslims and Christians. There is, however, one key difference. The reason why the Jews were hated so intensely and irrationally was because of their 'stateless' nature, a problem to which the ideology of Zionism and the modern nation of Israel is the best solution.

Hindus, however, have been the victims of Islamic persecution and genocide, in part, because of the unnecessarily heterogenous nature of our religion, which has hampered our ability to unite as a force against the muslim savage. This is the problem that the modern idology of 'hindutva' means to solve.

Also, the vast and staggering scale of negationism and self-hatred that exist in our hindu society is a problem that cannot be denied. Even as I write this essay, self-hating Hindus like Romila Thapar distort our history to whitewash the Islamic genocide of Hindus away. Even futher, traitors like Deepa Mehta and Meera Nair get paid by liberal socialist cabals in teh west to defame and denigrate the Hindu way of life. The role of the Saudi lobby in this perfidious enterprise cannot be ignored either.

Even as I write, Dalit missionary organizations, deceptively named "Friends of South Asia" consisting of crypto-christians, together with well-known pseudoscholar and racist Michael Witzel, are attempting to distort the portrayal of Hindus in California school textbooks in an attempt to dissemenate subtle hate-propaganda and instigate hate-crimes against Hindus. This is in addition to the already demeaning and condescending portrayal of Judaism in Californian textbooks that advocacy groups like the Anti-Defamation league of B'naii-B'rith and the American Jewish Committee are struggling to change.

The present stages of Hindu hatred being dissemenated by Muslims in Islamic nations, as well as by christian missionaries in India and the west is a lot like the early stages of anti-semitism was in the middle ages, demonization followed by dehumanization.

If this is allowed to continue unabated, it will end with a massive campaign of Hindu slaughter and genocide that will surely annihiliate our nation and our culture. Jewish people, and the nation of Israel in particular, are fighting a similar problem in the middle east. Even in the west, Islamist organizations such as CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relaions)

Muslims hate Jews and Hindus equally. This is evidenced by propaganda leaflets distributed by terrorist organizations such as al-qaeda in Afghanistan that read "Yahood aur hanood ek sikke ke do hisse hain" (Jews and Hindus are 2 sides of the same coin).

It is imperative that Hindus and jews all over the world cooperate and aggressively combat the lies spread by these perfidious people and secure the future of Israel as a Jewish State, and India as a legitimately Hindu Rashtra,

Jews face dangers from the muslim animals, as do we Hindus.
The truth about muslims and the so-called "Dar-es-Islam", the house of Islamic submission, is not only a full picture of Islam, but exposes the lives of these parasitic people , which can be easily done by using genuine material taken from their lives in countries that they populate. It also shows why enlightened and well-thinking people in every age have responded to the muslims with disgust and loathing, often enough expressing their feelings though deeds.

Just like rats, the muslims 1500 years ago moved from the Middle East to Persia, India , at that time a flourishing land. Even then they had all the criminal and savage traits they display today, even then they were the enemies of the hard-working, from the farmer to the philosopher. In large hordes they invaded civilized peoples, flooded the entire region, broke into Persia, Central Asia, India, Judea and Spain. Along they way they remained eternal parasites, haggling and cheating, warring and pillaging, raping and murdering. Afghanistan above all became the enormous reservoir from which muslims sent their agents to every leading nation of the Indian subcontinent, followed by Uzbekhistan.

Then the muslim concocted the falsehood of "Islamic Creativity" by plagiarizing from the knowledge of other cultures and making their achievements those of muslims. An example is the so called "Arabic" system of numerals, not Arabic at all, but stolen from Indian Hindus. Any scientific achievements that were made by muslims invariably turned them into apostates, such as Ibn-Sina, or Omar Khayyam.In loathing disgust for a religion created by a rapist and a paedophile prophet that worshipped a moon-god named "Allah", these intellectuals rejected Islam, and were only kept alive by the muslim overlords because of their intelligence.

The self-portrait that Islam offered the world was disgusting from the beginning. All that is overshadowed by the powerful examples in Indian history. This truth must be told everywhere where the truth about Islam is still questioned. No one will fail to shudder at the machiavellian and dirty savagery of the muslims when they start out, at the perfidy, insidiousness and vulgarity of their methods, at the brutality and all-devouring hatred they exhibit when they reach their goal and control entire countries.

The most revolting are the Islamic slaughtering methods. These customs, which cast a particularly vivid spotlight on the so-called Islamic "Halaal" practices, are so terrible that it is nearly impossible for a civilized person to watch grinning muslim butchers carry out their work, but they must. It is illuminating to see how stubbornly muslims hold to their methods of slaughter and with which casuistry they defend it against the horror of the civilized world. Rarely will people feel more horror than which watching the desperate and horrible death struggle of the slaughtered animals, twitching on the floor while slowly and painfully bleeding to death. Long before the repatriaition of the Ramjanmabhoomi, the RSS fought against muslim slaughter. VHP representatives in parliament repeatedly introduced legislation to abolish this form of animal torture through a ban on Islamic slaughter. Such proposals were always rejected, since the entire muslim and muslim-influenced press ran long articles against them and the so-called Congress parties refused to support Hindutva in its battle against this evil.

Not only in this regard, but in other areas too we are reminded with a shudder of what once was reality in India: the power of the muslims in the economy, finance, culture, theater, film, publishing, press, education and politics, and more recently, the internet. All these Islamist leaders of the Pre-90's era had their home or their origin in the filthy slums of the nation.

One has a deep sense of revelation after learning the truth. We have broken their power over us. We are the participators of the fight against worldwide Islam, which now directs its hate, its brutal greed and destructive will toward us. We must win this battle for ourselves, for India, for the world. The truth will be a valuable tool in that struggle.

Posted by: Pusyamitra Sunga on May 20, 2006 02:20 AM

Jews and Hindus are friends for all time. Both are peaceful religions and do not convert forcefully. They have a great deal at stake in peace and security. They got to unite for the hard working people of the world.

Posted by: Ashish on July 10, 2006 03:46 AM

Go ISrael go get back ur soldiers and doesnt let the fate of Indian solidiers who were kidnapped by Pakisthanis during kargil(Nose cut of ears cut of ,eyes rmocved and bodymutilated i Islamic way), fall upon them..
Couple of days back theyr was an sms poll in Indian news channel askign whether Indian should follow the Isreal way and 94% of them plled that India should follow Isreal way..
That says that Indians (Hindus) support Isreal and jews..
thrash those terrorists 200 Killed in Bombblast ion India atleast a 1000 Muslims is expected and are expected to be shown the hell in whch Mohamamd is boliling in oil..
These terrorist only understand terror and nothing short....
Dont take the Indian GOVT seriously. It is run by communist and so called liberal and secular who place their self interst above the interest of Indian ..what is important is Hindu s support u and unfortunatley this support cannot be turned into political support becoz of our Dhiomm GOvt..

Posted by: Ranganath Varma on July 21, 2006 08:21 PM


take a look at the group link...

Posted by: Swati on August 25, 2006 11:15 AM

Manga you need bashing...my name notwithsatnding. Anyway she'll perhaps get it from very people you love.

As far as Militant Islam, well let me say it was never any different Islam, twas always militant. If you think of it any differnt then just go to Delhi Jama Masjid and sit with Imam. If he will be good enough he will share his views on non muslims...and you will know.

Why only jews or hindus or sikhs. all right thinking people need to bang these militant islamists. And man, just wait for fossil fuel to get rudundant because of any alternate fuel source becoming popular, it will be banged..he..he

History is replete with atrocities on hindus, jews and christians too...dont you know armenia, where chriatians were slaughtered. Even today you have moslim terrorists everywhere - philippines, thailand, kashmir, china, chechnia...usa !! Amazing how thses guys cant just tolerate other peoples but want others to tolerate them nonetheless.

Posted by: Peacemaker on November 5, 2006 01:15 PM

i suggest people should watch
Obsession :- Radical Islam

this link is part 1..........see all 8 parts.

Posted by: Harsh on November 13, 2006 07:58 PM

The blood of muslims is made of poison. That is why they are the scum of the earth.

Islam is not a religion. It is a disease. The soon as this disease is eradicated, the better. I hope and pray to god that India finally wakes up and realises the extent of damage that has been wrecked on it. The islamic devestation od India happened centuries ago. Yet even today my bharat mata lies wounded and bleeding.

I wonder when the hindus of India will wake up. I hope that hindus wake up and realise that their national security interests are best served within a Hindu-Jewish, Hindu-American, Hindu-European and Hindu-Japanese friendship. May god (the real one and not the stupid allah fiction) bless such a friendship.

God bless the USA, Long Live Israeil, Power to the Japanese, Success to the Hindus and Pig
S H I T to Islam

Posted by: RAJ on November 20, 2006 10:45 AM

Its really good to see proud hindus getting together.But i still don't know how we are going to fight these ismalist bastards. Also i am unable to see any israeli response on this page.

Posted by: MANGAL on January 28, 2007 02:18 AM

take a look at this group. I am trying to gather support for Hindus and Jews to come together and fight the islamic bastards. the only way to fight them is to wipe them out. we have to unite, the hindus and the jews... we are ones who have suffered the most due to these islamists. Unite Hindus and Jews... and lets fight off this islamic terrorism.

Posted by: Swati on April 4, 2007 01:20 AM

The only people who took muslims from balls were the Mongols muslims always say Hitler should have finished the job i say genghis khan should have finished his job..

Posted by: Genghis khan on September 3, 2007 12:45 PM

Funny how you hindus say all this stuff on message boards but are too shit scared to say any thing to our faces.

Islam showed you hindus and indians a modern india a wealthy india other wise you indias would have still been living in mud huts made of cow dung.

You hindus are shit scared of us muslims and you know it! trying to make friends with the Jews.....wow you really are desperate.

Any one of you hindu idol worshipping cow piss drinkers ever say that on the street to a muslim and i gurantee you those will be your last words.

Have some balls you bastards. you dont even treat other hindus equally with your savage cast system, how do you expect respect..

who are the untouchables? are they not human you weak vegetarian mother F*ckers! go suk on Kalis left tit you back ward bastards.

When we defeat you hindu sum bags make sure you bow down and touch my feet.....i might just forgive you.

Posted by: Shape Shifter on February 1, 2008 04:05 AM

When the whole world is poisoned with Islamic terrorism and lust, we people are doing nothing except letting the bastards (muslims) to settle in our countries and built up their self-made hell(madrassas). The Devil's book (Quran) says that to do whatever means to capture the world - Is that sounding honey dripping from a holy man's lips? He was a bastard who married his cousins and promoted incest. Since, the muslims are religious fanatics, they knew nothing to enrich themselves via economically. Only thing they knew (thanks to their bastard mullahs) is to make babies and overcrowd the world to gain superiority in numbers. They are also rewarded haevily by the cock-sucking pigs of Middle-east, if they could lure any non-muslim to sleep with them as they feel its some sort of revenge against non-muslims.
The time has now come to join hands together against these deadly virus, named islam. Muslim people are not the real problem, the real problem is Islam which is like a viral disease. I am a Hindu and I strongly feel that we don't have any major quarrel with Christians, Jews and Buddhists, as all of our religion teaches tolerancy and respects other's religion. We are facing the dealy threat of Islam together - be it in New York, Delhi, Gaza strip, Chinese western frontiers, Madrid, london, etc. So, lets unite together and wipe out this menace "Islam" forever. Hindus and Jews have already joined hands together and Buddhism is by birth close to hinduism so we have no major difference at all. Now its time for the three to roll the carpet for Christianity to join the force. Please get united.

Posted by: Crusader on March 9, 2008 11:59 PM

Fuck islam. Full of prostitutes and murderes. Alla is my sulla. U islamic bastards blod itself full of evil intentions. Alla is the real ibilis(satan devil) and mohammed (big joke that this bastard is a prophet). Even i respect jesus bcoz he atleast try to explain what is peace. There is no relation between the words ISLAM and PEACE. Very soon in the upcoming centuries i want to see the muslim women gettign raped in the same way they did to others. Gulf will be full of dead bodies. We will get back pakisthan into our india as it's our land. Jai hind. Long live india and israel defence ties :-) May god help india and israel to fight the real kafirs(islamic ass holes who eat pig shit) :-)

Posted by: indian on May 10, 2008 06:50 AM


Go and suck any arab cock. Go and sit with any mullah in mosque in india and he will explain you what islam is and what are his views about islam. Shameless bitch. Because of people like you who love to sleep and give birth to terrorists, indians plight is like this.

Posted by: Vikram Singh on January 1, 2009 12:27 PM

Dear Readers,

This post is great. Yes extreemist muslims are true enimies for both Jews & Hindus. But mind you, not the cultural peace loving muslims.

Do you know who is the true enemy of Hindus & Jews?

Refer to Ghodra incident which happened just before the elections, where foreigners want to win and rule the country.

Refer to Hyderabad riots during late 80's which was started by the Christian chief minister y. Samuel Rajasekhar reddy.

Hindus & Muslims - Jews & Arabs can live together peacefully, but some people dont want them to stay peaceful.

I am 100% sure that the recent once sided rocket attacks on Israel is the handiwork of some international criminals who dont want the peace to provail. Its the same with the mumbai attacks.

Some people dont want Jews & Hindus united. Some people dont want Hindus & Muslims stay together.

who are they? why they are doing this?

Pope benedict is a Nazi soldier once open a time and he killed a lot of Jews by his own hands. Now he is proclaimed as the world peace leader.

why didnt pope of that time didnt stop atrocities on Jews? Why Nazi and French soldiers celebrated christmas together in the world war II even its a tense situation?

Who encouraged Hitler against Jews? What were his studies during student life? who are his friends and philosophers and what are their religions?

If you know the answers, then you will surely know who dont want peace.

Posted by: Manu on February 8, 2009 08:40 PM

Excuse me shape shifter,
The caste system is not problem of hinduism, it is a social problem. Indian muslims say tht they converted because of caste system but they retain their caste even if they are muslim. Only moronic people target hiduism by saying caste and sati. Sati was followed so tht hindu women do get forcefully married to muslim invaders after their husbands death. Islam also conciusly tries to keeps its own people ignorant and stuid while hindus of india always contributed to science in a major way. ( C.V.Raman)(Exception abdul kalam and i respect him for his hard working and non religious nature)

So you F*CK OFF! Beware once u awaken the indian hindu tiger .... it will rip the enemies of hindus!!!

Posted by: the greates on June 11, 2009 08:04 AM

Jews are friendly, intelligent people. I live in Europe and the leftist regard Israel as a quite negative country. The leftist are muslim appeasers and that's why the leftist in Europe not fully condemn palestian terror on Israel.
The muslim minority in Europe contries provides for the most trouble with their religion, but the leftist still appease them. Appeasement politics from the leftist is the policy here. They refute to say that the problem is Islam.

Israel faces islamic terror. Israel has the right to defend themself. Israel en India are the two countries that border to islamic area. Israel - Palestina and India - Pakistan and Bangladesh. That's why Israel en India face the most islamic terror. Because islam wants to make the whole world islamic and the want to expand their territorium.

Jews and Hindus need to support each other. The leftist in the West don't understand that Islam means terror, hate and violence. As well as in America and in Europe in several mosques the muslims preaces hate against Jews and Hindus. Jews and Hindus are the two biggest victims of islamic hate and violence, for 1300 years long.

Go Israel! Go Jews!

@ Manga Gangasani: I strongly advise you to read something about Indian history, the muslim invaders and the partition of India in 1947. Read also the persecutions of the jews by muslims in the Middle East.

Posted by: A European Hindu on November 8, 2009 05:41 PM

They tried blowing up a Hindu Temple in Brampton Ontario. Google it. They were going to attack the Toronto Stock Exchange and cut off out PM's head. We support Israel and I am proud to say that my friend is a Hindu and I went to his wedding. It was a wonderful experience. Your enemies are Canada's enemies. They tried bringing Islamic schools to Canada(Canada is 45% Catholic) but we have a large and growing Hindu population because we do lots of business with India and Canada and India have so much in common.

The cast system ===> it does need to be disbanded. However, I've never met a racist India person...I've only ever met racist white people and racist Muslims. I've had a few from Saudi Arabia try and convert me. Of course I believe Islam is backwards...from the 7th century and incompatible with Western norms and values. I believe it's a retarded culture.

Millions of Canadians have read "Infidel" By Ayaan Hirshi Ali. University students that get their political science degrees have to read it in order to understand the middle eastern political systems. I was horrified to learn how racist, backwards and un pluralistic they are.

Posted by: candian researcher on December 8, 2009 12:43 AM

Israel should strike at palestine once in a year inorder make sure that the palestines are not living in peace this is because they did'nt allow hindus and jews to live in peace. Indian Hindus Must pressure the indian government to send troops and we must help israel in launching sattelites and other useful technologies like software. We must adopt the defence tatics of israel.

Posted by: shankar on December 18, 2009 12:37 AM



Just go through both these reliable sources and you get a nice picture of what Hindus have gone through in its history. They have suffered the most. Its for certain.

Posted by: ProIsreal on January 2, 2010 01:43 PM

Iam a HINDU. And iam an INDIAN too. muslims try to spread violence all over the world. they are poison in our society. Im with ISRAEL.

Posted by: Harikrishnan on March 11, 2010 06:03 AM

Love is much worth than faith in god.It was how Jesus lead his life.Tolarance is more worth than love. It was how Mahatma Gandhiji lead his life.Love and Tolarance should not fail. Alas! both failed.Love of Christ crusified and later hate of Mohamad sprout. Tolarance of Gandhiji dead,bitter Pakistan sprout. Let us see who is real winner in the final race .

Posted by: on May 25, 2010 06:43 AM

Is there any forum where Indians and Isreal people can share their views and enhance friendly ties? I would like to join and become more and more close to Isreal friends. It is need of the hour.

Posted by: Sumer Singh on June 9, 2010 10:48 AM

greetings from india...muslims say islam is ''religion of peace''...which is a lie..coz ist of all, islam is not a religion..its an ideology stolen from jewish and christinity...and its an ideology which is based on hatred towards non muslims which no other religion belives in...
Jews and hindus are brothers in arms and there is lot of similarities between both.
Talking abt islam,its main objective is to spread islam by any means,including forced convert and massacare. Thats the only reason, muslims tends to breed like rats ...

How can one follow a child molester and a mentally sick guy who married his own daughter in law,used to have sex with his slaves and allowed sex with pigs,goats and even camels???
Sleeping with 9 yr old child cannot be tolerated in any civilized society and religion. Muslims are worse than tribal ppl living in deep jungles without any communication with modern world..the worst thing is these morons lives among us...

Posted by: nicks on August 9, 2010 07:59 AM

Hindus & Jews till the end...
If the mother fucking secular congress government, when replaced by BJP, Then india can deal the same way the how israel is dealing with the terrorists.
But the thing is when hindus will wake up???
First secular hindu indians should killed, then terrorism automatically succumb in india.
or else there is a need for hindu terrorism,
tit for tat...
Long live Hindus & Jews...

Posted by: truthdefender on September 20, 2010 03:45 AM

Hindu & Jews Brotherhood

Till the end of Earth........

Posted by: Warrior on September 29, 2010 08:07 AM

my all brothers , the religions are like brothers. they have same vision and mission to have love and peace in universe that is told by their parents (god).we must unite and serve for what we come on this earth. before being muslim , hindu , jews, chrestian, buddhist, or any other religion we must be human. humanity is the only religion my friends.
yes there is always some negative energy to make earh in balence . not for distruction. even negative sign(-)is the first stage of positive sign(+). be positive .

i am not putting my name because someone may try to understand my religion by my name . if any one need,want, desire to know my religion i am telling u i belong to ur religion that is humanism.god bless u .

Posted by: human on September 29, 2010 01:21 PM

long live hindu long live jews
long live india long live israel

Posted by: true indian on October 10, 2010 07:32 AM

My stance is unequivocally anti-Islam, since I ardently believe Muslims are ruining and degrading India, promoting terror and terrorism, polluting our environment, murdering our people, overpopulating our country, compromising and infringing our rights, and harming our interests.
All riots and bomb blasts, which have claimed hundreds of Hindu lives, have been initiated by Muslims. Hindu 'aggression' has merely been reactionary. Are we supposed to sit back and watch barbaric jihadis and orthodox Muslim fanatics trample over our rights, burn our buildings, destroy and desecrate our sacred temples and holy shrines, and murder our people in our own land? My family friend, her daughter in law and granddaughter, were all raped in a madrassa once, on their way to Muradabad, outskirts of Delhi. This highlights their utter debasement of everything pure, including education and knowledge, since a madrassa is a school of learning. Muslims, scum of the earth, have been inculcated and indoctrinated in filth all their life.
The Mughals may have ruled us for 800 years, and razed our Ram mandir to the ground, erecting a Babri Mazjid in its place, but they shall rule us no longer. We're no sitting ducks. Just because we Hindus are patient and peace loving, we get taken for a ride. And the government and media houses lick Muslim ass, to secure minority vote banks. And when the BJP stands up for Hindu rights, it is termed fanaticism, bigotry and separatism. Is it a mere coincidence that literally all terrorists are Muslims? We sheltered them when they were thrown out of Pakistan. Today, when an India-Pakistan match is being played, green Paki flags are seen waving in Muslim localities. Jis thaali se khaate hein, usi mein chhed karte hai. Will we sit back and watch them blow up, ruin and raze to the ground OUR country?
Also, as a vegetarian, I am anti-halal slaughter of animals, since I believe it is barbaric and unethical. I support jhatka, and wish to speak up for the rights of animals, and eradicate atrocious Muslim practices like halal killing. Let us unite, speak up and speak out to protect, preserve and promote HINDUstan.

Posted by: Miss Informed Indian on December 16, 2010 11:58 PM
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