Remembering 9/11/01: A picture archive

In the past week, Little Green Footballs has been displaying pictures related to 9/11. I get pretty emotional when talking or remembering 9/11 so instead of articles and words, here's a picture archive that describes some of the events that occurred on 9/11/2001:

Thanks to LGF and for the great pictures. See below for the full picture archive, which includes so far 35 pictures (if you have a picture you'd like to add to the archive, please send it).

The majority of Palestinians support the deliberate murder of unarmed civilians, including children babies (see this article). Therefore, it was no surprise to see Palestinians celebrate the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the killing of 3,000 innocent people:

A Palestinian woman is happy about Americans dying

Palestinian kids celebrate the
terrorist attacks of 9/11

When Israeli customs intercepted a shipping container full of weapons headed for the Palestinian Gaza Strip last June, they also discovered several souvenir cigarette lighters

Palestinians entering the municipal cultural center in Gaza City for a pro-Saddam and Irak rally, at which $10,000 checks were handed out to families of “martyrs.” September 10, 2002.

Please note that it was very difficult to find pictures of Palestinians celebrating. The Palestinians threatened journalists with death if they published these pictures - causing the disappearance of the pictures from the net. Only thumbnails were found in Google's cache; here's one of the few larger images we found:

Israel was (and is) in complete solidarity with the United States after the 9/11 attacks. Many pro-US rallies were organized and the Knesset (Israel's parliament) held a moment of silence in respect of the victims of 9/11:

An Israeli solidarity demonstration with the U.S. after the heinous attacks of 9/11

The Knesset in solidarity with the U.S.
after the 9/11 attacks

Here's lower Manhattan one year after:

Posted by David Melle
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Thank you for putting thoses pictures out to the public. Even though nobody in my family died in the horrible attacks, I am still deeply saddened. Who would possibly want to kill thousands of innocent people who have families and a life away from their work. Those pictures helped me remember and to me remembering can help heal the soul. Thankyou, I wil remember the heros and victims,.....forever

Posted by: Samantha Howaniec at November 25, 2002 06:37 AM

thanxs for posting these picturse it renews the hope that someday there will be peace in the world.
As a mother i cannot come to any understanding how somerone could lose there wife mother sister lover ect so suddenly and without a single goodbye.
I think of the families of the victims of 9/11 and want them to no there in our hearts all around Canada and the world!

Posted by: Coralyn McDowell at July 2, 2003 09:11 PM

I would like to say thank you. I was only thirteen when that happened, but I remember it like yesterday. I have found it hard to find anything with pictures concerning nine eleven... and these ones are shocking and superb. It still brings tears to my eyes.

thank you.

Posted by: Tiffany Bidlake at September 9, 2004 04:21 PM

I had just downloaded some pictures that our son
had sent us from Balad,Iraq when I came across your website.I will visit it often.Our family is Baptist but we have very dear friends that are retired Profs. from Kent State Univerity here in Ohio.My son (serving in Iraq) and I shared Passover with them in the early 90's.
This world is full of people who do nothing but hate.My country has been given a taste of this.The people of Israel have had to endure this
hate for decades.
With GOD's will maybe we can live on a world where peace is the norm.
But until then, these mass murders need exposed
and delt with.
The Rohr Family

Posted by: David Rohr at April 13, 2005 07:57 PM

A tragedy for sure but don't look at American Foreign Policy through rose coloured glasses. Through a clumsy occupation many more innocent iraqis have died than americans on 9/11. Thousands of Afghans have died too. Just as an attack against the WTC isn't a justifiable retaliation to the Administration bombing a country to the stone age isn't the answer either - but that is far away and besides there are hardly any pictures on the net so who cares. Any sympathy 9/11 generated has been spent by your president 10-fold.

Posted by: Joel at September 27, 2005 02:58 PM

In regards to Joel's commentary, this is another example of moral relativism. Our presence in Iraq is not an occupation - it is merely a response to a problem. The U.S., along with her allies, stepped in to do what the United Nations would not. How many violations of the cease fire articles (after the '91 Gulf War) should we (THE VICTORS) have accepted? About the innocent Iraqi casualties, MANY, MANY more would have occurred if Sadam were still in power. You seem not to be concerned with that. As far as pictures of the war's destruction, you must be kidding! One can find them everywhere! It is the pictures of Muslims, celebrating the dispicable actions of THEIR BROTHERS, that are very difficult to find. (Kudos to the authors of this site for their work). And these very same individuals who revel in the murder of innocents, have no qualms about receiving aid from those same "infidels"! Lastly, about the "sympathy 9/11 generated" being "spent tenfold" by President Bush, are you referring to the lip service concern President Chirac, Kofi Anan, et al, (oil-for-food scam participants) voiced? Give me a break!

Posted by: Ray at October 9, 2005 11:04 AM

I would love to kill those fucking muslims that were celebrating

Posted by: Adam at September 4, 2006 06:43 PM

I pray for all of those people who lost there lives on that tragic day, and for all that survived and had loved ones whos lives were lost .



Posted by: Rich Aikens at September 12, 2006 06:07 AM

Why after all this time are Jews and Israeli's demonised for a crime that the Islamic fundamentalists were happy , dare I say proud , to admit was their work .
The world demonises Israel every time it takes affirmative action against such terrorists .We need a freer hand , not one tied behind our back by Arab sponsored U.N resolutions .
The war on terror must continue, because ultimately ,this is a war of good against evil .
God bless all men and women(of all nations), willing to make the ulltimate sacrifice , so that the rest of us can live in freedom .

Posted by: David at December 26, 2006 01:20 PM

That is fine piece of propaganda:-)

Posted by: Donny at June 16, 2008 08:08 AM

That's a nice lighter where can I buy one?

Ye cry like babies when ye are attacked but ye are the world's biggest terrorists.

Posted by: Joe at September 8, 2009 12:56 PM

To muhammad "Joe" No one, but Arabs, Muslims target innocent unarmed men, women and children, you guys also love to use your kids to make yourself look like victim (and in your racism/bigotry try to cast the defenders against Islamic-apartheid-genocide campaign as the "bad guy"), the lowest a human can go down to, your "victimhood" is a bloody cult that destroys you and everyone else.

Posted by: Maria J at December 7, 2010 06:37 PM

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