Many Arab Muslims hate Jews and Christians

Israel Insider ( has published a good article on how most of the Arab Muslim world hates Jews and Christians:

Anti-Semitism has long been a factor in the fate of Jews wherever they lived, but in the Middle East, it is embedded so deeply into its culture, its society, and the hearts of its people that it truly is beyond the comprehension of most Americans. [...]

Friedman, who has lived in and traveled widely throughout the Middle East, notes in the diary portion of his new book that "this sort of the-Jews-control-the-world conspiratorial thinking is deeply embedded in Saudi Arabia - more deeply, in fact, than in any country I have ever visited." He then called anti-Semitism "one of the great debilitating factors in Arab political life today, the notion that the future is always being shaped by forces or groups outside the Arab's control, so they are never at fault for anything that befalls them." [...]

"There really are people who hate Christians, hate Jews, hate secularism, hate the equality of women. At some point you have to either kill those people or be killed by them," says Friedman. And, of course, he is right.

I copy the full article below.

A hatred beyond understanding
By Alan Caruba September 9, 2002

"The reason Islam seems like such an angry religion today is because so many Muslims are angry. The reason so many Muslims are angry is because most of them live under antidemocratic regimes backed by America, with lagging economies and shrinking opportunities for young people." This is Thomas L. Friedman's explanation as it appeared first in one of his columns for The New York Times and now in his excellent book, "Longitudes & Attitudes: Exploring the World After September 11."

It's the kind of anger that can inspire 19 Muslims to attack the United States of America, but there is a largely unspoken factor that few in the mainstream media have addressed. It is the hatred of Jews.

Anti-Semitism has long been a factor in the fate of Jews wherever they lived, but in the Middle East, it is embedded so deeply into its culture, its society, and the hearts of its people that it truly is beyond the comprehension of most Americans. This is because, as Shafeeq Ghabra, a professor of political science at Kuwait University expressed it, the American experiment "represented a spirit of openness unseen elsewhere. Americans accepted, with a unique charm, newcomers, visitors and foreigners."

Contrast this with the widespread Arab response when French legal authorities subpoenaed Ibrahim Nafi, the editor of Egypt's largest daily newspaper, Al-Ahram, for incitement to anti-Semitism and racist violence. The subpoena came two years after Al-Ahram published an article on October 10, 2000 titled "Jewish Matza is Made of Arab Blood" by journalist Adel Hamooda. This blood libel has been around a long time, but I cite it because Jews around the world have just celebrated their New Year and, on Monday, September 16 will conclude the two most sacred days of their year, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. This latter holy day is now part of history because, on October 6, 1973, Egypt and Syria launched attacks that began the fourth Arab-Israeli war. The contempt and hatred Muslims feel for Jews is captured in the selection of Yom Kippur as a day on which to wage yet another war.

Friedman, who has lived in and traveled widely throughout the Middle East, notes in the diary portion of his new book that "this sort of the-Jews-control-the-world conspiratorial thinking is deeply embedded in Saudi Arabia - more deeply, in fact, than in any country I have ever visited." He then called anti-Semitism "one of the great debilitating factors in Arab political life today, the notion that the future is always being shaped by forces or groups outside the Arab's control, so they are never at fault for anything that befalls them."

We are now confronted with an entire region of the world and a religion of 1.3 billion worldwide for whom this kind of thinking is repeated daily by imams from their pulpits in mosques.

"There really are people who hate Christians, hate Jews, hate secularism, hate the equality of women. At some point you have to either kill those people or be killed by them," says Friedman. And, of course, he is right.

There are good Muslims who are deeply troubled by 9-11, who react in horror to the suicide-murderers, who do not sanction indiscriminately shooting Christians in a Pakistani church, who would never think to cut off the head of reporter Daniel Pearl after making him say, "I am a Jew and my mother is a Jew." Their silence, however, makes them accomplices and, as in the case of the Egyptian editor to whom so many of Arab leaders and organizations have rallied to defend, the hatred of Jews and other "infidels" is beyond forgiveness. Not even God forgives such sins.

This is why I have argued for some time now that only the brute force of military retaliation can change the face of the Middle East and of Islam where it seeks to impose its retrograde religion upon others, feeling free to kill them if they resist. Islam is, in truth, not a religion, but a 14th century warrior cult. In a recent column, "Murder for fun and prophet," Ann Coulter asks "Why should Islam be subject to presumption of respect because it's a religion? Liberals bar the most benign expressions of religion by little America. Only a religion that is highly correlated with fascistic attacks on the U.S. demands their respect and protection."

That is why the lesson of 9-11 is that not just America, but the entire world is at war with Islam until it reforms itself. Other religions have passed through their reformations, but until Islam does, no "infidel" can feel safe from attack. The Arab war against Israel is the Islamic war against all Jews and all Christians. It is the Islamic war against all Hindus and all Buddhists.

This is not a war for which a single American need take blame or responsibility, nor any other citizen of the world who is not a Muslim. 9-11 was an act of war. Muslims shall reap what they have sown.

Views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of israelinsider.

Posted by David Melle
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well we in india believe that now the jews r living in israel.they shoulkd be allowed to continue their existence along with the palestinians. the only solution acceptable to the arabs is that the jews be shunted out of israel which is unlikely/ unthinkable what should be done is that the isralis should settle the matter with the palestinians and get along with the future. well we should not forget that the palestinians regularly kill innocent people in israel so negotiatins can only begin when the killing stops.

Posted by: gaurav at April 7, 2003 07:13 PM


Posted by: KASHMIR at April 7, 2003 07:23 PM

Why are we so stupid? When we die do we need more than 6x4 space? Why can't we live and let live others to the fullest length God has given?Arn't we all children of Mother Earth? All of you believe in this - LIVE AND LET LIVE - Mother Earth is beautiful. Protect it and preserve it. After all your future generations need a place to live in!

Posted by: rekha at June 7, 2003 04:01 AM

I agree with this position. The Islamic world needs to be taught a hard lesson starting with the nuclear distruction of Mecca. If that does not put an end to their
unruliness, then the U.S. should NUKE Islam's 5 most populous cities, then send no aid to these regions and let disease and famine finish the job. They must be distroyed in the same way Imperial Japan was distroyed. Let's face it, Islam has conributed nothing to civilisation in the last 500 years. They will not be missed, and the rest of the world will be better off.

Posted by: David at August 6, 2003 10:53 AM

to all these islamic apollogists i tell this:maibe you should rarther take a look at arab sites and news papers and see just how racist,intolerant they are,please stop pittying the arabs,they're an empire of 1.2 billion people,who use our dollars to spread stupid religious hate acrross tha globe.i wil tell you why muslims hate israel:israel represents a deffiance to muslim hegemony in the m.e. they were so used to see only arabs around,they just snapped when israel came back.the arabs demand respect,well they do not do much to deserve it,first quit your prejudice toward us the ''infidels''and take more time on research about non-muslims before you start all your dumb anti american slurs,and see how arabs have freedom of cult in the west,wich non-mulims do not have in arrogant saudi arabia,and reflect on the tax ''infidels'' have to pay as a protection fee,according to coranic law.

Posted by: james michel at August 11, 2003 03:52 PM

Why is Islam the only religion in the world assosiated with violence? Specially these days it is getting worse. I don't believe the west is against Islam. Has this been the case the Amerians/NATO wouldn't have carried to save the bosnian, kosovo, and kuwati muslims. For me the main reason for the increase of violence is 1, Golobalization and information technology. In the past the muslim world was a closed society but this is not the case any more. They only need to surf the web with the result of getting informed about democracy and so forth.This is what the mullahs don't want to hera. I assume we are in transition period. Plus muslims need to reognize that Islam is not the only religion in this world. They have to respect this other wise no one will respect Islam.
Thank you

Posted by: Mullah at August 20, 2003 08:53 AM

American are very kind. If they had wanted to, the gates of hell could have been opened on 12 September. Instead, they "liberated" many oppressed people at a great price to themselves. If another "lucky" terrorist clan gets in another sucker shot like 9-11, or even does something that kills even more Americans than that horrible day; the kindness might end. May God have mercy on the damned souls of those that might encourage America to become as violent as those that wish they could be. Their hate will lead them to eternal hell, along with the 19 vermin who are burning there now.

Posted by: Chuck at August 27, 2003 05:16 PM

RADICAL muslimism will be the end of the world as we know it. there is no greater evil on this planet. the israelis are probably the most intelligent and industrious people that ever walked this earth. the pitiful liberals of this country fail to understand that the reason that the israelis have persevered is not solely because of US support but more importantly because they are more intelligent, evolved, and tougher than their arab enemies. the nation of israel has the means and the strength to wipe out their savage neighbors. before they act, i can only pray that the nation of israel will have the same compassion as their arab counterparts would have if they were in the same position. fuck the arab muslims and fuck the liberal peices of shit in this country that defend them. god bless america.

Posted by: vix at September 11, 2003 11:00 PM

today i read your statements. it sounds like everyone has a lot of hate in their lives, and i feel sorry for you all. hopefully one day everyone in the
world will realize that as humans we are only here for a short time and
we should all be accepting of all religions and creeds. i understand
if another religion offended another religion at some point in time many
years ago... but things change, people change.... it's easier to be the
bigger man, and go about your way.... believe what you want inside, and
not worrying what others have said. life goes on no matter what 19
hijackers or terrorist do. Bin Laden has not done anything special for
Muslims/Islam... he just made the world more aware of how far Muslims have to go before they can be considered civilized humans....

i'm not exactly sure what i believe in when speaking in-terms of religion, i just feel that if your a good person and treat all people w/ respect and dignity, good things will happen to everyone.

and always remember, if the USA wanted to make a Resort/Casino outta
the middle east... we could squash islam like little bugs... buuuuttttt, we like to hear them whine... so you'll live to see another day. goodbye, and enjoy your dust bowl wasteland, while i sip a margarita on my yacht and reflect on how great life is!!


Bob Sakimana

Posted by: Bob Sakimana at October 16, 2003 11:08 AM

It's funny how you only post pro-israeli comments.(just a thought)And by the way, maybe they'r angry because the united states pokes they'r noses too much in middle eastern raping the gulf for oil, establishing military bases in the gulf(i wonder why), supporting you israelis (who in turn kick out an entire people from they'r land), and stirring conflict wherever they see fit. I must admit though, you have done a great job in making america your personal bitch.

Posted by: hannibal at November 14, 2003 05:35 PM

the current chairman of OIC dr mahathir recently announced and postulated that the jews ruled the world by proxy and also they are the chosen people of GOD.why must the jews and the christian world reacted so negatively instead they should be rejoicing because the OIC chairman representing the 1.2billion muslims admitted how GOD did wonders and miracles by having the jews whom their population consisting of less than 7 million can control the whole world.only the GOD of abraham/issacc and isreal CAN only do this.Rejoice and believe in the LORD . Praise the LORD and hallelujah.

Posted by: peter at November 16, 2003 04:35 AM

Humiliation seems to be the driving motivation behind Muslim anger. I do not understand why the MILLIONS of Muslims are not able to stand up and fight their tyrannical leaders and make something of themselves. Yes it is dangerous but it is how Americans became free people and broke away from the Bristish Empire in the first place. You have to earn your freedom instead of being jealous of the freedom that others have already earned. Why is it that they feel that the West does not view Muslims as civilized human beings, we do when they don't behave like jealous crazed cowardly animals. They have to destroy what we create because they have not succeeded in creating for themselves!

Posted by: Laura Furman at February 11, 2004 12:43 PM

I realize there as been alot of violence coming from muslims. But look at how many catholic priests molest young boys. Also look at how many killers and murderers we have in the USA. There are good and bad guys where ever you go. I think poeple need to stop focusing on all the negatives.

Posted by: Melissa at February 16, 2004 04:37 PM

I would like to say y do muslims hate the jews so much when they got little piece of Israel.The Arabs didnt hate the jews that much before jews got israel as their rightiful place to live.The muslims have almost half of the world's lands and when the jews got israel they started boiling at the jews of hate and started to call Jerusalem as the holy place of their religion.Every religion has one place that is holy where it orginated but the muslims they have to have it all mecca and jerusalem pick 1 mecca or jerusalem u filthy greedy islam fundementlits.Muhhamad as their profit never came to jerusale so dont call it ur holy place its the jews holy place because thats where the jewish biblical history came from.In the torah which is the orginal bible which is not corrupted of how mulims describe it is the old rightiful testament which came from gods word so how can u muslims say it is corrupted while they call theirs a new testament which is not corrupted and tells u how to live,and which was copied from the torah by muhhamed and call it the rightiful new uncorrupted testament.In The torah the jews mention jerusalem and Israel about 60-70 time while the muslims mention it 0 time and they want the heart of jews to be taken by muslims now tell me how cant person live without a heart he/she cant so cant the jews.What if the jews took mecca from muslims the would kill them they want non muslems out of mecca even on the highway sign says non muslims to the other side which means away from mecca and muslims go in while the jews share jerusalem with everbody because they respect other religion not like the greedy muslims everything for them shuold be ready and given to them immedeatly or they will kill you.whta i learne from the islam religion and their library book the quran is hate,being greedy,kill infedels,and etc.I almost forgot the hanninbal post thats stupid excuse to hate americans by arabs we build oil fields for them give them billions of dollars and we should protect for what we pay those money for; like putting military bases in cuontries that cant protect themselves and countries that have dictators which their people support could go psycho any minute now like saddam hussein gasing the kurds if the U.S was there it would prevent it but it wasnt.U.S should put military bases in countries to anniaghlate their brutality against eachother and babysit them because their to stupid to control their country

Posted by: LoX at March 16, 2004 07:10 PM

I am a 14 year old Muslim American. i wear the scarf and speak both english and arabic fluently. i see what the arab and english media says. so to top it off as a young person all i can say is AL-Qaeda is the farest thing from Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. I get threats and dirty looks from people just because i have the scarf on. When someone gives me a dirty look they do not know what they are doing to me. they are hurting me so bad. i just have to say that before people give that look just think of what you are doing. before you go and misjudge an entire religion then learn about it. please take it from me. i know what i am talkin about.

Posted by: safa at June 19, 2004 10:57 PM


It's unfortunate people look you the wrong way because you're Muslim.

Unless you explicitly support Al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, or other Islamic mass murderers there's no reason to hate you.

That said, I disagree with you that "Al-Qaeda is the farthest thing from Islam" and that "Islam is a religion of peace".

The Imams of Saudia Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Malasia, and Iraq spit hate, violence and death every Friday; and they speak in the name of Islam.

The bastards from Al-Qaeda, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Islamic terrorists in Chechnea and Kashmir, and many other such mass murderers speak in the name of Islam.

They are executing "Jihad", or Islamic holy war - Islam does not look like a "religion of peace", but more like a religion of "pieces", after Jews, Hindus and Christians are blown up by these mass murdering scum.

As a 14-year-old kid living in the United States, I can hope that you have probably been thought to respect others, people who are different than you. I hope that you reject the racist, violent, mass murdering rethoric of Al-Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The best thing you can do is to speak up against such Muslims terrorists - when a majority of Muslims reject these barbarians you will have a better chance to present yourself as being from the "religion of peace".

Posted by: David Melle at June 20, 2004 03:43 PM

I think the most important thing is love, We should all imitate Christ and love all. I do believe Muslims need to re-evaluate their faith and come to the reality that it is a religion of hate, but as christians, we have to demonstrate love to all, even those who hate us.

Posted by: Sandra Pall at August 17, 2004 08:17 PM

its obvious that most of the ppl here who condemn that arabs n muslims r terrorists, r infact ignaranous ppl. u cant bloody judge all arabs and muslims like that. u talk about fucking racism against jews n shit n yet ur being racist towards arabs in ur comments .i felt like puking when i read these reddiculous comments. BTW david! u obviously have no bloody respect for other religions, u wanna destroy mecca! loooooooooooooooooooool get a life n grow up, RETARD! u dont know what the hell ur on about! oh yeah, n chucky boy! ur saying that americans liberate ppl? hahahahahah, what a bloody moron........ stupid! america is the cause of most conflicts that occur today! how the hell can their gov.b liberating, pleeeeeeeaaze! what do u call the 'vietnam war' and the ILLEGAL war on iraq, huh? is that ur definition of liberation?! Anywayz i hope u ppl get some sense knocked into u and wake up to the real world, coz most of these comments r RACIST, DISRESPECTFULL, BULLSHIT N NONSENCE. AND BTW, OK OK, SO I MAY SOUND ABIT DISRESPECTFULL HERE, U MIGHT THINK THAT IM ATTACKING U WIV THESE COMMENTS, but trust me im saying the truth, n dont 4get,..... this is my personal oppinion. PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Sarah at September 22, 2004 02:37 PM

I have read the many arguments given here and although we would like to agree with some of the anti muslim sentiments we realise they are human. We wish to criticize Islam and Al Queda and then something unexplained happens that revolts you. In America we are taught peace, tolerance, and to care and value life. This kind of attitude has led us to oppose war. Those who would protest against the war don't realise those in the middle east don't have that right. They have nothing.. Islam the religion is "peaceful" just as every single other major religion in this earth is peaceful. Judaism is peaceful but because they didn't declare war on the world we don't call it that. Some of the Quran is peaceful yet they included the word jihad. Islam is not a religion anymore as it is a culture. We can attack cultures such as this that teach their children hate from the time they can speak. Try to stay your hand from racism or you are the same as they are.

We hear all these ads about how its all about the children. We teach our children to oppose war and racism while they are taught only to hate. The war on terror will not be fought just with bombs, but with words, support, and a comple Islamic revolution.

Posted by: Greeen at December 5, 2004 11:09 AM

Obviously you are not from America and do not know how hard it is to be the worlds largest super power. This puts a burden on America as being the police force for the world. Yes, we have made mistakes but go to Iraq and see like I did the good that has come from the Invasion like
schools for children, sewer lines, clean water, Democracy. You say that America is the cause of most of the problems today. OK well lets put you in charge and when you see a nation that is controlled by a thug who is killing his own ppl. what are you going to do, liberate them and have the world shun you or do nothing and have innocent ppl. die. Oh and Sarah have you ever read the Koran.
Hope the hits home Sarah
Peace Out!

Posted by: Rick at April 11, 2005 07:24 AM

I agree with most of what has been said on this board. In my opinion, this is what it boils down to.

Since Satan failed in his temptation of Christ and that Christ was victorious, Satan had one last hope in the "Prophet" Mohammed. He figured he would send the evil Mohammed to start a new and violent religion that would be Christianity's biggest adversary. As we all know and Muslims fail to admit, Muhammed was a murderer to say the least.

Up until recently, I used to feel bad for Muslims in that they are brainwashed and that their forefathers were only Muslims because of subjugation. However, any logical human being can see the hatred the Qu'ran states and that it is a false religion. I just pray more Muslims see the light and come to their senses and leave that false relgion founded on a false prophet.

BTW, Abu Musab Zarqawi's days are numbered, the US and Iraqi security forces are on his tail. There is no other person alive than Zarqawi, that I would like to see die a slow and violent death. I saw the beheading videos and it was the most disgusting and horrifying thing I ever saw.

He is the Anti-Christ.

Posted by: Mike at May 13, 2005 01:21 PM

First of all the sept. 11 attack was not the muslims doing. This was done by the zionists. It was never proven and never will be proven. because one can't prove the non-existent. We muslims have facts to back that.
secondly, the western governments, and the occupiers(so called jews, which we doubt if they are jews) will never want peace, we know that and you know that. They have a plan, which will never be changed what come may! On that basis we the muslims are going to do nothing else but fight till we bring all these devil minded governments on their knees. And it shall be done.
Lastly, the Holy Book (The Qur'an obviously)says, sumun ummiun bukmun fahum la yarjiun. deaf, dumb and blind they will NOT return to the right path.

You jews and the western governments have made up your minds, we also have made up our minds. It's you verses us, period!

You always plan evil plans. But the best of planners is Allah(s.w). Allahu Akbar!!

Posted by: Abdulfatah at May 14, 2005 11:46 PM

There is only one True God, and He is not the pagan moon god allah, but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. My God is a loving God, revealed through the Person of Jesus Christ who said that those who live by the sword will die by the sword: Well it seems to me that the Muslim fanatics' agenda is to destroy anyone who opposes their false idiolgies of Anti-Semitism and anti anything else that isn't Islam.


Muhammed was a False Prophet and a deceiver of many. The "angel" that appeared to him was most likely a demon, or his making up stories to oppose the evil Christian and Jews who "conspire together." Well, let me tell you, that I love the Jewish people and all people, however, I hate sin, and according to what I see in the fanatical circles of Islam - it is nothing short of that.

Posted by: Cameron at May 18, 2005 02:18 PM

on one of ur pages it says england and france just one ww1. well its not england its britain. u are stupid. britain is england scotland and wales. united kingdom is eng scot wales and north ire

Posted by: dfy at June 29, 2005 08:41 AM

I'm a english jew (part american), in my mid 20's. I met a guy from college whose packistani (muslim), hes been in england for 1 year & just turned 20 this yr. We went as friends one weekend, he dont know i was jewish. i went his house to pick him out & found he had different side to him, ther ewas so much of anti-semetic stuff which came out his mouth, i cant believe it. He just hates jews, even though hes never met one

He accused jews of ruling the world; how can we rule the world if there only 14.1 Million of us & 1.164 billion muslims.

One occasison he told me he was chatting up girl, found she was jewish, so then just walked, he thinks we are dirt.

What i found most desturbing was that he said when the terrorists blew up the twin towers, he said "there were 5000 jews in the worked towers & hardly any of them died". I felt killing him right then & there.

After all this he then found out i was jewish (hes face was picture). I dont really know what goign through his mind when found out, i'm sure was embrassed. Ive lost total respect for him.

He lives with 2 afghans (never know, they might terrorists), most of his cousins are afghans.

I go to college twice a week & he sits next to me, what should do & should i tell anyone about this?

Posted by: andy at October 2, 2005 10:23 AM

I have a comment to make.

Not all Arabs are muslim. To completely wipe out all Arabs because they are Muslim is to wipe a significant group of Christians who are living within. Unfortunately, recent activities and circumstances are causing more and more negative ideology towards arabs in general, with all of them being implied as "arab=muslim" which isnt true. The west are forgetting us in the act. Besides, most of the western world do not quite beleive that we are chrsitian (god knows why) . and think that we are "hiding" or faking it.

Posted by: Christian-within at November 11, 2005 10:03 PM

Hey Abdulfatah, Just listen to your rant man. Reread what you have written. You are speaking aggresion and anger. Not peace. Oh, and for you to blame 9/11 on Isreal is completely rediculious. It's pretty obvious whos to blame. They took responsibilty for it. Al-Qaeda. They have been plotting to murder U.S. citizens for years. It is proven by people like Zarqawi exaclty how Allah feels about us "infidels". Who cares who believes in whos religion. As far as im concerned you can believe what ever u like so long you dont fuck with me. Your decendents preach and whine about oppression and wanting freedom from the "zionists" but you dont show liberation for your own people. Your own governments are to blame for that. They are the ones that refuse to be open minded to democracy and the future of the human race. Instead they want to blame everyone else for their failures. A perfect example of that is the way you treat your woman. Yes woman are supposed to submit them selves to their husbands, but only if their husbands love and respect them. From what i understand, you dont know love. No wonder you'll beat your wife if she speaks when shes not spoken too, or if she doesnt cover her face in public. You have oppressed your selves. Yes there are a lot of evils in america. But non like a religion of people willing to murder 3,000 people in the name of a False Profit and your so called Allah. Im not directing this to all muslims only the ones that are too ignorent and to prideful to see the errors in their ways. I met a muslim at a mosque once. I asked him quesitons about the Qu'ran and he denied that some of those verses even existed. Like the one about promises Allah has made about giving you 72 virgins once you die in a "Jihad". He completely denied its exitsnce. Too bad i read it hours before! AGAIN! not all muslims are cold blooded murders. but somthings not write when a nation of people thats consists of 1.2 billions is bent on the destruction of a nation consisting of 7 million. Really now....are we really oppressing you? Think about it. Whos the one whos been taught their whole life that if they dont blow themselves up for their GOD they are going to burn in hell.


P.S. and yea Sarah..get your facts straight before you open your "bloody" mouth you Nazi!

Posted by: Ray at December 14, 2005 03:32 PM

If Allah is so great, why all the natural disasters striking muslim countries?? is allah punishing you? Or maybe someone else is.

earthquakes and tsunamis are punishing the aggressors of this world.

Posted by: at December 17, 2005 04:03 AM

God is sending all of the fools to Hell, I'll see them there.

Posted by: at December 29, 2005 12:08 AM

Wow so much resentment against Islam and violence, for you people out thier who are so troubled with violence caused by the muslims, are in for a surprise, this violence also troubles the muslims, which includes me. I am a peace loving muslim who would want nothing but to be at peace with all others. This violence that seems to haev become the image of islam, no matter in teh sep 11 attack, the kashmir issue, middleeast situation with Isreal, Bosnia, and so many other sights troubles us all muslims out thier. These few people have changed the face and the image of a religion of over 1.2 billion people with thier actions. Looking at the comments on this site, i am deeply dissapointed in how many people resent us without opening thier mind to what is the rreal truth out thier. Read the history people, read the facts, just about a 100 yers ago all whites were considered racist due to some peoples action [ex KKK] all JEWS are considered as cheaters and controlling all major powers in the world because some of the JEWS are teh most powerfull people in the world, just like that Islam image has been manipulated and turned into something else, Islam is a religion of peace thats how it was started and thats how we want it to continue, yes their are alot of muslims preaching hate, but then I look at some of the comments abotuwhat should eb done to muslims and i shake my head, deeply dissapointed in whoever wrote teh article, and in people who made the hypocritical comments. Don't let the actions of some affect your judgement about all. I am a 19 yr old male and sadly i feel more mature then most of the people here.

Posted by: Fahad at May 30, 2006 03:00 AM

Unfortunately, too much time is spent on both sides trying to convince the other that they are right. I'm fortunate enough to live in a civilized world and i have sympathy for those that are raised to hate, sacrificed for a cause with no true mission other than to destroy, and educated only to destroy the west and it's enemies. Though the US has made some blunders, we are also the country that aids those in need, helps all that ask for it, has forgiven most debt, and has driven the world to new heights. There have been some selfish acts, but tell me something...what country hasn't acted selfishly? For the Muslims, it's all about them and their cause. Life is too important (we have a short time on earth) to waste it all on hate, murder, and destruction? If you are that miserable, just eliminate yourself and be done with it. Don't spread your filth and idiotic ideals throughout the world. I'd like to meet the moron that came up with the 72 virgins crap. Why 72? And, there isn't a worthwhile, attractive virgin that would bed-down with any filthy, disgusting muslim. You think you are above everyone, especially women. Who gave you that right? Bet you don't even know. What I'm saying is IT'S NOT TRUE YOU IDIOTS! Muslims believe they are deserved of nuclear weapons. Oh my GOD! They still wipe their asses with their left hands. They dress in potato sacks. The floors in their homes are dirt. For God's sake, evolve already. They have no business owning weapons, let alone nuclear weapons. The only technology that interests them is firearms, IEDs, and nukes. Get a life and try enjoying your family, work hard to get ahead, and make a positive difference. Jews have their share of faults and garbage they inflict on the world too, but they are much more civilized. Most of the conflicts I hear about are 1k, 2k, or 4k years old. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that it's time to get over the past. Who gives a rat's ass what you think? You've been fighting all these years and where has it gotten you? Is it working? Are you converting everyone, making the world a better place? You all make me sick. And, for the moron above claiming the US steals all the oil in the mideast, shut the hell up! You clearly don't know what you are talking about. We buy it and, we spend far too much on it. Let me explain something to you...when the rest of the world converts to other forms of fuel, the mideast will go away. The ravenous, stinky, dirty people will have nothing, as oil is all you know and have. Until you decide to evolve into humans, you are doomed. If the US wanted to, they could TAKE your oil and destroy you. That is not our way, as we are traditionally more than fair. If it weren't for our extreme left wing, we'd be much better off that we are today. Nevertheless, does it not make more sense to grow-up and be fine, upstanding pillars in whatever society you live in? Preserve your children...cherish them, nurture them, and teach them good things instead of sending them off to their impending doom all for a cause that is really cause-less. Kids should be playing in the streets, but instead, they are killing and being killed. Get a grip!I'm sorry, but you are all just ignorant excuses for life. What have you contributed to society, to evolution, to community? Not a damn thing.

Posted by: Mark at June 9, 2006 06:42 PM

Just responding to mark's post, he talks a lot of sense in many ways, encouraging prosperity and hard work for future generations of muslims.

However, a lot of muslims already contribute greatly to society.Muslim nations have doctors, accountants, engineers etc. Iraq, despite being run by an oppressive madman still managed to have as many hospitals, doctors and university places per capita as any well-managed western nation before it was demolished and sank into anarchy.

As for their contribution to society, I can't think of anything much in the past hundred years but things that spring to mind are medicine, mathematics, architecture, astronomy, mass literacy. Some muslim nations were hugely advanced centuries ago.Now we are the ones with plasma tv's and adsl routers and think we're the almighty deserving race.

Posted by: grant at August 2, 2006 08:12 AM

I do not think that any of this ranting will affect the attitude of any true believer of islam. Unfortunatly I think a few big white shinning nuclear explosions (mecca to start with then capital cities?)will be neccesary to make the moslems realise that they are not going to get global sharia law. I dread this happening and would mourn the loss of non moslem arabs and all innocents, not to mention the effects of the fallout.
Will Iran getting the bomb start it?

Posted by: James Smith at September 11, 2006 05:30 PM

Upon perusing a history of Islam I saw that 99% of it's leaders were assassinated by cousins, uncles, brothers, fathers or sons. Rarely did these men live a normal lifespan, but were murdered.
This does not bode well for a Peaceful Religion.

Posted by: at October 15, 2006 01:14 AM

muslims for centuries have murdered,raped and tortured anyone they pleased,so,its tough for them to have to pay for their sins,when they feel it was the will of allah.Saddam Hussein once said "i have enough chemical and biological weapons to kill every man,women and child on earth three times over."who was he trying to impress?,i know who. muslims period,everyone else he wanted to scare and i beleive those weapons have been past on to countries that share his idioligy and hate for America and its allies.the muslims that are peaceful are not peaceful because they are muslim,its because they are not willing deal with that part of islam that teaches them that there is a violent part to the religion.killing infidels""it is still murder and a sin,sin is committed in the mind,not after the act has been committed physicaly.if islam teaches muslims peace,then why do they hate Jews?,why would they hate anyone?.GOD LOVES EVERYONE-GOD HATES SIN.AND WHEN YOU LEAVE THIS WORLD AND GO TO BE WITH GOD,WHAT WORLDLY THINGS SUCH AS GOLD AND DIAMONDS AND RICHS WOULD YOU NEED?.THE promise of sinful lust is not of GOD,it is of the devil,what better way for satan to deceive,then to promise riches and sex for committing murder of GODS children, that he (GOD) gave a free spirit to choose.not have their beliefs beat or tortured in to them. AND yes people get murdered all over the world every day by non-muslims,and its a sin when they do it too,they will pay.(one thing i don't understand is-the koran says there is only a small percentage of women in heaven or paradise compared to men.well then how can every man have seventy-two women slaves with him?must be a typeographical error in the koran or something or maybe its me-i never could count very well.

Posted by: DAVE at November 8, 2006 12:14 AM

to all you anti-Islam faggots:

I am a muslim and i have read all of the Quran and have come to realize that Islam is truly a peaceful religion. It also clearly states that under no circumstance can you commit suicide because you are taking away the life that God gave you. Of course you would have known that if you actually read but you're all a bunch of racist jews who just talk out of their ass without any knowledge except from what they hear from the media which 80 % of it is owned by jews. All the problems in the middle east are because of the jews what the hell didn't they send them to America if they are just good people(because everyone hates jews really)but no they put them in Palestine where the people were defenceless and they just put them out as refugees which there still is BTW. But then of course blowing yourself up and killing innocent people is wrong and any Muslim who supports it is not trully a Muslim. And probably some of you might have known this already but of course this website is called factsofisreal so it is filled with jews who's objective is to spread the word that Islam is a realion of hate which is really not the case. Also, i was wondering where you people get these facts of yours? CNN? please point this out if you reply or disagree to my statement.

Note from we have traced back the IP address of the racist Muslim who posted the above message. He hates all Jews from Hamilton, Ontario, in Canada.

Posted by: samir at November 23, 2006 01:19 PM

wow i'm reading this and cannot understand why would one want to "nuke" someone? are you kidding me!! Hitler wanted to destroy nations and kill many people. Are you saying that all muslims are like that? there's a certain population of people causing all the problems not all and not just muslims. i gather most of the problems have to do with religion and territorial rights. I'm from canada and not part of any religion (use to be catholic) but i am aware that most religions support peace not carnage.

ps david guy who wrote about nuking people get a life..

Posted by: dave at January 12, 2008 01:19 AM

take the slam out of Islam

Posted by: Judith Pearl at February 26, 2008 10:03 AM


Posted by: vijay at March 17, 2008 02:29 PM

f**** all u f****** islam will control the world one day and u will all bow before allah

[Note from the The above comment was posted from IP address, from somewhere in the United States of America (tentative location: Wichita near Kansas City). It was posted from a FIOS Verizon account. Four letter words in the Islamic supremacist comment replaced with stars.]

Posted by: at September 9, 2008 12:31 AM

Dear jews cristians and muslim

I have read all the comments from muslims cristians and jews, do you all think that the 1.2 billion muslims hate the jews and cristians? I do not thinks so, the problem is there are some peolple who think they are muslims and they are terrorising the jews cristians and the muslims they kill everybody and create hate between the jews cristians and muslims. and it work I have read different blogs and everybody hates each other, you can not nuke a countrie because there are some terrorist the people who are thinking like this are no better than the terrorist, if only these people on this blog starting to love each other instead of hate we will have a better world.

Posted by: mohamed at December 11, 2008 06:22 PM

hmmmm... its not bout religion and dogma, its bout your faith to God, and as for me, why i believe in God now cos Jesus Himself spoke to me, soo i believe in it (part i was atheist before). and to moslem, dont be so proud about your religion, because its all not about religion, but about your faith. religion is just some bloody human thinking screwing up your mind. we all are human, Faith is not a brand. Religion = Brand. and believe me, your brand is now under fire. Im from country that full of moslem hatret, my father a moslem, divorce with my mother because she believe in Christ. and i was atheist because of that, until i found Jesus. Amen for that. and muhammad never come to me, but Jesus Himself that save me and hold me from the darkest part of my life. Amen for that again. soo..follow your heart, listen to it, follow the Love, and God is Love. "We love because He loves us first. John 15 : 12 - 15

Posted by: i'm from Indonesia at January 15, 2009 08:04 PM

It's funny how some people are ignorant just because of recent, highly publicized events. Islam a Warrior Cult? Oh sure, and Christians are innocent? Ever heard of the Inquisition and the Crusades? Muslims weren't always anti-Semitic. In fact, they never were until recently, in which European influences got to them and introduced the hatred. For those saying that Islam has contributed nothing to the world, look at history; during the Renaissance, most scientific documents were written in Arabic, and many innovations in science came from the Muslim world. Their contributions in countries like Spain (in which they coexisted peacefully with Jews and Christians until the tyrannical Isabella kicked everyone out, ANOTHER example of the authoritarianism of Christianity) are also not overlooked. The opinions of these articles should be applied only to the radical Muslims, not the Muslims in general. It isn't fair to them, or anyone else, since it is a peaceful religion. Sure it has its flaws, but look at the Bible; there are many entries in which it endorses slavery and the like. You must remember that Islam is an Abrahamic Religion, just like Christianity and Judaism. Why can't we all live in peace?

Posted by: Ian0723 at August 9, 2009 01:32 AM

this discussion is sheer madness of sick minds.needs treatment.
I can only pray...thamasoma jyothirgamaya(let light win over darkness) loka samasta sukino bhavantu..(let happiness come to all)( vedas)


Posted by: kedilaya at November 28, 2009 09:05 AM

I am not of the Jewish faith. I do not know much more than they were

originally chosen to be Gods people in the old Testament and then were

not so special in the New Testament after the death of Jesus. It seems

to me that they became just another tribe of the earth after that. But

I see that they have contributed so much to mankind since then. Do not

the people with such intense hatred of the Jews not appreciate the

beauty of music, contributions to science and medicine, the whole MORAL

thing of which their faith seems to be based? I mean c'mon, If they

were the Bibles chosen people for so many years they must have

somthing? But sadly, so many hate-mongers just won't let themselves

open up and share truth with others who they deem inferior. I am

completely of the mindset that "man has dominated man to his own

injury". I admit that I would enjoy a theocratic government, but only

if it is put in place by a kind and just God himself, not a carnal and

debased human version that seems to be sought by so many right now. So

yes, I am but an ignorant dreamer, but my dreams don't include a

violent cult taking over the world (but my nightmares might). Finally,

the faith of the Jews is light years closer to what I think true

religion should be than so many prominant alternatives are right now

Posted by: A Quiet Man at May 23, 2010 02:12 PM

My investigation into Islam has only been three weeks yet I have become utterly convinced no greater threat to civilized society exists. Something far worse than Hitler is here. I will never agree with their teachings and my core moral values scream evil or Satanic or whatever word you can think of that means the opposite of good. I cannot be persuaded with any more words or reasonings to agree with the Islamic principles.I state that I don't believe all Muslims are bad people but I emphatically declare they follow a bad belief system and have been horribly deceived.To me, the words in the Koran are no more than the ramblings of a deluded man. It has no chance of ever offering me spiritual guidance , I find many of the teachings offensive and morally bereft. I believe all of the atrocities committed around the world by the followers of this cult think they are excused and even approved by their god, hence the lack of outcry from either the Muslim masses or their leaders. I see us approaching a worldwide critical mass of "us" and "them" and we need to start figuring out how to resolve these problems. I am not a smart man by any means, so I urge others to investigate for themselves. I would be the most happy if I just end up being a paranoid crackpot, but if a danger exists we better start dealing with it.

Posted by: A Quiet Man at May 29, 2010 01:29 AM

Here is a prediction based on observation: Everywhere that Muslims live people are going to die violently. The Muslims will attack the non-Muslims and the non_muslims will fight back and kill the Muslims. In most cases it will be the Muslims who first attack. Harsh view but we'll see.

Posted by: A Quiet Man at May 30, 2010 08:02 AM

Christians argue that all the bloodshed in the old testament was erased when jesus came along, and God no longer authorized killing others except in self-defense.

Jews believe that all their wars listed in the old testament were in self-defense, and now that because of their victimization in world war 2 they need a homeland to preserve and defend their lives from future threats. Many Christians support this belief because they feel the jews should have somewhere safe, and because they believe in prophecy (that the jews having palestinian land means somehow that christians will be taken up to heaven when the world ends)

The history of Islam's founders and it's leaders suggests that enslaving people, forcing others to convert or suffer harsh punishments/taxes etc, and developing a government were gods literal word as expressed in the koran as law-would make a utopia-wealth and prosperity in this life and blessings and eternal life after death. Until that government and conversion of people is established-shed your blood and the blood of nonbelievers to make it happen. Sex and riches, not really spiritual type of rewards either, and forcing your will on the unwilling won't be satisfying either in eternity, when you have grown as a mature self-actualized human being.

Course the anger with western imperialism is understandable-that created most of the conflicts to begin with, and continues to fuel them. Terrorists win when we fear, hate, and believe we need to bomb innocent people for payback or security.

Now of course there are the contradictions in the Koran saying don't kill anyone, suicide is an unforgivable sin, live in peace with all people etc. The christian bible has many similiar contradictions-but christians assure themselves that the new testament changed the rules a
and so bloodshed is no longer ok.

Arabs, and many non-arab muslims hate that israel stole palestinian land and made them refugees, and now commits horrible human rights acts against them-shedding blood and torturing many innocents (although there are some violent folks who attack israeli innocents as well) so the cycle of powerlessness pain violence mourning and revenge never ends. and the people who profit it by it are always the ones in power, behind the scenes manipulating the poor...lieing and controlling the media, making money off of arms companies and fear mongering and stirring up nationalism and the need for safety and security.

Christians do it too with wanting a christian ruled nation and thinking gays and abortion doctors should be killed and beating your wife or kids to death is fine.

The jews feel they have been the victims, the muslims feel that they have been the victims-provoke some more muslim (or any poverty stricken ethnicity of people in predominantly arabic or muslim countries)to attack western targets and christians will feel victimized too. Empathy and compassion which leads to forgiveness are the answer-but instead we'll get fear, demonization and blanket punishment.

And nuking people? oh yeah that's a great idea. Idiots.

Peace loving muslims can only speak up when they have led revolutions in their countries to gain freedoms and representation. Western occupiers will only hurt those causes.

Posted by: littlewolfcss at July 10, 2010 06:32 AM

islam its not a religion of hate and all the others feel hate you will perish in fire, you lot know we have a true religion but then you are jels

Posted by: i am amuslim at August 9, 2010 01:20 PM

Muslims can carry on with their futile "wars" but they will never overcome the world with their fanatical "dreams" because that's all they are-dreams.G-d will obliterate them,read the Bible! Be aware but don't be afraid!Islam is a sect not a religion,no loving G-d would condone killing if you do not believe what they believe-but satan would-be aware,you are told these things would happen!G-d is a loving and all gracious G-d and all who come to him will be saved,not instructed to kill.

Posted by: Ros at December 26, 2010 08:55 AM

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