Palestinian terrorist kills Israeli mother and 3 of her children, including a 5-year-old boy

The Jerusalem Post ( reports that a Palestinian terrorist entered an Israeli town in the West Bank and murdered a mother and three of her children.

Rachel Shabbo and 3 of her children, killed in their home by a Palestinian terrorist

The Palestinian murderer entered the family's house and started shooting randomly with the intent to slaughter all unarmed Israeli civilians. He succeeded in killing Rachel Shabo 40, and three of her sons, Naria, 16, Zvika, 12 and Avishai, 5.

Two of the family's other children were wounded: a 10-year-old boy with serious gunshot wounds to the legs, and his 13-year old sister, with moderate to serious chest wounds.

The terrorist was killed by soldiers, who began searching for possible additional terrorists when the house caught fire. The terrorist jumped from a window in the house, exchanged fire with security forces, and was killed.

I copy the full article below.

By MARGOT DUDKEVITCH - June 21, 2002

Four Palestinians were reported killed on Friday as the IDF widened operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, sending dozens of tanks into Nablus, as part of a new anti-terror campaign dubbed "Determined Path."

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon planned to convene his security cabinet later Friday to discuss broadening the operation launched in response to back-to-back suicide bus bombings in Jerusalem on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the murders of a mother and three children in their home in the Itamar community Thursday night. In all, 33 Israelis died in terror attacks this week.

The victims in Itamar were identified Friday as Rachel Shabo 40, and three of her sons, Neria, 16, Zvi, 12 and Avishai, 5. They were shot and killed by an infiltrator who burst into their home.

The settlement's security chief, Yosef Tuwito, was also killed before commandos stormed in and killed the terrorist. Eight people in the house were wounded, including Shabo's 11-year-old son, who was in serious condition. The house went up in flames during the gunbattle.

In the West Bank Friday, Palestinians said a 14-year-old boy was killed when the IDF blew up a building in Jenin. Military sources said the troops had detonated a bomb factory.

Three other Palestinian fatalities were reported in the Gaza Strip, where border policemen shot and killed an assailant who threw grenades at them at the Erez junction, which is at the entrance to the strip. Two Palestinian workers were also killed in that shooting, and the authorities are investigating whether they had any links to the assailant.

The Associated Press reported that troops opened fire at a group of Palestinian children and an AP reporter and photographer on a Gaza road as soldiers tore down a Palestinian police post. No one was hurt.

In Nablus, witnesses said about 50 tanks and a number of armored bulldozers entered the outskirts of the city from four directions. Israeli tanks fired sporadic bursts of machine-gun fire, but there was no apparent resistance. Soldiers used loudspeakers to declare a curfew, witnesses said.

The IDF launched a limited reserve callup on Thursday as "Operation Determined Path" was launched in response to the mounting terror attacks. Media reports said the government would consider calling up more reserves.

(With The Associated Press)

Posted by David Melle
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