Palestinian Terrorism and the British Press

Here's a message I sent to Tristan, whose only source of news about Israel and the Middle East is the anti-Israeli British press.

Tristan is part of a group that wishes to boycott Israel and stop its participation in the 2002 Eurovision song contest.

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From: David Melle
Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2002 8:52 AM
Subject: Palestinian terrorism continues

Hello Tristan,

In one of your posts, you had a lot of links from the British press – you were even proud to say you read it every day.

Yesterday’s murder of a 5-year-old Israeli girl by a Palestinian terrorist made the news in the Guardian/Observer with the following:

Israel attack fears after settlers shot,6903,706402,00.htmlPalestinians in the West Bank were bracing themselves for massive Israeli military retaliation last night after an attack on a Jewish settlement near Hebron [etc…]

Note that the Guardian does not associate terrorism with these Palestinian murderers. They are “Palestinian guerrillas”, “Palestinian gunmen”, or “Palestinian militiamen”. Notice also that very little time is taken to explain what the story should be about: the deliberate killing of unarmed civilians in their beds, including children – that’s a real massacre. Instead it concentrates on what Israel’s response is going to be.

For the real story, see the following article (also copied below):

A Shabbat without peace


Terrorists murder four in Adora

For more analysis on the U.K. media, including many examples of Guardian/Observer/Independent distortions, please check:

British Atrocities in Jenin


David Melle

A Shabbat without peace
By Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times, Washington Bureau Chief

As Palestinian gunmen sprayed their home with bullets yesterday morning, Shoshana Eliezer and her husband, Baruch, huddled in a corner of their second floor bathroom.

Their Shabbat horror started with a knock on the door. Baruch, 50, a carpenter, thinking it was a friend, went upstairs to put on some clothes. He asked the callers to wait a minute while he dressed.

Then, the shooting started. The Eliezers' metal fortified front door resisted the machine gun bullets. The lock could not be shot off. Every night, they seal their house with shutters, and last night, one could see how the shutters limited the damage to the interior of their home.

"They tried to enter, but they couldn't," said Shoshana, 46, a secretary who moved to the settlement 10 years ago. "And then they started to shoot, through the windows, toward my husband."

The shooting spree left one of their living room walls pockmarked with bullet holes. Windows on all sides of their house were shattered. All that was left of the front of the oven were glassy shards on the floor.

The Eliezers, though, were alive.

Down the road, the Greenbergs were not so lucky.

Katya and Vladimir Greenberg were in bed when the gunman entered their home and climbed the stairs to their bedroom.

Katya died and her husband was seriously wounded.

Last night, their pillows were soaked with blood, darkest where some had congealed. The top half the mattress was red. Blood was smeared on the floor of their small room, filled with Russian-language books. A comforter, tossed on the floor, was also blood soaked.

Bullets flew through the windows of the Shefi home, where Danielle, 5, was shot to death. A blue Walt Disney quilt in the little girl's room was creased by a bullet. White stuffing was creeping out the the long tear. A teddy bear lay next to a framed picture of Danielle.

The windows in the Danielle's parents' bedroom were also shot. There were bullet holes that whizzed through the doors near the breakfast nook.

When the shooting started, Gil Sofer, 42, was in Adora's synagogue. He ran home to get his M-16 and chased after the gunmen with his friend, Ya'acov Katz. Sofer said he chased after one of the shooters and hit him in the shoulder. Katz caught a bullet while on the street.

More than two dozen spent shells littered the street. The efforts of the paramedics to save Katz were unsuccessful; he died of his wounds.

The streets of the settlement were eerily quiet. The residents stayed home while a swarm of journalists descended for the bloody tour of the attacked homes. The IDF convinced the residents to let reporters in to see the bloody scenes.

Over in the small synagogue, there were prayer shawls left strewn on the chairs and prayer books opened to mid-service, evidence of the congregants swift departure.

Posted by David Melle
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Greetings from Sabra Dog!

He came to save the Jews!!(no more Terrorists - see website).

Posted by: Sabra Dog at January 13, 2003 03:45 AM

Greetings from SUPERRABBI (Super Rabbi), a new Jewish Superhero - "Faster than a speeding bagel!"

Posted by: Ariel at October 12, 2003 02:21 AM

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