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Fact 234: "On May 19 2002, an explosion at the only synagogue in Quebec City damaged the front door and shattered glass, but caused no injuries. One man was arrested in connection with the blast apparently caused by an incendiary device at the vacant synagogue in the capital of Quebec, Canada's Francophone province. The explosion was one in a series of attacks on synagogues in Canada in 2002, including a fire at a downtown Toronto synagogue that damaged 2,000 religious texts, some dating to the 1860s."

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Some British Muslims join Islamic Jihad ("Holy War") and wish for the murder of millions (04.22.2004)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Evening Standard (www.thisislondon.co.uk) has published an article that shows how some English Muslims are completely brainwashed and have joined the fascist Muslim movement that has declared Jihad ("Holy War") against Western Democracies:

Four young British Muslims in their twenties - a social worker, an IT specialist, a security guard and a financial adviser - occupy a table at a fast-food chicken restaurant in Luton. Perched on their plastic chairs, wolfing down their dinner, they seem just ordinary young men. Yet out of their mouths pour heated words of revolution.

"As far as I'm concerned, when they bomb London, the bigger the better," says Abdul Haq, the social worker. "I know it's going to happen because Sheikh bin Laden said so. Like Bali, like Turkey, like Madrid - I pray for it, I look forward to the day." [...]

"I agree with you, brother," says Abu Yusuf, the earnest-looking financial adviser sitting opposite. "I would like to see the Mujahideen coming into London and killing thousands, whether with nuclear weapons or germ warfare. And if they need a safehouse, they can stay in mine - and if they need some fertiliser [for a bomb], I'll tell them where to get it." [...]

His friend, Abu Musa, the security guard, smiles radiantly. "It will be a day of joy for me," he adds, speaking with a slight lisp. [...]

[...] It was the events of 11 September that crystallised Sayful's worldview. "When I watched those planes go into the Twin Towers, I felt elated," he says. "That magnificent action split the world into two camps: you were either with Islam and al Qaeda, or with the enemy. I decided to quit my job and commit myself full-time to al-Muhajiroun." Now he does not consider himself British. "I am a Muslim living in Britain, and I give my allegiance only to Allah." [...]

As they call for the bill, Abu Malaahim flicks open his 3G mobile phone and, with a satisfied grin, displays the image, downloaded from the internet, of an American Humvee burning in Iraq.

Abu Yusuf says: "That's nothing. I downloaded the picture of the four burnt Americans hanging from the bridge." It's oneupmanship, al-Muhajiroun style.

It is clear that not all Muslims are fascist, racist and violent bastards. But it also clear that some are freaks who wish for the destructions of Israel, the United States and other Western Democracies, and would not hesitate in murdering millions.

I receive a lot of death threats and hate mail from such British Muslims and I find it outrageous that these brainwashed morons enjoy the rights of the very Democracies they wish to destroy.

I copy the full article below.

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Arab Muslim tries to hijack Israeli airplane (11.17.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismHa'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) reports that an Israeli Arab Muslim tried to hijack an El Al (Israel's airline) plane:

Alert security guards and passengers prevented a possible hijacking Sunday evening of an El Al flight from Israel en route to Istanbul after an Israeli Arab tried to stab a stewardess and rush the cockpit. [...]

The man was seized and handcuffed and taken for questioning in Istanbul, following which he will be turned over to Israeli security. The plane, with its 170 passengers, landed safely in Istanbul.

"We heard people saying there was fighting and half a minute later it became clear that from row five or six a man ran amok towards the pilot's cabin, attacked a stewardess and tried to enter the cockpit," an Israeli passenger on the plane told Army Radio.

"We saw a stewardess running like crazy from the front of the place to the business section...she was terrified," said the passenger, identified as Menachem. Security guards "threw him to the floor with his legs spread and his face to the floor. The passengers were hysterical but the flight attendants were very cool, they calmed us down", he said.

There are about one million Arab Muslims who are citizens of Israel and have the right to vote and political parties of their own - see the Democracy page for details.

Unfortunately in the last few months a certain number of these Arab Muslims, citizens of Israel, turned to terrorism. I copy the full article below.

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Arafat's security chief commanded Hamas and Islamic Jihad in terrorist attacks against unarmed Israeli civilians (08.20.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Washington Times (www.washingtontimes.com) has published an article that describes how Israel has arrested and brought to trial Marwan Barghouti, Arafat's "security" chief, responsible for many terrorist attacks that killed hundreds of Israeli and American unarmed civilians and injured thousands.

By the middle of October 2000, Mr. Barghouti had become the head of a joint coordinating body including all of the leading Palestinian radical groups: Fatah; Hamas; Islamic Jihad and the PFLP. The groups began working together in carrying out attacks on Israelis.

In a Jan. 16, 2002 op-ed in The Washington Post, Mr. Barghouti asserted that while he and his Fatah colleagues "strongly oppose attacks and the targeting of civilians inside Israel, our future neighbor, I reserve the right to protect myself, to resist the Israeli occupation of my country and to fight for my freedom." Just one day after his article was published by the Post, a member of Mr. Barghouti's Tanzim organization shot up a bat mitzvah party at a banquet hall in Hadera, a coastal town in pre-1967 Israel, killing six people and wounding 30. Israeli security services have said that Barghouti had advance knowledge of the attack and gave it his blessing.

I copy the full article below.

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Les Palestiniens sont responsables de leur sort (French) (08.24.2002)

OpinionLe site DesInfos.com a publie une traduction d'un article parut dans le journal Israelien "Yediot Aharonot" qui decrit comment les Palestiniens sont responsables de leur sort.

La deuxième Nekba palestinienne (catastrophe)
Guy Bechor (Yediot Aharonot) - traduit par le service de
presse de l'Ambassade de France en Israël.

Voilà plus de 54 ans que les Palestiniens crient au scandale de leur pays spolié et qu’ils accusent les Juifs, Israël, les Britanniques, les Nations Unies et les Etats arabes, prenant un soin tout particulier à s’épargner et à apparaître “ blancs comme neige ”.

Mais en 1947, c’est bel et bien leur radicalisme et leur maximalisme qui contribua à leur malheur, la Nekba.

Aujourd’hui, nous assistons à la deuxième Nekba palestinienne. Une fois de plus, les Palestiniens ne doivent s’en prendre qu’à eux-mêmes. Le bilan de la nouvelle Intifada est lourd : des milliers de victimes, et par-dessus tout, une société palestinienne sacrificielle n’ayant d’autres objectifs que la mort et la ruine.

Il y a deux ans, les Palestiniens pouvaient, comme en 1947, obtenir un Etat indépendant. Le gouvernement Barak leur avait alors proposé 98% des Territoires occupés en 1967 ainsi que le démantèlement de la plupart des colonies, et la division de Jérusalem. Comme en 1947, ils ont refusé l’offre et ont choisi de danser la danse de la mort. Comme en 1948, les Palestiniens se sont trompés en imaginant qu’ils obtiendraient par la violence ce qu’ils n’avaient pas réussi à obtenir autrement. Une fois de plus, ils sont victimes de leur choix.

Les Palestiniens sont parvenus à changer leur image de peuple sympathique et pourchassé en un peuple de barbares terroristes. Même les Européens commencent à émettre des réserves à l’encontre des Palestiniens.

Les Arafat, Barghouti, Rantissi et Rajoub ont semé le vent et récoltent aujourd’hui la tempête.

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The Palestinian Terrorist Organization "Hamas" - in their own voices (01.19.2009)

Palestinian Terrorism

The "Middle East Media Research Institute" (www.memri.org) has published a video translating content from the Arab media so we can hear for ourselves what Hamas, a terrorist organization currently in power in Palestinian Gaza, is all about:

MEMRI is today releasing a new and exclusive viral video, titled "Hamas: In Their Own Voices". 

The video, a compilation of MEMRI TV clips that aired prior to the current Gaza crisis, includes statements by Hamas leaders calling for the annihilation of Israel and of all Jews, for death to America, and for the Islamic conquest of the world.


Featured are Hamas leader Khaled Mash'al, Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, Hamas MPs Mushir Al-Masri and Fathi Hamad, Hamas MP and cleric Yunis Al-Astal, Palestinian Legislative Council acting speaker Sheikh Ahmad Bahr, and Hamas clerics Wael Al-Zarad and Muhsen Abu 'Ita.

Viewers will also witness Hamas military training for adults and children, anti-American speeches at rallies including burning of the American flag and calls of support for "The Afghan Mujahidin", Hamas Al-Aqsa TV children's shows, and more.

I wonder what would happen if one Israeli or American politician used such language?  I hope CNN, the European media and other biased sources show this video, but I seriously doubt this will ever happen.  The war on Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other Islamic fanatics continues. 

I copy below more information on how you can share this video with others.

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Mathematicians join the war against Islamic Supremacists (10.13.2004)

Hi-TechUSA Today (www.chron.com) has a good article on how certain Mathematicians are attempting to use abstract theories to fight the mass murdering Islamic Supremacists from Al-Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad:

"[...] A small group of thinking men and women convened at Rutgers University last month to consider how order theory — a branch of abstract mathematics that deals with hierarchical relationships — could be applied to the war on terrorism. [...]

Theoretically, Farley said, abstract math could help intelligence officers figure out the most efficient way to disable a terrorist network. Say it's more practical to go after a terrorist cell's "middle management" rather than its leadership. How many of those lieutenants would you have to remove to disrupt communication between the top dogs and the field operatives? Are there one or two key individuals whose capture would cut off the chain of command?

Order theory is all about such questions. [...]

I copy the full article below. Found the original story on the cool Israely Cool blog.

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Palestinian Islamic Jihad murders 15 unarmed civilians (10.22.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that the Palestinian terrorist group Islamic Jihad blew up a a car stuffed with over 220 pounds of explosives next to a bus in northern Israel, murdering 15 people and wounding over 50. A 2-year-old and a 4-year-old kid are critically injured, still fighting for their lives.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad
Deliberately murdered 15 people,
trapped inside the bus

"I cannot forget what I saw today people were burned alive inside my bus," said driver Haim Avraham, who escaped with light wounds.

"[The terrorist] drove straight into my fuel tank," he said. "The bus was thrust into the air and I was thrown off my seat by the blast. I got out of the bus as quickly as I could through the front door, together with two or three elderly passengers. I helped drag some wounded people as far away from the bus as possible. [...]

"I saw it all in front of my eyes, from a distance of about 20 meters," he said. "My windscreen shattered and my car burst into flames. I walked away, in shock, until somebody grabbed me and told me to sit down. I was covered in blood."

Dayan's burns and multiple cuts from the broken glass were classified as light wounds. His car was burned completely.

Let's hope the victims recover soon and that the murderers from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad get what they deserve.

I copy the full article below and another article that describes the murders as well.

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Israel ready to retaliate if Iraq fires Scud Missiles (07.29.2002)

NewsReuters AlertNet (www.alertnet.org) reports that Israel is ready to retaliate if Iraq chooses to fire Scud missiles targetting Israeli civilians.

Israel is more able to retaliate against Iraqi missile attacks now than during the 1991 Gulf War and has prepared new intelligence and anti-missile defence systems, an Israeli politician said on Monday.

"I think that some of the rationale for not doing anything at the time...does not exist at the present time," Arens said in response to a question about potential Israeli retaliation.

Arens said Iraq had a small number of Scuds with chemical and possibly biological capability as well as conventional warheads, but that Israel's new Arrow-2 missile defence system was up to the test.

Developed in conjunction with the U.S. "Star Wars" programme, and deployed through Israel in the past three years, the Arrow-2 system uses missiles to shoot down incoming missiles.

Iraq launched dozens of Scud missiles against Israel after the US first attack on Iraq during the Gulf war. Yasser Arafat fully supported Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War and many Palestinians were seen dancing on their roofs while the Scuds were landing in the Israeli cities. Israel never retaliated.

I lived in Haifa in 1991 when I was attending college at the Technion, Israel's Institute of Technology (similar to MIT).

There was much fear that Sadam Hussein was going to launch gas attacks against the Israeli civilian population so daily, during every attack from Iraq, all civilians, including kids, babies and women had to wear gas masks and run to the bomb shelter.

I copy the full article below.

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Arafat's refusal of peace and his support of terrorism prevents the creation of a Palestinian State (05.28.2002)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that the US Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Kurtzer, is disappointed in Arafat's handling of Palestinian terror. Arafat has done nothing to stop the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas, and his own terrorist groups, such as the Al-Aqsa martyr's brigade and the Tanzim, from killing unarmed Israeli civilians.

"Disappointing sounds like too weak a word... It has been abysmal in terms of using the resources at his disposal the PA's police, security forces, and intelligence apparatus to stop this kind of activity," he said.

He also made very clear his disappointment with Arafat's performance the fact that Arafat has not met the kind of requirements of leadership of his own people in providing for a peaceful pathway to an independent state," he said.

"Instead, by not clamping down on the terrorism and the violence, we think that Arafat has pushed the date of independence off, rather than move it forward. There is great disappointment in his performance, but we will continue to work with the PA and Arafat even as we pursue reform of the institutions and the security services.

Yesterday's homicide/suicide attack that killed a Grandmother and her 1.5 year old granddaughter was perpetrated by the murderers of the Al-Aqsa's brigade, a Palestinian terrorist group that directly reports to Arafat.

The official US position still is that Arafat is not a terrorist, but even though I disagree, at this point it doesn't really matter. In either scenario (Arafat is a terrorist or an incapable buffoon) Israel's military response to stop Palestinian terror is completely justified. In both cases Islamic fundamentalists who are only interested in killing unarmed civilians and destroying the State of Israel should be stopped.

I copy the full interview below.

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Mass Murderer from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad blows himself in Jerusalem bus; kills 18, injures over 100 Israelis (08.19.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a mass murderer from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has blown himself in a two-story Jerusalem bus, killing 18 and injuring over 100 Israelis:

Paramedics try to revive an Israeli baby
after a mass murderer from the Palestinian
group 'Islamic Jihad' blows himself in a bus

A suicide bomber blew himself up onboard a bus in Jerusalem at about 9:15pm on Tuesday, killing at least 18 people and wounding scores, many among them children.

Another bus nearby was also hit by the blast, which took place on Road One near Shmuel Hanavi St., close to the point where the Arab east and Jewish western sides of the city meet. Rescuers had to use blow torches to get out some of the wounded out of the second bus.

Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the attack, calling Hizbullah's Al Manar TV station and The Associated Press. [...]

Jerusalem police chief Mickey Levy said the explosives charge was particularly large; Avi Zohar, head of Israel Medical Relief Services, said this is the biggest bus explosion in the past three years. 103 wounded persons have been evacuated to hospital.

Hadassah Hospital, Mount Scopus received 28 injured, among them 13 children, Channel One reported. One child is severely wounded. Many of the injured children were burned during the fire that erupted after the bomb went off.

Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital received 39 wounded. A 1-month-old baby is being treated at Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem, his identity unknown.

Israeli radio reports that there were many children killed and injured in this massacre - including a one month baby who lies in critical condition, alone; the hospistal staff does not know who and where are his parents.

Israeli radio also reports that the government of Israel has frozen all diplomatic talks with the Palestinians - in any case it is clear the Israeli army will not leave the 4 West Bank cities as planned, and control of these cities will not be handed over to Arafat's murderers as agreed last week. I also just heard that the alert level of the IDF (Israel's army) has been raised. The IDF is now just one level under total mobilization.

I copy the full article below.

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Cuomo, candidate for governor of New York, calls Arafat's Palestinian Authority a terror organization (08.08.2002)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Andrew Cuomo, a candidate for governor of New York, declared that the Palestinian Authority (Arafat's make shift government in the West Bank and Gaza), should be defined as a foreign terrorist organization.

"I have told the Secretary of State [Colin Powell] that it is my belief that the PA should be added to the list of foreign terror organizations," Cuomo said Thursday during a visit to the bombed-out cafeteria at the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Donning a black kippa at the site of the July 31 bombing that killed seven people, including five Americans, Cuomo lit a memorial candle and paused in silence at the makeshift memorial set up at the Nancy Reagan Plaza just outside the site of the attack at the Frank Sinatra pavilion.

"Your fight against terror is our fight against terror," Cuomo said in brief remarks at the site, university president Menachem Magidor and vice president Moshe Arad at his side.

More and more people are realizing how much Arafat and his thugs from the Palestinian Authority finance, organize and support the deliberate murder of unarmed civilians, including babies and children.

The evidence is so overwhelming that you have to be an European leftist or an American ultra-liberal to continue in denying that Arafat is a terrorist. Arafat and the PA are no different than the Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Hizbullah who are proud of murdering babies and unarmed civilians.

I copy the full article below.

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Contrairement a la France, Israel ne repond pas a la barbarie par la barbarie (French) (08.28.2002)

OpinionLe Monde (www.lemonde.fr) a publie un article qui montre comment Israel n'utilise pas toute sa force lorqu'elle reagit aujourd'hui contre les attaques du Hamas et du Jihad Islamique Palestinien.

Durant la première guerre mondiale, l'Allemagne a utilisé le gaz moutarde contre les tranchées françaises, il n'a pas fallu attendre longtemps pour que la France fasse de même. Durant la seconde guerre mondiale, les Allemands ont bombardé les villes anglaises. Dès que les Anglais en ont eu les moyens, c'est-à-dire la maîtrise du ciel, ils ont bombardé les villes allemandes tout comme les Américains, qui ont aussi tué dans les bombardements contre des usines d'armement en France des centaines, sinon des milliers, de Français innocents. Durant cette période, les Français craignaient bien plus les avions alliés que les SS ou la Gestapo.

Israël est un des rares pays qui ne répondent pas à la barbarie par la barbarie, sinon le seul. Qui est là pour le reconnaître ? Personne. Mais une grande partie des pays, et en particulier ceux qui ont toujours répondu à la barbarie par la barbarie, sont présents pour dénoncer des mesures d'autodéfense qu'on devrait porter au crédit du peuple israélien. Certains diront : "Quelle différence entre le bombardement de Gaza et les attentats des kamikazes ?" Au niveau du résultat, aucune. Des enfants meurent des deux côtés. Mais quelle est cette logique stupide qui fait disparaître l'intention de l'acte ? Est-ce la même chose de vouloir exterminer le plus de juifs possible et de vouloir faire disparaître celui qui organise ces crimes contre l'humanité commis presque chaque jour en Israël ?

L'article entier est ci-dessous.

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Australia's Department of Defence computers used to generate racist and anti-Semitic messages (08.27.2002)

Anti-SemitismI received the following message from Michal Karel Petelczyz (petelczyz@yahoo.com):

"You jews ARE "pigs and monkeys", and the sooner the Palestinians all their land libertae and jewish swine vermin exterminate , the better. You jews too much world opinion control and distort it to portray yourselves as victims. The sooner a virus that targets and kills juden is developed and shipped the better. Das Welt - Judenfrei, bitte. You are a filthy, inbred race, that has caused havoc throughout the history of the world and the quicker to all you swine death comes, the besser will it be. Stinking Schwein!"

Normally I would just ignore such filth since I receive many racist and anti-Semitic messages.

What makes this incident regretful is that Mrs. Michal Karel Petelczyz sent her message from a computer belonging to Australia's department of Defence.

I traced back her message to the IP address - - which corresponds to a computer that belongs to Australia's Department of Defence - the server defepx01.defence.gov.au .

I doubt the name and email addresses are valid but the IP address is and if someone from Australia's Department of Defence shows some cooperation we will be able to locate this rabid anti-Semite and hopefully Australia's Dof will take some action.

I copy my full message below.

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Palestinian terrorists murder couple, their 2-year-old and 1-year old babies injured (08.04.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Palestinian murderers have killed again:

A couple from the Jewish community of Eli were killed last night when Palestinian terrorists shot at their car on the Ramallah-Nablus road, near Shilo, Israel Radio reports.

Their two children were wounded in the incident. The two-year-old child is in moderate condition. The younger child was lightly injured, according to the radio.

The names of the victims have not yet been cleared for release.

This brings the total number of deaths resulting from terror in the last 24 hours to 13, the radio said.

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Israel will follow the law of judges sitting in Jerusalem; will ignore Kangaroo court from the Hague (07.10.2004)

OpinionThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) has a good analysis by Prof. Dershowitz on how Israel will ignore the decision made by the International Kangaroo Court of the Hague. This group of clown judges has decided that Israel's security fence is "against the law":

The Supreme Court of Israel recognized the unquestionable reality that the security fence has saved numerous lives and promises to save more, but it also recognized that this benefit must be weighed against the material disadvantages to West Bank Palestinians. The International Court, on the other hand, discounted the saving of lives and focused only on the Palestinian interests. By showing its preference for Palestinian property rights over the lives of Jews, the International Court displayed its bigotry.

[...] The decision of the International Court of Justice against Israel should harm the reputation of that court in the minds of objective observers rather than damage the credibility of Israel. The Israeli government will comply with the rule of law by following the decision of its own Supreme Court.

If the International Court of Justice were itself to apply the rule of law instead of the calculus of politics, it might deserve respect. Now – like the general assembly of which it's a creation and the Mississippi courts of the 1930s of which it's a clone – all it deserves is the contempt of decent people for its bigoted processes and its predetermined partisan result.

Prof. Dershowitz wrote this article the day before the International Court rendered this opinion because he was certain – based on the composition of the court – that its verdict would be against Israel. Following the decision he did not have to change a single word.

I, and most Israelis, accuse the judges sitting in the Hague of never standing up for the Israeli children who are deliberately murdered by mass murdering bastards from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

This decision has made it very clear: while the International Kangaroo Court of Justice holds us to certain standards, the same brain dead judges from the Hague never hold the Palestinians responsible for deliberately murdering and slaughtering Israeli women and children.

I, and most Israelis, will ignore what the International Kangaroo Court of Justice has decided. I, and most Israelis, will do everything we can to stop the barbaric Islamic mass murderers from the Islamic Jihad and Arafat's Al-Aksa Brigades. I, and most Israelis are tired of this hypocrisy from the United Nations and Europe - how can people that do not live under Islamic terror judge Israel who has to face Palestinian barbarism on a daily basis?

Since Israel has started building its security fence the Palestinian mass murderers have had a much harder time in executing their homicide bombings. For more details, including a graph that shows how the number of homicide bombings has decreased, click here or here. The fence has saved many lives already and it's definitely here to stay.

I copy the full article below.

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