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Europeans, Jenin and bad journalism (05.24.2002)

NewsUnited Press International (www.upi.com) has published a three part analysis on the media's reporting of the Jenin massacre myth.

The articles show why the European media cannot be trusted, particularly the British leftist publications. America's National Public Radio also acted irresponsibly and continues to give a one-sided description of any events occurring in Israel or the Middle East.

"Alon Ben-David, veteran military correspondent of the Israel Broadcasting Authority and currently a media fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard told United Press International: "A large part of the European media regards itself as not just reporters but as ideological crusaders. They are in the business of journalism not just for the business. They want to do good in the world. They have agendas."

It was also a blow to those who would like to expand National Public Radio's small-scale radio news operation in the United States into a radio-TV news empire on the lines of the BBC or other European outlets. The reporters and editors of NPR appeared far more prone to swallow the wild allegations about Jenin than most of their U.S. media colleagues did.

But the small scale in casualties in Jenin, ultimately confirmed by the PA itself, underlined the remarkable loss in perspective across the European media in both reporting what was happening and then analyzing it. The initial decision of the Israelis to keep the media out of Jenin while the fighting raged does not account for this. The most hysterical and inaccurate accounts and the wildest, unsubstantiated claims came not while the international media was barred from Jenin but after it was allowed in."

For NPR's twisted coverage of the Middle East, click here.
For a response I wrote to Max from Finland who didn't understand why Israel delayed the UN Jenin "fact finding" mission, click here.

I copy the full article below.

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Muslim demonstrators in South Africa call for "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" (12.01.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Weekend Argus (www.iol.co.za) has published an article that shows how certain Muslims have now shown their support of Palestinian homicide bombers in Cape Town, South Africa:

The cynical use of two young boys dressed as suicide bombers with cardboard cut-out dynamite sticks strapped to their chests to lead a march in support of the Palestinian cause through the streets of Cape Town has sent shockwaves around the country.

The boys, wearing Hezbollah headbands and dressed in black, marched with military-style precision and were followed by eight others carrying cardboard AK-47s as they led a crowd of about 300 people from the Muir Street mosque in District Six to the United States consulate at the foreshore. [...]

During Friday's march, the message from the children - between the ages of seven and 13 - leading the march was simple, but ominous: "Death to America, death to Israel," they shouted.

Earlier the marchers also shouted: "One American, one bullet." Later this changed to "One American tourist, one bullet" but the organisers then asked the marchers to stop chanting those words. [...]

At the consulate, an Israeli flag was hung on razor wire and set alight to chants of "Death to Israel, death to Sharon".

More love from our Muslim friends. I copy the full article below.

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Stop supporting National Public Radio (NPR) (08.24.2002)

OpinionCamera.org has published more information on the incredible anti-Israeli bias found in the leftist National Public Radio (NPR).

National Public Radio, the taxpayer-supported public radio network, has earned an unenviable reputation as the most anti-Israel news source in the mainstream U.S. media. [...]

Unfortunately, one does not wait in vain for NPR to mangle the statements of Israeli officials. For example, after virtually every Palestinian attack, an NPR reporter or anchor can be counted on to utter the phrase, “Israeli officials say a Palestinian militant ...”, or something similar. Well, in fact, the Israeli official probably said terrorist rather than “militant” or “gunman” or “activist,” or any other of NPR’s preferred euphemisms for those who maim, murder and dismember Israeli civilians

I had been supporting NPR financially for years, yet their clear hate of Israel, due to their leftist views, has made me sick - I will never support NPR again. I also hope that public funds will stop being awarded to NPR.

For another example of NPR's clear support of Palestinian terrorism, see "The deliberate killing of unarmed civilians is terrorism".

I copy the full article below.

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Terrorists attack Israeli tourists in Kenya - 12 people murdered, including two Israeli children, over 80 injured (11.27.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post reports on a terrorist attack against Israeli tourists in Kenya:

KIKAMBALA, Kenya - Three suicide bombers attacked an Israeli-owned beach hotel Thursday, killing 12 other people minutes after at least two missiles were fired at an Israeli airliner taking off from the nearby airport.

Officials suspected al-Qaida terrorists were behind the nearly simultaneous attacks. The dead included two Israeli brothers aged 12 and 13 years [Note: Israeli radio reports that the brothers are aged 8 and 10]. [...]

At about 8:35 a.m. (0530 GMT), a green all-terrain vehicle packed with explosives rammed through the gate of the Paradise Hotel in Kikambala, an Indian Ocean beach resort 20 kilometers (15 miles) north of Mombasa, police said. One man jumped out and blew himself up inside the hotel, while the others detonated the vehicle out front, witnesses said. [...]

In Beirut, Lebanon, a previously unknown group calling itself "Government of Universal Palestine in Exile, The Army of Palestine" claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying they were to mark the 55th anniversary of the partition of Palestine between Arabs and Jews that led to the establishment of the state of Israel.

The attack on the civilian airplane by the terrorists is a clear escalation of the conflict, and I heard Prime Minister Sharon on Israeli radio saying that he'll respond accordingly.

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Barbaric Muslim mob drags corpses of American civilians through Iraqi streets (04.01.2004)

Palestinian TerrorismFox News (www.foxnews.com) reports that barbaric Muslim terrorists have murdered four American civilians in Iraq. An Iraqi Muslim mob then dragged their mutilated bodies through the streets:

Iraqi Muslim mob hangs four
American civilians on a bridge

Paul Bremer, the top U.S. administrator in Iraq, vowed that Wednesday's grisly mutilations would not go unpunished.

"Yesterday's events in Fallujah are dramatic examples of the ongoing struggle between human dignity and barbarism," Bremer said at a graduation ceremony for police cadets. "The acts we have seen were despicable and inexcusable." [...]

In Fallujah, police retrieved the remains of the four slain Americans on Wednesday night, wrapped them in blankets and gave them to U.S. forces, said Iraqi police officer Lt. Salah Abdullah. [...]

Frenzied mobs dragged the burned, mutilated bodies of the four American contractors through the streets and strung two of them up from a bridge after rebels ambushed their vehicles. [...]

The White House blamed terrorists and remnants of Saddam Hussein's former regime for the "horrific attacks." "It is offensive, it is despicable the way these individuals have been treated," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said.

Palestinian savages murder two Israelis
and proudly dip their hands in their blood

This reminded me of a similar story where barbaric Palestinian murderers also acted like animals. A few months ago, two Israeli reservists got lost and ended up in the Palestinian city of Ramallah. A barbaric mob of Palestinian murderers then killed them and dripped their hands into their victims' blood - click here for more details.

Palestinian kids dip their hands in
red paint, simbolizing Jewish blood

The terrorist group Hamas, and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, are proud of this sickening murder and have been teaching young Palestinian kids to "drip their hands into the Jew's blood" - click here for more details.

I copy the full article below.

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Israel's Chief of Staff says Palestinians pose existential threat to Israel (08.31.2002)

OpinionHa'aretz (www.haaretzdaily.com) has an excellent interview with Moshe Ya'alon, Israel's current Chief of Staff:

Question: Are you saying that despite what appears to be a war of the oppressed against the oppressors, of the occupied against the occupiers, the Palestinians actually have a sense of strength and power?

Answer: "Of course. They feel that they have the backing of a quarter-of-a-billion Arabs and they believe that time is on their side and that, with a combination of terrorism and demography, they will tire us out and wear us down. There is also an additional reverse asymmetry here: We do not have intentions to annihilate them and we have also expressed readiness to grant them a state, whereas they are unwilling to recognize our right to exist here as a Jewish state."

Do you not see the war of the Palestinians against us as a campaign to end the occupation?

"If the term 'occupation' had any relevance at all, it lost it, as far as I am concerned, in the year 2000, when the State of Israel put a certain proposal on the table that was supposed to resolve the problem. That proposal was supposed to get the Palestinians off our back, but instead they started to stab us. They stayed on our back, attached to us and stabbing us. That is the reality. Therefore, without getting into a political discussion of what the solution should be, I maintain that the story is not occupation. The story is non-recognition of the right of the State of Israel to exist as a Jewish state." [...]

"Do we have a choice? We must understand: The Palestinians have returned us to the War of Independence. Today it is clear that the State of Israel as a Jewish state is still an alien element in the region. It will take generations until various elements in the region accept its existence. Therefore, we have to go back to the ethos of standing fast, not because I am enamored of that ethos, but because there is no choice. It is an ethos of no choice.

Excluding the extreme left (see the democracy page for details), I am guessing pretty much every Israeli agrees with Moshe Ya'alon. When the Palestinians and their supporters understand that violence and terrorism leads them nowhere we might have a chance for peace.

I copy the full interview below, it's well worth the read.

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Palestinian homicide bomber murders two, injures 32, unarmed Israelis (11.04.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber deliberately blew himself up in a crowded mall in Kfar Saba, near Tel-Aviv:

A bomb went off Monday evening in the crowded Arim shopping center in the coastal town of Kfar Saba, apparently the work of a suicide bomber. Israel's Channel One Television reported that one Israeli was killed and 32 wounded in the attack, including two infants.

An Israeli woman is treated for shock
After a Palestinian tries to murder her

The explosion occurred in an electrical goods store. Witnesses said that the blast caused wide scale devastation. The body of the bomber was still at the scene of the blast. A witness who identified himself as Eitan told Israel Radio that he arrived two minutes after the blast to see the site filled with smoke. "There was a smell of burning in the air and all the windows have been blown out.

Islamic Jihad, a militant faction, claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Lebanon's Hizbullah Manar TV. The bomber was identified as Nabil Sawalha, a [Palestinian] resident of the Balata refugee camp near the West Bank city of Nablus.

Update: I just saw on Israeli TV a Police captain describing the murder. Two Israelis were killed: one of the mall's security guards who managed to stop the Palestinian assassin from slaughtering more innocent people, and a 15-year-old kid. Both were new immigrants from Argentina.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Hamas, and Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades have deliberately murdered hundreds of unarmed Israelis since October 2000 when Yasser Arafat and his thugs rejected peace and started their war of terror against Israeli women and children.

For a list of all Palestinian homicide bombings, check out the Palestine page. For a partial list of victims of Palestinian terrorism, check out the Victims page.

I copy below an article that gives more information on the victims.

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Life goes on in Israel and Jerusalem (09.01.2002)

NewsJacob R. was yesterday at the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair and he took 132 pictures - for those that won't be visiting Jerusalem this week, you can check it out online thanks to Jacob.

One of the many attractions at
the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair

Over the past weeks, the downtown area of Jerusalem has been filled with people enjoying many outdoor shows and fairs. It is wonderful to see the center of Jerusalem returning to a festive atmosphere.

This week's attraction has been the "Khutsot Hayotser" - Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair on the Ben Yehuda Mall from August 25 thru August 31 (excluding the Jewish Shabbat).

Yesterday (August 28) I paid a visit to the fair at 5pm before it started to get crowded. For those of you who will not be visiting the city this week, I have taken 132 pictures of the fair and have placed them on the web. The address of the online picture exhibit is:


It is good to realize sometimes that life does go on in Israel without Palestinian murderers disrupting it. Make sure you check out the pictures, they are great.

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National Public Radio (NPR) shows its anti-Israel bias once again (10.24.2002)

OpinionCamera.org has another great article on how the leftist American National Public Radio (NPR) is biased against Israel in its support of Palestinian nationalism:

So far in its series on the Middle East, NPR has proven that it can mangle history at least as well as it can mangle breaking news. Thus, while the network routinely features a preponderance of Arab and pro-Arab guests in its daily reporting, its stable of experts for this series is even more tilted in the pro-Arab direction, with nine harsh critics of Israel against only three guests who might seem likely to be fair to Israel. [...]

By ignoring the Mufti, NPR is thus able to keep from its listeners the fact that the leader of the Palestinian national movement was an ally of Nazi Germany and fled to Berlin at the outbreak of World War II, where he closely collaborated with the Nazi leadership, including Hitler and Himmler. Among the Mufti’s notable achievements during his Nazi years was his creation of a special Muslim Waffen SS Division in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Known as the Handschar Division, it committed brutal war crimes against Serb Christians, leading the postwar Yugoslavian government to indict the Mufti as a war criminal.

NPR will not get one cent from me anymore. I copy the full article below.

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For certain animal activists, the life of a 5-year-old Israeli girl counts less than the life of a donkey (02.06.2003)

OpinionThe Virginian Pilot (www.pilotonline.com) reports that PETA ("People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals") has pleaded with Arafat to stop the violence and the killing... of donkeys:

On Jan. 26, a bomb exploded on the road between Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement of Gush Etzion.

As terror attacks go, this one was minor. Most of us didn't hear about it because, with the exception of one bus passenger treated for shock, no one was injured. Thank God.

Palestinian terrorists delivered the bomb to its destination by donkey. They strapped explosives and a remote device to the animal and detonated the bomb by cell phone as an Israeli bus passed by. The donkey, of course, was killed. [...]

PETA, the group that never before expressed concern about the carnage in Israel, is suddenly outraged. [...]

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk this week fired off a fax to Yasser Arafat:

``. . . We have received many calls and letters from people shocked at the bombing . . . in which a live donkey, laden with explosives, was intentionally blown up. [...]

``If you have the opportunity,'' Newkirk beseeched Arafat, ``will you please add to your burdens my request that you appeal to all those who listen to you to leave the animals out of this conflict?'' In other words, Newkirk seems to be begging the Palestinians not to stop the slaughter, but rather to find a different delivery system for their bombs. [...]

The Washington Post this week asked Ms. Newkirk if she had ``considered asking Arafat to persuade those who listen to him to stop blowing up people as well'' as animals. Her response should be required reading for all would-be members of PETA:

``It's not my business to inject myself into human wars,'' Newkirk told the Post.

Sure, I agree that animals should not be treated cruelly. But if PETA is going to make a plea to Arafat and his thugs - shouldn't the plea also include an end to the deliberate killing of men, women and children as well? PETA's last remark (on "human wars") shows how biased they are: this "human war" would stop tomorrow if the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Arafat's terrorists stopped murdering people.

I almost put this in the humor section, but sadly it's a true story. For PETA the life of 5-year-old Danielle Sheffi counts less than the life of a donkey.

I copy the full article below - thanks to LGF for the link.

Update: Please read the comments on this entry - you'll find a response from PETA and additional thoughts about this story (including a semi change of heart on my part).

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Palestinian terrorists murder 37-year-old, mother of 2, originally from the Philippines (02.08.2003)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Adelina Kononen, a 37-year-old mother of two from the Philippines, who was deliberately murdered by a homicide bomber from the Palestinian terrorist group "Islamic Jihad":

Adelina Kononen, 37
Mother of 2
Originally from the Philippines
Murdered by a Palestinian terrorist

On August 4, 2002, Adelina Kononen, 37, of the Philippines was one of 9 people killed in the suicide bombing of Egged bus No. 361 traveling from Haifa to Safed at the Meron junction in northern Israel.

Egged bus No. 361 left Haifa for Safed at 7:15 Sunday morning. The terrorist, who had boarded the bus, exploded the bomb at the Meron junction near Safed just before 9:00. The blast blew off the roof of the bus, which then burst into flames, killing or wounding nearly everyone inside.

Adelina Konone, a caregiver from the Philippines, was killed along with another caregiver, Rebecca Roga, who had just gotton off the bus. Adelina came to work in Israel six years ago for the Elkavetz family on Moshav Safsufa.

"When I called Abu Kabir to see whether Adelina had been brought there, they asked me to note various identifying marks," said Motka Elkavetz, "I told them," he says, "if a woman with a golden heart reaches you, you'll know its Adelina. She took care of his late father and cared for his elderly mother, and also helped raise his three children. For the Elkazetz family it was like losing a family member, not a caregiver.

"I was supposed to go with Adelina tomorrow to the Interior Ministry to extend her residence permit another year," said Motke. "I had just spoken at work about Adelina, and boasted about how proud I was of her."

Adelina Konone came to work in Israel in order to provide a better future for the two children she left behind in the Philippines. She last visited them several months ago, when she bought a house for them.

To send condolences or to donate to Adelina's family, please click here.

To get more details on this homicide bombing click here. To get a list of all suicide bombings executed by Palestinian terrorists since October 2000, click here.

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American Muslim shoots and murders Jewish woman in Seattle, Washington, USA (07.28.2006)

Anti-SemitismThe Seattle Post Intelligencer reports that an American Muslim entered a Jewish community building in Seattle, Washington, in the northern United States and shot six women. He murdered one and injured another five, including a pregnant woman:

Six women were shot - one fatally - this afternoon at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle by a man who told a witness he was upset about "what was going on in Israel."

[...] Authorities did not release many details, but the FBI said the alleged shooter was between 30 and 40 and agents were investigating the incident as a hate crime. When asked at a news conference if that meant the alleged shooter was Muslim, Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske said: "You could infer that."

One woman was killed in the attack, police said.

[...] The gunman, armed with what police said was a large caliber, semi-automatic handgun, forced his way through the security door at the federation after an employee had punched in her security code, Marla Meislin-Dietrich, a database coordinator for the center, told The Associated Press. "He said 'I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel,' before opening fire on everyone," Meislin-Dietrich said. "He was randomly shooting at everyone."

I copy the full article below.

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"Adopt-a-Family": let's provide long-term financial and emotional support to terror victims and their families (05.22.2002)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports on a new program, "Adopt-a-Family", that links every Jewish congregation in the United States to an Israeli family victim of Palestinian terror.

I find it great that the three main movements of American Judaism, Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform, are united in their support of Israel and the victims of terrorism.

"'Adopt-a-Family,' a program instituted by the Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund-One Family Fund, provides long-term financial and emotional support to terror victims and their families. Established in October 2000, the fund has raised more than $4 million."

'It's our goal that every congregation in America will stand together, each in its own way, to allow congregants to provide direct emotional and financial support to each of these families,' said Neil Thalheim, founder of the fund, at the launch of the US effort in New York. Congregations in Europe, the Far East, and South Africa, and individual synagogues in the US began adopting families last year."

If you are part of a Jewish community in the U.S., please make sure your congregation adopts a family. Check out the 'Face of the Victims' website for a list of all Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism since October 2000 and contact your congregation leaders for more details. If you are not in the U.S., please try to organize something similar in your neck of the woods - the more we stand united against anti-Semitism and the war against Palestinian terrorism, the stronger we are.

I copy the full article below.

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Saudi Interior Minister, "Prince" Nayef, accuses J-E-W-S of being behind 9/11 attacks (12.06.2002)

Anti-SemitismYahoo News (www.yahoo.com) reports that the Minister of Police from Saudi Arabia has accused the "Jews" of being behind the heinous attacks of 9/11 against the US:

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) - The Saudi police minister has claimed Jews were behind the Sept. 11 attacks because they have benefited from subsequent criticism of Islam and Arabs, according to media reports.

Interior Minister Prince Nayef made the remarks in the Arabic-language Kuwaiti daily Assyasah last month. The latest edition of Ain al-Yaqeen, a weekly Internet magazine devoted to Saudi issues, posted the Assyasah interview and its own English translation.

"We know that the Jews have manipulated the Sept. 11 incidents and turned American public opinion against Arabs and Muslims," Prince Nayef was quoted as saying in the Arabic text, while Ain al Yaqeen's English version referred to "Zionists" instead of "Jews."

"We still ask ourselves: Who has benefited from Sept. 11 attacks? I think they (the Jews) were the protagonists of such attacks," Nayef was quoted as saying.

This is not the first time a high ranking Arab/Muslim official has claimed that the J-E-W-S are behind 9/11. In fact, this seems to be a common idea among many Arab Muslims, proving once again how they have become the new Nazis. Click here for an earlier report: "An Antisemitic Myth in the Arab Press: The September 11 Attacks Were Perpetrated by the Jews".

I copy the full article below.

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The deliberate killing of unarmed civilians is terrorism (05.11.2002)

OpinionI just sent a response to J.W. from NPR who was kind enough to reply to a message I sent them on 4/27.

Danielle Sheffi, 5, killed by Palestinian terrorists on 4/27/02

NPR described her murder as "the killing of

an Israeli settler by a Palestinian militant"

In my original message, I deplored NPR's use of the word "militant" when describing the deliberate murder of Danielle Shefi, a 5 year old Israeli girl, by Palestinian terrorists.

J.W. pointed me to an article written by NPR's Ombudsman, Jeffrey A. Dvorkin, in which he rationalizes the use of the word "militant" instead of "terrorist" to describe the vicious killings of Israeli civilians.

By choosing not to use the word “terrorist”, NPR is doing exactly what he wishes to avoid. NPR is choosing sides: it is giving a clear advantage to Palestinians that choose violence instead of peace, such as the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas, and other terrorist groups. By using the word “militant”, NPR is describing their deliberate acts of killing innocent civilians as legal actions of rebellion.

I copy my full response, and the whole thread below.

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