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Fact 260: "An opinion poll released by Palestinians in June 2002 showed that a majority of Palestinians (60%) believe the aim of their homicide/suicide bombings against Israeli women and children is to eliminate Israel and not just end Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

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Abba Eban, the father of Israeli statesmanship, dies at the age of 87 (11.18.2002)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Abba Eban has passed away at the age of 87:

Abba Eban, the father of Israeli statesmanship, former foreign minister and ambassador to the United States and United Nations died Sunday at 87 in the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva. As diplomat and author, he was throughout his long and brilliant career the voice of Israel, a profound interpreter of our national character and history.

Abba Eban, 1915 - 2002

Mr. Eban was a great man, someone who has been involved with Zionism and Israel from the beginning, from the roots of it all. I remember Abba Eban coming up with some incredible quotes when he served as Israel's ambassador to the UN:

Time and again these governments have rejected proposals today-and longed for them tomorrow.

Lest Arab governments be tempted out of sheer routine to rush into impulsive rejection, let me suggest that tragedy is not what men suffer but what they miss.

I think that this is the first war in history that on the morrow the victors sued for peace and the vanquished called for unconditional surrender.

History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives.

You'd think he said that after Arafat and the Palestinians rejected peace in October of 2000? He said the above 30-40 years before the thugs from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas started their current murdering spree of women and children. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I copy below the full article and a bit more info on Mr. Eban - may God bless his memory.

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Survivor of a Palestinian homicide bombing tells her story (12.03.2002)

VictimsEliad Moreh survived the terrorist attack by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas ("Islamic Resistance") on an Israeli University and she tells her story in the Harvard Israel Review:

On Wednesday, July 31 2002, at 1:40 pm, my life was changed forever. I don’t know how long the turmoil of the explosion lasted—whether it was a matter of seconds or entire minutes. All I know is that from the moment I realized I had survived a terrorist attack, I felt my life had changed. It was a feeling inside of me—probably a survival instinct—that gave me an inner force I had never before experienced. Suddenly, I considered life differently. [...]

But most of all, I felt and still feel revolt. The revolt of someone wrongly attacked who escaped his aggressor. I was put to death and somehow survived my execution. But for what crime? What was the crime of those who, like my friend, did not survive their executions? What was the crime of the 86 people who, like me, were injured that day? And what was the crime of the 600 people who have died at the hands of terrorists in the past two years? What of the thousands of people wounded, and of the thousands of orphans, widows, and widowers who lost their dearest ones? What was their crime? To be a Jew? To live on the soil of Israel, to go to the university, to have lunch? To live, to speak, to breathe? Probably all of these answers are correct. Terrorism stems from blind and gratuitous hatred; it is the enemy of everything that is living and free.

Some people in Israel and abroad place terrorism in the context of the political conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. To place terrorism in any context is to avoid confronting its horror and inexcusable nature. What cause can justify the deliberate murder of as many human beings as possible? What kind of a people could officially appeal to terrorism as a legitimate weapon in their desire for statehood? And this is all the more repugnant given that the Palestinians were offered an independent state in the frame of the Oslo agreement.

There is no explanation for terrorism. I tell you out of my crying body, out of my screaming heart and my wounded mind, I tell you that nothing, absolutely nothing justifies such pain. And no reason in the world can excuse the criminals who perpetrate such inhuman deeds. There are times in history when one has to condemn evil. The facts are so horrible that they do not leave a place for understanding, because to understand means to justify. And I have to warn you, trying to justify such barbarous acts makes you become morally complicit in them.

For more information on the massacre at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, click here. For an article that describes how many Palestinians celebrate such deliberate murder of women and children, please click here.

I copy the full article below, it's well worth the read. Thanks to Shark Blog for the link.

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Palestinian genocide bomber blows himself in Jerusalem (07.30.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a Palestinian homicide bomber has blown himself in a civilian area in Jerusalem. Luckily the Palestinian murderer managed to kill only himself.

A suicide bomber blew himself up on Hanevi'im street in the center of Jerusalem Monday afternoon, lightly wounding seven people.

Jerusalem Police Chief Mickey Levy said the bomber entered a felafel stand on a busy central Jerusalem street and detonated the bomb.

Israel Radio said it appeared the bomber drew the attention of police officers at the stand and that he set off the explosion prematurely.

The Palestinians continue their attempts at mass murder every day: yesterday half of the country was stuck at roadblocks setup by the police and the army. There was specific intelligence information which pointed to a Palestinian murderer who had entered Israel from the West Bank.

I copy the full article below.

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CNN creates site in memory of Israeli victims of Palestinian Terror (06.24.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismCNN (www.cnn.com) has published a site that lists Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism.

Last night on Israeli TV, CNN’s President gave an interview where he apologized for some of the mistakes CNN has made covering the Middle East.

This came after a lot of criticism on CNN last week: the parents of 5-year-old Gal Eizenman, killed in one of last week’s homicide bombings, had been interviewed by CNN, but when the story was shown, CNN decided not to show Gal’s parents but instead showed an interview with the mother of the homicide/suicide bomber! Gal’s mother (who also lost her mother in the attack) was interviewed on Israeli TV and told the whole story. For more information on Gal and her Grandmother, click here.

The latest site on Israeli victims of terror is probably a result of CNN trying to clear its image, particularly after Ted Turner said last week that Israel is involved in terrorism. The site is well done and covers victims since killed since January 1st 2002 - you may find it here

You may also want to check “Faces of the victims” which has been publishing the stories of the victims since October 2000 (when Arafat and his thugs decided to turn down the offer for a Palestinian State and decided to kill unarmed Israeli civilians instead, see the history page for details):


I copy CNN's introduction to the site below.

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Fact 77: Jews in West Bank are "Settlers", Arab Muslims in Israel are "Citizens" (08.04.2002)

NewsletterThe latest FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter has been sent.

This week's fact is Fact 77: Jews in West Bank are "Settlers", Arab Muslims in Israel are "Citizens".

Click here to check out the latest newsletter, and please subscribe (for free) if you haven't already done so.

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Israel starts to produce smallpox vaccine (08.05.2002)

NewsThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Israel has begun producing the smallpox vaccine in preparation for a possible biological attack by Iraq.

Enough vaccines have been produced for Israel's entire population of about 6.6 million people but the government has yet to make a decision to begin immunizations, Health Ministry spokesman Ido Hadari said.

He would not say when production of the vaccines had begun but said the decision to start had come in light of fears of a possible biological attack by Iraq or a terrorist group. It would take Israel a few days to vaccinate the population.

"The trigger could be a few things; the U.S. strike on Iraq, whenever that is, or a terrorist attack, some sort of mega-event with a lot of casualties," Hadari said.

Iraq attacked Israel with Scud missiles in the 1991 Gulf War but they were not fitted with biological or chemical weapons.

I lived in Israel in the 90's and had to wear a gas mask dozens of times during the Gulf war, when Saddam Hussein fired Scud missiles against the Israeli civilian population. Palestinians fully supported Iraq during the Gulf War and cheered from their roofs as the missiles landed in Tel-Aviv.

I copy the full article below.

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The deliberate killing of unarmed civilians is terrorism (05.11.2002)

OpinionI just sent a response to J.W. from NPR who was kind enough to reply to a message I sent them on 4/27.

Danielle Sheffi, 5, killed by Palestinian terrorists on 4/27/02

NPR described her murder as "the killing of

an Israeli settler by a Palestinian militant"

In my original message, I deplored NPR's use of the word "militant" when describing the deliberate murder of Danielle Shefi, a 5 year old Israeli girl, by Palestinian terrorists.

J.W. pointed me to an article written by NPR's Ombudsman, Jeffrey A. Dvorkin, in which he rationalizes the use of the word "militant" instead of "terrorist" to describe the vicious killings of Israeli civilians.

By choosing not to use the word “terrorist”, NPR is doing exactly what he wishes to avoid. NPR is choosing sides: it is giving a clear advantage to Palestinians that choose violence instead of peace, such as the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas, and other terrorist groups. By using the word “militant”, NPR is describing their deliberate acts of killing innocent civilians as legal actions of rebellion.

I copy my full response, and the whole thread below.

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Europen Union finances Palestinian terrorism (07.11.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe German magazine Die Zeit (www.zeit.de) has published an article that shows how the European Union is financing Palestinian terrorism.

The article was translated by Stefan Sharkansky (Shark Blog) and it contains a lot of information on how European money is used to kill unarmed Israeli civilians, including kids. Among other things it covers:

1) How European money is used to print Palestinian schoolbooks that glorify genocide bombers and deny the existence of the State of Israel.

Barely after the new books appeared, there came a hailstorm of criticism from western experts. [...] There are calls for religious tolerance, but only between Muslims and Christians. Jews appear only in an historical context. Their connection to the Holy Land is stuck in antiquity. The Jewish resettlement of Palestine is called "infiltration". There is no direct appeal to terrorism, but certainly "Palestine's Martyrs" are glorified, including "The Engineer Ayash", who dispatched suicide bombers in the 1990s and killed dozens of Israelis. The State of Israel does not exist. Its name appears on no map, terms such as "green line", "the interior of the country" or the "1948 land" are used repeatedly. Cities founded by Israel, such as Tel-Aviv, are never mentioned. The name of the State of Palestine and the emblem of Arafat's Palestinian Authority are everywhere, such as on the book covers. This state would seem to stretch from Jordan to the Mediterranean.

2) How European money is used by Arafat to fund his Al-Aksa brigades (responsible for dozens of genocide bombings, see the Palestine page). Arafat makes no distinction between the Palestinian Authority and his Fatah group, an umbrella group of terrorist organizations (that includes the Al-Aksa brigades).

How Arafat paid the friendly price of 10 million dollars for the Karine-A cargo is one of the mysteries of this affair. Whoever finds it reassuring should do the math. At the time of the weapons deal, Europe paid at least 10% of Yassir Arafat's day-to-day budget and 50% of all aid payments. Next to the Europeans, Arafat had only two other revenue sources -- substantial aid from the Arab states, and insignificant tax receipts. How great are the odds that Arafat has not soiled Europe's reputation?

3) How in 2/2001 Arafat and his thugs from the PA made a clear decision to kill unarmed Israeli civilians to force Israel to respond. Their logic was that once Israel responded, an international force, including Europeans, would impose a solution and create a Palestinian state. Documents found by Israel prove this without a doubt.

For the original Die Zeit article in German, click here.
I copy Stefan's translation below.

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Islamic Supremacist in Canada calls Jews "the brothers of the monkeys and the swines" (10.25.2004)

Anti-SemitismYahoo News (news.yahoo.com) reports that an Islamic Supremacist from Canada has called Jews "the brothers of the monkeys and the swines":

At the centre of the controversy is a recorded lecture - part of a series Kathrada taught on Islamic creed - posted on the society's website last spring.

In it, Kathrada rails against the death in late March of Ahmed Yassin, spiritual leader of the militant Hamas movement, in an Israeli missile attack.

"We must remind ourselves of that which Allah has reminded us of so often in the Qur'an, that we are dealing with a people as we said, the brothers of the monkeys and the swines, a people whose treachery is well known," Kathrada says.

Later he speaks of an ancient enmity between Muslims and Jews and cites writings that predict a final apocalyptic battle between them.

"The Prophet said the final hour will not be established until such time as the Muslims will battle and will fight against the Jews," he says in the lecture.

"Listen to the good news after that. The Prophet says that the stone and the tree will say 'oh Muslim, oh slave of Allah, that verily behind me is a Jew. Then come and kill him.' "

In the rest of the article, this Canadian Islamic Supremacist Sheik denies being racist or calling for violense. Yet, the words above are pretty clear and the very fact that he supports Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group, tells it all.

Hamas calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and the genocide of her citizens. Click here for more information and click here for a list of mass murders executed by these Islamic Supremacists.

I copy the full article below. Found the link to the story on the excellent LGF.

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Palestinian Terrorism and the British Press (05.01.2002)

OpinionHere's a message I sent to Tristan, whose only source of news about Israel and the Middle East is the anti-Israeli British press.

Tristan is part of a group that wishes to boycott Israel and stop its participation in the 2002 Eurovision song contest.

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German anti-Semitism on the rise, again (07.01.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Boston Phoenix (www.bostonphoenix.com) has an excellent article on the rise of Anti-Semitism in Germany.

Titled "Heil Hate!", the article written by Seth Gitell, who visited Germany recently, explains the current anti-Semitic controversy Germany finds herself in after Jürgen Möllemann, president of the German-Arab Friendship League, and second-in-command of the FDP, one of Germany's political parties declared:

"The intolerant, spiteful handling by Mr. Friedman of any critic of [Israeli prime minister Ariel] Sharon unfortunately is liable to awaken anti-Semitic resentments."

Möllemann was reffering to Michel Friedman, a member of the CCJ (Central Council of the Jews of Germany), the centralized leadership group of all Jewish religious, political, and communal organizations.

Blaming the Jews for Anti-Semitism, so typical of Nazi Germans.

I copy the full article below, and I also strongly suggest you check out Stefan Sharkansky's (http://www.usefulwork.com/shark/) excellent website, "The Möllemann File" at http://www.moellemann.com/.

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NPR proud of Palestinians that murdered 11 Israeli athletes in the Olympic games of Munich, 1972 (09.05.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe following article is part of a blogburst - a simultaneous and cross-linked posting of many blogs on the same theme. This blogburst commemorates the Munich Olympics Massacre which began in the dawn hour of September 5th, 1972. Go to the The Index of the Munich Massacre Blogburst to find links to all the other articles.

Palestinian Terrorists murder 11 Israeli Athletes
at the Olympic games in Munich, Germany, 1972

At 5:00 AM, exactly 30 years ago, a seminal event in the development of modern terrorism took place. Eight Palestinian terrorists invaded the athletes' housing at the Olympic Games in Munich, Germany. They killed and took hostage eleven Israeli athletes competing in the Games, demanding the release of 234 imprisoned Arabs and German terrorists. Over the next few tension-filled days, all the hostages and some of the terrorists were killed, mostly due to incompetence and perfidy of the German government. The Olympic Committee made a controversial decision to continue the Games, and has never participated in any memorial for the slain athletes. Eventually almost all the remaining terrorists were hunted down and killed by Israeli agents, directed by then Prime Minister Golda Meir.

A few days ago I listened to a story on National Public Radio (NPR) that covered the murder of the Israelis by the Palestinian terrorists.

Although the hosts did briefly disapprove of the murders, the story quickly turned to a tacit endorsement of the action for "putting the Palestinian cause on the map". The host Brooke Gladstone spends a large part of the segment interviewing Brigitte Nacos, a Columbia University professor and author of "Mass-Mediated Terrorism", who is clearly proud of these Palestinians for bringing attention to their cause.

I felt sick.

NPR and its local San Francisco station KQED are well known for their anti-Israeli stance, but they have gone a bit too far. The host Brooke Gladstone mentions that an Al-Qaeda member is proud of the Munich murders:

BROOKE GLADSTONE: Writing in an on-line publication, Al Anssar, an Al Qaeda activist called the Black September, quote, "the greatest media victory and the first true proclamation to the entire world the Palestinian resistance movement. The Munich operation was a great propaganda strike."

But that doesn't mean NPR (which receives public funds) should be. Here's an example:

BRIGITTE NACOS: Two years later it was very different, because they struck at the Olympics where you had the television facilities built up for that special event. Independent experts have estimated that it was between 600 and 800 million globally, so that was a major, major coup for these few Palestinians.

BROOKE GLADSTONE: And so you think that the publicity coup that the Olympics afforded was very much on the mind of the Black September terrorists?

BRIGITTE NACOS: Well at least according to one of them. Three of them survived. Five were killed. And one of them later on in prison said that they wanted, among other things, to stir up the world. And they were certainly successful in not only getting the attention globally, but I think for the first time many people around the globe learned about the Palestinian cause.

Wow. Can you feel the admiration Brooke and Brigitte have for the Palestinian "freedom fighters"? Thank God they brought the Palestinian cause to the forefront of the liberals' agenda, otherwise how would Brooke and Brigitte hate the Jews Israelis settlers?

There were dozens of angles that NPR could have chosen to cover this story (in fact the Blog Burst does exactly that). Instead NPR chooses the one angle that is somewhat positive to the Palestinians: their success in bringing "their cause" to the world.

The media coverage of these Palestinians killing Israelis might have had an impact on the "global awareness" of the Palestinian issue, but NPR could show a little less enthusiasm for the deliberate murder of Olympic athletes.

To listen to the "Black September" special from NPR's "On the Media", click here. For the transcript, click here.

Oh, and please stop sending NPR and KQED money - if you need another reason, see "The deliberate killing of unarmed civilians is terrorism".

Now for the real story, here's a special report from Sports Illustrated (sportsillustrated.cnn.com):

Black September commandos climbed the fence about 50 minutes earlier than envisioned in Situation 21. [...]

As they approached the fence, they noticed another group in warmup gear: American athletes back from a night on the town, laughing and tipsy. Abu Daoud urged his comrades to join them, to use the Americans' innocent comportment as cover while they all scaled the fence. "Not only did our men mix in with the Americans, we helped them over," he says. "And they helped us. 'Hey, man, give me your bag.' This was surreal -- to see the Americans, obviously far from imagining they were helping Black September get into the Village." [...]

In any case Gutfreund apparently heard the rattling of the door at the threshold of that ground-floor duplex, the apartment the other Israelis called the Big Wheels' Inn because it housed senior members of the delegation. When the door cracked open in the darkness, he could make out the barrels of several weapons. He threw his 290 pounds against the door and shouted a warning: "Danger, guys! Terrorists!" For critical seconds Gutfreund succeeded in staying their entrance, allowing his roommate, weightlifting coach Tuvia Sokolovsky, to shatter a rear window and flee to safety through a backyard garden. But the terrorists, using their rifle barrels to crowbar their way inside, soon had Gutfreund subdued on the floor. Quickly they prized track coach Amitzur Shapira and shooting coach Kehat Shorr from one downstairs bedroom. When Issa opened the door to the other downstairs bedroom, wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg lunged at him with a kitchen knife that had been lying on a bedside table. Issa stumbled to the side, unhurt, while another fedayee fired a round from his Kalashnikov that tore through the side of Weinberg's mouth. [...]

By the early hours of the next day nine more Israelis were dead, along with five of the terrorists and a Munich policeman.

I copy the full article below.

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Most Americans support Israel in her war against Palestinian Islamic terrorists (02.14.2006)

OpinionGallup has published a poll that clearly shows that a large majority of the American people supports Israel in their war against Palestinian Islamic terrorists:

Following the election of Hamas as the Palestinian Authority's ruling party, Americans have grown more pessimistic that peace will ever be achieved in the Middle East, and increasingly sympathetic toward the Israelis. American opinions of the Palestinians had been improving in recent years, but now are among the worst Gallup has ever measured. Most Americans do not believe the United States should give any financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority -- regardless of its stance toward Israel -- and most say the United States should conduct diplomatic relations with the Palestinians if they recognize Israel as a nation.

Hamas secured a majority of seats in the latest Palestinian parliament, raising worldwide concerns about what the militant organization, considered by many nations to be a terrorist group, might do with governing power. [...]

Gallup's long-standing trend question on the Middle East, first measured in 1988, asks Americans whether their sympathies in the conflict lie more with the Israelis or the Palestinians. As has typically been the case, Americans are much more likely to sympathize with the Israelis (59%) than with the Palestinians (15%), with the remaining 26% not taking either side or not having an opinion. The current figures represent one of the most lopsided margins in favor of the Israelis ever recorded by Gallup. The only other times sympathy has been this high were during the first Persian Gulf War in February 1991 (when Iraq was launching Scud missiles into Israeli territory) and shortly before the start of the second war with Iraq, in February 2003 (58%). In 2004 and 2005, sympathy toward the Palestinians, though still low, was as high as it has been historically (18%).

Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and other Palestinian terrorists have one goal: to destroy the State of Israel and murder all of her citizens. Click here for more information on these murderous bastards.

I copy the full poll below. Congratulations to the people of the United States of America who once again stands in a clear way with Israel and not with the mass murdering Islamic fanatics from the Palestinian Hamas.

Click here for more...

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Palestinian murderer kills two Israelis (09.22.2004)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a female Palestinian bastard has blown herself up murdering two Israelis and injuring 16:

An 18 year old female Palestinian suicide bomber wearing a bag packed with explosives blew herself up near a crowded Jerusalem bus station at the city's French Hill intersection Wednesday afternoon after being stopped by an Israeli border policeman, killing him and his partner and wounding 16 other civilians. [...]

The Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, an offshoot of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's mainstream Fatah faction, claimed responsibility for the attack, and identified the bomber as Zainab Abu Salem from the Askar refugee camp near the West Bank city of Nablus.

According to police and eyewitness accounts, the female bomber, her face nearly completely covered in a headscarf, was approaching the heavily-guarded bus stop at Jerusalem's northern French Hill intersection just before 3:40 p.m. when she was stopped by one of the two border policemen stationed at the adjacent hitchhiking station who was suspicious of her. When the security officer asked to see her identity papers, and to open her bag for inspection, the bomber began arguing with him, and then almost immediately set off the three to five kilograms of shrapnel-packed explosives she was wearing on her back. [...]

The late-afternoon blast completely gutted the hitchhiking station, sending chunks of human flesh flying into the city's main northern thoroughfare, and spraying shards of glass onto the busy road that leads out of Jerusalem. [...]

As the smell of burnt rubber and human flesh wafted in the air, paramedics and rescue officials rushed the injured to the hospital, the more serious raced on stretchers inside wailing ambulances. Police and rescue workers, some covered in plastic white chemical-protected jumpsuits, scoured the ground for pieces of the bomb and human remains.

This mass murdering Palestinian excuse for a human being had a deliberate goal of killing women, children and babies.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Arafat's terrorist organization, the Al-Aksa brigades publicly announce their goal of destroying the State of Israel and murdering all of her Jewish citizens. Click here for a list of homicide bombings executed by this human scum, and click here for more information on Yasser Arafat's double game of "peace" and Islamic Fascism.

I copy the full article below.

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Neo Nazis rally in Washington DC (08.29.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Anti-Defamation League (www.adl.org) reports that neo-Nazis organized a protest in Washington DC against the State of Israel.

Anti-Zionists/Anti-Semites flash the
Nazi Salute in Washington DC

The NA joined with other white supremacist groups, including the World Church of the Creator, Aryan Nations, and racist skinheads, to protest the U.S. government's support of Israel and the Israeli government's alleged mistreatment of Palestinians. Since September 11, the NA has repeatedly attempted to co-opt the Palestinian cause, to blame Israel and Jews for the September 11 attacks against the U.S., and to fuel anti-Israel sentiments. Despite displaying slogans in support of Palestinian independence, the group made their real agenda known by also protesting non-white immigration to the United States and shouting racial and anti-Semitic epithets.

Like many anti-Semites, the above idiots hide their hate of Jews by claiming they are simply anti-Zionists and against the State of Israel. But when they constantly flash the Nazi salute, they don't hide it as well as their anti-Semites counterparts from the left.

I copy the full report below.

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