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16 year-old Israeli girl murdered by Palestinian suicide bomber (07.25.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Rachel Thaler, a 16-year-old Israeli girl who was murdered by a Palestinian genocide bomber.

The Palestinian Arab/Muslim suicide bomber deliberately chose as his bloodshedding target a crowd of Jewish children sitting at the pizzeria in the town of Karnei Shomron. Three children died and over 30 were wounded in the barbaric attack.

Rachel Thaler, 16, murdered
by a Palestinian Terrorist

Rachel Theler had gone on Saturday night to the local Yuvalim Mall in Karnei Shomron with his brother, Lior. Since its opening six months ago, the mall has become a popular meeting place for local youth. Rachel, who suffered a critical head injury in the bombing, never regained consciousness. She died 12 days later. Her family donated her organs for transplant. The condition of Rachel's brother, Lior, 14, who was also seriously injured, has improved greatly.

Rachel was the oldest of the family's three children. Her parents - Ganette, from England, and Michael, from the US - moved to the Ginot Shomron neighborhood five years ago, and were divorced three years later. Michael had moved back to the US, while Ganette remained in Ginot Shomrom with the children.

Rachel studied at the Ulpana in Dolev. Eliraz Smet, Rachel's guide in the Ulpana, said "She always had a smile on her face. We would aske her to teach us how she always kept the smile, even with what's going on."

Rachel Theler was buried in Karnei Shomron. She is survived by her parents and two brothers, Lior and Zvi.

May God bless her memory. I copy her full story below.

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We'll Go Forward From This Moment (09.11.2002)

OpinionOn September 12, 2001, Leonard Pitts Jr., a columnist from the Miami Herald, wrote an article that moved me to tears:

We'll Go Forward From This Moment
By Leonard Pitts Jr., Miami Herald

It's my job to have something to say.

They pay me to provide words that help make sense of that which troubles the American soul. But in this moment of airless shock when hot tears sting disbelieving eyes, the only thing I can find to say, the only words that seem to fit, must be addressed to the unknown author of this suffering.

You monster. You beast. You unspeakable bastard.

What lesson did you hope to teach us by your coward's attack on our World Trade Center, our Pentagon, us? What was it you hoped we would learn? Whatever it was, please know that you failed.

Did you want us to respect your cause? You just damned your cause.

Did you want to make us fear? You just steeled our resolve.

Did you want to tear us apart? You just brought us together.

Let me tell you about my people. We are a vast and quarrelsome family, a family rent by racial, social, political and class division, but a family nonetheless. We're frivolous, yes, capable of expending tremendous emotional energy on pop cultural minutiae - a singer's revealing dress, a ball team's misfortune, a cartoon mouse. We're wealthy, too, spoiled by the ready availability of trinkets and material goods, and maybe because of that, we walk through life with a certain sense of blithe entitlement. We are fundamentally decent, though - peace-loving and compassionate. We struggle to know the right thing and to do it. And we are, the overwhelming majority of us, people of faith, believers in a just and loving God.

Some people - you, perhaps - think that any or all of this makes us weak. You're mistaken. We are not weak. Indeed, we are strong in ways that cannot be measured by arsenals.


Yes, we're in pain now. We are in mourning and we are in shock. We're still grappling with the unreality of the awful thing you did, still working to make ourselves understand that this isn't a special effect from some Hollywood blockbuster, isn't the plot development from a Tom Clancy novel. Both in terms of the awful scope of their ambition and the probable final death toll, your attacks are likely to go down as the worst acts of terrorism in the history of the United States and, probably, the history of the world. You've bloodied us as we have never been bloodied before.

But there's a gulf of difference between making us bloody and making us fall. This is the lesson Japan was taught to its bitter sorrow the last time anyone hit us this hard, the last time anyone brought us such abrupt and monumental pain. When roused, we are righteous in our outrage, terrible in our force. When provoked by this level of barbarism, we will bear any suffering, pay any cost, go to any length, in the pursuit of justice.

I tell you this without fear of contradiction. I know my people, as you, I think, do not. What I know reassures me. It also causes me to tremble with dread of the future.

In the days to come, there will be recrimination and accusation, fingers pointing to determine whose failure allowed this to happen and what can be done to prevent it from happening again. There will be heightened security, misguided talk of revoking basic freedoms. We'll go forward from this moment sobered, chastened, sad. But determined, too. Unimaginably determined.


You see, the steel in us is not always readily apparent. That aspect of our character is seldom understood by people who don't know us well. On this day, the family's bickering is put on hold.

As Americans we will weep, as Americans we will mourn, and as Americans, we will rise in defense of all that we cherish.

So I ask again: What was it you hoped to teach us? It occurs to me that maybe you just wanted us to know the depths of your hatred. If that's the case, consider the message received. And take this message in exchange: You don't know my people. You don't know what we're capable of. You don't know what you just started.

But you're about to learn.

May God bless the memory of the victims of the heinous attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. Let's also be strong and fight the Islamic terrorists that are a threat to our countries, our freedoms, our lives.

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Palestinian terrorist murders three Israeli women in bombing of Shopping Center, dozens injured (07.12.2005)

Palestinian TerrorismA Palestinian Islamic Supremacist has blown himself up in a crowded Israeli shopping center, murdering three Israeli women and wounding dozens:

At least three people, all women, were killed and 90 more wounded when an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber blew himself up outside a crowded Netanya mall Tuesday evening. The blast shattered a relative lull in such attacks since the last Islamic Jihad bombing in February.

As of late Tuesday night none of the victims names had been made public, although one woman was said to be 31 years old, while a 16 year old teenage girl was identified as well, according to Israel Radio

[...] The suicide bomber, 18-year-old Ahmed Sami Abu Halil from the village of Atil near Tulkarm, belonged to Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group that refused to sign on to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's tahdiya (period of calm). Security sources believed the same Tulkarm-based cell was responsible for both of Tuesday's attacks and for the February bombing of the Stage nightclub in Tel Aviv.

I copy the full article below.

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Slide Show: Destroying tunnels used by Palestinian terrorists (05.24.2004)

MultimediaIn the past few days the IDF (Israel's army) has been destroying tunnels used by Palestinian mass murderers from the Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Arafat's Al-Aksa Brigades.

Israeli soldiers explore a tunnel, found covered in concrete under a home, which was used by Palestinian arms smugglers between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, in Rafah, Gaza, Saturday May 22, 2004.

These tunnels originate in Egypt and go under the border, coming up inside the Palestinian territories in the Gaza strip. The tunnels end up inside residential areas in regular homes and are then used to smuggle arms and bombs. Palestinain terrorists then use these arms to massacre innocent Israeli women and children (see the "Palestinian Terrorism" category for examples).

Israel has learned from the U.S. and has this time allowed "embedded" journalists to join Israeli troups as they find the rat tunnels and destroy them. The BBC, which is typically very anti-Israel, has published a fairly balanced slide-show, showing pictures related to the desctruction of the Palestinian tunnels.

I copt the pictures from the slide-show below. Found this on AndrewSullivan.com.

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Jews from West Bank and Gaza (Yesha) now have their own web site (07.29.2004)

NewsA new web site has been created for those that have no voice in the media: the Jews who live in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (Yesha, or the West Bank and Gaza):

A group of Yesha residents has decided to bypass the traditional public relations methods aimed at getting a message across to the media, opting instead to document the ups and downs of life in Yesha in full view of anyone in the world with an internet connection - at www.YeshaSpeaksOut.org.

Ben-Avraham says it was the 1993 Oslo Accords that made him realize the importance of getting the message out through alternative sources of communication. “Since the beginning of the 'Oslo Process' there has been a real need to counteract the negative effects of hostile media, both Israeli and foreign, that effectively delegitimized the Yesha settlement movement,” says Ben-Avraham. “When both government agencies and world media systematically distort every quote, every fact, to create the perception of wrongdoing and malicious intent in everything we as Jewish residents of Yesha do, there is a need to counteract this campaign.”

Leftist media outlets such as NPR and the BBC will generally refer to these folks as "Israeli settlers", vilified people in the European leftist view. These same biased media outlets will refer to the mass murdering scum from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades as "militants".

Well, the Yesha Jews now have a voice: and they will expose the mass murdering bastards from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and their European leftist cheerleaders while showing what their daily life is all about.

I copy the full article below (found this article on the excellent "Unsealed Room").

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Moderate Israelis find out they cannot reason with Palestinian hatred (07.20.2002)

OpinionThe National Post (www.nationalpost.com) has a great article on how the Israeli left is coping with its dreams of peace being shattered by Palestinian hatred and refusal of any compromise.

In Israel, the terms "right" and "left" seldom refer to economics or the welfare system. "Right" usually means approaching negotiations with suspicion and supporting settlements in the disputed lands. "Left" means a good-hearted eagerness to negotiate with the Palestinians, an attitude that may be revived eventually but has now become so unpopular that it seems almost quaint. [...]

Put plainly, the ideology of the Israeli leftists has crumbled beneath them. It would be hard to think of an intellectual class anywhere that has been compelled to change its thinking so rapidly. Mr. Goodman always considered himself on the left, but no more: "I believe now in negotiation from strength." David Hartman, the former McGill University professor and Montreal rabbi who created the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, tries to reconcile Jewish, Christian and Muslim views through study and research. Even so, he summarizes his politics in two sentences: "If you are powerless, you invite destruction. If you have power, you invite discussion."

Being someone that voted for Meretz and Labor in the past (see the democracy page for details), this article touched a nerve.

Today I also believe that the only way to achieve peace is to negociate from a position of force. Only when the Palestinians truly understand that terrorism, hate and barbaric acts will lead them nowhere will they accept the existence of Israel.

Often you hear strong personal feeling behind their words, and nowhere more than with Hirsh Goodman. "I supported Oslo," he said. "I supported talking with Arafat. The greatest disappointment was to discover that despite everything I've believed, everything I've promulgated, that asshole never gave up terror."

"Land for peace" is over, "Peace for land" might work. I copy the full article below.

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Israel will continue to fight Palestinian terrorism (05.27.2002)

OpinionThe National Post (www.nationalpost.com) has a good article that explains why Israel should continue its fight against Palestinian terrorism, including the Islamic Jihad, the Hamas, and Arafat's terror groups such as the "Al Aksa's Martyr's Brigade".

The main idea is that a unilateral retreat from the Israeli army would be simply interpreted as weakness by Arafat and other Palestinian terrorists.

To prove this point, the writer, Daniel Pipes, shows how the Hezbollah (a terrorist group based in Lebanon, backed by Iran) has increased its attacks against Israel after she retreated from Lebanon in 2000.

"And fight it did. In the two years since Israel's retreat, Hezbollah has initiated more than 40 unprovoked strikes against Israeli targets, including army outposts in an area known as the Shebaa Farms and civilian villages along Israel's northern border. It also kidnapped (and presumably murdered) three soldiers and a reserve officer, the former abducted from Israeli territory, the latter from Switzerland.

In early April, things heated up further, with almost one Hezbollah attack per day. These involved 1,160 mortar rounds, 205 anti-tank missiles, and several surface-to-air missiles. The heaviest shelling was on April 10, when Katyusha rockets rained on civilian targets and six military outposts. The attacks then diminished slightly but still continue. In the past month, Hezbollah has launched at least nine more attacks on Israeli targets, causing at least five casualties"

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian mass murderer deliberately kills 11 year-old child (03.03.2004)

VictimsThe One Family Fund (www.onefamilyfund.org) has published the story of Assaf Staier, an Israeli 11-year-old boy who was deliberately murdered by a mass murderer from the terrorist group "Palestinian Islamic Jihad":

Assaf Staier, 11
Deliberately murdered by a
Palestinian from the "Islamic Jihad"

Assaf Staier, 11, of Haifa was one of 21 people killed in a suicide bombing carried out by a female terrorist from Jenin in the Maxim restaurant in Haifa. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

The blast devastated the restaurant, of joint Jewish-Arab ownership, on Hahagana Boulevard near the southern entrance of the coastalcity. It was packed mostly with regular Saturday customers.

The bomber, Hanadi Jaradat, a 29-year-old lawyer from Jenin, managed to get past Maxim's security guard before blowing herself up in the middle of the restaurant. The security guard, an Israeli Arab, was killed in the attack, along with three other Israeli Arab employees of the restaurant.

The victims included five members of the Almog family from Haifa and five members of the Zer-Aviv family from Kibbutz Yagur. Four children were killed and 60 people were wounded in the bombing.

Three generations of the Almog family had gone to the beach and then went to Maxim for lunch. Assaf Staier was killed along with his grandparents, Ze'ev and Ruth Almog, his uncle Moshe Almog, and his cousin Tomer. Assaf's mother Galit was also wounded in the blast, along with his aunt Orly and two of his cousins.

Assaf Staier was buried in Haifa alongside his grandparents, uncle and cousin. He is survived by his parents, Ofer and Galit, and his brother Omri, 14.

For more information on this homicide bombing, click here. For a list of homicide bombings executed by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas ("Islamic Resistance") and Arafat's group the "Al-Aksa 'Martyrs' Brigade", click here.

To send a message of condolence to Assaf Staier's family, click here.

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Fact 353: Arafat failed miserably in rejecting peace in October 2000 (12.04.2002)

NewsletterThe latest FactsOfIsrael.com newsletter has been sent.

This week's fact is Fact 353: Arafat failed miserably in rejecting peace in October 2000.

Click here to check out the latest newsletter, and please subscribe (for free) if you haven't already done so.

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"Jew" is an offensive and derogatory terms in the Arab World (11.13.2002)

Anti-SemitismThe Florida Times Daily (www.timesdaily.com) reports that the Arab Network Al-Jazeera television had to pay four Kuwaiti lawyers for deeply insulting them in calling them "Jews":

A Kuwaiti court has ordered Al-Jazeera television to pay $16,670 in damages to four Kuwaiti lawyers who sued it for slandering their country. [...]

In an episode aired Feb. 5, a guest on the live talk show, Sayyed al-Nassar, described Kuwaitis as "the Jews of the Arabs." The term "Jew" is considered derogatory to some people in the Arab world.

This is one more proof of the racism that runs in Arab/Muslim society, where "Jew" is a derogatory and offensive term. Al-Jazeera and the ones involved in this despicable episode don't even realize how racist they are - the Al-Jazeera spokesman doesn't critize the fact that "Jew" is an insulting term in the Arab world, he criticizes the fact that the guest used the insulting language ("Jew") and the judge made Al-Jazeera responsible.

Many of the Arab/Muslims of today are the new Nazis, attacking Jews wherever they are and continuously defining the Jewish people as "sub-human". These people make me sick.

I copy the full article below - thanks to the Wall Strret Journal Best of the Web for the link.

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Israel successfully launches satellite into space (12.29.2003)

Hi-TechIsrael Insider (www.israelinsider.com) reports that Israel now has two satellites in space:

Amos 2, another Israeli
satellite orbits the Earth

The Amos-2 communications satellite was successfully launched into orbit from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Saturday night. As the satellite prepared to enter into a geostationary orbit, some 36,000 kilometers above the planet, technicians at the Amos Ground Station near Yehud said all systems seemed to be in perfect working order.

Amos-2 is Israel's second commercial communications satellite and will be located in orbit some four kilometers from its predecessor, Amos-1, which was launched in 1996 and is due to stop operations in 2008. Israel's two other satellites in space are the Eros-A observation satellite and the Ofek-5 reconnaissance satellite, launched in May 2002.

Amos-2, which was manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)'s MBT Space Division, was launched into space on a Russian Soyuz-Fregat launch vehicle by Starsem, a European-Russian space launching venture set up in 1996.

I copy the rest of the artcile below.

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Call to action for progressive activists of Europe or North America (05.28.2002)

OpinionStefan Sharkansky (http://www.usefulwork.com/shark/)wrote an open letter and call to action for progressive activists of Europe and North America who demand that Israel unilaterally end the violence. He brings up some very good points:

"The key to the whole conflict is really very simple. The Israelis don't like being subjected to terrorism. Once the Palestinians stop the terrorism, the Israelis will stop the military operations and will be prepared to return the occupied territories. The Palestinians will get their country and Sharon will retire to his ranch in the desert. It's not that Sharon would necessarily want to retire, he would simply cease to have a useful purpose. So what you can and must do to solve the problem is to help the Palestinians shift their tactics from terrorism and murder to non-violent resistance and nation building.

If you are truly concerned and passionate about the Palestinian cause and are willing to make a commitment to help them achieve statehood, the good news is that what you want to accomplish is easier than you might think."

If you are a progressive activist from Europe or North America, read on, you might hold the key to make the above work.

I copy Stephan's article below.

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17-year-old Israeli girl killed by Palestinian genocide bomber (06.29.2002)

VictimsFaces of the Victims has published the story of Rachel Levy, 17, of Jerusalem, who was killed when a Palestinian female suicide bomber blew herself up in the Kiryat Yovel supermarket in Jerusalem on 3/29/2002.

Rachel Levy, 17, murdered
by a Palestinian genocide bomber

Rachel Levy was a senior at the Sieff High School. Fellow pupils from her photography class at school said that she was an excellent pupil, and that an exhibition of Rachel's photographs is being held at her school. "She was a charming girl, allways smiling and pleasant. simply a wonderful person," said a relative. "She loved books, music, and sports," said her mother.

Rachel Levy was buried in Jerusalem. She is survived by her parents, Amos and Avigail, and her two brothers: Guy, 23, and Kobi, 7.

May God bless her memory.

The female genocide bomber was a member of the Al-Aksa brigades, a terrorist group that is financed and organized by Yasser Arafat and other thugs of the Palestinian Authority.

I copy the full story below.

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Thank you to members of the U.S. military (11.05.2002)

OpinionI once had a friend here in San Francisco who said he hated the military and that they are nothing but murderers. Well Shamim, I disagree, the US and Israeli military are the reason I'm alive (as an American and as an Israeli) so here's a link just for you.

The anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has posted a great link to a site that allows you to show your support for our men and women of the US armed forces. Please point your browser to:


and fill out the simple form that says "Dear member of the U.S. military, thank you for defending our freedom" - so far 1,220,877 people have shown their support.

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Zaid of Palestine aspires to be an Adolph Hitler (08.13.2002)

HumorA few weeks ago, a Jordanian website published a few posters that portrayed western icons (Einstein, Freud, etc...) alongside Palestinian children. Its main message was that through the suicide bombings, Palestinian kids are "dying to live".

The website also contained a page with articles and opinions, many in support of the Palestinian genocide bombings. Basically it was a cover up that unsuccessfully tried to make western audiences forget that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians are happy and party when unarmed Israeli civilians are murdered, including babies and children.

It was all pretty well packed up but the guys at Vinyl Frontier, found out the real story behind the posters:

Zaid of Palestine aspires
to be an Adolph Hitler

Many Palestinian children actually desire to exterminate Jews and Israelis - this is done through brainwashing and Palestinan schoolbooks that glorify genocide bombers and deny the existance of the State of Israel. Many of these Palestinian children therefore aspire to nothing more than to become Hitlers.

Click on the image to see the high resolution version.

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