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Fact 274: "On May 8 2002, an Palestinian homicide/suicide bomber blew himself up at a billiard hall murdering 16 people and 51 more in Rishon LeZion, a coastal town south of Tel Aviv. The blast caused the building's ceiling to collapse, trapping some people in the rubble, including many women and children. The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas (Islamic Resistance) proudly claimed responsibility for the murders."

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Dmoz.org, Open Directory Project, has strong anti-Israel bias (10.26.2002)

OpinionDmoz.org is an open directory project owned by Netscape, and therefore by American Online (AOL). It defines itself as follows:

The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.

It is basically a huge directory of websites with descriptions written by real people, who have volunteered for no charge. In theory that's great: what's better than to have real human beings going over the sites and describing what they see, instead of just getting a result from a random software algorithm?

The problem, or should I say "my problem", is that there's apparently only one guy, going by the alias of "shermain", who decides what the descriptions should be for ANY site related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This "shermain" turns out to be very pro-Palestinian and deliberately twists the descriptions of all pro-Israeli sites into something pejorative.

I was surprised to find out that "shermain" has described my site, FactsOfIsrael.com, as follows:

Commentary suggesting that any act or opinion not unqualifiedly in support of Israel reflects an anti-Israel or anti-Semitic mindset.

That's completely unfair.

I have spent months working on the FactsOfIsrael.com site, newsletter and screensaver - my whole idea was to list facts, not "commentary". Although the site by definition presents the Israeli perspective, I have also posted, in multiple occasions, articles critical of some of Israel's policies. The site's content is very far from only "suggesting that any act or opinion not unqualifiedly in support of Israel reflects an anti-Israel or anti-Semitic mindset."

"shermain" completely ignores the Maps, History, Stats, Palestine and Democracy pages. He couldn't care less about the pages on Victims, Palestinian Terrorism , Anti-Semitism, and Jewish History. The weekly newsletter or the screensaver I wrote and distribute for free don't get one line.

The worst thing is that the Google and Netscape search engines use the descriptions from Dmoz.org in their search results - thousands of potential surfers will certainly not even check FactsOfIsrael.com due to the decision of one person, "shermain", to describe the site in a negative light.

I have sent the Dmoz.org an email requesting an update to my description but I haven't heard yet from them.

This is pretty depressing and I'm thinking of shutting down FactsOfIsrael.com. I get hate messages and even death threats almost on a daily basis, and messages of support are extremely rare. Then comes along "shermain" who takes hundreds of hours of work and squashes it all into a derogatory and offensive one liner.

I feel like throwing up.

Update: After doing a search, I found that the guys at jewishinternetassociation.org have actually published a page on the Dmoz.org anti-Israel bias. It has a lot of good information: check it out here. Maybe there's some hope.

Update2: Little Green Footballs has also posted on the Dmoz.org anti-Israel bias. But the original posting is from July, leading me to think that nothing is going to change easily in the Open Hate Project.

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Palestinian terrorists murder 19-year-old Israeli woman; injure over 30 (07.11.2004)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that the Palestinian mass murderers from Yasser Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades exploded a bomb at a bus stop in Tel-Aviv, killing one 19-year-old woman and injuring over 30 Israelis:

Maayan Naim, 19, murdered
by Palestinian Terrorists

Sgt. Maayan Naim, 19, from Bat Yam was killed and over 30 were wounded when a bomb exploded behind a bus stop near the old central bus station in South Tel-Aviv's Har Zion Boulevard Sunday morning. 11 people remain hospitalized in Tel Aviv hospitals, one of whom is in a serious condition.

Liron Aruch, a family friend of the Naim's, described Maayan as a beautiful flower. "She was such a special person. We never believed that we would have to talk about her in the past tense. Its impossible to describe how this girl, such a beautiful flower, leaves home in the morning and does not return to her family. The family has awoken to another reality now. In one second, the family is torn apart. The last photos we have of her were taken at the birth of her new cousin. There are no words, I cannot describe what we are going through," Aruch told Army Radio.

[...] Thirty-four people were wounded, including five who are listed in serious condition. All the wounded were evacuated to hospital within minutes of the attack, MDA reported. [See bottom of story for Hospital numbers]. Twenty-two of the wounded were taken to Tel-Aviv's Ichilov Hospital, where three are listed in serious condition. One of them is a pregnant woman. The Sgt. Maayan Naum died shortly after being brought to the hospital, Ichilov's deputy director Avi Asner said. Most of the wounds were caused by metal shards packed into the explosives, Asner said.

"This morning's murder is the first murder under the auspices of the International Court of Justice's ruling, " Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said as he opened Sunday's cabinet meeting. On Friday, the ICJ ruled that Israel's security fence is illegal and must be dismantled.

As you listen today to NPR, the BBC, and other leftist biased media outlets, you'll hear that the young woman who was murdered, Maayan Naim, was an "Israeli Soldier".

That's true, like most Israeli 19-year-old women, Maayan served in the Israeli army (women serve 2 years, while men serve 3 years of active duty from 18 to 21). That said, the fact that she was a soldier is completely irrelevant to the story.

NPR, the BBC, and other anti-Israel media goons, are simply trying to give the impression that it was OK for the Palestinian murderers to kill this 19-year-old woman. The word "soldier" brings images of an armed fighter, in the field, shooting back at its ennemies - killing a soldier is just part of the harsh realities of war.

The truth is that Maayan was a young woman, almost a kid, who boarded a bus as a civilian, in a residential zone in an Israeli city. Yasser Arafat's Palestinian mass murderers were deliberately targetting Israeli women, children, and babies - and not Israeli soldiers. By using the word "soldier" NPR wants to conform the story to its warped agenda - luckily more and more people are catching on to these lies.

I copy the full article below.

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80% of Israeli fatalities are unarmed civilians, most Palestinian fatalities are armed violent men (08.10.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (www.ict.org.il) has published a statistical analysis of Palestinian and Israeli fatalities since Arafat and his thugs refused peace and started to murder unarmed Israeli civilians in October of 2000.

Here are some interesting facts:

* 80% of the Israeli fatalities were non-combattants, unarmed civilians.
* 30% of the Israeli fatalities were women.
* 2% of the Israeli fatalities were killed by Israeli actions, by mistake.
* 30% of the Israeli fatalities were non-combattants over the age of 39.

* 54% of the Palestinian fatalities were combattants, mostly armed men.
* 3% of the Palestinian fatalities were women.
* 14% of the Palestinian fatalities were killed by the Palestinians themselves, for "collaborating" with the enemy.
* 5% of the Palestinian fatalities victims were non-combattants over the age of 39.

Most media outlets will report something like this: "The latest clashes in the Middle East have claimed the lives of 1574 Palestinians and 599 Israelis".

This moral equivalency of mixing up armed Palestinian terrorists, whose goal is to murder unarmed civilians, with Israeli women and kids, whose crime is simply to breathe, is shocking.

I copy below the breakdown of Fatalities from 9/27/2000 through 8/6/2002. For a more detailed statistical analysis of the fatalities, see also "An Engineered Tragedy: Statistical Analysis of Fatalities".

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The Middle East problem (07.19.2014)

OpinionDennis Prager explains "The Middle East problem":

Mr. Prager is right on: the solution may be hard, but the problem is simple: one side wants the other side dead.

I copy more info on the video below.

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Former Member of Parliament of the Spanish Republican Left blames European anti-Israel stance on racism and hate of Jews (12.07.2002)

OpinionProche Orient Info (www.proche-orient.info), an excellent French site, has interviewed Pilar Rahola, a former member of Parliament of the Spanish Republican left. She says it all: the main reason Europeans are anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian is racism and hate of Jews:

Pilar Rahola: Since the start of the second intifada, the Spanish press, on the right as well as the left, has taken a particularly aggressive approach toward Israel, an approach that leaves out the reasons for Israel’s actions and tends to ignore the Israeli victims in this conflict. In this situation, a small minority of intellectuals, public personalities—sensitive to the Jewish question in general and to Israel in particular—felt deeply touched by this problem. Outraged by the return of Judeophobia in Spain, we, each in our own way, began to write some articles, to use the media to condemn this situation. And then Oracia Vasquez Real, an important writer in Spain, suggested that we coordinate our activity, that we collect in one work the vision of the Middle East conflict held by fifteen well-known intellectuals. [...]

Fundamentally, this book is addressed to the anti-Jewish school of thought in Spain. The goal of our book is to launch a debate about Judeophobia in Spain. We are convinced that the current view of the conflict, so Manichaean—with the good, always the Palestinians, and the evil, always the Israelis—has deep roots. It comes from an ancient anti-Jewish feeling that exists in Spain and that also explains the history of Spain. This feeling softened slightly after the Franco era [translator’s note: post-1975], but today there is a virulent resurgence of this savage feeling to the point where one can find genuinely anti-Semitic expressions in the Spanish press. In essence, this is a provocative book in the face of totally pro-Arab thinking in Spain, that is completely uncritical of the mistakes of the Arab world in general and of the Palestinians in particular. We want to counter this flagrant imbalance.… [...]

I do not accept the use of defense of the Palestinian cause as a pretext for a new epidemic of anti-Semitism. If Europe had had a critical discussion that did not hesitate to condemn the grave and permanent mistakes of the Palestinian side, if Europe had been more critical of the Palestinians, we would be closer to a solution today. But Arafat enjoys support and legitimacy in Europe which allows him to never miss an opportunity for missing the opportunity of peace. I believe that if Europe had been more critical toward Arafat, toward the different aspects of Palestinian violence, if Europe had been tougher in its statements, the Palestinians would have been compelled to step back from the violence and the suicide attacks

This is a step in the right direction, but I wouldn't expect the synagogue burning in France or this current blatant European anti-Semitism to end soon.

I copy the full translation of the interview below.

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Stop supporting National Public Radio (NPR) (08.24.2002)

OpinionCamera.org has published more information on the incredible anti-Israeli bias found in the leftist National Public Radio (NPR).

National Public Radio, the taxpayer-supported public radio network, has earned an unenviable reputation as the most anti-Israel news source in the mainstream U.S. media. [...]

Unfortunately, one does not wait in vain for NPR to mangle the statements of Israeli officials. For example, after virtually every Palestinian attack, an NPR reporter or anchor can be counted on to utter the phrase, “Israeli officials say a Palestinian militant ...”, or something similar. Well, in fact, the Israeli official probably said terrorist rather than “militant” or “gunman” or “activist,” or any other of NPR’s preferred euphemisms for those who maim, murder and dismember Israeli civilians

I had been supporting NPR financially for years, yet their clear hate of Israel, due to their leftist views, has made me sick - I will never support NPR again. I also hope that public funds will stop being awarded to NPR.

For another example of NPR's clear support of Palestinian terrorism, see "The deliberate killing of unarmed civilians is terrorism".

I copy the full article below.

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Mass Murderer from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad blows himself in Jerusalem bus; kills 18, injures over 100 Israelis (08.19.2003)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that a mass murderer from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has blown himself in a two-story Jerusalem bus, killing 18 and injuring over 100 Israelis:

Paramedics try to revive an Israeli baby
after a mass murderer from the Palestinian
group 'Islamic Jihad' blows himself in a bus

A suicide bomber blew himself up onboard a bus in Jerusalem at about 9:15pm on Tuesday, killing at least 18 people and wounding scores, many among them children.

Another bus nearby was also hit by the blast, which took place on Road One near Shmuel Hanavi St., close to the point where the Arab east and Jewish western sides of the city meet. Rescuers had to use blow torches to get out some of the wounded out of the second bus.

Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the attack, calling Hizbullah's Al Manar TV station and The Associated Press. [...]

Jerusalem police chief Mickey Levy said the explosives charge was particularly large; Avi Zohar, head of Israel Medical Relief Services, said this is the biggest bus explosion in the past three years. 103 wounded persons have been evacuated to hospital.

Hadassah Hospital, Mount Scopus received 28 injured, among them 13 children, Channel One reported. One child is severely wounded. Many of the injured children were burned during the fire that erupted after the bomb went off.

Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital received 39 wounded. A 1-month-old baby is being treated at Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem, his identity unknown.

Israeli radio reports that there were many children killed and injured in this massacre - including a one month baby who lies in critical condition, alone; the hospistal staff does not know who and where are his parents.

Israeli radio also reports that the government of Israel has frozen all diplomatic talks with the Palestinians - in any case it is clear the Israeli army will not leave the 4 West Bank cities as planned, and control of these cities will not be handed over to Arafat's murderers as agreed last week. I also just heard that the alert level of the IDF (Israel's army) has been raised. The IDF is now just one level under total mobilization.

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian terrorists shoot Israeli civilian point-blank in the head (08.03.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Palestinian terrorists have murdered an Israeli who was working near the town of Tulkarm. The Israeli was bound and shot in the head from point-blank range simply because he was a Jew.

Shani Ladani, 27, of Moshav Olesh in the northern Sharon, was murdered by Palestinian terrorists while he was working near Moshav Nitzanei Oz, west of Tulkarm, Thursday morning. He was buried at Olesh Thursday night.

Ladani was bound hand and foot and shot point-blank in the head in what OC Judea and Samaria Brig.-Gen. Gershon Yitzhak described as a "lynching." [...]

"We understand that they came from Tulkarm, taking advantage of the lifting of the curfew on the city in the morning. They reached the industrial area, did what they did, and then fled into Tulkarm. "

"I can say that all our desire recently to make life easier for the Palestinian populace and enable a return to normal life, does not go hand-in-hand with the ambition and desire of terrorist elements, who are doing everything possible to prevent their own people from resuming a regular routine."

I copy the full article below.

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Palestinian terrorists fire two missiles into Israeli city; kill two Israelis, including a 3-year-old child (06.27.2004)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) reports that Palestinian terrorists from the Islamic Jihad and Hamas have fired another missile at an Israeli city, aiming for a kindergarten; this time they murderered one man and a 3-year-old child:

One killed after Kassam rockets land in Sderot
By ARIEH O'SULLIVAN, Jun. 28, 2004, Link

One Israeli was killed and several others were wounded after Palestinians fired two missiles at the town of Sderot on Monday wounding.

[Update: I have just heard on Israeli radio that there were two Israelis murdered: one 50 year-old man and one 3-year-old child. There are also 14 people injured, including two in serious condition.]

One child and an older woman were evacuated to hospital in critical condition, Magen David Adom rescue workers said. They said that the missiles landed on a street between two kindergartens.

The homemade missiles were fired just hours after terrorists carried out a well-planned operation in the Gaza Strip, blowing up an outpost and killing one soldier. A short while later, IAF helicopters fired missiles at two metal workshops in the coastal area.

The improvised Kassam rockets landed on a road not far from a kindergarten, rescue workers said.

It was not immediately clear how many people were wounded or what condition they were in. Israel Radio said a few people had been wounded by shrapnel, while others were suffering from trauma.

Sderot, just a few kilometers from the Gaza border, is often a target of Palestinian rockets.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Arafat's Al-Aksa brigades reject any peace with Israel and call for her destruction and the genocide of her citizens; click here for more details, and click here for a list of homicide bombings executed by these Islamic fascists that have resulted in the death of over a thousand Israeli men, women, and children in the last couple of years.

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Radio: Interviews in Israel and the West Bank (12.08.2002)

MultimediaBefore the Palestinians escalated their terrorist attacks and deliberate murder of Israeli women and children in October 2000, I used to listen to NPR (National Public Radio) quite often. Since then, I have experienced first hand NPR's bias, distortion of truth and support of Palestinian terrorism many times, causing my interest in the radio network and my donations to stop.

One of the programs I used to enjoy every weekend was "This American Life". Every week the producer of the show, Ira Glass, picks a topic and builds an episode using 2-3 stories from different writers and performers. It has a unique style, breaking from straight news reporting to more personal descriptions by the authors.

A radio show about Israel and the West Bank
"This American Life", 8/2/2002

A few weeks ago, This American Life featured a show on Israel and the West Bank, called "Give It to Them". The bias is shown right there - the show's main page has with a big sticker with the Hebrew saying "Nahzir Lahem Veshalom al Israel". This literally means "We'll return it to them, and peace to Israel" - in other words, we'll react to their terrorist attacks and hit them back, and once we get rid of the Palestinian terrorists, we'll have peace.

Unfortunately NPR decided to translate it simply as "Give it to them" - showing that Israelis are the agressors, initiating the conflict. Further samples of bias were shown in the program when they interview two Israelis trying to decided if the Palestinians were born animals, or if they became animals through their culture of hate. In Hebrew, I could clearly see the Israelis were talking about the Palestinian terrorists and murderers, and not generalizing about all Palestinians - but NPR did not make that distinction. I personally don't care if the Palestinian murderers from Hamas and Islamic Jihad were born animals or were brainwashed by their Nazi-like propaganda - in either case they should be arrested or killed.

There's also the well known dumb leftist moral equivalency, where we are to think that the Palestinians murderers from the Islamic Jihad suffer as much as the Israeli women and children who are targetted in suicide bombings (the show starts with "two years in which each side has done terrible things to the other side..."). The show also interviews a religious 15-year-old Israeli kid who is racist and very anti-Palestinian, but as a typical NPR bias, we don't hear a word from any Palestinian from the Islamic Jihad or Hamas calling for the destruction of Israel and the genocide of her citizens. This clearly makes you think that the Palestinians are good people who want peace, while the Israelis wish only to kill and murder.

Now that I got a few things off my chest, this show is a good "This American Life" episode and if you have the time, check it out. The show is one hour long and you may access it by clicking on the image above or here. You'll need the Real Audio player. which you can get here for free.

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Arafat, terrorism, corruption and crime (05.14.2002)

NewsDani Naveh, a minister in Israel's government has prepared a report on Arafat's involvement with terrorism.

Among other things he found that:

"Yasser Arafat was personally involved in the planning and execution of terror attacks. He encouraged them ideologically, authorized them financially and personally headed the Fatah Al Aqsa Brigades organization"

"Arafat and his men used the funds donated to them by other countries, including the European Union, to finance terrorist activity"

"Arafat's headquarters took great pains in encouraging the Israeli Arab population to join the war of violence and terror against Israel"

I copy the introduction to the report below. Make sure you visit the website as well, for more details and the full report.

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Camp for Israeli families of victims of Palestinian terrorism (10.30.2002)

VictimsA few weeks ago, I posted a video that showed on how some Israeli children attended a summer camp for those who have lost a brother, sister, or parent murdered by a Palestinian terrorist.

The Christian Science Monitor (www.christiansciencemonitor.com) follows up with a good article on how the victims are coping with their losses:

They were neighbors. They were counselors in the same youth group. They even shared the same initials. And they were heading to a meeting for their volunteer work when they stopped off to get a slice of pizza in downtown Jerusalem. There, a year ago Aug. 9, a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up in a Sbarro restaurant, killing both of them and 13 others. [...]

We're left with a very big hole in our lives," says Arnold Roth, who was the father of seven until 15-year-old Malki – a pillar of a middle child and a classical flautist – was killed 14 months ago.

"In my family, no one wants to bring it up because it's liable to trigger responses that we don't want to deal with," he says as his intense, hazel-eyed daughter, Pesi, 10, slips into the chair next to him and wraps small fingers around his hand. "The loneliness of it is offset by talking to other families, because what we're hearing is [that] the same issues keep coming up again and again." [...]

Miriam Sarah [15], who sustained serious injuries in the Sbarro bombing that killed her sister Yochevet, dismisses her mother's worrying as pointless. "I just tell her that if I'm going out anyway, what good will fear do? It can happen anywhere."

I copy below the full article.

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Some US corporations indirectly support Hezbollah, Iran's terrorist group (10.21.2002)

NewsThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution (www.accessatlanta.com) has a good article on how some American corporations are buying advertising space on Hezbollah's TV station:

Why are local Lebanese subsidiaries of major American corporations -- such as PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and Western Union -- lending comfort and support to terrorists by advertising on Hezbollah television?

Al Manar -- the Arabic word for beacon -- is the official television station of Lebanon's Party of God, more commonly known as Hezbollah. That Iranian-backed and -funded group has been implicated in the attacks against the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 Americans in 1982, the U.S. Embassy in Beirut that killed 12 Americans in 1984, the Israeli Embassy and Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people in 1994 and numerous other terrorist attacks, murders and kidnappings over the years.

I copy the full article below.

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Arafat wishes to die murdering women and children (becoming a "martyr") (12.09.2002)

Palestinian TerrorismThe Middle East Media Reasearch Institute (www.memri.org), has translated an interview given by Arafat, the Palestinian "leader", on October 10, 2002:

Hamad: "It is known that the Israeli army planned to expel you from the Palestinian territories, to a remote area."

Arafat: "To a remote area! That is, to the desert! They are most welcome. 'O Mountain! the wind cannot shake you.' Have you forgotten my motto? They will not take me captive or prisoner, or expel [me], but as a martyr, martyr, martyr. 'O Allah, give me martyrdom.' [The Prophet Muhammad said:] 'There still exists a group in my nation that preserves its religion, vanquishes its enemy, and is not harmed by any one who attack it, and its people are the victors, due to Allah's strength.' It was said [to the Prophet Muhammad], 'O Messenger of Allah, where are they and who are [these people]?' The Prophet answered: 'They are in Jerusalem and its surroundings, and they are at the forefront until Judgment Day.'" [...]

"Martyr" is the term used by the Palestinians to describe the homicide/suicide bombers responsible for the deliberate murder of hundreds of Israeli women and children - for the full list of genocide bombings click here.

Hamad: "Sari Nusseibah, in charge of the Jerusalem portfolio, signed a document with Israeli elements from the Left which includes abolishing the Palestinian refugees' right of return to their homes from which they were expelled."

Arafat: "No one can abolish the right of return. There is Resolution 194. I told them this officially in the [framework of] the agreements signed between them and us, and also to Sharon and Netanyahu at Wye River."

The "Right of Return" would allow Palestinians that left the State of Israel in 1948 to "return" to their original villages. Except that in the meantime, their villages have turned into Israeli cities, and the 600,000 Palestinians that left have turned into about 8 million. If Israelis accepted this "Right of Return", there wouldn't be a majority of Jews in the State of Israel anymore. It is another way to destroy Israel, but no one is buying into it, and the overwhelming majority of Israelis will never accept it. For more information on how Israel came about, check out the History page.

Hamad: "The Israeli army commanders boasted that they defeated the Palestinians and added that they want the Palestinians to acknowledge [this] defeat."

Arafat: "They said after the battle of Uhud[5] that the Prophet was defeated. And what happened? The Al-Hudaybiyya agreement,[6] about which Omar Ibn Al-Khattab said [was] a humiliating agreement."

Note: The 628 Al-Hudaybiyya agreement, between the Prophet and the Meccan tribe of Quraish, was signed for a period of 10 years, which became, in Islamic tradition, the time limit for any agreement with non-Muslims. The Al-Hudaybiyya agreement was broken after 18 months. Muhammad's army then conquered Mecca. In other words: Arafat is clearly saying let's make an agreement now, we can always break it and destroy Israel later.

I still have some friends in the San Francisco Bay Area that refuse to admit that Arafat and the Palestinian Authority support and organize terrorism. If anyone has any idea on how to approach and convince them (without just giving them facts such as this article), please let me know at dmelle@factsofisrael.com or just leave a comment to this article.

I copy the full translation below.

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A picture of the State of Israel (10.01.2002)

AnnouncementI have added a great picture to the maps page. This satellite picture shows the whole State of Israel, including the West Bank and Gaza:

The State of Israel
Click on image to zoom in.

It is interesting to note how much more green and developed is coastal Israel, compared to the West Bank and Gaza (where most Palestinians live).

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